Monday, May 22, 2006

Thee Day!

5:30 PM

All gathered at my friends place :p getting ready, makeup, hair and other stuff. Each girl helping the other, that's what friends are for.

Were all in one car :P our PRADA car of course .... playing wedding songs " fa9la" and
"yibabation" ...... non stop, But we had to stop at the "gam3iya" get us some "RED BULL"!
as if we needed any !!

Traffic !! Never seen traffic like this, many police cars, lol the only thing that was missing was tanks.
We parked, we walked. got to the buss, squeezed our selves in, everything made us laugh! We couldnt stop taking pictures of everything and anything ( sailaniyat) :p we even took a picture of the guy giving us directions.

Still walking and walking everyone else was walking, photographers from every magazine and newspaper known or unknown in Kuwait was there asking to take our pics, what the hell! We've got our own camera Dudes :p

My heeeeeels are starting to hurt now :p so good thing were near the stadium, the first thing we saw was a huge RED BULL table, red bull people red bull red bullls lol we felt at home immediately :p
We walked in, now were actually IN!!! My jaw dropped the minute we stepped !!!!!!
The biggest crowd i ever saw !!!!!
Live . the crowd the balloons the lights the grad`s the people the cars the cops. All wrapped up in this really just amazing vital image! I was speechless. So were my friends, we couldn't stop saying "WOW"!!!

Were asked to be seated, each has a flag or small lights , pompoms .... etc
and you cannot not hear the buzzing of everyone speaking! U know that state when the human language sounds completely alien to you. It is scary ! everyone talking at the same time very fast, letters get smudged into each other lol i don't have any other way to describe it.
It was like a reunion, a year past since we really graduated and now suddenly were all sitting next to each other, girls are hugging, guys are hugging too ( boohoo) hehehehehe
Any ways it was sweet sweet nice n sweet .

*my feet :( hurt

They start with the drums and its !!!! ( grrrrrr) i don't know drums have this affect on me they make me go ( pizzzzzzzt)!
Then people we really don't know or care about start giving speeches, long and boring ones. Were all still speaking of course, specially the girls section ;)

The amount of energy, i could literally feel it go through my entire body! all of those people gathered in one place, thousands and thousands all anticipating and full of excitement. it was like a bomb waiting to be exploded. Reminded me of e.e.cummings poem, the "stadium" when he describes how a crowd seems like a huge powerful creature capable of doing anything it wants to . how dangerous it could be if it lost control!
The power the vibes every where!!!!!! i can still feel it.
*i also can still feel the pain ... oh my feet :`(

They start awarding each faculty, ours i think, and also most people described it was the WILDEST!!! :P People didn't get even to hear our faculty`s name, because we started cheering before they called it out :p we were standing on our chairs, jumping ( with heels) i don't know how the hell was it possible? How did it that happen !!! Screaming from the top of our lungs waving the flags, balloons in the air, sparkly stuff every where... Just magical ! The ( yibab) again . hehehehehehehehe
It was FUN FUN FUN FUN ...... Like a dream.

When they were done with the other 17 faculties, we said our goodbyes taking pictures together, probably for the last time now. It was sad but joyful at the same time. Girls really love each other although they gossip, but still that doesn't mean that they don't love each other, its just normal to gossip ! isn't it? I will really miss them all :(
Then was the time for the >>>>>> FIRE WORKS <<<<<<<
Just beautiful :`)
Any ways so we walked down the stadium to meet our families, again hugging and taking and more pictures :D i love you dad :*

*hope i can walk now, my feeeeeet !

Friends still high on RED BULL. So we decided to all go out. Where to, where to? Driving around pointlessly, with no direction, plans or what so ever. We ended up in AL Sheraton! Please no body ask me why!
Still in our grads uniform, we walked in, and everyone just smiling at us and congratulating, wishing us luck, i think it was everyone except for the Kuwaitis !! ( Snobs) >:(
Lucky us, there was this red buss ( London buss) parked right in front of the Sheraton. We were like ( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH) we took pictures loads of em, hehehehehee it really felt different like we were actually in London :p wearing our grads hats ! Now this would never happen if u were really in London! ;)

Appeared to be this British to Kuwait thingy going on, they were closing as we got in, but we got the chance to take more pics with the fake BIG BEN and other stuff u know vases of flowers at the reception :p

*i cant feel my feet anymore =`<

Before leaving we thought lets all go dance in the ( ladies room ) :p
u know how huge it is there, and there's this little room were u can just sit and watch TV, yes the one at the end of the hall. We went there and guess what we found lying right in front of us.............??

( if this was a movie u would hear " HAAAAALILOOOOYA HAAAALILOYA LILOYA..)
I mean was it coincidence or was it coincidence, my feeeeet ! are saved my prayers were answered the most generous gift I ever had, sometimes u just hate ur heeeeels, and love ur feet more. i threw them in the air and ran bare foot . So we all attacked the poor thingies, had a foot massage it was the best foot massage ever, with all my friends my best greatest friends :********** we had the world right under our feet, what more could we ask for!! we just wanted to sleep we really did. Unfortunately we also had to go home and actually eat something other than red bull. ( i know its a drink)
We kissed the massagers goodbye, kissed each other goodbye .... :* *:
and went back home, but we were still "yibabing and dancing"

I want to do it again :(

oh and p.s
special thanks to my dear very kind new friend :) cosimfree, tankya bro for helping out with the post ;)


Zalabya said...

for some reason i felt that i shared that moments with u :P

U GO GIRL ! el faal ley :*

No3iK said...


ya entay yali for some reason ;)

ee madre mn wain alreason very unknown reason , the most mysteriuos reason :p

hehehehe ok , bs 3ad enough reasonning reason.

eeee ya albi, u go girlaaaa
alcount down bidaa :p
good luck ill come to ur party inshalah next year :p
bs 3ad mo b heels inshalah flip flops :p

love u girl :*

NuNu™ said...

Congrats =D
Glad you had fun!!!

I was at the gym, jogging on the treadmill and saw the graduation on TV but then I changed the channel cause I saw the faces of all the people were sweating Oo 7urr Oo qatta fa I decided not to watch sweating faces since I was sweating too from head to toe ;P

Anyway, I'm so happy for you.. Made me live the moment you had, I actually felt it ;)

Lord Bin Sleet said...

Nice documentary
About the traffic, I would invite you to Riyadh in order to see the real traffic.

Keep it up
Lord Bin Sleet

No3iK said...

nunu wow
u made me live the moment at the gym :p loved it.
u know its true everyone was sweating, it wasnt sweat sweat we were "glowing" hehehehehe sounds better :p good thing i didnt wear lots of makeup ;)

hey lord:
welcome to my green little blog :)
thanks for liking it :p
any ways i visit KSA alot specialy alkhobar !! but never really been in real traffic, only this one time going to a wedding, on thursday, qa3at al seif i guess !! any way it was really crowded !!!

Zalabya said...

Next year we'll try our Gucci car, deal?

poothy-kat said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed your graduation... I loved the pictures so much ;) and I thought going to Sheraton was hilarious :P well... like the Lebanese commercial goes..

* whiny ...squeaky ....annoying voice*

"Rrrrred boooul bya3tik E-jwaineee7" heheheh...

Wish I was there with ya girls! Sorry I missed it- though I tried..

Btw, do I have to return the robe?

lol... nevermind :P

love ya... mmmmmmWWWAAAH!!!

MSB said...

mabroooooook :D

No3iK said...

.. nooooooooooo we did that last year,
this time its going to be the CHANEL ;) haaaba haaaba

7beeebty lat3wreen glbi more !
u were there u called and thnx wallah :* it meant alot.
btw. daaah ofcourse u keep it !!

ebarik fech sis :D

Tinkerbell said...

alf alf mabrook darling :) enjoy ur moment in the spotlight! o hope this is the start of many great things to come :)

No3iK said...

wibarik fech

p 3o2balich inshalah

o ana 3o2bal al masters goli amen :*

cosimfree911 said...

alfffffffff mabrook oo inshalaa menhaaa la3laaa

walaa shakelhaa kant 5oosh 7aflaa bs 3aad 7ar ;) bs 3ad alfar7aa etnasee alwa7ed kel shy walaa

yalaa alff mabrook

oo no need to thank me ;) im here for you ;)

No3iK said...

hey cosim ebarik feeek thnx bro

e walah al7ar kan ,,, maghol alhaweya lol

coz nobody kan efakir fe a9lan we were bussssy real time busssy


LiLaCs said...

oooh congrats!!It seems like you guys had some serious fun..:d

No3iK said...

welcome to my blog :p lilacs
and thanks, it was real fun, the definition of fun ;)

badly.drawn.woman said...

ambeeh 7adda wanasa!! when you describe it, i can actually feel like i was there with you the WHOLE TIME!!! ambeeh i'm getting goosebumps :P

RED BULL!!!! a7ibbbaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.... yummmmmmm.... tastes like cough syrup bs who cares... buzzzzzzzes later...

agool... lo sharbeen sij chan shsar??

لقيناه يا احلى ايام العمر لقيناه وعشناه فرحه على قلوبنا تمر لقيناه

hmmmm.... i *love* london's busses... bs they always smell like piss... damn...

No3iK said...

loooooooooooooooooooool dalol bada3tay !!!

hehehehehehhe like u were there :p

ok was i accurate or was i accurate ?? did i miss anything here? please back me up :p

any waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayz

9ig a7la ayam al3omr :D

dom inshalah yigma3na ya rub :* o allah ewafgich 7bebty ;)
good to have u.

R7eeq said...

congratulations :** 3o2bal ur weddin' enshallah ..


ZiZoTiMe said...

WoooooooooW Finally you did it!!! After more than 22 years of studying, now u can have some rest girl ;)

Congrats. :) I know it was unforgettable day o embayen 3alaich kenty mestansa wayed lama 7a6och bel T.v ;)

Bare Feet said...

mabrook hun.. 3o2bal el masters wel phd.. ya rab..

ps. this is kamoola

No3iK said...

r7oooooq :* 7bebty walah thanks
3o2bal shahadtich o triden ehne likwait 3ad basich hyata :p
thanks sis.

zizo: lol e shft al party bl tv :p ana ili kan 6ol alwagt ga3d anagiz ma ga3adt hehehehehhee

ay rest zizo mitwa`6fen 9arlina dahar la break walahum ya7zanon :)
any way mashkoooor o ur right will never forget this day :) ever :p

kamola :
sis ;) welcome to my blog very nice to have u here. thank you very much wishing u to all the best.

Laby said...

Heeeeeeeeeey Girl Congratulations.

Minha ela a3la inshallah.

Ur description was extremely vivid that I felt that I was with u guys.

Anyways, take care :*

Baroque said...

Mabro0k ;)

A Daydreamer said...

wowow what a day!!!! Alf Alf Mabroooooooooooook!!! i was feeling the rush of it all as i was reading and you reminded me sooo much of my own graduation ceremony!!!

dont you just hate wearing nice shoes that hurt!?!?! there should be a law against that! NICE SHOES SHOULDNT HURT!!!

*~MiSs-Un¡Quέ~* said...

Alf Alf Alf Mabro0o0k gurl!!!

No3iK said...

* laby :

7bebty thank you dear ... alah ebarik fech o agma3en inshalah :p

* a day dreamer..
wow i loved ur comment, u know how it felt :)
amazing :) mabrok for u to girl.

* gurl on wheels ..
sweeeeeeeeetiya thanks 7bebty alah ebarik fech :)

to all welcome to my blog guys.

Dr.Lost said...

:) 3al baraka !!

No3iK said...

9a7 alnom ! ent wainik ? lol

almuhim alah ebarik fek bro ;)

3o2bal u this year inshalah.
wit9er the best mr.suppie.

NewMe said...

Those beautiful moments,,, can’t wait till I get my MBA…
Thank you for sharing :)
COOL blog… best of luck…

BaLqEeS said...


No3iK said...
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No3iK said...

lol balqes ..
im really glad i made u smile :D