Monday, May 29, 2006

im in love!

ok, its a shoe ......
so, sue me!


jiji said...


WOW no3ik!!!!! am shoes crazy!!!!! did u hafta post such heart breakin pic!!! min weeeen?? me gotsa get me some of those heeeeeeeeels!!!

Anonymous said...



so so so

sexy ;)

agdar ast3era ?

No3iK said...


im in love with you now ;p

yes finaly someone who gets me!!!
they are dolce, from vila moda.

god when u wear them !!! its painfil, lol they are comfy, but its painful how beautiful they look on you.. u know what i mean ;)
bett u do .

thanks sis :*


totally ;)

jiji said...

CANT AFFORD SUCH HI-LIFE style dumb blonde kinda shoppin at the moment :s

altho sale.. bs i know how much its goin for now!! prolly 375 KD ;p

No3iK said...

naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :p

its not .... b3dain ill tell how much ;)

heheheheeh funny dumb blonde :p
wallah blondes yaksiron `7a6ri.

NuNu™ said...
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NuNu™ said...

You should be friends with Laialy_Q8

LaiaLy_q8 said...

i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem

Anonymous said...

e7m e7m

i 'm any >>>


No3iK said...

lol nunu :p thanks for introducing us ;)

laialy :p
i hear you sister, give me the add and ill send them over....
now show me ur shoes ;p

welcome bro ;)

Piers Smith said...
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Piers Smith said...
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No3iK said...
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Piers Smith said...

i'd like to say how very much i admire these shoes. they are amongst the top shoes i have ever seen on a blog site.. words fail me at this point.

No3iK said...

i hate u :p
stop making fun my pwetty pwetty
shoes :*

LaiaLy_q8 said...

OMG where did u see them i garra go get me a pair

No3iK said...

dolce & gabbana 7bebty :*
good luck with that ;)

ZiZoTiMe said...

Shoes!! Your in love with them!!

Can't get girls (or anything at all!!!!!):)

Tinkerbell said...


what's up with ppl and dumb blondes i luv them :(

baqsima6ah said...

sh3idaha carrie bradshaw ?! ;)

No3iK said...

*loooooooooool zizo :p

girls and boys arent meant to get eachother ! they were created just to tease and get on eachothers nerves :p heheheheheheh
i dont think u will ever get "shoes" ... just as we will never get "computer games" lol

*tinker :p thanks sweety
they totally look "HOT"
blondes !! ask jiji shes the one who started it :p

*baqsima6ah :D
are u trying to kill me lol
im sooooo inlove with carrie bradshaw lol
i actually took the "who u r" quiz and i was a total carrie bradshaw so there u go :p
ummmmmm .. u seem to me like a miranda ! am i right ?
any ways good to see u ;p

fractal00 said...

Ok .. it is nice and all .. bas lose the ribbons

Dr.Lost said...

LOSE THE SHOES !! :P i hate them woman!! sowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwy babe :)

No3iK said...



1. P.

...... just wondering if i should include Zizo !!! ummmmm ....

I hate u guys! its my shoes ur talking about ?????

Imagine if i ask u to lose an ear or a nose ??????

would u do it ?


lol ok im getting all hysterical better back off :p

Si7LeYa said...


اهم شي انج تحبين جووتي

يلا بعد شنسوي فيج طول عمرج هبله

وغصبا علي احبج وانتي تدرين ليش


يلا حبي انتي عليج بالعافيه


No3iK said...


:* me to wallah a7ibich.

enzain ,,

ummmm .. mo ela ill call u a7san wazifich 3dil .... ;P

see ya round love.

Anonymous said...

its soooooo u yommmaaa yhaabel ya nas at5yalah ouch minjed bes3oody 7na ngool 9a7 3laaih ma yemza7 loool lewi

jiji said...

somebody mentioned my name.. ;p

yeah.. blondes!!! iikkhhh airheads ;p

*jiji is a blue head*

No3iK said...

* lowi "9a7 3laih ma yimza7"
hehehehehe wow ! 9ig mo3abira !!
any ways yalah come to kuwait and ill let u wear them ;p

* jiji ;P blue heads are like ...
really any better than blondes .!

DiiGMaa said...

OMG !!!

They're Heavenly !!! Absolullllutelly Slendid I tell you !!!

I'm a Shoe-aholic too :(
I'm in Rehab I've managed to last 6 days without getting a new pair.. lets see how long I'll last ;P

jiji said...

haa!! ma fehamt?!

*tells ya how smart blue heads r* ;p

badly.drawn.woman said...

ambeeh ya shagool!! sarly sa3a jiddam il screen a6ali3 il shoes chinny a6ali3 charlize theron...

mas6oola... minthawla... ma3doomat il logic wil afkar...

u think i'll have sex dreams later...?

ZiZoTiMe said...

Don't include me in that list!!

Noway I'll be in one list with Dr.lost... I'd rather die :(

Zalabya said...

men yaab 6ari morti ? i mean 7abebti .. aa ops i mean my GF .. ok whatever i like her , if i was a man she would've been my every night fantasy dream

We need a filter here ;|

about the shoes.. u know i like them so much,, i envy u .. u can wear heels ! I CANT :~(
3alaich bel3afyah :*

No3iK said...

* digma;
lol shoe rehaaab ! i never ever thought of this one!! lol good luck sweets ;p

* jiji:
heheheheheh ur smart babes, i didnt make any sense u werent meant to get it ;p dont worry ur brain cells are still alive and working ;)

* dalol:
yl habla 9ig 9ig badda3tay!
ummmmmmmmmmm ... if they reminded me of charlize ! then yeah sure ur probably have the dream ;p lol please after u do fill me up I WANT DETAILS!!!! :P

well bro, see it goes like this:
u either like them ( ill put u in heaven)
u dont ( back to the list, in hell where dr.lost is ;P)
u decide now, last chance!

im confused! ok who is ur wife madre lover !! lol
is it me, dalol, charlize therone or the shoes?? looooooooooool
be more specific sister ;p
u envy me 3la shoes, mashalah mashalah 3laich magol ela siktay wayid a7san lich ;p hehehehehe

Judy Abbott said...

i wish i can love them ! how do you love a shoe?

LiLaCs said...

OoooOOoooOOooooOOOOooooOOOoooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!**stares in wonder**I want a pair...I think I need to sweet talk my dad :) Ya no3ik if you need help with getting rid of the people on your hitlist..Drop me a line alright cherie?

Zalabya said...

DUH! its Charlize theron ! ma yabeela so'al aslan :P

No3iK said...

* juddy
babes love is mysterious and blind!
but when it comes to your shoes, its not!!! :`( u just love them and its not in ur hands anymore :p
a shoe can break ue heart ! u know that right ??
loooooooooooooooooool messin up with u sis. a shoe is something that makes u feel prettier, comfier and lets not forget TALLER ! :P how can u not love it?!

sis ..... ull dad will need serious sugar talking :p
hehehehehehehehe..... i didntneed to talk to anyone, cuz thank god, the only advantage from having a job, is ;) u dont need to talk to anyone but urself :* im loving my job right now hehehehehe .
oooooooooooooooooooh more imp.
The HIT LIST, we will also need jiji to help us out.
think better to start with f. and lets leave Zizo last u know for the extra torture :] HE HE HE HE...

lol 7bebty i know, was teasin u ;p
lucky lucky U!

No3iK said...
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No3iK said...
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NewMe said...

Loves'em :)

Me too I love buying shoes :)

Clothes don’t fit!
Bags R either too Small or too BIG!
One makes me short another makes me fat!

Shoes always fit perfectly and make me happy :)

No3iK said...

this is soo cool, saw this shoe quiz ;p
the questions were so irrelevant lol have no idea how they came up with the results? but still it was fun....
try it guys ;p


Much like the must-have flip-flop, you’re laid-back, casual, and comfortably chic in style and substance. Always ready to head out on the fly, you have a grab-and-go approach for everyday excursions yet never disappoint when it comes to whipping up effortlessly fashionable alternatives for life’s snappier occasions. In all, your life’s-a-beach outlook keeps you always prepared for fun in the sun—whether it’s sandal season or not.

No3iK said...


hi sweets :)
shoes never fail u ;p
any ways sis welcome to my blog .

il-sooSa said...


just wantedto say that. the fact that the out of all your beautiful blogs, the "shoe post with 2 sentences" got 44 comments. The highest number by far ....


Hail to the number one issue guys

sara7a 3afya 3laina, sij nas mothaqafeeeeeen o 3indina salfa ;p

but in the end
the shoes r truley kalbeeeeeeeeeeeeen
just hope u didn't buy them !!!
cause I dont think ur Gucci shoes has seen day light yet :|

No3iK said...


sosa aham shay anich haza2teeeena kilina ! lol

of course my other blogs 7ilwen,

but this blog, is not about the words

its more "ARTY"
see what i mean, u feel it .

any ways

yl day`7a !!! the shoes are on my table !! cant u see the pic ?? its my room lol

so no i didn't buy them
i just borrowed them, took them back home
then took the picture
then got them back to Vila moda ;p

my sister is very smart :p
can i see ur engineering degree again please !
the original one ??! ;p

"messin up with ya that's all"