Saturday, June 17, 2006

Salamty ... :`p


Yeah im feeling terrible,ill to my stomach, i can hardly move my muscles.. im just sick as u can imagine.
Went to the doctor. She said:
Its nazla ma3aweya some kind of a virus.. everyone has it now. Kuwait's weather does this to Kuwaitis every once i a while .. ( then she smiled !) she actually looked happy ! lol for some reason!

I was like : OK, thanks doc..

So now everything is starting to make sense, thats why we don’t pay taxes, we get to melt in the sun, get sick, dust in our lungs and eyes.... and sick and ill again..
The new trend now is no more water ...
So were paying more than we can imagine!

Almuhim ,, alzibda, im really starting to feel sick now, u don’t wanna know details,

Ill be away for a while,
Pray for me please,and ill pray for everone :] esmila 3laikum ..
While ur at it,
Pray for Dr.loast his finals are almost over ..
Wish him all best of luck
Take care all, good luck to everyone else have a nice day
:( bye


LaiaLy_q8 said...

maa etshofeeeen shar

i hope we can't catch this from your blog :p

Extinct Dodo said...

tgomeen bilsalama.. matshofeen shar 7oby

Anonymous said...

my mom and bro tawhum 6abaw min "nazla ma3awiya"... salamat

√írange Juice™ said...

I'll pray for you.I hope all is well.

Your Battlefield said...

maa etshofeen shar ow inshallah you feel better soon...just remember that we are praying for you and want you back again healthy and ready to post again ;)

Dandoon said...

Salamat, matshoofeen shar:)

And good luck to Dr. Lost!

Carlsb3rg said...

I usually get sick once a year, but when I do, I get everything in one package. So im immune to those seasonal flus. They're kid stuff to me ;p

Marzouq said...

Salaamaat! Mat shoofeen shar!!

baqsima6ah said...

ajer o 3afia, take lots of fluids and juices, dehydration is dangerous (esp with this heat).. I dunno if it's right to say this but,, bright side: u get 2 shed some pounds ! :D
and when u feel better, just go and indulge in all the fattening foods u wished 2 eat :P

Princess said...

awww matshoofeen shar hun and yeah goodluck to dr lost :)

Bella Color said...

salmaaaaaaaaat! Mat Choofen shar!

How ironic that yesturday morning we were talking about the virus & then few minutes later u've caught it!

I wish u a speedy recovery, sis :*

TC of urself 3ala shan etdawmeeen ib ur lovely work place ;P~

badly.drawn.woman said...

salamaaat yal ghaaaaly salamaaaaaaaaaat :*****

ishar ma iyyeeni o matshoofeen shar... get well soooooooooooooooon... we miss u in our sunny office...



Anonymous said...

Maatshooofeen shar Amooora.

Intay el bishbish o ana el fishfish.

eat lots of carrots and letuce.

luv :*

Si7LeYa said...

7beeeeeeeebty wallah matshfeen shr

w enshallah ely fe baly w la feaj :p

ZiZoTiMe said...

Salaaaaaaaaaamat!!! hathy ely 9ar feny o akrah hal kelma wayed

Nazla m3aweya!! etfashel a9lan!! o ana kan 3alabaly lama ketabt el post at that time ena men el hotdog (ok ohwa kan lh dor akeed bs ehya kanat nazla m3aweya 7ada o 3a6oony drip ba3ad)

Matshofer shr bs rai7ay bel bait o sherbay sawa2el dafya... take ur medications o etha 7saitay eb dokha then u need to take a drip for an hour ok?

About Dr.Lost.... U want us to pray for him to get A's? This is the 1st time I heard da3wa like this :) We usually do it for people who wanna pass and not for those who wanna get straight A's

Anyway GoodLuck Dr.lost wallah denya kelha cham yom o et9er Doctorna yalla emwafag yoba o allah e3ena bacher lama t9ref el adweya betkhaleny a9ade3 o ana a3almek eyahom :P

Salaaaaamaaaaaat again

No3iK said...

* lialy:
;p if u catch it, then probably that would mean i got it from zizo`s blog ! ;p
alshar mayech 7bebty thnx.

* dodo:
alah esalmich 7ubi :*

salamat ur mom and bro, alah esalmich babes.

* orange juice:
thanks, wayid thanks .

baby :* shar mayeech
ur soo kind ;)

thnx 7bebty . alah esalmich sis.

hehe mashalah 3laik bro, lata7sid nafsik bs.. esmila 3laik,
thanks :)

alah esalmik shar mayek bro thnx lots.

heres my sweet sweet baqsma6ah :* missed u .. thanks 3l advice will do it inshalah. thnx 7bebty again.

shar mayeech sweeti , thanks alot.

lol yeh! shftay shlon, how ironic!
it feels like hell. worst than iv imagined,, allah la yabli la3ado wala 7abeb.

:*** 7ayaty i miss u, chan sawaity skip 3l dawam o yeteny :p
thanks sweets o alah esalmich.

lol u really made me laugh! im the bishbish ! thats a cute nick
thanks o alah esalmik/ch ! ;p

7beeebty alah esalmich
lol inshalah ,, inshalah e9er feha dont worry ;p alah may6ig b3a9a!

shof i have a theory for how this happened:
1- because i was over-excited when argenten won the other day!!!!
2-maybe had a bite of ur hotdog!
3-jw alkiwat al7ilo ....!
any ways bro ... sawoli kil ili sawolik eyah i guess
the best part is that i get to stay at home no work :D
other than that its pain pain pain.
alah esalmik bro ,,,
zizo shfek 3la lost!! masken
he doesnt want As-Bs .. he only wants to pass @@ lat6ogona 3ain :p
aallha ewafga inshalah ya rub and hopefuly hell pass ....
thanks bro
again allah esalmik ;)

Tinkerbell said...

salamaaaat ma etshofen shar 7abeebty! hope ur feeling better now let us know if u need anything :)

R7eeq said...

we weeeeeeeee

mashofeeen shaaar

@@ o ana aqoool wen il 7nanaa

:( 9`yqtee 5lqe .. yallah 9ere zena qabl la ayeeeee ..

DiiGMaa said...

ya 7ayaaaaaaattiii ;***

salamaaat ;**

get well soon..

ZiZoTiMe said...

Definitely No.3... ta3aalay shofehom bel Mustaw9ef eshway o ezaw3on 3lay!!!

El Kuwait hal ayam feha Virus men ayam ely 7ashny o 9ar shy 3ady ena kel wa7ed e3ady el thany ba3ad y3ny mo bs wa7ed men el family e7osha o khala9

Matshofen shr again

About Dr.lost... He's one of my best friends :P Ma sema3tay kelmat men el 7ob ma qatal... I love this man and of course I want him to get straight A's not only passing (crossing my fingers) :P

baqsima6ah said...

Just checkin up on u again. Hope ur feeling better today? it usually takes 3-4 days.. hang in there *flying kiss* a7san la at3ada :p

Zalabya said...

7abebti no3ik i miss u so much..
i hope u get well soon o ajer o 3afya 7abeebti :*

eng.fahad said...

weeeh weeeeh

slamtsh ya rib oo alf slama

wallah elyoom dreet


wayed 3ala elt2'7eer

ensha2 allah tqooomeeen lna blslama

A Daydreamer said...

salaamtich 7abeeebti...

No3iK said...

*tinks:alshar mayeeech 7bebty.
ana mabi shay :p
o etha abi shay ill make sure to tell u .. in ovt ;p

7ubi al abadi ,, entay ta3alay o ra7 a6eeb inshalah ;p

:* alah esalmich thanks babes

heeey bro .. toshkar o alah esalmik
im back and im all good now
o bout dr.lost
allah ehanekum eba3a`6 minikum al mal wl 3yal inshalah ;p

7bebty kilich thoooq thanks a million wallah anich tyaninen :*
im better now al7mdela thanks swets

i miss u to wallah :*
o 3ash mn shafich ;**
alah esalmich sweets thanks.

bro thanks o la dont be sorry its ok
maga9art ;)

*day dreamer:
alah esalmich sweets thanks.

jiji said...

no3ik babessss... hope ur better now :>

and hey... ana im3asba 3alech! my name is jiji not JiJi!! 3adleeh fe ur contacts madre faves! plzz.. walla az3aal sij!

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