Friday, June 30, 2006

Inspired by Carls... part 1

i watch football .. to cheer and have fun"yeah"! i'm not a guy im agirl, that is why it makes perfect sense, why a girl should be watching foot ball, when do we get to see ,, the hottest guys , from all over the world, gathered all in one place, doing nothing but running all day chasing after some ball, sweating, breathlessly, falling, and sweating again and shouting and getting all in the mud, then get up again ... kicking and getting all excited or emotional! camera zooming in and out, best bodies, toned and just perfect! i swear it doesn't get any better ;D
i know 7adi qadema ...
but i love batistuta hes my first love :* ultimate hottie.

hot hot ... hot !
keep walking baby, just keep walking ...... ;)
i really dont like the pose, but his tan will do ;p
oooooh a`7eeeeh t3ban :(

any way .. girls .. it keeps getting better and better ;) stay tuned. and guys nobody leaves No3ik`s blog empty handed ;) .. visit Carls.


NuNu™ said...

Ooooooohhh MAMA!!! The bodies, the sweating, running, shouting and getting all in the mud.. SO HOT!!!
Okay, I think I'm horny =/

I LOVE Thierry Henry! He's the BEST!!! Hottest ;*

Papillona ® said...

now i get it

Your Battlefield said...

girl i applaud you on having the guts to really say that....i watch soccer for the same reason...they are so hott, bas hmmm why didnt you include my honey Cristano Ronaldo from Portugal or some of the other hotties...girl your an inspiration, merci on such a beautiful post....the guys should understand the reason we tune it ...:)...

i cant wait till tonight when the quarter finals begin and we get to see them running breathlessing just visualize their running to you :)

Carlsb3rg said...



you battlefield,
now i know that its best not to make my wife(when i get married) watch football with me ;p

good post ;p 3ad eshkether maraw 3alay footballers/fans (tanned and hot just you like them ;p) while im searching for babes, o ga3d agol 7ag nafsi, weenich ya No3ik ;p

No3iK said...

SO HOT!! yeh i know ;p
lol baby (to much info) but i have to agree with that to.
- thiery henry, coming on ;)

u always get me 7bebty :*

* batty:
hehehehehe thanks sweets, i was like: i really have to confess :)
- cristano ronaldo, is on the way ;)
now the guys do :)

* carls:
brooooo ... hehhehehe .
carls, send them over to me plz ;)

Honey™ said...

OMG !!
they are the hottet ever ,, specially fredrick ljunberg ..
he really turns me on
he is way beyond HOT !!

ZiZoTiMe said...

What I'm doing here? :P

no place for normal and ugly people? LooooooooL

Ok 9ej enech mo shayfa khair!! etshofen soccer 3alashan el hot guys!! 9ej enkom banat lazem ma et9awton o hm ma etshofon kora wala t.v

Bs teg3edon eb ghorafkom... Losers :P OoooooooooHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Ok I was kidding so don't take it seriously :P

Go argentina today (akseb wedech) ;)

BTW U missed Ronaldinho :P


No body is hotter than u... U know that :P


Specially el sha3ar ely ta7at aba6a :P


Carlsb3rg said...

I would, but to find them i have to look at like 2000 pics.. which im not going to do ;p

Bella Color said...

no3ik!!! what about u know who?!?!?

Isnt he ur 1st luv :p

Dr.Lost said...

thats why i dont wanna be a soccer star, i dont want that kinda attention ;p looooooooooooool ishfeeeeeeee? hehehe, ok my ego is way up there so id rather not comment anymore ;pp shasawi im a freckin aquarius!!

Tinkerbell said...


No3iK said...

fredrick ... is coming up ..
shway shway 3lay ya banat ;p
bl doooor!

lol bro! da3witik 7adha maw9alat!
7isbeya allah 3ala ebleees gol ameeen
:`( i hated it really hated it was not fair at all!!!! bs may`7alif they will always be my team :*

oooooh zizo ! how sweet u have a thing for ronaldino ;p hehehehe
wala ehimik ,, hes next to ;)

na7eeeees ;p
ok 2000 pics!!! i think i would really want to do that myself .. so thanks any ways ;)

no no batistuta is my 1st.
i dont love anyone else ... hes my man ;)

boohoooo ! hehehehe ur ego needs seriuos help bro! aquarians dont get that far :p bs 7adda layig 3laik ;p

i love u! 7adich straight to the point ;) u go girl.

A Daydreamer said...

im feeling hot, hot, hot! lool

jiji said...

alllaaaaah batistuta!! world cup 94!!!! he looooooooooooooooks amazing!! i love him...

and u know who is also as good? well maybe more... DECO!! hes GORGEOUS! well... maybe not to u "ashwaaaa" bs hes my type :>

jiji said...

-zizo: well... la ta3LeeeQ... next elections ull see who will win! only the good lookin men... ow good lookin men are the good men! mo eljeyaker ow elly ashkalhom ju7a ;p

Eng.fahad said...


no comment

Bella Color said...

loooooooooooooool ;)

ooo ana ba3ad agooooooool no comments :p

Bas 3aaaaad ya no3ik et7e6eeeeen sooorat wa7id eb his undies ;P lo0o0o0o0o0o0ol :D

I cant deny that he has a body to die 4. ;) Is he for real?!?!?

Bella Color said...

btw, im sorry to say but this guy is ugly!

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee3... i hate his face :p

Im starting to change my mind about his body... In some pics he looooks old! ;P

Marzouq said...

I've screaming my lungs out for some of these games! But its funny when I see girls watch it! They are always shouting for the good looking ones! not the teams! lol! hehehehe!

as long as you enjoy it then thats the point!!

ZiZoTiMe said...


For the million times I'm saying it

Thats y women shouldn't vote... They'll care about the face only... Moshkela ;)


Kela men el modareb el e7maaaaaaar!! sheftay meno 7a6 e7teya6! o sheftay tabdelata el ghbeya!! ohwa the only reason enhom e6la3aw men el cup... akraha!! Dog :)

No3iK said...

* daydreamer:
join the club 7bebty ;)

lol i think ur just being faithful to the ultimate hottie ,, u know (perfect nose guy) ;p heheheh
come on hes got a killer body, and the tatto is hot b3d ;p

oooh good i have my man u have urs ;)
so we dont get to fight over them ;p
any ways ... Deco is next ;D

lol y no comment! lol jealous ;p

i like ur way of thinking ;)
7adik mitfahim (two thumbs up)

women should vote, but they need to give other women a chance to prove themselves! and men need to lay back with their ego problems! ;p (ex.zizo)

and the modarib thing! i think they paid him so that he let germany win! alwa`63 kan mo 6abee3i!!!
did u see the fight at the end
they were crying, i was crying :`( it was heart breaking.

jiji said...

wut if i was to run for elections like 8 yrs from now?


hmmm... i think for my poster ill have a pic oh me huggin deco :>

No3iK said...

loooooooool jiji !!
why didnt they think of that ? ;p

but u hugging a hotti would be a bad idea! girls will hate u then decide not to vote for u ;p


u should just hug zizo , then theyll just feel sorry for u and would try and help u out in everyway they can ;)

Dr. and Found said...

quite shocked when within 4 sentences of comments someone is apparently horny over i must say questionable guys...well that beckham is a treat to look at i guess...its only fair for girls to watch football because of the 'hotties' it kinda works both ways, like i watch female beach volleyball cuz their skills with ball control are really quite fascinating...doesnt quite sound right.

Bella Color said...

laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no way... the 'perfect nose guy' is gay girl!!!! I think we all agreed on that :p

U know what u girls, u r right, he is a hottie bas i still dont like his face ;P

jiji said...

hmmm... hug zizo?! akhaaf egoool erhabeya!! NO!!!!

ZiZoTiMe said...

e7a9elokom a9lan :P

Marzouq said...

Crazy crazy games! Cant wait til tuesday o wednesday! hehehe! Viva la Italy and Portugal! hehehe!

No3iK said...

*dr.and found:
thank you, thank you for being honest ;p hehehehehe
and welcome to my blog.

who cares bout the face ;)

looooool erhabeya mara wa7da 3aaad @@ lol 7aram 3laich :p

ooolllooo dude ;p
ent ili e7a9ilik jiji ;) hathy jiji 3aaaaaaad mo ay wa7da !!

yes its crazy!!!!! no one ever expected these teams to actually pass!! or lose ?
well just see who gets it ;p
inshalah ur team.

jiji said...

heheee ee walla no3ik baaabes... a7es begooloon chethy...

zizo: anaaa elllllyy a7a9illlliiik yaa 3amy!!

tadreeen shno! a7san shy alim ley sul7ifa aw zheweya chod egolon animal rites activist ;p

No3iK said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew !!!

jiji lol badda3tay !
what were u thinking ??
seriuosly !

Common_Sense said...

Ok girls oo dasheen y6al3on oo y3algon fehamna, bs GUYS shtabooon. the post is for Girls ashkaraa :D

I just wanted to say what about my love :$ Figo :$

Common_Sense said...

ooo ba3dain 9ej women, all you think about is bodies, bodies and bodies. Always waiting the chance to take advantage of us and our bodies ':( . wallah elwa7ed magam ye6la3 men elbait bsebatkom. gemna n'7aaf t2athona aw tsawoon shay oo net3agad :(

No3iK said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
No3iK said...

lol comm-en!
awla shay welcome to my bloggi

thany shay,
hehehe i think guys come here coz they have something called "ligafa"
and "tigi9i"

thalith shay,
lol bout the taking advantage of u! physically and objectifying u ;p and harassing u .... all of that .... u can got to almajlis demand ur "man rights",
maybe theyll get back to you in like say 40 years ! ;p

hehehehehe witty comment btw ;)