Friday, June 16, 2006

gravity ... is reality

im sitting,
now i was sitting,
ummmmm .... i lay back i tighten my grip
legs press against the metal .
i lay further more ...
my head is going gradually all the way down, my hair is touching the grass.
my eyelashes are being tickled by the wind and sun ...
open and close, its called "blinking" ... but i can feel the air brush through them!
its amazing.
my hands tighten up on the chains, i dont want to fall.
i dont want to get up. its ok to lose your balance for a while..
my head is down relaxed, my legs are down .. but im not touching the ground
im floating! im in the air.... moving very slowly
even my breathing, i can feel my lungs.. press against my ribcage ... then slowly ... close again.
my heart punds, playing along with my breath, a blood rush, sturring through my neck to my head.
everything feels delicate, everything seems special now
as i go back and forth, so does my thoughts and memories
one minute im thinking of the past, the other its the future
best time is when im thinking of nothing but the present
im still ,, im light and im floating. i love it.
i dont want to get up.
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .....
how sweet is the air. how sweet is the sun at this time of the day .. how sweet is the smell of the grass ... how sweet is the sound of quietness.
the chains are still caryying my weight and body.
feels like an outer body experiance :it is.
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ......
god i love this. i love writing about it.
i dont want to get up, i dont want to stop writing..

ok someone is calling my name in the background .... my eyes have to open.
they open .... the sound is no longer in the background .. its here ...
i have to go now . i have to get up.
i take a deeeeeeeeep breath ....
i already feel bad .. i dont want to leave. i want to fly.
i reach for the chains, i pull them, tight .... my hands are stretched now .. pulling
i pull my shoulders first, they dont want to, but they respond.
ummmmmmmmmmmmm ..... my head my neck is laid back soo relaxed
they respond too ...
my hair flys back up .. falls all over my face ,, it is so fresh ..
*i giggle*... i appreciate the moments i had ... it is all real, its beautiful how real things inlife can sound like dreams..
i try and remember them before i set foot on the grass ,, the ground again.
before i have to walk carrying my weight again.

i just love to "swing" :)

thank you Nour :*

p.s i have just realized, i love small letters :**
i dont like using capitals kilish x(

ta taah.


ZiZoTiMe said...


Girl.... U just discovered a new thing in life... Gravity :p

Mabrooooooooooooooook and nice work :)

*P.s: So this is not a long post huh? :P

*Another P.s: It's the 1st time I put my comment b4 Dr.lost.... Ghreeeba ;)

Your Battlefield said...

mashallah! your words made me feel and touch the just made me crave to be in the scene...simly beautiful:)

Bella Color said...

lo00o0o0o0ol Ur last post was swinging!!!! ;) h3h3h3h3h3

Its soooo beautiful!!! I luv it when u say 'its ok to lose ur balance for a while' of the swing of course ;P However, i interpreted it differently. I interpreted this sentence in a philosophical POV.

Ashwa ma 7ashtich 7asasiya when u smelled the grass ;P

Anyways, girl, lets go and swing sometime ;)

No3iK said...

oooooooolllllllllooooooooo ;p
abaih bro tadre 3ad egolon the earth is round!!!!
hehehehehehe shino ili nice work exactly!!
did u even get it?
did u get the sympolism???
dont think so ;p
eeeeeeeeee dr.lost :`( masken
ga3d yadris ..... allah ewafga inshalah .

* battle:
sweets thank you wayid
it is beautiful :*

sureeeeeeeeeee i would love to swing with u someday
i appreciate the fact that, u appreciated .. the post ;p
ur and english lit girl ofcourse u would :*

*~MiSs-Un¡Quέ~* said...

"how sweet is the smell of the grass ..."

I just love the fresh green grass!!..anyway Wo0W great job love ya stuff!!

R7eeq said...

@@ no3ik ... this my pic wallah ana 3 `l6ana..

nice post sis ..


No3iK said...

*gurl on wheels :
7beebty its been along time sweety
where have u been ;)
im glad u like ya love me stuff :)

;p ee i told u i was gonna snatch it form ya blog sis :p shasawe couldnt find anything better b3dain u have a good taste so u should be happy i did :p
thanks gurla ...... :*

Princess said...

SWINGING!! i thought maybe shes liek chained to a wall, or the ground or hanging off of a cliff hehehehe excuse my morbid and morose mind heheheh but hey loved the words wayid expressive, absolutly amazing and yeah chena one of zizo's post, 6uweeeeeeeeel hehehhe but i enjoyed it

Piers Smith said...

getting better and better.. though it did read like a really good trip ;)