Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stereotyping is a ... $!#&@!!

on Banned VW Commercial

HA HA .... !
are we supposed to laugh!
how insenssitive and mean .. ??????
what was the director thinking??!
when will this ever be over? are we walking terrorists now!
each Arab and Muslim has a stamp on his forehead that says BOMBER!
i just think this is so unfair :(
what are we supposed to do .. to repair the damage done by people who dont know whats Islam?
its not our falt the world doesnt read or know what Islam is about.
im just pissed right now.... i really want to know, can we do anything about it?

>= [

oh and p.s
STEREOTYPING IS A ...... (u say it, im not gonna say it ;p)

btw im like back (duuh) heheeh
al7imdela feeling gaaaaa-r8 ;)
thanks for kil ili da3oli ,, wili mado3oli ra7 ad3i 3laihum ;p `7`7`7`7.

its not along post this time, ZIZO ur so ..... dead ;p


Carlsb3rg said...

I think it was a good commercial, but the man shouldn't have been shown as an arab.

I guess the commercial was banned to steer away from any more boycotts. It would have been interesting to see though how kuwaitis would have boycotted german cars :P

Marzouq said...

That is one interesting commercial. I think it was done well, but they could have taken a different angle.

No3ik stereotyping will always happen.. I lived in the US during all that time, and when people found out I was from the middle east I got the dirtiest of looks as if I insulted thier mother or something! I have gone through it at the airports, with police, and even in shopping malls.. you cant do anything about it except change one person by one person..

its because they took a hit personally .. so I can understand why they feel the way they do.. and for them its easier to be ignorant then to find out the truth for them.. and they believe the media and right now we are the enemy in the media's eyes!

before that it was the russians, before that it was the chinese, befor that it was the chinese!

time heals all wounds!

Dandoon said...

Banned? Hmm, I wonder why?

I agree with Marzouq, it will always happen. Ilmushkila ina a lot of people think that this is what Islam tells us to do. Will they ever stop thinking that Arabs are terrorists? Maybe. But I doubt that'll happen anytime soon.

Your Battlefield said...

first off..glad your back to your old self...and feeling healthy..:)

the commerical was just...rough and well...personally i enjoy seeing commericals and what directors gone to an extent to do and how much more creative they've gotten...but this one makes me angry and just want to change the channel..i thought we all were supposed to care about others and such...here all they seem to be doing is encouraging others to do the same as that man...and this is just plain....distasteful...

ZiZoTiMe said...


I saw it b4 in Metacafe and It's really funny... Glad that you saw it :P

Don't be so sensitive girl, just look at the bright site... It's funny and make me said the KaaaaK thing hehe

Tben el 9ej ehya 7adha rude o ohwa daiman 7a6en 3al arab bs shensawy nobody will listen, defend or care about us

Glad to have u back... We missed u in the past few days... El 7amdellah 3ala salamtech ya no3y ;)

And BTw... I'm alive :P

i_live_in_Q8 said...

I cannot agree more, Streo Type is not the issue, its the intend to make arab bad in all ways! they are creating the streotype thing! ;) But i gotta admit, I laughed my 7ajjeya out!! it was halariousley funny ;)

i_live_in_Q8 said...

by the way, How come you're still a student?

No3iK said...

lol ... carls yes it was a good commercial! but ... but but but ..
many buts included.
i can tell u right now, kuwaitis can never baycott german cars ;p

*marzouq & *dandon:
allah e3enik bro , i bet it was very hard and difficult!
but yes i guess i really hope its a matter of time . so were the medias enemy right now!
so who are we fighting again?
the case is your either with us or against us! all the countries u mentioned are doing what the media wanted them to do, so theyd be accepted.
so we as arabs and muslims need to change and adapt to the medias wants......then we will be ...!? what exactly!

:* thanks 7bebty im glad im back ;)
what u said, is exactly how and what i felt when i first saw it.
theres only one message in the com. hate arabs! they kill innocent ppl.
dont know if u noticed on the background of the resturant ppl were siting in, there was a baby siting in his mothers lap!

oooooooooooollllllloooooooooooo !
so u laughed ! lol shkirhik,
hehehehehe mashkor bro alah e7ayek
awal shay im not being sensitive im just trying to be fair!
so what ur saying arabs have nobody but them selves now! were on our own.... well thats good to know ;p
allah esalmik.. no3ik ;p
oooo eeee ,, not dead@@ maybe next time :p kidding bro esmila 3laik :)

*i live in q8:
heeeeeey bro, awal shay 7ayak alllah ;)
aham shay " I laughed my 7ajjeya out!! "
hehehehehe abaih `6a7aktny yashagool!
meee still a student ... ummmm
well thats a thing im keeping to myself ;p
Masters inshalah (fingers crossed)

A Daydreamer said...

there's nothing "we" can do. if its not the arabs that are being targeted now, it would be another group of ppl. in the past it was the blacks, then it was the jews, then the chinese... ya3nee, each time period you will have a group of ppl that are being sterotyped and discriminated agaisnt. Allah ye3lim when the arab's name will be cleared...and that was a mean, mean commerical! 3amaaa!

wa 7emdalla 3ala salamtich.. glad to have you back hon :)

ZiZoTiMe said...

LooooooooooooL a7la shy enech ma 6awaftay wala shy from my comment hehehe me like u me like u :P

eeeeee Maybe next time but plz after The World Cup :P

Dr.Lost said...


seen it before.. its sad 2 say i found it so funny honestly.. but hey it didt get 2 air on tv so its no biggie :) IM BACK TO BLOGGING BABY !! :)

Si7LeYa said...

this is so unfair


No3iK said...

* day dreamer:
7bebty allah esalmich
missed u gurl ... :*
almuhim, i loved ur ( 3aammaaa)
mo3abira ;p ... allah kareeem sis :(

* zizo:
hehehe bro ,, afa 3laik en`6ab6ik ;p
yoba la gbl wala b3d al world cup!
ur scaring me .! esmila 3laik wi6awil b3mrik ,, ya gidooo ;p

k7 k7 k7 !! `3baaaaaar
lol been a really long time :)
welcome baaack ya bash doctor
mashalah mashalah eeeh al obaha do kolaha ;p
almuhim ,, back to za subject.
i know it wasnt aired! but its not the point... why was it done in the first place?
i know its funny, but its also mean.

Fo0f said...

Slamtk b3d el za7ma, that's one :)
two, nice blog you got here :)

Streotyoing never stops, I don't like it, but sometime I do it '3a9b 3alay, I guess it's human nature.

I honestly didn't see the commercial, but I do think that everyone should make a stand for what he believes in, and if it's offensive, boycott VW -isn't this what we do best ;)-

Anonymous said...

hi, i LOVE ur blog and i have a question ! ya3ny sij al7eeb lo afjerha mayser shay belsayra? :S

A Daydreamer said...

Anonymous pleaseeeeeeeeee dont try that at home! loool its just a commerical!!

i_live_in_Q8 said...

yallah bil tawfeej enshallah ;)

NuNu™ said...

WOW!! Looks like I missed so many posts here =/

And LOL!! 3ajeeeeeb hal commercial =D

Bella Color said...

awal shay 7medallah 3ala salmatich... nawartay il blogsphere :)

the commerical was funny but at the same time offensive. 7abebti dont 4get what happened to them b/c of the arabs. I agree its wrong to sterotype bas allah ya3afi il media ili made the westerners loook at us in this way. If only the media portrays the goood the arabs and muslims, then hathe ma kan 7alna...

It neeeds time to change the way of their thinking... the change is starting... :-) Everything will change, just give it time. :)

No3iK said...

*si7leya :
:* i know 7bebty `7aleha 3la allah.

1- alah esalmich sweets
2- 3yonich al nice thanks ;)
3- i know what u mean! boycott! yeah thats seems all we can do bout anything that happens! sad.
4- welcome to my blog :)

looooooooool ur comment really made me laugh ent ensan fa9il!

*day dreamer:
yeah exactly ;)

*i live in q8:
mashkor bro, allah agma3en inshalah :)

:***** 7bebty
welcome baaaack sweets my blog and i missed u wayid ;)
lol ur comment ! bada3tay lol.


alah esalmich 7bebty thanks :*

everything needs time i guess! well just see what happens next.

7tenths said...

It has to be said that's one helluva creative ad! Sure when you look at it through vulnerable eyes you see it as an attack on Arabs, but when I look at it I see it as simply doing what pretty much every standup comedian does: turn racism into humor! I don't know, maybe I'm too Westernized for my own good :P Btw what's funny is that your blog automatically starts playing a Dido song & I did not know that! So I'm watching this ad thinking it was taped with that song, & I'm like 7edhom bada3o! But then the car exploded & the song kept playing, & intuition kicked in :P

i_live_in_Q8 said...

allah ajma3een enshallah? .. ok.. heh

Anonymous said...

but am serious! o ana wa7da mo wa7ed :P o la ba3ad wa7da loves u soooooooooooooooooooo much :P

Anonymous said...

stereotyping is everywhere... It is here in kuwait big time between some simple minded ppl.

elshee3e stereotypes el sunni (espicially the relgious sunni) and the sunni stereotypes elshee3ee.. el-e7there steroetypes the budwee and vice versa.

i must say though one should not look and label ppl but must look at what that person stands for.

Mabrook ya ahal kuwait ibwa7datkom against those who want coruption. I see the lebral standing next to an islamist all fighting the corupt 3+1. Shee3e next to sunni and vice versa fighting the corupt gov.

It is a well known fact that goverments love sterotyping. why you may ask? Simple, So they would be busy fighting against each other whilst the gov does it wants and steals whatever it wants.

Sajlow mo"9ef fee majlis 2006. Sajlow maw"9ef against stereotyping and that il-kuwat o ahalha eeed wa7da ....she3e sunni e7'6ere ibdowi. vote for those who fight corruption.

No3iK said...

looooooooool dido + the add!
hehehehe that would have been funny!
im glad u liked it.
but still i dont get what u said!
dunno :)i dont think its as simple as uve described it. people are dying and its a mess. any ways
almuhim i made u laugh ;)

*i live in q8:
lol i meant inshalah tawfeeg lilkil
ajma3eeeeen inshalah :p shfek !

b3d chabdi wallah :* sorry sorry alsimo7a albi ... enty t7ibeny wana ma3arfich shlon :p
bs please ... dont try it seriously lol

well first of all, thanks for the political view. i think this post really was screaming for help and just needed it
i agree with everything u wrote.
very well said :) so just thank you. hopefully things in Kuwait will change. i wish this society will someday be 3la galb wa7id :) inshalah ameeeeen.

Anonymous said...

7da 3eee6