Monday, June 26, 2006


If i give you a wrapped box, for no certin occasion, or reason. and i tell you you get to keep it
for as long as you wish. someday you will know when to open it, that it would actually open it self to you, when the time is right. there could be a "thing" that you've been wanting for ages, or there could be a "bomb"! now, all i know is no matter how hard you shake the box, try and listen to whats in it, keeping it next to you all day, you can only guess whats there, you never know whats waiting for you.that is exactly how i see life.
in life, we live day by day, some days we receive a box, some we dont. some times we wish we never opened the box, that left us with tears and unbelievable pain.
some boxes fill our eyes, hearts and soul with joy and love. i know i have received my share of boxes. i know i will receive more of them.
am i ready? how can i ever know that? do i want more? of course i do. that's life!

i had some of those bomb boxes, and believe me I'm still not over it. to be fair, had the good ones to. i think its the way life can keep its balance.
my boxes were all different, but it got me years to come up with what I'm about to say.
no matter how ugly or beautiful a box is, all boxes give you a message. that God sent you that box, because God loves you. the only thing all these boxes have in common is "Allah".
i now can see that God loves me, were closer than ever :) and that is all i really want from life.
to talk to and feel and miss and want to be with eventually, is no one else, but God.
i know, there is no one else that could be worthy of your love and passion more than "Allah".
i receive his gifts all of them, all kinds with opened arms, with every box i feel "love and peace".
that's all i really care about, that's all that matters to me.
:) i feel great, i feel lucky, i feel loved, more of all, I'm content and happy, I've got god on my side.
hope someday when u receive a certain box, that would be life changing for you.
you would come and read my post again, and then you'll nod and smile, u wouldn't need to comment.
you'll just know were on the same page :) your not "lost" any more.

"life is just ike a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna get"
thnaks papi :** ummwah


Papillona ® said...

Beautiful post :)
Inshallah no more bomb boxes for you. Don't make the beautiful wrapping fool you ;)

In some cases, I like to keep it wrapped for a while before deciding to open them. And sometimes I just want to take that warapping off and... If you know what I'm talking about

skunk said...

my boxes come to me from ali.
hes from bangladesh and
he wears a DHL uniform :D.

i'd just like to add:
its not what you get thats important, its what you do with what you get in that box that matters.

good boxes and bad boxes all have their own little silver lining if you look hard enough :P

7tenths said...

Well I ain't a FedEx custimer so I usually get my 'boxes' 2 days late, which doesn't really help :P

But yeah I can see your analogy & it's quite interesting, although I will say this: unlike actual boxes we're given, the contents of this box are forever changing & not predetermined from the time you receive it :)

Marzouq said...

Its what you do with what you got thats important, and when you get a bomb you always have to look for the brighter day..

bes 7amdilla your happy o hopefully done with your col!

Dr.Lost said...

all true.. and u i couldnt agree with u any less :)

Bella Color said...

U struct a chord, girl... What can i say!

Sij smart ppl think alike ;p I was going to write a similar post in my blog!!!

Its true life is unpredictable. Things dont always go the way u planned them to be, sometimes its for the best.

About the box of bombs, it reminded me of panadora's box. Allah la yeb hal boxes in any1's way :-)

NuNu™ said...

When I hear somebody sigh "Life is hard", I am always tempted to ask, "Compared to what?"

ZiZoTiMe said...

If I recieved any box from u I won't open it cause I know It's gonna be a real bomb (if not something worse) ;)

I love the song and yeah another long post :P

oooooooooooLLLLLLLLooooooooooo ;)

LiLaCs said...

Boxes eh? Intersting...I cant wait for mine to come when I feel content and happy..I know God is helping me along more thenothers..But human nature pushes oyu to ask for more and more..I need the damn box with content people..Lets find it!

Your Battlefield said...

love this post...i can so relate to what you wrote...with such passion and heart made me see things in a better context..and i thank you..ilhamdallah on everything that i get whether its "a box that brings tears or fears or a box that opens my heart and makes me see life with beautiful colors...such a maturely written post...when i'm down and not feeling like myself surely i'll be referring to your post to make me see the bright side and the true side...thank you

skunk said...

even a bomb in the right hands can be a good thing :D

DiiGMaa said...

No3ik Darling,

very nicely said ;***

I hope your life is full of pretty and wonderful boxes ;)

No3iK said...

ooooh :) how sweet , everyone received my box ;)

darling, wrapping can fool u it happens to everone.
i know what ur talking about :)
we sometimes even keep the wrapping!

* skunk:
say hi to ali ;)
i agree, but sometimes you end up being a wreckage after receiving your box, its not only what u do with it, its how u feel about it, that's what im talking about.
and now i have learned the very hard way to look hard at everything.

they say late is better than never ;)
nothing is predetermined! u choose and it is life changing.

* marzouq:
thanks marzouq, i like what you said
and yes al7imdela, im getting there..ill be there soon inshalah.

we agree on a lot of things :)

so were smart ! ;p glad to know that.
ameeen yisma3 minich :*

i think compared to the "perfect" life. u know the one people dream about. it really doesn't exist. that's why people should learn how to accept things.

oooollllooooo bro ent 6ol 3mrik dash 3ar`6 !!
laish dayman al maw`6o3 b9ob o radik b9ob lol
my box will arrive soon >;] ill make sure u open it your self ;p
i love the song to, post not that long!

sweets, god is always there, its human not to notice his presence!
that's why it needs hard work, to really just notice it then appreciate it, that is when u receive a box of content the first thing every morning :)

*batty :
my fav poet blogger :*
u have a mature way in not only writing but also in observing.
im glad u related to it, im happy u felt it. that's all i wanted.

lol are u thinking "zizo"! hehehehe

7bebty :*
thanks .. same here wallah.

NuNu™ said...

"That's why people should learn how to accept things"

Yeah we don't have that either!

baqsima6ah said...

it's been a while since I got some 'box'.. though I've been waiting
thank you 4 a lovely post

LaiaLy_q8 said...

very nicely said my friend

i kinda got a worm feeling reading it ;)

No3iK said...

* nunu:
well keep praying for it .

* baqsma6ah:
dear, hopefully ull receive one soon, maybe u have it but u dont know yet ;)

ur welcome 7bebty im glad :)

Anonymous said...

Kuwait got a nice box today ;)

Newaab yerfo3oon elras( not all but the majority)

El7okomah better think twice before desolving parliment again?

They (gov.) think they decided the contents of the box....NEWS FLASH
Elsha3ab decides the contents :)

Inshalla more nice boxes for the future of kuwait as long as we have a stronger majlis (stronger than the previous), majority mo3ara'6a mashallah...inshallah ma ya5theloona o inshalah maanshoof bombs from them.

next box.......nabeeeha 5 ;)

*People should not be afraid of thier Goverments.. Goverments should be afraid of their people*

No3iK said...

ok, i like ur comments
but i really want to know....
whos behind the mask? please ;p
any ways ...
thanks .. best part bout ur comment is :
"the quote" aaaaah .. melting.

Anonymous said...

Your right... Everyone should remmember this quote no3ik.... People decide the future of their countries, and if they decide to be, afraid then things will get worse and worse...
The results of the elections show that people are NOT afraid of their goverments, cuz now intstead of 29...we have gone up to 32...
welne3em ib sha3eb elkuwait ;)


p.s i will stay in the box.. unless you want to now my name ;)

Eng.fahad said...

mash2a allah
elmw'9ooo3 7eel 7loo
7da mt3a


No3iK said...

* anony:
no believe me i dont want any names ;p
was just kidding .

thanks wallah glad u liked it, i dont know why but everytime i read it...i just feel good :D

so again im just happy :)

*~MiSs-Un¡Quέ~* said...

nice post really loved it!!

No3iK said...

*miss unique :
im glad u did ;) thanks sweets