Tuesday, June 13, 2006


i'm leaving it for good...
on the table, or in a box ...
i just don't want to see it anymore.

will i miss it.. God no!
will i feel better .. I already am :)

so i have decided to stop wearing "watches"

.. or .. to put it better..
i have decided to stop watching, watches!

why did i waste my years watching a watch.
is it really the case?
do we watch the watch tick-tickity-tock-tocking.....
or does it watch all of us, t....i....c....k....i....n....g!

thin lines that define every minute that passes by.
a watch is watching us, judging us, measuring our days.
telling us we've wasted 5 minutes of doing nothing!
a few minutes more. its suffocating!

tick tock ..

do we need something, or someone,

that's always staring at us the whole time.
checking if were on time or not, if were late or not,

if we're doing something or not?

a watch is a someone to me,

it's alive.
it has a harsh language--a threatening tone.
we learn to check out time every five minutes?


it is our day! we spend it the way we want.
why worry about what time is it?
why limit ourselves with ticking!?
does a day really have 24 hours only?
or is it what we've learned since we were little?

the world is turning into a race track, growing faster and smaller.
a day ends before u know it.
so it doesn't feel like the watch is telling the truth.
our truth...

do we need it?
other than appointments, and meetings and things that are timed.
do we need a watch?
when you're simply walking spending a day doing whatever it is your doing.
do you need to wear a watch on your wrist, and check it every minute?

i thought i did, now i know better.
i stopped wearing it now for over a month!
at first it was difficult didn't feel normal,
but my hand felt light and free :)
i felt nervous .. sometimes... i just needed to know the time.
but then i figured things around me can tell me the time.
things like the sun, like when people start punching their cards, when my friends call me ... etc.

life is much easier now, I'm enjoying it.

i may not be making any sense to some of you, but believe me, it is simply liberating!

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .....
hope my post wasn't a waste of ur time ;p

so all i can say is give it a try, for one day ..... !

take care

ta taah :*


Bella Color said...

Its excellent, girl... :)

What a coincidence, I stopped wearing watches for over a month, too!!! Trust me, I know what u mean. However, we cant escape it. We cant run or hide. Time will always be there to judge us...

No3iK said...


girl are u for real!!
we both bought our first skirt
on the same month!
and now ur trying to tell me
u stopped wearing watches a month ago!


7ayaty entay 9ig globna 3la b3`6 :*

i know u cant escape it, but at least
it is considered a BREAK.
so just enjoy it ;)

Bella Color said...


keep the skirt thing out little secret... ssssshhh! ;P

eeeeeeeeee wallah 7ada a break. Tara nothing matters after u do it. its a good way to lose track of time & be late to every single appointment. (j/k luv)


Im enjoying every single moment. :)

poothy-kat said...

Time! is abstraction
You claim it without restrain
Seize it! Turn it into action
Ignore it! A moment lost, cannot regain

It's how you 'perceive' it that makes all the difference

il-sooSa said...
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il-sooSa said...

I can deffinitly relate with what your saying, however its not about a watch .. Its about MOBILE PHONES

It is true that :
"you can't live with'em
you can't live without'em"

But ...

I just LOOOOVE it when I get to work or shopping, and then discover that I forgot it at home. I really enjoy the pure simplicity of that day, even though I come accross some situations that I might need it :)

Sooo, I hear YA girl !!

jiji said...

for heaven`s sake no3ik!!

*slaps no3ik to restore some lost sense*

its just a lousy watch! shdaa3waaaa..

to me its ok if i wear a watch or not.. mo ila.. and i kinda sense time.. its like weird but i always know wut time it is

latgesen 3ala 3omrech.. u need time.. ow the only reason u didnt go bizzark was cuz u have ur mobile clock to check the time ;p

Extinct Dodo said...

i never wear watches. i stopped wearing them when i was in high school. now i just rely on my phone to ring when i need to be up in the morning, and ring 5 minutes before my lectures or other important things i have to be on time for.
other than those specific times, i never look at a time-keeper.

Carlsb3rg said...

Maybe if you live alone, doing nothing, yeah you don't need to know the time.

But being a part of a community, time is so vital to the point where not knowing the time is impolite.

It's a matter of being master of your time, and not a slave for it. Only then, you will appreciate the 24 hours :)

skunk said...

like dodo, i stopped wearing watches in high school.

every now and again i think of buying a watch as an accessory(couldnt think of a less girly word :|),..... but now i cant stand the feeling of anything round my wrist, or neck,.. so no suit an tie either :P

but yeah its the mobile thingy now:|

i used to even take it to the pool incase it rang :|, lol like i'd hear it doing my laps :P.

in the wired world we live in,... disconnecting is the only real vacation :P

No3iK said...

* poothycat:
thanks 7bebty i know what u mean,
bs its more complicated than that.

* il-soosa:
lol eeeee mobiles should be attached to our brains in the future
thats what i think !
theres no where to run.

* jiji:
loooooool sis
shako .. heeeey
slap me all u want 7bebty ! im not budgin :p
iknow what im talking about,
its the watch being on ur wrist the entire day !!!!!
just take it offfff ... forget tis there.
and its totally not the same case when u check the time bl mobile .. its not the same.

* dodo:
yes thats how im doing it now.
so tell me how does it feel?

* calrs:
nobody lives alone, doing nothing!
were all part of the same community here.
i have mentioned that we need it for appointments and meetings.
i mean come on where did u think my manners went! ;p
i was saying other than that, u know organising ur day. we dont need it . ditch it. check it out only when u need to :) thats all im saying.

* skunk:
lol hey girly :p
come on u dont have a girly bone in u even if u wanted to ;)
any ways ,,, like wise.
"disconnecting is the only real vacation" bro ur breaking my heart :`)
bs mobiles are becoming ....!
i dont have a word? they are becoming something.. that is new to us? its scary!

Dr.Lost said...

how much time did i just waste reading this post? :P loool le le kiddin babe..

time is very important and i only realize it when i have exams :(
back to depression... when will my finals end im in so much agony :(

No3iK said...

* dr.lost:
(hands round ur neck, strangling ...chocking)
he he he he ... !
in nooo time this will alll be over ;p
jk ...

any way basssik 7annna bro
ur doing gr8 inshalah
u will finish, graduate become the biggest snob ever, after u become an official doctor,
ditch all ur friends who are not doctors ..
then ... with time ...
lol ok ok ,, where is all of this going ?
i havent a clue.

all i can say now, go get some sleep o edris 3dil.
in ur case a watch is a MUST bro.
so forget u read my post
k k :)
good luck.

jiji said...

not the same when u check the mobile clock?! didnt u say that u felt restricted by time and having to know wut time it is... etc

No3iK said...

yeh ...
jiji 7bebty !
its not just about the watch
the watch is symbolic,
im talking about lifes hectic days
and all the restrictions, they pile up as weights on our shoulders.
its tiring. dont u think?
ummmm, i said i get to check the time only when i need to.
ppl now check the time all the time because they need to they want to and they feel obligated to know what time it is.

again this is all symbolic sweety

Extinct Dodo said...

no3ik.. it feels very liberating to not have that shakle on my wrist :P

poothy-kat said...

lol! ... What I said is in agreement with what you posted :)

No3iK said...

* dodo:
yeh i know ! tell them ;p

* phoothy:
i know lol i was just saying
it is even more complicated than ..
the way uve put it.
7bebty entay :*

A Daydreamer said...

i dont think i can do it. my weakness is watches!!!! i loveeee buying them and wearing them. im the type that has one for every outfit!! i think i can do it for a couple of days... thats about it! hehe

lovely post though :)

Dr.Lost said...

i wont be a snob i promise :)

Carlsb3rg said...

if you live for yourself, don't care about anyone or anything else, you'd be living practically alone. You don't have to live in a desert to feel alone :)

ZiZoTiMe said...

Just break your watch(how many do u have BTW? :P)... Then u don't have to wear it

Yoba We have a clock in out mobiles so we don't have to wear watches anymore

My brother gave me a new watch on my birthday so I'm starting to change my habit by wearing this watch :P ( I know 7dy lakhba6tech in this comment... This is the idea :P)

No3iK said...

* daydreamer:
sweets ive always loved how accepting u r :) twanseeen al galb!

* dr.lost:
just teasing u wallah i know u wont ;p

* calrs:
bro! shfek i have explained..
that not knowing time doesnt mean not being part of a society.
see how ur giving a watch much more credit than it should get?
ummmmmmmm ,,, madre i really dont know how to explain my point any further!!

* zizO:
yl na7eees :s dawa`7tny ..!!!
shkirhik !! lol
ok i have to admit ive got many watches!! so icant just breeak them! i think ill take out the battery and wear them only on special occasions :p
but no more buying watches for me.
i QUIT ;)

baqsima6ah said...

"Time, why you punish me?
Like a wave bashing into the shore
You wash away my dreams.
Time, why you walk away?
Like a friend with somewhere to go
You left me crying
Can you teach me about tommorrow
And all the pain and sorrow
Running free?
Cause tomorrow's just another day
And I don't believe in time"

do u remember this song ? I guess it says it all :)

on the watch wearing bit, I've been doing this since forever, I only wear a watch when I'm going out.

LaiaLy_q8 said...

i tend to watch the clock obsessivly while i study (3adi if i have spelling mistakes) :p

No3iK said...

lol lialy ..
3adi its only human to have spelling mistakes.
the only superman who seems to write perfectly all the time
is mr.suppa.dr.lost ;p