Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy 007 ;)

now james bond is thrilled i bet!
not the new blond ugly one but i mean the real bond.
ok shako new year and im talking about bond!!

btw im still ill, ive been stuck home for days
coz the weather keeps getting worst and everyone is telling me:STAY HOME!
but i still have those who hate me but think i dont know it and are like:
"wee miss u come out ... come out ... ull be just fine .... ( evil smile )"

so since i know better, i stayed in.

what am i doing for new years!! aaaahhhh ... N O T H I N G !
yeh i know .. very exciting.

ill probably just sleep throught it.
or make one special phone call ;)
or dance! but i dont feel like moving.

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo any suggestions? me mates?

*2006 top good things:
1- me greeny bloggi.
2- me having the guts and leaving me job.
3- me hair cut.
4- me new cam.
5- me meeting lots of amazing ppl :**
6- me superman.
7- me trip.
8- me sista havin triplets.
9- me friends comin back to kuwait.
10- me redbull and green olives, discovery.

soooooooo whats urs? doesnt have to be ten .. anything 3adi!

yallah ppl dont want to long on u.
love u all see u next year :*

*ps: *update: thanks to my bro chai 7aleeb, i forgot to say:
merry xmass - eid mubarak - happy new year . lol walah i totaly forgot.


Yazeed said...

me blog
me no3ik
me coming to states
me meeting lots of new, interesting people (e.g. no3ik)
me need to sleep

No3iK said...

niceeee !
me so flattered...
me also want a real list later on!
me let this one pass coz ur sleepy.

Marzouq said...

Happy New years moqadaman!
Ana makoo raye7 el shalaih yimkin for new years, just relaxing!

hmmm top 10 things:
more bikes
a reason to smile everyday..

thats it for me! :)

ZiZoTiMe said...

Seems that u didn't do anything in ur whole life :P

No3iK said...

aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ... u got me at the last part! a reason to smile everyday :) thats the sweetest thing u ever wrote maybe,, like ever! coz u always write very guyish things and bike related usually! so im really happy that u showed some soft spot there ;)
3asa doooooooooooom smiling inshalah and thanks same to u.

ya faltat zimaaanik
bashoooof engazatik wheres ur list hehehehe :p

Carlsb3rg said...

My 2006 (mini) list:

Discovering im a very bad teacher ;p
Job again.. :P

And some other stuff Im not gonna say ;p

My hopes and wishes for 2007:
More teaching..

What im doing on new year's eve:
Small special party that only exists in my head :D

PS:No3ik, You have lovely hair.. the lady bug goes well with color :P

chikapappi said...

Happy new year to you too Zannoub :D

My 2006 was kinda dull & dramatic bas over all, here we go:

1. Totally cleaning up my life
2. Personality improvement
3. Family being safe & healthy
4. Also my new hair cut & color :)
5. My new car
6. Work
7. Mr. “Rambo”
8. Me bein’ healthy (hamdellah)

Anonymous said...

No plans for 2007 yet...but i'm partying on new years eve...actually i'm invited to 3 parties...dunno if i can manage to attend all....:)

AmoOora said...

happy new year ya 7lwah !
i hope 2007 will be a bright and joyfull year for everyone !!

umm my list :

me starting uni.
me 3 haircuts ;p
me 4 hair dyes ;p
(ya i like having a new look every now and then)
me most amazing summer 2006
me meating amazing ppl
me seeing that 'special' someone
me enjoying my time which included little white lies here and there..

and last but not least,
having my whole family around me once again..

i need to sleep now..
Sweet dreams !

No3iK said...

mashalah teaching o jobs
seems very intresting ;)
and the hair thing lol
i know i just loved the pic!!!

7bebty u 2 :*
o inshalah dom in good health sweety
i only wonder who mr.rambo is :p

3 parties!! hehehe woohooo
party animal haaa ;)
good for u.

No3iK said...



i loved ur list :)))))

wallah 9ig 9ig i loved it so much
:**** inshalah every year 7bebty

love u girl :*

do0da said...

hmm 06

lets see well getting me blog, meeting the bloggers, increase of indoor footie, and plus all the traveling i did. oo oo and like i got married too so yea me wife would kill me if i left that out.

oo oo and like since i didnt make ur list ur ommited of mine :r

LiLaCs said...

--tiptop advertising agency
--lindt choclates
--cadbury choclates
--second cup lattes
--oatemeal and raisin cooookies

LiLaCs said...

oh and happy new year cherie..Suck up the pain and go out and have some fun..Your such a whiner..disgusting!!!:P

Dandoon said...

Hope you feel better soon! 7atan ana I have no idea what we're doing for NY's yet.

My list:

1)New friendships (ESPECIALLY Jules & Sharon)
3)Travelling - Been to 3 new cities this year
4)Learning to like myself again
5)Meeting loads of new people
6)New hair
7)Hotel Chocolat
8)Finally feeling comfortable giving presentations in uni:p

Fee ashya2 wayid 9arat bas I can't really think of anymore! Bas 9ij the best thing is the friendships I made and maintained:)

3eedich imbarak o happy new year:*

ZiZoTiMe said...

1- Doing my lasec surgery
2- 7a6amt el raqam el qeyast eb zeyadat el wzen
3- 7a6aina ADSl o tese7b movies
4- Dashait el blogworld
5- Eating and sleeping

Bel thema mo a7san men ur list :P

sweetd said...

nice blog! cuteee picccccc loved it

phoenix said...

1st of all, Happy holidays and i hope you get better reeeaaalllyyy soon sweetheart!

Phoenix's 10 good things of 2006
uno-my cousins
dos-my blog
tres-my grades
cuatro-my improvment in soccer
cinco-my arsenal F.C
seis-my friend
siete-my quinceaƱera
ocho-my spending more time with me
nueve-my little weight loss
diez-my love for love

MSB said...

but if u dont go out, u're depriving us from being honored with ur presence ;)

salamat.. hope ur feeling better! :**

my new year's will be spent at home with some dear friends.

kil 3am wintee (winto) ibkhair!

Deera-Chat Family said...

you forgot mentioning listening to the first Kuwaiti podcast ;)

Peony said...

this new years is the most boring new years ever ! it'll be like another day for me, nothing special ..

why dont you have a slumber party? we girls are never too old for sleepovers ;p

1) i started blogging (well, at the end ;p)
2) met knew ppl.. and are very good friends now ;p
3) new hair do!
4) finally getting my own car ..
5) being closer to my czns..
6) wieght loss =)
7) getting rid of un-nessacry(sp) ppl in my life ..
8) sorting out my priorities..
.. thats it i guess ;p

um-miT3ib said...

ba3le: 3afya 3al shaikh u included me :P

now my list :P

1. blogging
2. SUMMER 06 !
3. graduating
4. um-mid3ab
5. long hair
6. wearing size small shirts and waist 28 jeans :P !
7. family relationships
8. studying abroad.. bleh :P
10. settled

Zalabya said...

me graduated
me got hired, and resigned
me got hired again
me entered the blogging world
me got 2 more nephews
me got closer to u
bas kaafi
3edech embarak o happy new yr 3alaich o 3ala shaklech lol
.. khal akamel sowalif weyach bel msn a7san

Allure said...

Kil 3am oo entay eb khair oo 3eedch embarak :)

beejay™ said...

me super duper cooler blog
me divorce+free at last
me move to jeddah
me superman :)
me new look
me ipod :D
me cybershot :D
me new me:)

2006 was full of ups and downs and changes.. a turning point in my life..i have alot of plans for 2007..cant wait! i have a feeling its gonna be a very good year inshallah...happy new year all:)

No3iK said...

u unfaithful @$%& so all the ill waitfor 20 years talk was all lies!! x[
anyways hon, ur year been crappy nothing intresting :p so work on the next.
me want some spice and action there.

@@ ur list is all food! it was like reading the menu heheheheh loser :p
untill i got to pilates ,, ! now that more like it... me want :(
lol BITCH.

thanks 3mre thats so sweet of u :*
first of all where this hotol chocolate is?
and giving presentations. well it took me two years to feel comfortable ! now its just super ;)

like u said, im so happy also for all the friendships im making! amazing amazing special ppl.
top of my list is ur bro ;) u should be proud :* hhehehehe

1- lasex: yl shaaaaaaaaayib!
2-lol mn al kabab :p
3-yl 7arami!!
4-yom aswid o minayil bsiten alf nela
5- la2anik gilel 7aya :p

ok conclusion! ur list is depressing man lol

thanks babes :* welcome to me blog.

aaawwww so sweet of u thanks 3mre :*
nice job!!! not bad at all.
so ur a footy girl ! i never knew that i should introduce u to Dooda then ;)

7ubi walah ill cross rivers and climb mountains just to see u :*
anyways love, kil3am wana wela (we7na) b5air ??

*deera chat:
ooh yeah deffinatly that to !!
hehe sorry, ok yallah wain ur list yl kaslan?

aaaaawwww i miss slumbers :```(
i want a slumber ,, the last slumber party i had was oscar night lol

u go girl! car family, priorities and weight u summed it all very good in one year! godo job ;) :* o mabrok.

*um mit3ib:
nomber 6! u rock ;) two thumbs up bnaya .
so now ur studying abroad? mn meta?

u coulda wrote a 100 things ...
coz u have maktabaa mo kotob :p
anyways im sooooooo proud of u.
u did alot this year mashalah
and ur still standing :*
-big hug-
best of luck on all jobs.

thats so sweet of u dear :* thanks.

-i didnt see ur super duper blog, ill check it just now..
-im very happy ur free and happy :* 3asa dom.
- me makeover ;) nice!
- me ipod .. :D what color?
- me new me .. :* gr8 for u.
i have the same feelinf :)
happy new year to u to 3mre :*

Yazeed said...

*updated list*
me "m"
me going to the US to study (and have fun ;p)
me doing well (so far) in school
me making new great friends, both in "real" life and online (e.g. no3ik)
me getting a blog
me finding no3ik's green blog :P
me health
me family's and friends health
me learning how to cook :P
me "m" :)
me friends again, especially the ones who make me smile (thank you all :*)

Looking back, 2006 has been good to me, lots of new experiences, lots of new friends, I just hope that 2007 will be better for me and for everyone

Happy New Years Everyone :)

um-miT3ib said...

hehe yes 7ada thumbs up... im very proud ;p !

sarle semester:P

il-sooSa said...

1. me daughters kisha "Noosa"
2. me daughters karsha "farfoor"
3. me daughters ligafa illi ma tintihee,withroosha il6ay7a "fa6foo6"
4. me boys uncontrollable ***!$
5. me studying
6. + 7. + 8. + 9. me still breathing, given the above
10. me havin my best friend around "daddy!luv ya buddy"

Honey™ said...

* being a blogger
* meeting new friends
* going to Austria and Germany
* i had the best birthday
* iam 22 yrs now =D
* new hair cut

i guess thats it ;p

Honey™ said...

and happy new year girl ;)

Fedo said...

1. Getting to know very interesting individuals through my blog, like you.
2. Getting to know totally different people and having brand new friends, who are not boring.
3. Spending new year's out of Saudi.
4. Not failing college, or getting kicked out of the Aramco sponsorship program.
5. Honing my writing skills so.
6. Sharing love with those who didn't deserve it, so I would learn, and with those who do deserve it, so I know I've learned.
7. Knowing what i'm truly worth; life is not just studies, marriage, and a career.
8. Visiting all the beautiful places I've been to.
9. My dad's new job.
10. Coming into good terms will all those I've been crossed by.

Dandoon said...

Itha 3indich an Aramex account 6ilbay:p Itha ma3indich, tara fee wa7id ib Knightsbridge yam ilhotel and I'll be more than happy to bring you some:p

Hehe I am proud of him bas don't tell him 3ashan ma yikbar rasa:p

No3iK said...

aaawwwwwww how sweet of u !
just like u promised a real list ;)
fanx man ...
and yeah im in it TWICE ! WOHOOOO !
and im so happpy for ya "M" hope itll be there in every year :)

*um mit3ib:
good luck 7bebty :*

*il soosa:
oooooooooook very intresting and cute
dont u think some one is missing!!
like SOMEONE is missing !!! :p

7beeeeeeeebty happy new year to u to
and na3eeman ur hair cut is AMAZINING mashallah !! ;)

i loved ur list ... was like a perfect list.
that everyone should read.
thanks ... ur one of them to ;)
listening into the ocean, i love the part they say: let the rain come down! thats how i feel right now.i really like it ;)

wow! what a discovery !!
hehehe loooks mo 6abe3i girl
3afya :*
fanx dear ...
dont worry his head wont get big ..

Hitman1 said...

salamat ya no3ik o matshofeen shar
Eidich mubarak o happy new year.

Now can you please explain to me what is it you did with "Superman" in 2006? :)

15/09 said...

salamaat hope u feel better soon, n happy new year

..G.. said...

happy new year hun' and 3eedch mbarak :D.. i've been sick throughout 3id and new years and did utterly nothing, SOMEONE that knows how i feel!!! FINALLY..

lool i guess i'll just add, meeting lots of fascinating and funny people :)
2. my new blog
3. my new job

enjoy your time 7ayati :*

No3iK said...

lol ok, what exactly u want to know :p
how many times ive watched the movie ..
wela how many times ive talked about it.
wela shino ... ???? lol wela how many pics i have of him so far .. ???
and wheres ur list man?? :p

happpy new year :) thanks.

oooh 7bebty..i know exactly how u feel.
actuallly al7imdela i spent new years with my friends very casual
but it was fun :*
and im very happpy for u :* best of luck sweets.

Anonymous said...


- Me apple laptop
- Me blog xD
- Me deciding to keep my hair longer
- Me loosing weight
- Me and my brother gettin along so well
- Me being a senior FINALLY
- Me not letting anybody disrespect me
- Me telling whatever is on my mind without thinking Bfor .. lol xP

Asrar El Banat said...

gr8 list!

Omtantoo7 said...

ummm 10 things?!:P agool 5 wa2alif il baji wila shino ya3ni?!:P wili ma sawa shay mofeed?! and dont tell me starting a blog is an accomplishment! lemme try.. ummm..
1- we9alt my senior year in uni wa a5eeran!
2- personality improvements *broad scale ;p*
3- family
4- friends
5-friends again
6-eeeee!! i can do my own seshwar now mo lazim salon every other day ;p
7- 4 or 5 hair cuts yemken ;p
8 DHW - all seasons ;p
9- elections are over! WAI3!!!!
10- I got a position i wanned in some association ;p yaaaaaaay

Carlsb3rg said...

Wow hair cuts are achievments.

Missy said...

happy new year .. =p i'll put my list later in a post malee 5elg hehe.. im sick too :( *cough*

Jasimozo said...

"now james bond is thrilled i bet!"

Malaqa shwaya bas ma3alaih :P

i liked the green hair, hope its nothing like your new hair cut.

HOWEVER i fail to see the point of the bulk of your recent posts.

Keep up the good? work, feminist, I'll be watching. (does the two-fingers-to-the-eyes-then-towards-you move).

Common_Sense said...

Whhhyy is it all about yoooooou ? ':(

3oogbaal : me removing the comment moderation

No3iK said...

that is one cute!!! but very impressive list uve got.
two thumbs up girl :*

*asrar albanat:
7ayallah ahal ma9r ;)
thanks girl.

lol never belittle a blog.
it is a very important thing and yes could be an accomplishment with time becomes part of ur daily life ;) ull understand with time.
gr8 list sista and keep it up :)

u boys never and will never get it :p
go shave ur hair.

happy new year baby
thanks o salamt :***
waiting ur list.

No3iK said...

amazing isnt it, when we go under anonymous nicks .. we can say what we really feel like saying :p
anyways .. its my blog so i get to be maleqa, when ever i feel like it.
merly posts no bulk anywhere intended.
and -eyes watching u back-
sure thing ;)

ent mn wain 6ali3!!!
seriuosly??? ent wanik????
heheheh moderation is going no where baby ;)