Monday, December 18, 2006


It feeeeels so good to be home, home as in my real home and my greeny little bloggy home.
i have misssed u alll so very much!
many many many maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany things happened ! ;)
im not going to tell all ofcourse, but i must say i wanted u there when they took place ;p.
my trip was pure fun, i really needed the time off and away.
self discovery i guess, and i explored many other things.

i have found out that there is one thing that tops the pleasure of shopping and taking walks with hot italians included, and it is taking pictures.
i couldnt stop taking pictures where ever i went, it just felt so different! ur eyes see something, and u feel instantly; u want to keep what ur eyes are seeing right now, from the exact same angle, freeze the moment and keep it forever.

it is sublime, im in love with my new camera which was a gift from my dear lovely dad :**** gave it to me just before leaving. -i love u dad-

the first thing i did when i came back, was hug everyone, i literally wanted to hug everyone even strangers! i missed everyone so much.
when i got home, my dad asked me to watch a video he recorded when i was away, because it reminded him of me ;) isnt HE the best!!
anyways.... heres the video and ppl...ENJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!
PLZZZZZZZZZZZ when u watch it, dont only watch, but also understand -think-
this is exactly what ive been talking about all this time. but now instead of words and letters, its being done.
:* hugs to everyone to alll of u who left me comments, they brought me to tears wish u could see how much i love u all -walllllah i do :***-
special thanks to my wonderful assistant dooda ;) -applause- u did a GREAT job. thank u thank u thank u grazie mn kil galbi wallah :)

ummmmmmmwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaah -HUGE GROUP HUG-

ill be back with more and more inshalah. take good care :*
and buonanotte ;)

Free Hugs ReUppies

exactly what ive been talking about
everytime i watch this video!! i get goosbumps and cry!!
every time.

*ps: ill be posting all pics as soon as i load them inshallah ;)
*pps: im still job hunting! can u believe that?!! :p
*ppps: special hug to my special lovely most beautiful and nicest friend Digmo :**


MSB said...

alf 7mdl'Allah 3al salameh! :)

No3iK said...

ur my first real shot gun!
im really flattered :*
allah esalmich 7bebty.

do0da said...

welcome back =P oo i have to admit its wierd having real shotguns =P oo magool '3air latit3awidayn 3alaihum wayid :r

do0da said...

welcome back =P oo i have to admit its wierd having real shotguns =P oo magool '3air latit3awidayn 3alaihum wayid :r

do0da said...

welcome back =P oo i have to admit its wierd having real shotguns =P oo magool '3air latit3awidayn 3alaihum wayid :r

LaiaLy_q8 said...

welcome baaaaaaaa3ck :)

Dandoon said...

7imdillah 3alsalama! Glad you had fun:D

I've seen the video before and the effect a simple hug has on a person never fails to amaze me! I'm meeting up with some friends in London in Feb and I'm looking forward to the hugs more than the shopping:p

SpiKeY said...

welcome baaaaaack ow 7amdellla 3al salama :D

Fonzy said...

welcome back! glad u had fun:) hasnt been the same without u ;)

Yazeed said...

7imdillah 3ala il salama
waaaaaaaay qadeeema intay :P
seems like u had fun,
waiting for the pics

DiiGMaa said...

I love you ;*

I want a real one Pleaaaasssssse :(


chikapappi said...

Welcome back home girl, I can see you've enjoyed it a lot :)

Wein el goodies?!

shakshaka said...

il7imdila 3alsalamaa! glad u had fun.. uve been missed;*

No3iK said...

KAAAAAAAAK yl ma95araa :p
la im not going to get used to them doint worry :p
and dont delete ur comments, everytime i see them i laugh hehehehe shaklik 3abe6.

7ubi wallah faaanx :*

first of all thanks for being the only one who commented on the video :p
b3d 3mre fahmatny.
and allah esalmich. hoping ull have more fun with ur friends inshalah.

thanks man, its good to be back.

thats so sweet of u ,
im glad to be back with u guys.

eeeeeeee i think ull like the pics.
o qadeeem wayhik :p gilel al 7aya.

love u to :****
inshalah coming right up ;)

b3d chabdi laish al e7raaag y3ny :p
heheheheh ill consider the pics and garga my goodies for this time ;)

right back at ya sis, missed u all.
thanks dear.

AmoOora said...

bathbe7eech ! your never leaving again hehe..

7mdlah 3al salama, were all so glad your baQ, il.blogworld emnawer il.yoom ;p

oohh so how were the hot italians ?
7daa farg min the guys you see here 9a7 ;p

Carlsb3rg said...

You know what I would do, but im just gonna say welcome back hehe :P

I really miss the italian food experience, and how you could enjoy eating so much in a simple cozy cheap delicious rest.

Though i dont miss the italian hotties(women ;p) and you know why ;p

I'm glad you had a great time :)

AmoOora said...

i saw the video now,,
*sniff sniff* oh i wanna cry now.. it made me smile so much i felt i cant stretch my mouth any wider ;p

I loved it i wanna give him a hug now, i love hugs !! I want one !!

A Daydreamer said...

welcomeeeeeeee back hon! 7emdalla 3alaslamaaaa... cant wait to see all your pics :)

that video about the hugs was AMAZINGGG!!! (made me tear up tooo!! *sniff sniff*)... but can you imagine holding that sign up in kuwait lool

Reem said...

woooooooohoooooooo!! welcome back sweety!!!
im soooo very glad u had a good time, u really deserve it :)
i missed u sooo much.. mbrook 3l camera ;) im waiting for my italian dudes tra ;p

there appeares to be sm problem with the clip, it's not working with me :(
anyways, cant wait to see the pics u took (hope it includes topless hot italians ;p)

biiiiiiig HUG :*** mwah!!

Marzouq said...

7amdilla 3ala salamah! ha do you speak Italian??!?!?!

MuLaN said...

el7mdlla 3alslama & welcome back =)

um-miT3ib said...

WELCOME BACK ! ana naqart miniiich w baroo77 italy next week:P nya7ahaha :P

3baid said...

Welcome back. Sounds like you had a blast :)

Zalabya said...

welcome back!
tomorrow is a big day ha? hehehe DALOL IS COMING DUDE!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back....i missed ur postings...glad u had a blast there!

Marzouq said...

Wala your dad thinks great of you! I like the Hugs thing but you would probably get beat if this was the case in Kuwait and you did it as a male! hehehe.. females can get away with it, probably harassed! But its pretty cute that he thought that!

We want to hear stories! So start talking!

phoenix said...

Finally.. MY NO3IK IS BACK!!! Hiyaaa!! Good to have you back sweetheart.. oo 7imdillah 3ala il salama hun. I'm glad you had fun..
Can't wait to hear all about it!

do0da said...

lail7een mo mistaw3ib laish ma95ara :P cuz bloger posted my comment 3times? hatha bes ibayin shkithir your blog misses me coments :p

Your Battlefield said...

its good to have you back, i hope italy was as marvelous as is post post post...

you do have to make up for the time you left us. plus,in your absence you were profoundly missed.


No3iK said...

farg o bs!!! omG! 5aleeeni sakta girl.
but still, 3yal al deera lihum special place in all out hearts i guess ;p
i missed u more babes.

yes their food is deliciuos!
and the italian women arent as hot as italian men, thats a well known fact
so im sure u wouldnt miss them much ;p

u feel like u just want to hug him or simply hug what ever it is infront of u .. right now theres a chair siting infront of me, so huging it would be weird and maybe will cause accidents .. so ill let it pass :p

allah esalmich 3mre ..
7ubi wallah yes i can imagine!
LIL ASAF .. ppl will huras i guess think of it in a sexual way
u know how here they interpret everythinh into sex.
so yeah it would be a joke or a disaster. i thought about going to marina mall and hold that sign ... but ill need a body guard first :p

woooohoooooooooooooooo im back
u go me go girl.
bad news, didnt take pics of hotties and ill explain that later.
anyways .. the video u can simply go to youtube and search free hugs .. thats all.
:* its a must see vid.

allah esalmik man, and i know a few words and lines ;p planning on learning the lang coz its so damn sexy and beautiful.

7bebty alah esalmich thanks :*

*um mit3ib:
b3d shabdi wallah if ur going next week im so coming with u :) coz ma shiba3t.

thanks, and yes i did .. it was an experiance.

b3d shabdi entay
i just spoke to her ,, shes here now!!!

DALOL IS IN KUWAIT!! wooohoooooo
im so excited guess well meet in the morning or something.
3ashaw al ba6aliya ;p

thanks man .. i missed u all.

read my comment to daydreamer.
and yes exactly like u said it :(
LIL ASAF! again ...
but ... im always open for hugs .. wallah seriuosly as long as theyre with good intentions.
and my daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
what can i say. hugs were created so that i can give him one everyday :)
laaa7ig 3l sowalif man ;)

my baby is here :**** and ur no3ik is back
7bebty entay missed u yashagol!
alah esalmich and u will hear and see inshalah ;)

ana lail7en mo mstaw3iba why u keep changing ur pic!!! like shfeeek enta lai meta? ana 9arli dahar 3la one pic .. t3alam mini plz lol
o my blog published ur comment 3shan ewarek wiwwari al 3alam anik all u can talk about is SHOTGUNS!! lol bazin6ik.

im gonna post post post ... i have many things to post about i dont know where to start ill have to organize my ideas.
and i sure will make it up :*
missed u 7aaaaaail.

do0da said...

LOL now clearly the first thing i mentioned was a welcome back and that my friend is not shotgun related but post related. I could not see the video yet cuz the net is slow and you knw it plus its not like we havn't talked bout the trip so now do you really want it in a comment :P

YoupPpi said...

weLcoMe Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack ;***
Miss u walla 7mdela 3ala islama mokanch mbyn 7ada in blog world o real life ;PpP ur father alah ykhleh lich enshallaa mnzman eYnn 6aYeb ;** i know he loves u so much :** Tra sj Tw ma nawrt Lq8 ;)))) .. Hope u had fun ..

Hitman1 said...

I was there in Milan the same time you were. Did you notice a Hitman1 near Dumo ? :)

No3iK said...

i hope u noticed ... something :p
o i did it 3naaaad
coz kaify coz ent emnarfzny hehehehe
o 7mdela 3l salama moqadaman :)
likwait nawarat .

7beeebty walaht 3laich
lazim ashofich this weeeeek
ok :****
mukanich akbar 7bebty :***

yeeeeh i know bella told me ull be in milano
i wouldve loved to meet u there.
i was in duomo like everyday ;)
i maybe spoted u ,, u never know :p
unfortunately i didnt get online so i couldnt get intouch inshalah next time ;)

..G.. said...


il7imdilla 3alaaaa salmtich :D and welcome back honey... wala mukanich imbayin and I just constantly keep visting your blog each time to just check if u posted anything ;)

you deserve your time off :****


Dr.Lost said...

blah blah blahhhhhhhhhh ;pp

No3iK said...

wallah it means alot to me walah :*
thanks lots.
i missed u to so much
o allah esalmich.

al blah -mi7tar- lah lah :p
yallah ro7 edris :p heheheheh

G.Q. said...

Hi No3ik ..
Im sorry for the later "el7emdellah 3al salamah" ...but I was out of Kuwait too and when I got back I was too busy to check blogs ..

Im so glad u had a great trip wel7emdellah 3ala salamtich again. I was in Dubai for a week ...and inshallah Im going to Holland next week too.. I need vacation at this time of my life..

By the way ..the video is soooo meaningful ..o a7la shay feeh is when it turned from black&white to color with the first hug! well made!

Waiting for the pictures u talked about :)

No3iK said...


7imdela 3l salamaaaaaaaaaaaa
wallah i missed u !!
bs ur not replying not even on msn!
i got worried there man.
wish u the best time bro.
and the video!! i know its amazing. everything in it is just perfect.
the pictures are now in my flickr u can click the link i have ;)