Tuesday, December 26, 2006

this is not worth reading, if ur busy

almost everyone i know is either been ill or is ill is going to be ill soon ....
esmila 3laikum o 3alaina gameee3an :*
anyways im so pissed at our weather! its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
its too cold that i can feel my bones cracking sometimes, like u know when u smash two cubes of ice .. it feels the same.
im so cold i dont want to move, my nails are purple most of the time and i just hate it..
since i have the weakest immune system in the family and since i dont like to eat much or take any shots or meds.
im the first to catch any illnes and the last to recover from it.
ok i dont know why this long introduction !
maybe its because i cant speak .. so im like bringing out my heat (a6ali3 7arity) in this post.
one more thing, when im bored i tend to do this, u know translate each word literaly not the meaning but the word...
ok so im ill and bored and pissed and cant speak.
anyways i cant believe i didnt start yet with the story ...!!

soooo ..
i was supposed to go out with the girls, bella was one of them,
so i call to tell her i dont think ill be able to come coz i cant really speak and i need to stay away from this mean weather.
so i call and shes like:
bella: zanooob shfeech!! shfee 9oootich chithe?
me: im sick!
bella: sweeety then dont come .. u should rest :*
me: i know, im so sorry i so wanted to see u girls.
bella: ok look i have a magical recp! boil some water, then put in it salt and squeez a lemon in. then wait for it to cool shwaya then gargle (`3ar`3ara) u know when u have water in ur mouth and u go - `3rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-.
me: ok again, what are the ingrediants?
bella: hot water - salt - lemon.
me: ok thanks dear :*

so i ask the maid to boil some water and bring a mug. i got the lemon and sliced it into half and the salt .. the water was boiling very hot!! so since i consider this cooking i was taking it very seriuosly didnt want to mess it up, so i kept on putting salt lots and lots of salt and stirring it, then was the lemon turn, so i squeezed half a lemon there ... and kept on stirring waiting for it to cool shwaya .... and then as i was stirring i was so happy that i got it all right.
i didnt mess it up this time. so i held the mug, and down it goes....
i took the first sip, and GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was it nasty!! i looked like the ppl we see on tv u know when they get to drink for the first time, they take a shot then go : AAAAAAAAAAA7777 its so strong! i went exactly like that!
then, i took another and another and another..... i kept thinking!!! how did bella handle this?
how could she drink this!!!!?????? its too strong?? i wanted to throw up more than once but kept on forcing it coz i wanted to get well very bad coz i have a party tomorrow and i really wanna go and have fun.
and then after all the torture ive been through i look in the mug and theres the last shot!
and i was like finally, bottoms up!
right there, exactly in that moment, my brain my dear brain that loves me alot.
decided to remember that bella sadi : GARGLE!!!!! `3AR`3ARAAAA not DRINK!!!!
- i officialy had every right to cry -
coz not only a sore throguht and a blocked nose and infected ears but now also my tummy really hurts!!!! i drank the entire thing, and it tasted worst than sea water. - aaaaaaaaaaaah 3la 7a`6y al minayil b siteeen alf neeela -

@@ ok, i know. my brain hates me coz it keeps doing this to me. u know enjoys putting me in pain and forgetting all the things i need to rememeber.

so yes that is my sad little story.

o ili mare`6 out there, i feel u ... wili not, take shots and be careful , wili is better now o 6aaab alf 7mdela 3l salama :*

im so za3lana 3la our weather :(
ok when i speak it feels i have a needle in my throat the more i speak the deeper it goes x/ nasty feeling.

finally would like to thank all my loyal readers who actually put up with this rediculosly long long post!! wallah how do u do it guys!! ;) (ur z best)


dr.lost u are not allowed to comment on this post, and if u do i will not publish it lol and u know why u meany @$%#%^ !!! so again, do not comment! i mean it.

*ps: the worst part bought being ill is not being able to hug ppl :``(
*pps: i bought some boots from this really cool kuwaiti site, free home delivery and got some nice things very very good prices so give it a try ;) www.shestyle.net
*ppps: i love u daloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :*

one last thing, i googled "glass of water" images for this post! and iwas shocked of the insane number of pictures ppl take for a glass of water!! i mean who would want to take a pic of a glass of water!! i still dont get it??? hehehe crazy ppl ...

and im sooo hyper i rreally need to stop typing ,, yalah bye.

7ason dooda thanks for editing this one for me.


Carlsb3rg said...

shotgun ;p

Carlsb3rg said...

Amusing post.. :D
It made me go.. Awwww.. then loooool then Awwww...

You deserve a hug for what u been through..


Don't worry about me, im already sick ;p

Zalabya said...

atchu.. i skipped ne9 el post sorry
bas Baretha Bethlech "maretha methlech"

MSB said...

i cant believe you drank that.. now that's some strong will !!

salamat.. hope u get well soon!! :*

Yazeed said...

matshoofeen shar :)

(do i get something for reading the whole post?) (its xmas) :P

tc and rest, hope u feel better soon

do0da said...


do0da said...

there i comment does that count :p

do0da said...

ok ok salamaat oo i still think you shoulda left the boats in there ahahahhaha

and after drinking that i can understand how one loses his shoe :P twice

Peony said...

aaww.. salamat babes ;* hope u feel better soon!!

No3iK said...

its been along time since u shot gunned
and how sweeet of u !!!
o salamaaat man .. matshof shar inshalah
and im shocked u think its amuzing :p

malat 3laich ,, but thanks for being honest .. o salamaat
yeeeh like 7adna ra7 en3adi dalol ana weyach hehehehehehe :*
al7ob al7ob o maysawi

hehehehe yeh i cant believe it either!
im like very picky with food and things .. so i surprised my self .
well it was worth it i guess .. coz i did get better :p

7mdela 3l salama man ;)
good to have u back u vegas guy u :p
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh u get a free ticket to anywhere u want to enter ..
so tell me ,, where?? :p

aham shay anik ur my assistant o thalny 3la comment
not to mention ur editing sux :s fashaltny yidam allah o 5alga
yislamo al ayadi ,,, wl anamil wl 3wainaaaat :)

welcome to my blog babes. ..
o allah esalmich :*

Marzouq said...

Awal Shay salaamat mat shoofeen shar, secondly gargle next time! Dont drink that! I dont know how you forgot that, bes Im betting its really affecting you!

I really dont mind this weather, keep in mind that I ride in this cold weather, so its nothing but me and cold wind going at each other. You would be surprised how good it feels!

Ok If you want something to drink follow this TO THE DOT:
1) Make Lemon Juice.. any kind, but with HOT WATER so it will be hot
2) Mix it with a few spoons of honey (Two or three) and mix that up.
3) Then drink it, I always do that when Im sick..

No3iK said...

allah esalmik al shar mayeek ..
allah e3enik o becareful and safe always .. u should wear some really warm jackets or layers of clothes to stay warm. i guess .. thats what i do.

anyways ... thanks for the advice .. and this time, this is to drink! ok ill remember that :)

btw it is 8:30 and i cant sleep
coz i have what they call (7arig) so maybe i got this from the sea water i had ... :S i couldnt sleeep all nite and its difficult to breath.
so i just gave up on the idea of sleeping and decided to get online.
anyways ... u have a good day .

Papillona ® said...

lol - ma tshofein shur

chikapappi said...

salamat ya Zanouba.. wa9ly 3ala gharghara :P

G.Q. said...

Which bella is it? ..bella tinks wella bella color?? ..hal ayaam everybody is using bella something! ..we are getting lost here!!

There is nothing worse than a girl that's ill, bored, pissed, and can't speak!
But I like the can't speak part :P

Well matshofeen shar ... ygoolich take the panadol flu & cold ..u will have the flu and cold but no one will notice! ..thats what elda3aya says anyway.

And finally ..

You didn't have to describe how to "in'3ar3ir" ya3ni!

YoupPpi said...

SaLamaaaaaaaT zanooB ;** matshofen shr o alah ygwmch b salama.. b3din shlon chthe mno yshrb hal shi akeed lazm tsween Grrrrrrr lOoL ;Pp
bd3taY :PpP ..o u deserve ena we read ur post lana even if they don't have something important or interesting u turn the post very nice post with ur great writting style ;) .. Hug ;***

NuNu™ said...

Wa3aliya!! Shfeech 3ala Dr.Lost? ;P

DiiGMaa said...

ismillah 3alaich ;**
salamaaat 7abebty o get well soon..

(bs sara7a that was so funny made me laugh all night and even today.. I kept thinking about the image of you drinking it and cracking up on my own ;P)

AmoOora said...

awwww 7bebty walla, that sounds ewww dont know how you drank that..

0o salaamaaat matshoofeen shar, 0o i hope you feel better soon SOON..

when you said that i could taste that salty lemon thing in my mouth, alaaah y3eeenich !!

get well soon 7bebty and remember to gargle next time ;*

Dandoon said...

Salamat! Hehe wa3 shlon shirabteeh? 7atan law it would've made me feel better, 3ogob one sip I would've stopped drinking it:p

No3iK said...

shar mayeech 7bebty :*

thanks dear allah esalmich inshalah ill do ;)

well yl kaslaaaan i do have her name linked to her blog for a reason
if u wouldnt mind moving ur finger on the left of ur mouse or what ever and just click u will find out which bella im talking about :p
well i was hyper when i wrote the post
u should be thankful i only described the `3ar`3ara part ..

3mre entay allah esalmich
well after all these years .. u should know me better than anyone.
it is so me ,, to just do something with out thinking . 3adal entay
btw 3ndich swalif al3an mini :p
hehehe i miss u lets meet :*

lol wa3laaya 3la dr.lost!!
lol o ana maskena mare`6a 7alty 7ala laish mo wa3alaya 3alay :p
dr.lost allah esalmich akthr wa7d `6a7ak 3lay o t6anaz lain gal bs 3la salfat al may o mil7 soooooo
enough tahzeee2 :p i wont let him do it in here to :p thats his punishment.

laugh 3asa dom laugh
if this will make u happy and laugh ill drink worst things if u want :****
7ubi wallah

allah esalmch 3mre shar mayech
i sure will remmeber that, lesson learned the very hard way :p

lol kilshay fe sabeeeel partying girl :p

NuNu™ said...

7yati entay.. Salamaat ;*

Anonymous said...

Salamat sweetie...next time bring an apple and a lemon cut it in 4 parts and boil them together..then drink the water...it's the best to get rid of flu...or u can follow Marzouq recipe...

Reema :p said...

loooool Salmtech matshofeen shar :* that's typical you lol a6frech a6frech :* how did u forget? I was like, hhhmmm why is she drinking it? bella said qarqara mo drink! :P sarana eb meno kentay? lol get well soon 7abebty :* listen, feech ka7a? yglon may elnakhy zain! lol and for ur throat try boiled lemon and honey hmm and for ur nose try pandol flu and for ur head try the stickers ele ybe3onhom belsedeleya! ele u stick it on ur forehead 3arfteeh? it works like magic i swear! :* salamat again. i love you

No3iK said...

wow!! water and apple!!and lemon
this is the first time i hear this
it sounds yummmy :D
thanks i will try that :)

lol la its ok ,, i know it so me!
3adi 3aid ...
b3d 3mre thanks ..
ana a9laaan .. so far i drank things that i cant even pronounce!! still im not getting any better.
but the sticky forehead thingy i dont know and i might get today :**
thanks love u.

Anonymous said...

Hi ;)
wow... what demented comments!
what do U consider about it?