Saturday, December 23, 2006

"i have touched you"

shaking like a twig
-painful comfort-
you wrote with your skin...
all the words you ever learned,
on my flesh

but one.


do0da said...


LiLaCs said...

yea all intersting and heartfelt..Ilmuhim ur trip..I need guy pics babes..Not a single one on ur flickr..u have my email..Do me a favor and send me my fix;)

Marzouq said...

After reading that Im freezing my butt off going to work this morning and there is a lot to do! Too much to do! hehehehe

I can't wait for a couple of days off!

YoupPpi said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ;** awl shY 3jbtny hal JomLa "Painful comfort " ;P o i liked the pic ee o 3ala 6are il pictures mashaLLa 3jebeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeN ;P
* el baby ele Ys3ad el draY cute ;p
*ahm shY redbul wel superman bel mawthoo3 ..
*shahaitene 3ala 7alaw wel pizza wel Mc ;P~~ ..3jeeb el reflection ;P
*hehe ur shose o ur bag athkr Lma warteneYaha ;P
*LoL el 3roos 3jeeba o b3deen enti shaKo bele g3den wa3laya bro7Hom bel 7adeqa ;PpP 5lehom el7ub mbain 3laiHom ..
Tra mashala mashala 7dhom eYnenoon el pics specially 9war el tree :D
waii Luv u ;P o sorry ena i left my cooment 3ala last post here ;Pp

DiiGMaa said...

lovely darling ;*

(what was that one word ??)

Carlsb3rg said...

hmm.. what word?

No3iK said...

im still not talking to u.

hehehehehe im not talking to u either
ur being a total b*tch btw :p
i miss u! where have u been?

lol ok thats funny coz i just walk up and im so warm and happy and jobless hehehe
so i really have no idea or cant relate to any of what ur talking about.

la 3adi its ok :*
e5thy ra7tich comment where ever u like.
b3d chabdi ... lazim inshalah insafir together one day ;)
and im really glad u liked the pics.

well look at the pic and read it again
i think its obviuos what it was ;)

same goes to u ;)

ok ill just tell u,
im comparing a relationship with sex or lovemaking. when someone is left.
its heart breaking. someone whos been with her, and then he left her with all this history and all the words she could remmeber, everytime he touched her he was marking words and feelings all over her, but one: "love".
and because of that she feels weak and cold.exactly like two lovers suuposedly who made love and then just after that he left her alone there, to break.

Dr.Lost said...

sounds gay loooooooool ;ppp love you too ;pppp

A Daydreamer said...

actually i figured the word was ""love"... thats why i loved it soo much... and the pic works very well with it... well done!

Ali said...

Hey No3ik,
We, Ali & Musaed, would like to invite you to our Kuwaiti podcast ... at
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Marzouq said...

One day and very soon! You shall be relating! I gaurantee it! hehehehe!

Your Battlefield said...

if you closer into the can see a woman's sad face on the white blanket ;) at least i hope you can or else i'm some kinda freak ;)

anyways...loved this piece as usually..i think you already know :)

No3iK said...

whats up with u!!!
ur being nice!! and its gay
ur acting gay man!!:p
and when u say gay to a girl, its not really considered mean.

thanks 7bebty,
yeah i thought most readers would figure it out.

hala wala feek
im still listening to ur podcast or i dont know whats it called exactly,
its really a nice thing ur doing guys ;)
i recomment all bloggers should check u out.
and hope all see more of both of u guys here :)

aaaawww thats so sweeet of u :`(
im really starting to lose hope.

i tried that i kinda was able to see a face but im not sure if it was sad or something else.
but no its not freaky :*
hehehehehe tyanineeen 7bebty.

do0da said...

finally i can comment me likey alot =) o mara thanya dont ask me for a word check itha ur not gonna listen to me :r

No3iK said...

ur my personal assistant
i can do what ever i want with u :p

Smartee said...

SO TRUE! looool..and btw..can u CC the email u gonna send for Lilac!! loooool

Smartee said...

SO TRUE!!..loooool..btw..can u CC the email which u gonna send for Lilacs!! ;)

DiiGMaa said...

just wanted to hear you say it again..

Marzouq said...

You gonna have a lot on your plate! hehehe!

phoenix said...

No3ik, you're words 3ajeeba! Wow again and again.
Great Job No3ty!(as usual)

Reem said...

absolutely beautiful! my favorite line is "but one".. for me, i know what the word is.. but what is it for u? (if u mind me asking, 3adi tell me mo sh'3li ;p)

i love images that contain "shivering" or "shaking" they give such a creepy feeling of uncertainity.. creepy yet enjoyable..
"you wrote with ur skin".. 3jbtni, new for me, it's always wrote with ur blood.. i like this :D
Great job!

No3iK said...

thanks babes ;)
and bout the email
all ive got is the ones in my flickr sorry babes ,, maybe next time ;p
and i probably would email lilacs some ugly kuwaiti guys heheheheh would u like that?

call me and ill say some more ;p

lol ok ur starting to scare me man :p

ana nooo3tich!!! :D wow!
wanasa ... hehehehe anyways galbi
ur alll taste (kilich thoq)
:** love u.

reeeeeeemty 7bebty al 3azez.
yeah u noticed the write with ur skin part.
u can actualy feel the line.
its touching but in a different way, more like marking.
u go me go ;)
the one word is love. well i left it blank, coz it differs from one person to another, is the thing we need most and we dont usualy get.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* nice...:)

No3iK said...

maze thanks :)