Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Trip


first things first.
i would like to apologize to all my girls ,,, wallah wallah wallah i love u.
every italian i saw u were there with me in my mind ..and heart, dedicated every moment of hot beauty and manly men and tanned skin, black hair, big brown eyes tallness ... GAAA GAAAA men were so everywhere that everytime i saw one i couldnt bear look at. u know the feeling when someone is sooo hot u wouldnt dare look at, let alone take a picture of!
that was me ... i just couldnt i tried so hard! :```(
but again u were there always there my girls :**************************

-deep breath-

so now i was in a lovely hotel, just near the central station which is like the heart of milano.
id wakeup at 7am have breakfast, then leave at 8am. i would take long long walks endless walks .. come back at 8pm.
go shopping eat in pezzerias, coffee shops, resturants, book stores, shopping again, station visit some other places, walk to the park just stay there take pictures ...
i talked occasionaly with people, it breaks my heart how friendly they are
one of the interesting things that happened:

i was in a book store, then i heard a voice, an italian speaking in his beautiful italian language, so i look up and hes as beautiful as his italian. so shyly i smile and say: no capisco, i dont speak talian.
so he smiles back: ur not italian??
me: no im not.
him: u speak english?
me: yes i do ...
so it started as a very friendly conversation asking me what im doing here in italy, and where im from .. he was such a gentle man.. and then he asked me a question that no one ever asked me before, i mean a stranger:
him: would u like to have some coffee?
me: !!!! ???
me: what?
him: coffee, can i buy us some coffee so we can talk?
me: -looking away- ummmm ... i dont know ... - i was completely lost didnt know what to say this line i only heard in movies and tv never did i expect to hear it in real life. Unfortunately as interesting as it seemed to be, i had to say no for many reasons-
im sorry but i cant.
him: its just coffee!
me: i know, id be glad to , but i really have to go, im busy and have many things that i need to do.
him: -smiling knowing that i just made that up- sure ofcourse, i really hope i will see u again then.
me: sure, u take care and nice meeting u.


hes mc.dreamy for sure. such a dreamy guy.
i love it when its winter and cold, guys have to wear dark clothes specialy the dark turtle necks they wear!!! -aaaaahhhh- i just love them!!! with a dark grey scarf wraped round their necks falling on their shoulders. just a perfect image of a dressed guy. ok i dont mean that i have images of undressed ones, im just saying this would be a perfect dressed one... ok just forget i said that, anyways

im supposed to be asleep by now coz im gonna go see my 7UBI DALOOOOOOL :*******
7ubi walllah nawarat lkwait ... bellla is back and now dalol is back to !! so now all i can say is im a happy girl in kuwait whos gonna be extremely busy with her friends :************
klaaaaab a7ibkum yashagol :***

more posts and adventures coming ur way ppl . sorry 3l long post.
and noooooooooooooooooow u can take a tour in my flickr :D my entire trip is there.
i really hope u like them, theyre kinda not organized, but theyll do.

*update: i have organized them by date taken in a set.

taaa taaaa :*


MSB said...

shino u couldnt look?? o shino u said no to coffee?? i need to have a word with u!!


gonna go check out the pics now =)

Marzouq said...

It seems you had trip which put you out of this world! Thats fantastic!

Marzouq said...

O sara7a your pictures are great! I really liked them! Its like most of them are just ads for Italy!

But how come no bikes! Your in the country of motorcycling! No Ducatis! Bimotas! MvAgustas! So many yet no pictures! hehehehe

7amdilla estaanastay o doom inshalla!

Carlsb3rg said...

you should ask the italian gov. for asylum :P

Lovely pics :)

um-miT3ib said...

akhaiih 3al italians bs AKHAIIIH !! 3ogob bacher baroo7lihom !! ba6eer min mokany min ilfar7a;p bs 3ad laih galy coffee w lazam shway yimkin artha :P i cant handle pressure:P

No3iK said...

looooooooool awal shay bada3tay feni :p
i would love to have a word with u :*
but seriuosly im a very shy person.

just like u said it, was out of this world.
disconnecting and connecting with something u need and nothing else.
anyways i do have something for u thoguh :p
a picture i took special for the maaaaz and i will post it in the next post inshalah ;)

lol gileeel al 7aya thats nit funny!!
well im glad u atleast like the pics.

*um mit3ib:
im sooooooooo happy for u :**
kiss them kiss everything and surely do hug.
and if u see my coffee guy tell him i have changed my mind :p
hehehe sweety have fun :*

MSB said...

i used to be shy too.. lakin ekteshaft inneh shy ma ewakil 3aish ;)

ZiZoTiMe said...

Tbena en7e6 comment 3ala each pic?!?! enty men 9ejeeeeeeech?! :P

Mashalah an organised post (unusual)... O atmana etkonen kalaitay el pasta 3ny o 3nech :)

Welcome back dear... el blog kan fathy bedonech :)

DiiGMaa said...

garat 3ainich babe darling ;*

about the men.. it's ok.. it's better that we go back together.. that way we get to pick and choose or better yet.. bring all the "hot beauty and manly men and tanned skin, black hair, big brown eyes tallness ... GAAA GAAAA men" back home with us;*

il-sooSa said...

I realy hate it when I know your latest news, or stuff that happened to you only from your BLOG ! ! ! !
while I'm your freakin sister ya habla

did you forget how it works in those good old days way back?? it goes like this: we sit , we look at each other [not neccesarily] and we actuley TALK, exchange conversation, a sound comes out from your mouth that sound like some words and I would listen and my mind would translate!!!! Yoba, Consider us a live blog >=O and dont even think of saying its because im too busy, it happened b4 + we did sit cham marra ....

ANy way, ur shots are too darn good [not all of them amazing] but some, reeeeaallyyy great

inshalla 1 day u'l hav ur own studio n Jude Law will show up for his portrait, n thats the part where I'll come in :P

Atinzad said...

I am glad you enjoyed The Italian guys :)

hmmmm...... did you enjoy the Italian fooood? I hear that the pizza is littaraly out of this world. I wonder if they have pizza hut?!?

Yala good you took a break and traveled and hopefully more travels to come.

We wanna see you with an italian blog....no3ichanianno montenapeliano scamente skemano milano :)

Zalabya said...

i envy u :P 3alaich bel 3afya just kidding 7ubbi
let me check the pics

..G.. said...

The pictures are simply amazing dear :D

looool glad you loved their food, I visted milan after venice a few years back and its simply amazing, and I totally know what you mean ...... YUMMMMMMYY :D

ugh its like a second home right?

A Daydreamer said...

alright.. my next vacation will definiatly be italy inshallahhh!!!! :)

your pics were veryyy nice... some of them were amazing... mashallah 3alyeech :)

about the coffee?? how sweet of him! and yeah, i know what you mean... just like the movies!

have fun with your freinds :)

No3iK said...

tell me about it :p
how did u change then?

lol bada3t shako each pic?
just comment on the ones u like
or dislike shdrani 3anik
ili esim3ik egol busy 3ad :p

wow u actually quoted me!!
that kinda sounded nice,
and u want us to bring them ha!
im to selfish to share :* only with u.

dear dear dear lovely sister of mine :*
i do not do this on purpose it just happens
when i blog, its like im talking to my self or simply thingking in my head.
i do not plan.
so things come out naturally.
when we sit and talk kinda goes like question answer thing.
and since ive been back we havent been together alone always ppl around.
and why the hell am i explaining my self to u in a comment.
ill see u today inshalah.
:**** 7aggich 3alay
all the love :*

i enjoyed the food, and the streets and buildings and walks and company.
i enjoyed every inch.
and i kinda feel like giving u a hug right now
-big hug-
inshalah inshalah more to come. :)

b3d shabdi wallah al 7ob kila entay
it was great seeing u today :*
inshalah next time with u o dalol b3d ;)

im happy u know what i mean
glaaaadu liked the pics
mashkora 3mre :*
i alreayd miss it! :(

inshalah when u go there ull take amazing pics ur self.
mashkora 3mre .. and the coffee guy was a heart ache.

phoenix said...

Wow what a trip!! 7adha a great story.. I can't wait to hear more!! Again I'm happy you're back sweety ;**

Dandoon said...

9ij ma3indich salfa! You should've had coffee with him:p

Aaaakh! Why why why did I look at the pics?? I miss Milan! Hehe bas great pics wallah. Glad you had fun:)

Your Battlefield said...

no3ik...i am speechless when i browsed through your're reeking of talent...keep those photographs flowing...even if your not abroad on a trip...cuz i want more of these beautiful images.

photography is you...

as for the post...him i think him is sooo :) hehehhe

Anonymous said...

Good u enjoyed ur trip there...and why the shyness...u shouldn't have refused the cup of's just coffee!

Reem said...

heeey!! mashallah sweety that sounds great!!
i am soooo happy for u, u deserve this...
looool! 7ram dqrti il italian ;p
i still want my italians :(
black turtle necks!! the BEST!! (on hot bodies 6ab3an)
have a great time sis, and salam to dalal :D

MSB said...

too selfish to share, only with diigmaa?! o tabeeny agoolech el secret? la yuba, 3ayal khalech shy dam inech ur not planning to spread the love ;)

No3iK said...

b3d 3mre inshalah
thanks babes :*

7bebty walah gratzi :*
and yeh milan is a place definate to be missed.

b3d 3mreeeeeeeeee
poetry and now photography
u always know what words to use ... perfect for boosting me up
:* thanks dear wallah ur opinion means alot to me.

exactly! i know ur right.

yo9al inshalah :*
b3d 3mre shasawi dgrt al rayal
inshalah next time ;)

lol laaa 3ad kilshay wala entay
ill give u mine afa 3laich bs .. 3yoni lich :*
hehehehe ili yism3 egol 6abor na6rni barra heheheh
love u.

do0da said...

-- 7ata bitaly zaytoon o redbull LOLL

-- o shfee akil i6ayara :r i like it

-- ee 7ireeeni akthar ba3ad not only do you talk bout it but you take a pic of the pizza to rub it in :P

-- abiiii kastanaaaaaa

Anonymous said...


lool am kidding .. ana mara 9arat feeni hal 7araka bes here in kuwait .. i was sitting in starbucks hilton by myself waiting for my sister .. when an American guy iyeelii o igool "do u mind if i ask u a question?" i said "no ofcourse not" chan ibasi6 yig3ad ma3ay :) hehehehehehehe bes i had fun ga3adt asoolif wiyah china wa7id min ilrabi3 :P

glad ur bak nawartay likwait ;** and i love the pics ;p

No3iK said...

have u realized alllllllllllll ur comments were FOOD FOOD FOOD!!
hehehehehe ur sooo easy to get to arent u ,, u should marry a cook hon.
im so gonna get my fu.daughter. into a cooking school :) 3shan u two live happily eva afta :*
and the plane food i dont usually eat onely when im like starving and after i do, i always regret it and say: this is the last time im eating plane food ... but mako fayda ..
coz i get a very delicate tummy.

heheh thats a nice story
well usually its ok with them coz u know to them its like standing and saying hi or hello in a mall or something its not a biggy
but in our society ,,, its like coffee = a relationship or even marrig we take it very very seriuosly lol i think its funny
anyways dear :* bwgoodich emnawra.

Reema :p said...

i think S told me that u were going to italy! chena am not sure! bas am really glad u had fun :******** u deserve more than that :* lol leeeeeesh u said noooooo :( 3ad u do look like italians :*
the pictures are AMAZZZZZZZZING mshala 3alich! it took me almost an hr too check them out !! :) i know u loooove taking pictures!!

No3iK said...

and i know u hate being in pictures!!
but i cant help it shasawi :p
7beeeebty .. im very glad u like them.
3yonich al 7ilwa :*
and S u mean wikalat koona :p
hehehehe i had to say no, coz -e7m-
i dont trust me sometime ;p