Wednesday, December 27, 2006

little boxes

"on the hill side"
but have we no hills !
kuwait is depressing.
i know its my country and i love it, but its depressing.
al7imdela 3l ni3ma , but its depressing.
for one reason, the theory i came up with im sure been told before.
but actually living it was more of an experiance i had.
so ... why going to anyother country is always considered a break and a good thing? for one simple reason: OUT DOORS.
u get to have big space, ur eyes see endless horizon, u can feel space around u and its just simply opened. u can see the sky and everything is fresh.
where in kuwait, our beloved country. which i believe the reason for what im about to say is: theres nothing perfect.

we literaly do live in boxes 24/7
i landed, walked in the airport a a very big box.
then i say hi, get in the car, a small box.
drive all the way home looking at these huge to big to small and mediuim boxes all the way.
im home, i walk in and im in a different kind of box, a big one. but still its a box.
then i walk into my room, the box is shrinking.
then i getonline, my laptop is a very small box.
sign on msn, chat in the smallest box. and spend hours in it.
other spend time on TV the most popular box in the world.
endless boxes in kuwait and u find them everywhere in every corner.

we live in all sorta boxes but not all notice that.
i belive many are maybe even depressed because of that and not know it.
humans and all living things are meant to be free. we need space, we need nature..
and if any of u comes out and say that "desert" -al bar- is nature i will kill u X@
coz to me going to the -bar- is considered a punishment.

were always in something, a ceiling is always above our heads.

yes it is depressing.
and i love weeds.


do0da said...


do0da said...

LOLL we've been thru the box theory already :P 3umooman yes we have too many boxes and the desert isnt that bad wala go there play footie, barbecue food, o you have ur tent which has a surrond sound system plus a ps2 incase u miss your boxes :P

Yazeed said...

tv is not a box
its a window
thats how we can see how "free" people live thier lives and dream about it :P

aham shay the last two lines

u like ur box (the tv) dont you (it can also be ur laptop, thats if u download them :P)

Extinct Dodo said...

ok this is gonna be cliche i know, but its true...

we always complain about how bad it is around here and how much we hate it and how bad we want to leave; but once you leave, 2 weeks later, maybe less, you're just aching to be back

YoupPpi said...

eMMMmmmm .. ashwa ene twne agra ur post mo mn e9b7 ;PppP elwath3 9ar boxes lana 7ar !! low ma elboxes chan mtna mn il7ar aw elbrd aw elmo6r ;Pp
y3ny they protect us and when u need free place just go to an open places like sea br ;Pp il7mdila 3ala kil 7al try to 4get salft elboxes walaw ena g3d eyene sh3or el boxes now but don't think about it and then u'll be free ;***

Zalabya said...

umm interesting theory , then everything is a box , our hearts minds and eyes. each one is a box
umm i like gifts boxes lol mala sheghel

No3iK said...

im gonna miss ur shot guns :`(
anyways we sure did go through the theory
i mean the theory was very fresh the first time we talked about it.
i still doubt u understand it.
hehehehehe br with u sounds like torture! really all the things i hate. :p

maaan if tv is not a box then i dont know what is :p
its a box ur traped in it, u spend ur time, killing brain cells watching it.
a window would be abook. not a tv set.

well we do complain but not always.
this is not supposed to be read as a complaint, more of a conclusion really.
i know we miss it, its home.
im just saying i think its a huge factor of bordom and depression.
we at least need to know why.
not only do we have closed society but closed enviroemnt in general.
could be suffocating.

im really glad u didnt read it in the morning :*
and yes after i talked about it everytime i walk into a place, or car all i could think of is "box" and another "box" i could literaly count the times where i spent time when there was no ceiling above my head.!!!
walking from one place to ur car does not count. and like u said boxes are for protection and we need all these boxes coz the weather all its seasons.

well what ur saying is even more interesting.
a brain is either ur own cage or ur own key to freedom,
it depends on the ideas u have in it. or how u use it.same goes to all the things u mentioned.

ZiZoTiMe said...

Give me ur whole name o khal akhalehom yes7ebon el jenseya menech o ba3dain golay it's depressing eb 9ot 3aly :P

Carlsb3rg said...

come to think of it.. no3ik.blogspot is a collection of boxes too :P , but seriously.. you're right :)

At last someone agrees! 'Bar' IS punishment!

Marzouq said...

Its just that you need a change of scenory every once in a while, especially when your surround by these walls 24/7. it isn't easy and you get a bit edgy after a while. The thing is the enviroment in kuwait confines you a bit so you get a bit where you are annoyed.. you need to get a change something different.. unlike the usual... a break! thats why i go riding for the nice change!

NuNu™ said...

Your TV is a box?!
Wow! Maybe you're imagining yourself giant or something! ;P

Anonymous said...

It's a routine life we are in and yes we live in boxes!

Reema :p said...

sa7 elsanech! khalenhajer no3ik :( take me with you plz :(...weeds as in weeds or weeds the tv show? :P

Reema :p said...

sa7 elsanech :* khalenhajer no3ik :( take me with you!...efff! ketabt comment o madry ween ra7at!! I'm trying to remember what i wrote aa aaa aa !!weeds as in weeds or weeds the tv show? :(

AmoOora said...

true true..

i cant complain tho cuz nothing will happen if i do..
but i see what your saying, you made me picture everything as a box 3ad al7een shloon a6al3a min my brain..

its cuz of our weather really, it would be better if we had more things outdoors..

No3iK said...

wallaaaaaain ya7ibik 7g al siyasaya al7een shyab al ginsiya 7g al subject :p ya kirhi!

aaawwww .. seriuosly im right :)
u sooo get me ;)
lol .. yeeh bar is punishment :p gilel al 7aya.

so in conclusion, ur telling me we all need rides from time to time.
i think it would be a good project if u get to give all these depressies rides ofcourse chaarge them per.. is it miles or minutes? :p madre 3ad .. heheheh ;)im happy ufor u wallah :)

lol u went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay outta subject girl :) lol im so not agiant.

routine is another way in puting it .

awal shay WELCOME BACK!! i miss u soooooooooooo much girl :*
o yes 5anhajer but where?
anyways 3mre ... weeds as in the show, u know tv. :p

u and ur cute! brain dont think like that.
u always have nice things to think of and thats what i like about u.
7beebty :* its ok .. just a phase.

Chai-7aleeb said...

عيدكم مبارك

No3iK said...

ayamik sa3eda man :)