Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bed Rest

yesterday i went to the hospital .. cause i felt something was wrong with the baby ...
they kept me under observation for around an hour .. the doctor told me that the baby is preparing himself for labor!! ALREADY!!
im still in the beginning of my 8th month and i dont want the baby to be a premi!
when i asked the doc why this happened .. she simply replied:
"baby is bored :p"

she said i shouldn't worry .. and requested i stay on bed rest for two weeks ..
shes hoping the baby will wait for at least three weeks .. only then, he wont be a "premi" as in wont be needing an incubator inshallah.

so this is my first day in bed rest .. i can say one word (boring)
i know some might consider it a good break, time for some peace .. to reflect and relax.. but not when you still have a million things that need to be done! (hhhmmmmffff)
plus im sure my boss wont be thrilled either!

for now im supposed to lay down ALL the time .. i will try to do some reading.
i must say, that is when having a blog comes in handy ;)
i need to find some other things that i can do that wont require me leaving bed .. any ideas? :)

and one more thing .. please pray that the baby will wait for three weeks at least.
pleaseeee ..

Thanks all, hope everyone is well.


:::ShoSho::: said...

LoL at baby is bored.. Both my kids came early.. someone told me curious babies come early because they hear sound form inside the womb and want to come out loool..

anyways, don't worry too much inshallah the baby will come on time..

Hmm, there's nothing more than reading, watching tv or internet that you can do on bed or if you like some crafts like knitting or sewing maybe??

Atinzad said...

Baby is bored! better bored then being too busy i say.

baby is bored you are bored.. why not do some reading (not TV) good for you and the baby.. read somthing for the baby that should keep you and the baby busy :)

Inshalla he will stay more than 3 weeks.

No3iK said...


aaawww its cute .. when u put it this way :p
i was thinking i might do some crafts..
like decorate some frames for baby pics! omg i never thought there will come a day and actually say that! hehehe i guess many things are going to change now.

thank you .. uve always been there for me! :)
and im wondering how would he be too busy! all alone in the dark in the tiniest space u can fit in :p
ill try to do some reading .. definitely more time for Quraan now :)

and thanks for ur kind prayer.

Glitter said...

Perfect opprtunity to catch up on some really great shows:

Grey's, D.H., GossipGirl..

abbaih wayed series abu ashofhum but I have no time :-/

Allah ethabbit ilbaby, we hawwin 3alaich wegawmich bl salama :-*

:::ShoSho::: said...

Abaaii you reminded me of a blanket I was doing when I was 19 lol for my first son.. i started on it.. never finished.. lol now he is 12 and i guess I should finish it for my grandchild loooooool!

No3iK said...

i already finished gossip girl and DH .. i stopped watching Greys since i really dont like what theyre doing with the storyline..

when i watch lots of tv i feel very guilty later on :[

LOOOOOOOOL bada3taaay!!
ok laish na6ra al grandchildren 3ad :p
go do it now .. hehehe wallah shakli ill do the same!

Marzouq said...

Yitraba ib 3izich inshalla! Itgoomoon ethanainatkoom bil salamah!!

Don't worry, take it easy! Buy an Xbox 360, play games, that is what I am doing when laying in bed! :)

eshda3wa said...

inshallah malich ela el3afya
oo the baby waits 3 weeks to grace ur lives..

hmmm do some puzzles
i love puzzles

No3iK said...

mashkoor man .. allah yisma3 minik :)
o 9ig men think alike :p
hub was telling me he wants to get me a Wii hehehehe or a psp .. m3ani i dont like these things but i better start to i guess .. since ill be needing them. do u know what should i get .. wii wela xbox wela psp ?? which is better for a girl i may say?

mashkooooooooora 7abebty :*
u reminded me of the old days! kina wed gather every weekend .. to finish the hugest puzzles u could imagine! wallah sweet days :)
ill try that as well .. someone is going to do some serious shopping for me :p

Delicately Realistic said...

Selamat 7bebti ;* Use the time well...u wont get to rest like that in peace and quiet for a looooong time after the baby comes inshAllah..

so.....enjoooooooy it.....

things u can do while in bed:

- read some quran daily !!
- read things u have on ur booklist
- catch up on all the tv series
- watch the tudors if u havent seen it
- watch noor

hmmm....madri whatelse...

Delicately Realistic said...

E! Read some parenting books!

Jacqui said...

Salamat babes hehe Inshalla he won't pop out before the 9th month :)

As for what to engage yourself in with your free time, well you could find lots of things you haven't done in a long time, stuff you always say you don't have time to do. It's always fun that way.

Inshalla etgomen ib alf salama :)

Dana said...

Hey girl... Itgoomin bisalama enshallah soon. I can't believe you're reaching the end of the race that soon but dont' worry too much. Read, watch movies, play puzzles :)

I was born on the 8th month =P and I stayed in an incubator for a while. Allah ysahil 3alaich ya rab winshallah the baby wont pop up that fast but even if he/she did (worst scenario) it wont hurt him enshallah wili Allah katba fee 5air enshallah.

Take it easy :**

Amaryllis said...

3assallah yhawen 3alaich you and ur baby itgoomoon bil salama.. well my sister-in-law kanat always in bed for her last month, so used to get puzzles of 500 pieces + oo she keeps them on a table that could be pulled in to bed, madree if this helps, it kinda sounds silly but the outcome was really nice. She framed two puzzles of 1000 pieces oo 3a6at-hum her daughters as gifts later on..

Squirreliya said...

Allah ysahil 3allaich enshAllah w ykhalee elbaby eb ba6nich for 3 more weeks..

toldeen bel salama ;*

~ Dreamzy ~ said...

Allah iythabet il baby ya rab !

Your post looks like mine !! hehe what to do with looong hours !

Bed rest =
* Reading books
* Writing to your baby
* not too much tv / internet = headache for me at least !
* reading as much Quran :) try a khatma before delivery! aim at it and it would happen :)
* List all your wishes ib the baby and your plans :)

* cant think anymore; hunger attack! are hunger attacks normal btw?!

~ Dreamzy ~ said...

Allah iythabet il baby ya rab !

Your post looks like mine !! hehe what to do with looong hours !

Bed rest =
* Reading books
* Writing to your baby
* not too much tv / internet = headache for me at least !
* reading as much Quran :) try a khatma before delivery! aim at it and it would happen :)
* List all your wishes ib the baby and your plans :)

* cant think anymore; hunger attack! are hunger attacks normal btw?!

Kaos said...

LooL its bored, tara 3ady :) but u know ur gonna have an active child
Inshallah allah yaktiblich ille feeh ilkhair and you will have a healthy baby who will bring only happiness to your heart
They say that the baby would react to the mother reading or listening to music while in labor, it makes them more intelligent. so reading and blogging, and there r a million and one things to do online if u have a stable connection :) take care of yourself

Big Pearls said...

take good care of urself o inshallah itgomen bil salama

Ansam said...

I hope it all goes well with you... my friend was on bed rest since her 20something week and today she have a little bit over one year old healthy baby boy... all it takes is faith and patience :-)

On what to do, you can read, write, surf the net, and have your close friends over at your place. I used to visit my friend a lot and bring in take out from different places and it was so much fun. You can also try to pamper yourself at home, doing your nails or hair at the comfort of your house. Start watching TV shows that you missed out when you were too busy :-) I hope that helped!

No3iK said...

- more Quraan
-friends, good friends were coming over to give me company :)
- hub ordered me "bed rest" by sarah bilston!!
i cant wait to read!!
- downloading (project runway)

7abeeebty thanks .. e wallah i know ur right .. ill get used to it inshaalh :***

thanks! mashkooora walllah ..
ur prayers mean alot to me ..
and im also starting to have some fun with the simple things around me.

7abeeebty shlonich
o thanks for passing by :*
wallah 9ig 9ig walhana 3laich
shakli ra7 olad o ana lail7een ma shftich :p
o mashkora kaalamich wayid e6amin.

thanks .. o ill do my best

aaawww thats sweet ,, the part she gave them to her daughter :)
mashkora that made me feel better.

allah yism3 minich inshalah
thanks :*

wallah i just read urs .. and were similar ..
tv doesnt giveme a heachache i just feel terrible afterwards..
guilty!! for watching lots of tv .. so i try to limit the time where the tv set is switched on :)

yes im trying to connect with the baby .. and its been great ..
i know im going to be a very busy mom once hes out!
bs inshalah 5air o thanks for the prayer :)

mashkora sweety inshalah i will

No3iK said...

thanks dear!! u have no idea how valuable ur comment is!

im so happy for ur friend .. al7imdellah :)

like u said .. its been only two days now .. and my friend dropped by twice .. to watch "noor" although i dont like the show but its fun to see how addicted and obsessed she is over it :p

im also for working on things for the nursery which is so much fun :)

thanks for dropping by.

Salah said...

بالسلامة ان شاء الله

It's not so bad for the baby to come after 36 weeks. As the doctor said, don't worry too much.
Preterm is not always premature

All the best.

KTDP said...

the worst part is almost done. The fun starts once you have a new baby in the house (don't believe the horror stories)

Regardless of whether the baby is born premature, small for dates (at the right time but too small) or "macrosomic" (too big for it's age). You'll still love it and most things tend to fix themselves with time.

Oh and that doctor should be shot; I may lack bedside manner but at least I take the time to explain things to my patients rather than just assume that they are just plain gullible and incapable of grasping child birth......

Zabo0o6a said...

Belsalama inshallah sweety ;)
he's bored allah yhadaj ya no3ich you don't keep him occupied
la3beeh wanseeh solfay weyah :Pp

بعد نظر said...

Akhaaih ba3ad 3omri
matshofeeen shar
ebroo7ha ga3dat elbait etyeeb el 3ella hal marra u cant move wayed ba3ad
alah egawmech bel salamah wenshallah etshoofenah erakith yemen o yesaar :>

Ansam said...

how is bed rest? I hope you are doing good and not too bored :-D

Desert-Roses said...

If I were you, I would use my husband very very well

***Smiles Evily

the tooth.fairy said...

Awww !

Hehe I laugh mao when I read "the baby is bored". Well let me tell you, it really is true that you can prepare the baby and his personality while he's still in there.

So having positive ideas, thoughts, and listening to good music is going to influence the cute little creature within you.

And I don't like the 'lay all 14 days' thing, it's just unnatural to me..

Have your close friends over and i don't know.. have fun !

Hope the baby sticks in there for a little longer :)

Q8-MaNaL said...

يحليله والله البيبي اللي مال و يبي يطلع لوووووووول سلم قلبه
بس عاد اتوقع اذا طلع بيتحسف و يندم على لهفته على هالدنيا !!
بس عالعموم ان شالله يقعد و ينطر و ما يطلع الا بعد 3 أسابيع عشان تكمل فرحتج
و مبروك مقدما

No3iK said...


thanks for reminding of that ..
since im a first timer .. worrying is not in my control any more :)
inshalah im not worried im simply hoping for the best :)

ur words were so refreshing! thanks ..
and bout the doctor :p i didnt say the entire story .. she started with that line as a joke :p
because i know she didnt want me to worry .. she then explained why is the baby lying very low .. and showed me all the details .. dont worry ;)

lamn asolif weyah a7is chini maynona! :s
im still not used to this u know hehehe bs inshalah e9er qanoo3 o yan6irla cham esbo3 :p

*b3d na`6ar:
al shar mayeeech .. e wallah i know
bs ashwa im in good luck ;)
coz kl mn is telling me the weather is REALLY BAD! so im not missing out on much :p
mashkora o al shar mayeech.

wallah its been good . better than i expected but i have noticed me being extra emotional lately!
i get irritated and pissed off .. over almost nothing!

*desert roses:
LOL no comment! :p

*the tooth fairy:
heheehhee ur absolutely right ..
and ive been trying to connect ..
specially when im alone ..
mashallah my friends are over almost everyday now ..
plus my sister .. and her cute triplets! always a joy to see them.

*q8 manal:
e wallah !!
mayadroon .. shna6rhum b hl dinya ..
kila a7aty zimanhum :s 9ig kilshay 9ar e5ari3 now . bs allah kareeem
inshalah 5air :)
mashkora 7abebty.

Sara said...

Salaamaaat bs shloon elbaby ymel ??

Alla ythaaabtaa o y9abraaa !! ana 3ayshaa bro3b esma el 6aaalg coz my dr galatly ena men el shahar el thamen ra7 eyeeny shay esmaa 6alg katheb wel 9iji enshalaa raa7 eyeeny bl tase3 so allaaa yaster :/ 7ady me5tar3aaaaaaaa !!

did u ever tryed el 6alg??

Intlxpatr said...

Sing to your baby! Talk to your baby! S/he already loves your voice! You can read Qur'an to your baby!

No3iK said...

ee i get al 6alg al kathib like twice a week :p
specially when i go to bed ..
i feel pain go from the center of my back cicles around my waist .. then goes back to the center again ..
i just read Qura`an untill i fall asleep .. so its not that bad ..
when ever u feel pain dont panic .. it will only get worst .. just try to relax with du3a2 and Qura`an ..

and this is my first child so i never experienced 6alg before .. al7imdellah i feel im prepared not very afraid of it :) try to do the same.

i already do that :)
when i sing .. i can tell he calms down :)
strange how i feel like i know him very well already! in love with a total stranger :*

Sara said...

when i go to sleep a7es b 3awarat me5talfaaa bs madry etha 6alg or not !! o nooma bl fraash ma3arf anaam 9arly yomain anaaam bl 9alaa :/ 3ala qanafaaa !!

o 3awar sa3at men g3ad el 9b7 eyeeny b ba6ny o '6ahry bnafs el wagt m3a ba3a'9 o a7es eny ba9are5 eyeeny 7ag 2 mins oo yrooo7 !! madry shino hatha :/

No3iK said...

watch this video .. hope it will help..

in bed try to have as many pillows as u can for support ..
between ur legs .. under ur thigh .. behind ur back ...
u should be as coushined as possible!
the left side is best for u and the baby.. always sleep on the left side.

hope u feel better soon :*

HQ said...

the baby wants to come out;p
but inshalla it will be good and healthy:)

No3iK said...


thanks .. allah yisma3 minich :)

NoNoWa said...

Oh sweetie dont worry!! I had bed rest with all 3 of mine and 7mdella all was ok. Take care of yourelf and dont think too much and dont worry too much. Remember what u feel- he feels.

When God wants him to be out- he is coming out!!! U cant stop it! And that means your son will be ready and fine enshallah. Stop worrying yourself!!! It will be fine.

I almost lost all of my babies with threatened abortions. I was pumped up on hormones for 3 months and every other day I had to get injections and on and on and on --it was a mess and I was an emotional wreck. I shouldnt have been because everything is in God hands....and what will be will be. Have faith :)

NoNoWa said...

Enshallah u will complete your nine months my dear :) I forgot to add that!

No3iK said...



thanks 7bebty