Monday, May 05, 2008

heart beats - Organic Kuwait

you'r home and shelter,

is my entire body..

you'r warmth and food,

comes from my blood..

im always with you,

as you'r always with me..

to my little new beating heart,

i will miss being this close to you..

but i also, cant wait for us to meet!

one beating heart in a human body .. is considered a miracle,
now i have two :)
*ps. Organic Kuwait .. a dear frined, a great woman and above all .. a super mommy .. this goes to you :*
this is a reply to this post .. incase u missed it!


Atinzad said...

Very Warm and Touching.

Makes a man jealous :)

It is great how a mom gets so close to her child during pregnancy and after birth, gets to see her child for the first time.

great post as usual

Marzouq said...

alah ya7fathkum inshalla! Its a beautiful thing!

Anonymous said...

how cute ^_^

Reem said...




No3iK said...

aawww ..

ur all so cute wallah ..
thanks :*

Kaos said...

amazing poetry :)
nicely expressive

FourMe said...

That was adorable bless both of your hearts :*

Big Pearls said...

oooooh how touching:)

Organic Kuwait said...

How sweet :”)
although im over due and expecting any minute now, u r making me miss these pregnant feelings already !!

:::ShoSho::: said...

Very sweet.. i know the feeling.. That is why after i have the baby, I miss him for a few days after the delivery .. loool people think i am nuts when i say that!

Organic: Aww you're pregnant? Mashallah great and let us know when you have the baby :) You're such a sweet person..

No3iK said...

thanks man :)

bless u too sweety thanks.

*big pearls:


aaawww i can imagine .. ill be on the same boat soon ..
allah esahil 3laich 7abeeebty .. always in my prayers ;*

No3iK said...


no ur not nuts! hehehehe
i can totaly relate to u ..
i mean we wont be able to feel this close ever again.. (physicaly) at least.
i sure will miss that :)

~ Dreamzy ~ said...


sooo touching... !!

Zabo0o6a said...

loved it :**

No3iK said...


thanks :)

aawww thanks ..
and loved seeing u lastnite ;)

Anonymous said...

Very touching post...GOD bless both of's a wonderful experience you're passing thru

NoNoWa said...

Just beautiful!!!