Monday, May 19, 2008

ra7 adoos, walzig, watarik .. wad3am!

first of all, sorry the title is in not only in arabic but its in "kuwaiti" .. since i couldnt find any other words to describe kuwaitis attitude/ behavior in dirving!

what are they thinking .. when someone is speeding like hell .. gets in between the cars with out signaling what so ever! then keeps on speeding .. as if hes driving an ambulance and is on a mission to save the world! keeps on speeding with no regards to the car right infront of him .. untill he touches the cars rear bumper!! THIS IS CAR BULLYING! "u move .. or ill crash into you"!!! its not ur FRICKIN ROAD! u did not put the road speed limit .. and again IT IS NOT UR ROAD!!!

irony is, they say WOMEN ARE BAD DRIVERS!! i say guys are INSANE MAD DRIVERS .. Complete A**es!!!!

i sometimes wish they would crash into a cemented wall or something .. maybe then theyll learn their lesson .. obviously theyve got nothing of importance to lose .. with that reckless and crazy driving! sad part is, the other careful, normal and safe drivers with got priorities in life .. who actually HAVE A LIFE! lose everything for simply being there .. at the wrong time, and place!

im not attacking all men drivers .. but i must say that MOST kuwaiti men drivers .. have the same behavior in dirving, i really dont know why! is it like in their blood .. or does it just grow on to them .. most of my kuwaiti male friends .. who got their drivers license from out side kuwait .. drive according to the law .. most of them .. get irritated by this issue .. so this maybe another indicator that it is our laws .. or the ppl incharge of them? the cops for example! some cops have no respect for the law .. and again not ALL but some .. they encourage other guys to break them .. they are supposed to be our role models in driving! not to mention .. when the one breaking the law is a friend of a friend! he knows hes untouchable .. in other words .. 'he owns the place' along with the ppl in it!
and do not even get me started on those who RACE! :s omg!! could you get any more classier than this?

In general, these guys with their big fancy loaded trucks .. all i see in them is a brainless driver.. who has no self respect .. trying to make up for some huge self esteem issue he has .. by driving like this .. if u were a real man .. if u were respected, educated and raised well .. u would never act this way. i mean where else would you see someone driving with one knee almost out of the window!? what kind of driving is that?!
most deaths are caused by young male drivers! it is no joke .. this is getting out of control .. because the numbers of deaths each year are only increasing!
again .. when men say women are clumbsy/bad drivers .. i really dont mind .. because atleast were no killers! do u know how many guys have been put under the ground for this? .. not to mention .. how many families were put under because of a guy trying to look smart while driving!

one of the reasons i hate going out in kuwait .. is its drivers! all i can sayis ..HAVE SOME RESPECT.


:::ShoSho::: said...

I know.. it's scary... I don't think they think for a second about their lives or others..

Big Pearls said...

it is very sad how we are losing so many souls in driving accidents in this country.

No3iK said...

*shosho and big pearls:

i wrote this post after i had to do a research on the rate of deaths!

im still in shock with the numbers i saw .. i cannot believe this isnt a major issue in kuwait! since its the second reason of death after heartattacks!!

Atinzad said...

You also forgot to mention turn signals ... they are non existent, nobody uses them and if they use them at the very last second.

Use turn signals even when changing lanes. It is the courteous thing to do.. informing the driver behind you as well as in front of you your next move.

Unfortunately bad driving habits have rubbed off to non-kuwaitis as well.

Old, young, its the norm

thanks for the post

Marzouq said...

There some really bad drivers out and they are ridiculous if they think they can just bump a car and take off.. there should be more stringent laws regarding that.. mishkilla bil ikwait the police don't feel like applying these laws!

Delicately Realistic said...

ًFog kil hatha it is the number 1 cause of death in younger age groups!

What kills me the most is when someone is driving recklessly and i honk my horn or flash them and they start raising their hands o mo 3ajbhom?! Its like...china a few seconds ago u nearly had me killed?

Bs u have to tell me where all this rage is coming c hina u mentioned in a previous post that ur not driving these days ;P

حصان ابليس said...

Ok .. i know that nobody will like what im gona say about it but , thats us , why they call us " 3rd world " ? b.cus of u and me .. well , i dont mean u in person and me in person , just as example , if i brake the rules , and nobody will sue me in a court , then what will i do ? i will brake more rules , im not the only one to blame , it u & i , dont u think ? so stop complaning and let me adoos o alzeg o atarek till i ad3am since there is nobody will do anything about it , but , i`ll give u an advice , but 1st let me ask u this , do u believe that u can change destiny ? if u do , then try to do something about it cus some ppl will never lern till they get gar9a 3ala athonhom , if some one get that gar9a maybe he will slow it down , and he will not kill someone , so u saved someone`s live wothout even know about it .

Kaos said...

Ya you do notice it a lot if you lived and drove abroad. Over there they respect teh law that the morning rush hour is just extremely organized.
I like to speed eventually but I watch out for other drivers.

Squirreliya said...

ana mo 7arni ela hal buses and trucks eli 3abalhum ga3d ysogoon ferrari ;s

Disturbed Stranger said...

Kuwaiti drivers are unbelievable..

Dr. Shale bin Agnon, Ph.D. said...

Most deaths are caused by young male drivers in every country in the world.

Bad drivers do indeed piss me off.

Anonymous said...

I know...I hope we have strick laws by the MOI to stop such reckless drivers on the road.

Intlxpatr said...

No3ik, I am fascinated. Where did you find the statistics to study? I can only guess from the papers - the #1 victim of one car accidents is young Kuwaiti males. The #1 victim in accidents related to speed and to going through red lights - Kuwaiti males.

I have never seen the statistics in any paper - and I look for them. I am willing to bet that the number of Kuwaiti traffic deaths is WAY out of proportion to the population.

And we see the ones who don't die in wheelchairs, with their families, or on crutches, or crippled in their thirties, using canes, disfigured . . . it is a national tragedy in Kuwait, and it is Kuwaitis who are paying the biggest price, in blood, and in the wasting of this precious resource, their youth and leaders of tomorrow. :-(

No3iK said...


u wont find much in the newspapers .. because like i said .. kuwait still doesnt find this as an important topic to shed any light on!!

which what upsets me the most!

i had some inside information only to to finish the work i was doing .. u wont find much online ..

the problem is not being dealt with at all!

Kaze said...

The real problem is that the traffic laws are based on laws where most of the population are not filthy rich brats or filthy rich brats wannabe friends. This problem has been identified in other countries which made them raise the traffic fines to the extremes. You never know, it might work in kuwait.

Oh and by the way, women do not have the driving chromosome