Thursday, May 01, 2008

i really need some time off!

this weekend .. i have absolutely no plans ..
i dont know if i want to even wakeup .. i want to spend it all in bed .. and maybe some couch .. tv .. and hub :p and also drop in some fondue .. yeaaah .. that would be really nice woudlnt it!

but no ... there are those WEEKLY obligations that drag us from what ever were doing .. to go and do things we dont really enjoy .. eat food we dont like .. say things we dont mean .. and be in places .. we hate.

hehehehehe .. oh my god .. ive been looking at all my prev posts .. theyre all venty/winey/naggy!! am i really that bad! im so going to take some yoga classes .. i really need some peace.
wishing everyone a pleasant weekend :)


Atinzad said...

I have been an avid reader of your previous posts. It is delightful how you find poetry in life and how you soo gracefully put it in words.

The reader can't help but feel what you feel :)

keep up the great writing and we all hope we have poetry in our lives like you have in yours ;)

eshda3wa said...


i think its ok to skip obligations for just one weekend
no one will hate u for it

plus ur pregnant
so u can just say ta3bana and that will be that

Dana said...

In my yoga classes I used to see a lot of pregnant women. I also see them stretching in the gym sometimes. It's very healthy to de-stress and I think it also does wonders for your baby. The look on those women's faces after the session is pure satisfcation.

Also I dont know if they have them in Kuwait but there are courses you take with your hubby where a trainer teaches ur hubby how to do safe massage while you're pregnant. There has to be some courses like that in Kuwait since young couples are more open now adays. Ask about those, some of my relatives took them abroad and they loved it.

Make sure you pick the right instructor if you're planning to do any yoga while you're pregnant and dont forget to consult your new best friend of course (aka ur doctor) :P.

Take it easy hon :*

Marzouq said...

I think you should be outside Kuwait for a few weeks or tell people you are so you don't have any social obligations.. take a break to relax.. it will help for sure!

Big Pearls said...

I hate social obligations that I don't enjoy, but I guess we have ni choice most of the times!

hamdool said...

Thanks for the cute post
w God bless you ..

No3iK said...


wow ..
thank you ..

yeah .. i do skip sometimes.
but i always feel bad when i do.

i know! guess what i already registered in one.
i will start goign this friday inshalah and im so happy!
maybe u should join me ;)

i cant tell ppl im traveling since im not allowed now! when a woman is in her 7th month and more she cant travel.
what i did for now was register for a yoga course. im sure it will help alot.

yes .. no choice!

God bless us all .. thank u.