Sunday, May 11, 2008

in the ladies changing room

so i finally did something about .. "my stressed life" ..
i registered in a yoga class!! -yaaaaay-
which was amazing btw ..

the story is not bout the yoga class. . its my yoga 'clothes' .. all my gym/yoga clothes dont fit anymore .. (the belly area) that is why i decided to shop .. (GO Sport ) avenues .. in search for maternity yoga clothes .. as i was there .. around 4pm all alone, by the female sports wear section .. suddenly two guys approach 'giggling' .. i notice that they were .. 'not' normal 'guys' .. they were holding 'hands' to be more specific ' fingers' .. i look away and pretend theyre not there .. they try on some pieces .. from the females section of course .. mostly were very floral .. or too PINK .. things i wont even buy! and kept asking eachother "do u think i look good in this??" hehehe ok then "what about this one?"
:s eeewww!
i felt so uncomfortable .. but i ignored them.. then they started cracking up mean jokes .. on how big some ppl are! .. and how some ppl cant even walk let alone do sports!! - a*ses! - AS IF! :@
i kept on ignoring them .. i mean im carrying a baby inside of me

i finally find a few decent pieces .. march to the LADIES CHANGING ROOM .. hence the 'ladies' part ..
there are no doors .. if u have ever been there .. its only an open room with leather curtains that u hook .. u can see the head and the feet of the person changing inside .. i was there .. trying some pieces on .. When suddenly i hear their voices again! coming inside .. :S the NERVE!!!
i immediately start wearing my clothes preparing to leave .. that is when they got in one room 'same room' right next to mine and started trying on clothes TOGETHER!! plus .. doing other 'things' .. from the sound of it! not so pretty innocent things :/
i dont want to judge because i didnt see anything i was leaving in a hurry ..but it sure was disgusting :s

i left and didnt even try the things i bought .. which lead to a second exchange visit th next day!!

i mean i have nothing against those ppl .. simply dont rub it in ppls faces! do what ever u want to do at home. who cares what ur doing .. but dont just pretend like u own the place just because ur queer! -hfffftttt-

i must say i was dissappointed with GO SPORTs staff, since there was almost no one! to watch over, assist or prevent this! .. there should be NO GUYS allowed in the ladies changing rooms .. no matter how ugly they look!

anywyas .. i really cant wait for my next yoga session .. was soooooooooooooo worth it ..
and to the ppl who dont do yoga .. what are u waiting for??!! its like the best thing ever!

take care :*


Big Pearls said...

aw, that is really disgusting. You should have mentioned it to the staff or the manager of the shop.

:::ShoSho::: said...

Ewww Ewwwww!! SERIOUSLY!

and yeah i did Yoga, the normal one and also a special for pregnant ladies.. both were fun!

Squirreliya said...

eeeeiw! laish ma geltay 7eg'ha et6ali3hum mn el fitting room! mayseer :s qaleleen eladab :/

yoga? mm, should try it soon ;)

Glitter said...



I would have notified the manager right away!

KlaaaaaaaB, how dare they make jokes abt YOU? FREAKS!

Dana said...

Wai3 2araf ya2rifhom enshallah. You should have spoken to the idiots that work there but you probably saved yourself the headache girl.

I'm so happy you're enjoying your yoga class as I'm sure the baby too ;) It is honestly the best thing a human can do to himself in this stressful life.

Glitter said...

how are you with the pregnancy?

My friend just found out that she is pregnant and was asking around for yoga classes!

No3iK said...

*bigp earls:

nah! i wouldnt bother ..
i just left.

*sho sho:
yes .. arent they!
where did u do urs?

agol 7g mino! the place is huge o makan li 5ilg 3war ras.

they were the B*thy kind .. u know! bout notifying the manager,
at 4pm .. right after leaving work .. it was really the last thing on my mind .. i just wanted to get home.

eeeeeeeeee 3ad enty 7adich malat hl sowalif!
wallah it is so u ..
:** im enjoying it so much.. and so it the baby i can feel it ;)

congrats to ur friend!
and im doing well thanks for asking ..
im taking my yoga classes at Royale Hayat u can call them #5360000 they have alot of great classes!
if ur frined is in her early stages from pregnancy she should wait untill she reaches 20 weeks.
its better .. yoga is most recommended during the third trimester .. make sure to tell her that :)

Atinzad said...

What are we supposed to do but be patient with them, o Allah yahdeehom o yaster 3ala ahalhom.. I wonder how they get to this stage? is it out of boredom?

Marzouq said...

Forget about those people and enjoy yourself!

I would probably pull a lot of muscles trying to do any form of yoga ! looool

No3iK said...

i know! thats a nother story .. i think it has to do with being exposed to the western media more than being around with ur family and parents! that u end up drifting away from who u are. not all cases but many of the oens here in kuwait start like that.

hehehehe are u sure!
maybe u shuld give it a try atleast once .. then ull know ;p

Ghasheema said...

why didnt your report them !

I cant stand such ppl...the more I see of them...the more intorelant I am

G said...

They are such bastards I hate a lot of types from this country. Shino mo metrabeen 3adell >< and inshalla you bring a healthy son or daughter ^^

Delicately Realistic said...


I were u i wouldnt have left the room without making the manager aware of the situation!

Im all with freedom of expression, and let them do what they want...but come on......NO MEN IN THE WOMENS CHANGING ROOMS ! That doesnt even happen abroad !

OutOfReach said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwww disgusting !!
I hope your enjoying your yoga :)
take care dear

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...Royal Hayat...i might spot u there some day all the doctors there are my clients...:P

And glad ur enjoying ur life

Bint nuh said...

ininAssalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu
I need to send you some important info can I have a contact email ad
wa jazakaÁllahukhair

manutdfanatic said...

Very disgusting. Unfortunately, you see too much of that in Saudi, far too much actually. Sad. =/

pearls said...

where are you taking yoga classes?

No3iK said...


7abebt im taking them @ Royale Hayat .. u can contact them # 5360000


pearls said...

I checked them out a couple of weeks ago and I liked what I saw, only thing were their rooms, I thought they were really small

No3iK said...

true ..
the thing is my classes have only two max three ppl in them!
so we dont really need the space :)

our instructor is really good.
that is whats most important in yoga.