Monday, July 03, 2006

Inspired by Carls... part 2

"ppl wait for the pics to load! its totally worth it ;) trust me"

*Dedication part:

Bella: 7bebty are u sure? lol thought might give the guy a second chance! ;p
jiji: lol think i might fight u on this guy ;p u never said hes got a dashing smile!!

Nunu: ur right hes so hot ;) and cute.

Batty: i applaud u! on ur marvelous TASTE!
zizo: hes such a cuttie pie ! arent u guys just perfect for eachother ;p

Carls: lol bro sorry couldnt help myself! saw this pic and immediately, u came to mind ;p

*Me part:
My one and only, Batistuta ;)

ok, Sexy! but still i dont like u ;p
Now! this is just beautiful :)

guys! u look sooo cool all packed together!

Ka ka ... sweets, just take it off....


Yazeed said...

carslb3rg's is the best
if you could only find a mockup of gerrard (hint, hint)
he would like that
and if u add my girl, i would like that too :P

Eng.fahad said...

cute photo
sweetie baby ;)

lol bro sorry couldnt help myself! saw this pic and immediately, u came to mind ;p


Carlsb3rg said...


yeah sorry.. bring me Gerrard, and I'll be pleased. But thanks anyway for keeping me in mind ;p

Tinkerbell said...

the word "drooool" comes to mind

Papillona ® said...

honey, are you pmsing?

Your Battlefield said...

ohh merci for the dedication, this is just what i need....seeing my sweets Ronadlo...hmmm, he is soo hott ;P and sexy...i wuv him and you for posting him up...encore ;)

No3iK said...

* yazeeez:
gerrard eeey! ;p sure.
"ur girl"!! :p no i think shes my girl now.
cuz i found out i like her to ;p
welcome to my blog bro.

*eng fahad:
cute!!! lol theyre no where close to being cute.
its steamin hot in here ;p

lol ur welcome bro any time ;p
ill bring u something else next time, ill make it up to you ;)

heheheheheh again ;p
`7ayro al kalam ma qala wadal ;)

u really made me laugh!
when u pms, u google football hotties!? lol i dont know bout u.
but no lol my case is much more complicated than just that ;p

ur welcome 7bebty!
yeah i was shocked i really didnt know which pic, to choose!! hes really hot :p mashalah mashalah
lay9er bl rayal shay ;p heheheh
glad u liked it :* love u to sweets.

jiji said...

LAAAAA!!!! no3ik!! dir balich tfakreen tbogeeenaa!! hes mine! all mine!! shofay i let u have batistuta.. so u hafta let me have deco... ok?? deal?

and yeah ronaldino "the freak" looks perfeecttttt for zizo :) i could just see them sittin bilkoosha :>

Carlsb3rg said...

:S Deco looks like elafghani elle ebee3 bajela bel fer3!

jiji said...

-carl: ur jelous!!!!!!!! fek kher u look like him!

No3iK said...


ok ok girl calm down!
hes alll yours ;p my batistuta is more than enough thank you ;) i just wanted to check if i had a chance or not.

almuhim, girl u think zizo and ronaldino would look nice 3l kosha :p
will it be a mix wedding or a traditional wedding ;p we should ask dr.lost and see what he thinks.
either ways, i know theyre a perfect match. mashalah mashalah esmila 3laihum mn al 3ain :*

*carls :
ehehehehe why all the sudden jealousy! the guy is handsom, hes got a dashing smile!! didnt u hear me say that earlier ;)

aham shay a7is galabna dowaneya! madre laish :/

Carlsb3rg said...

heheh jealous? I look alot better el7amdella ;p

jiji said...

oooh darlin... thanx..

welll... yeah we better check with him.. ill b there anyway! wont miss it!

-carl: i always thought Q80s ehma a7la nas.. bs mo a7la min deco mamaaa!!! he looks 3raby.. hence hes good lookin.. bs ashek inik a7la mina.. maybe a7la mina... bs definately not my type ... deco is 7adda my type

Si7LeYa said...

me want some of all of them :P


keep it coming sis :)

Yazeed said...

i wouldnt mind sharing..........

Honey™ said...

FREDRICK is the best ,, i love that guy .. i cant stop saying HOT HOT HOT !!!

Bella Color said...

hehehehehehe OUCH! He's HOT!

I was going to say something, bas i changed my mind. I'll tell it to u later :P

OMG Beckham or whatever his name is loooks sooo gay! His pose is ay shay!

"KaKa".... lo0o0o0o0o0o0ol!!! No3ik weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei3... the name reminded me of u know what!!!!!!! ewwwwwwwwwww!

No3iK said...

yes i know u do ;)

guys who look like deco, with motos are so ur type ;p

alll of them!!! @@ lol yl `6alma ,, b3dain e9er taqashof 3indina lol

lol im sure u wouldnt ;) but i do ;p

hehehehe dont u stop girl.....the tato is !!! really hot?

*bella :
looooooooooool sis :*
awal shay i miss u.
thany shay, im glad ur on my side now ;) hehehehehe
i cant wait to know whats on ur mind ;p
lol beckham 7ada ay shay !lol what do u expect from a guy who likes to wear his wifes undies?!!!

kaka .... looooooooool whats with u and interpreting words into other stuff haaaa ;p i know u might not believe me, but when i google him
u know the word "kaka" got loads of his pics but in between there was some of the something else pics to x[ eeeeeeeeeeew ....
masken 7ada kisar `7a6ri :(

Carlsb3rg said...

well you're in luck sis. There's lots of fro3 bajela & nakhi out there ;)

ZiZoTiMe said...

No3ik and Jiji:

I'm dating a new guy actually :P

Henry is a monkeeeeeeeey!! Look at his face again... plzzzzzzzzzzz la etlaw3on chbdy weya thoqkom el zeft :)

Actually I think ena Dr.lost a7la mena :P

And enough with posts about hot guys!! lawa3taw echbooodna! o hm el thegeeeel ya banat!!! Banat el q8 mo eshwaya o bskom chenkom eshway o etboson jowatehom... Mo shayfen nas 7elwa bel 3ayla :P

Hope this is the last part no3ik :)

A Daydreamer said...

bella's man and batty's man are my favotires :P

No3iK said...

loooooooooooooooooooooooool zizo !!!

heeeey tara qaweya b7agna !

laish tara 6awafnalik al video
o dr.lost 6awafnala al brida al mo7tarama ili 7a6ha :p

let us have some fun ,,, 7adkum na7eseeeeen :p

`7alna ga3d nistakshif :p `7alqo allah ,,, al6abe3a al gamela ;)

heheheheh yommma minik madre sh7arik 3ad ... wallah part 3 depends 3la my mood 3ad .. ;p bs 3ad ana a7ib al3naaaaaaaad.

Judy Abbott said...

The good thing about football, when they exchange shirts :P else than that their faces are not worth looking at.

CK guy total bomb!

Judy Abbott said...

Zizo 7aram 3aleek 3ad Dr. is cute ! looks 3eemy thou but cute ... mayseer chithy et6eb fe Decatrat al mostaqbal ;)

O hal moneky ily tegool 3anah ya akhy shayef his lips!!!! wo cares about the rest!!

LiLaCs said...

mmmmmmm..Sing it with me girl!! Ole oh boy ole ;)

Bella Color said...

7abeeeeeeeeeeeeebti sisoo i miss u 2 a lot. Lazim enreeed ayam zawarat ilmakateb. Il moskillla mali khoooolg amsi fii il 7ar bas 3al shanich i will :)
I will tell u whats on my mind as soon as i see u :p Bas tabeeeen ilsij, I know u will kill me bas i 4got whats was on my mind!

Weeeeeeeeeei3 he wears his wife's undies?!?! Ewwwwwwwww! 7aram 3alih laish eswai chethi? He's cute, 7aram wallah ;P

Wallah sketay hal ayam kela im associating arabic with english words and vice versa. Madri shino salfiti... I think my new post might be about another word ;P Wait and c! lo0o0o0l :)

Stay Tuned! :)

NuNu™ said...

Thank you 7ubeeeeeeeez.. I just LOVE HIM!!! When will I get to see him and (6ooooo6)..(6ooooooo6)!!
Ah.. Sorry! Didn't know there are under age readers ;P

NuNu™ said...

ZizYo, Agool.. Tara 7addik haa?! Wayd 3a6aitik wayh Oo sekat!! And you don\t have to (etlawi3 chabd nafsik) by reading posts about hotties! We love 'em.. And I love Hot Henry;P

Marzouq said...

Lol! Just LOL!

Carlsb3rg said...

Here's something for all Christiano Ronaldo lovers :)

Dr.Lost said...

excuse m but where the hell is MY PIC??? ;p lool

Your Battlefield said...

i love cristano ronaldo i dont care what the world thinks and that guy or girl is lame to have gone to the brink of creating a hate site for him...all i can tell them is "censored!!";)for your eyes heheh ;)

No3iK said...

*juddy abott:
sweets welcome to my blog ;)
i love ur way of thinking!
yeah priceless moments ;p

Oh leee oh boy oleeeeee
-all the way-

:***** 7ubeeeez sis malomich al jaw zift hl ayam! thank god my nose seems to be handling it very well lol not failing me !
almuhim, try and remember the thingy, im sure its not something easy to forget ;p

beckham issue! well hes got somekind of a fetish i guess! madre :x i dont wanna know.

associating words! is so cool specialy in our case with our lame jobs, very good timing for such phase ;p goo wild goo creative!

7ubeeeeeez entay :*
awal shay tell me what does (6ooo6) (6oooo6) mean ! lol if its a guy u like, i dont think u should be 6oo6ing lol hehehe correct me here please im so confused ;p

missed u o salamat ur lil lobly lap topy :*

what loling u bro ? me demand an answer ;p

where did ur manners go!
batty is gonna see this :(
lol kidding.saw the video! 7adhum ma 3ndhum salfa?

hehehehehe, not a good idea !, u know didnt want girls breaking up and going all crazy for u! lol
;) u cute hotti u.
+ a`7af 3laik mn al 7isad (looking at zizo) lol

(give batty a big big hug)
there there sweets. u know hes the best :*

Princess said...

no3ik hey mino il bald guy i think its the third pic ihwa ili bil pepsi ads and i think he is so hot but what is his name!!!

No3iK said...

7bebty long time no see ;)
any way sweets,
his name is :
Fredrik (or Freddie) Ljungberg

carls: thank u :)