Thursday, March 08, 2007

New post please "QUIDAM"

ok since, were still on the happy posts ... days ...
let me try and remmeber some of the happy exciting things that happened to me last month i was so depressed to talk about them ...
when i went to Dubai, third day, the day ive been waiting for ... the QUIDAM day :D
was one of the most exciting beautiful shows ive ever been to.
honestly ppl, u should see atleast one of the cirque du soleil shows in ur life, at least one!
im planning on seeing all their shows inshallah ... very beautiful and professional. how artistic it is !! and the performers are just amazing ... so .. i was with dad my brothers my sis and also the cutest ever DOODA :) so we all sat and doooda was sitting between two blondies ;p lucky fella ...
so the show starts and in the break, i and doda start talking bout the show, and i tell him, how i
cant wait to see OLGA my love ... i was reading bout her life before going to dubai and i completely fell in love with her. shes a russian performer, who wanted to become a performer since the age of 5, and made it on her own, she became one of the most well known performers in the world!! SHE IS THAT GOOD!

so ... i tell him that i really wanna meet her and maybe take a picture. so we ask the security and all doors were closed!! they all tell us NO CAN DO! no accesee to the performers.
:( the break is over and i finally see her perform live!!!
i almost cried. and then, the show was over and i looked like a sad lil girl who someone wouldnt buy her daisies or candy :p in my case red bull .. anyways
so im walking out ..
doda says: ZANONOB!! i cant belive ur giving up!! ur not gonna try and see OLGA!!
so i look at him and im like!! HAA !! X``( ur right .. i should give it one more try :(
so i see this, i think was british guy, holding his walky talky ... and i use my puppy innocent face:HELLO :)
man: yes .. :)
me: please, i just wanted to ask is there any way.. that i could see OLGA?
man: you know her?
me: - i got thinking, i read about her life, and i know her name, so technically, yes i do- so i go ahead guilt free and say -YES- :D
man: does she know ur here?
me: -!!!!- haaa .. maybe !! - again technicaly maybe she saw me and she knows im here ;p -
man: ok look, im not supposed to do this, and this is just between us, the performers are exiting from the back door allll the way back, u have to run, theyre already getting on the bus.
me: !!!!! THANK YOU ... !!! bbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -supposed to be the sound of running-!! :s
i could hear mission impossible music playing in the back of my head! doda and i start running!! ofcourse i was wearing very HIGH heels!!!! so i ask him to run ... we just ran allll the way round the HUGE TENT !! ON THE GRASS!!
i see the bus, and theyre inside! the bus is MOVING!!
im like,,, : 7SOOOOOOON RUN RUN!!
in the back of my head was :RUN FOOOOOOOOREST RUUUUUUUUN!!
anyways ...
so we reach the bus
breathless!!! and the entire performers!! I MEAN ALL OF THE QUIDAM performers are there!
wearing jeans and tshirt, no makeup or costumes!! they looked so normal! just like people! :p
anyways i loook in to the bus, and im like:
ME: im sooo sooo sorry, but where is OLGA?
them: they were all like SMILING, looking in the back of the bus... OLGA -teasing her- like u have a fan kind of tease!!
and there she is, walking with her coyness!! so shy ... even blushing!! SOO CUTE!
she comes and she says yes sure!! im like hiiiiiii :D
me: u were great today!
she: thank you.
me: can i please take a picture?
she: yes ofcourse!
hands doda the cam with a stare!!! - if u screw this up ill kill you @@ -
so i stand next to her and then with all the kindness in the world she kinda side hugged me, u know when u hold someone from the side and pull them closer!!! YEH SHE DID THAT!!!
and the picture was taken... :*************************** i love her wallah !!!
Happy ending! :D
thnx to dooda ;)

anyways that was one of the really really happy recent days ive had ... i simply enjoyed every bit bit bit of it!

anywas abaaaaih shfeeni kila agol anyways!!! so eee .. mo anyways ....
if u guys havent noticed!! im soooooooooooo on red bull!!!
eeeeeeeee o b3d soooooooooorrry 6awalt 3laikum ...

and i would like to welcome my new mexican readers :** i love u guys ...
o bs ...
laa mo bs ... for more pics i I I i took from the show ;) click QUIDAM

bye :***


do0da said...


finally :P

do0da said...

Awal shay thanks for a wonderful day =D wala it was great o if you hadn't asked me to go see it i wouldve probably missed a great show and regretted it !

O LOLLL shda3wa running u were barely walking o complaining about ur heels :P ana kint abi arkuth bes ma7abait ahidich ibroo7ich aw9al shagool agool nu6raw zanoob yaya bes her heels are killing her :P

oo that be happy on your face LOLL loved the edit job the pic looks even better like this :P

Reem said...

i wanna go i wanna go :(
mashallah i admire those performers! great job!
OLGA is HOT!! woo! (feels obliged to clarify that i am straight) hehehe ;p
i gave up high heels on march 2006 :D never felt better ;p
do0da! pretty charming :D
i just love ur happy posts, make me happy too :D

No3iK said...

basik showazin :p ga6a3t my blog! ehehehe 7alaaaalik yuba.

LMAO u cracked me up! with the last part man!!! hehehehe
no no but im impressed, u handled my huge camera very well ;)
and THANK u for the day, ur the one who did all the booking and stuff ..
anyways thank u, thank me ,, end of story.
and for me that was RUNNING!!mn 9igik enta!! @@ wear high heels then tell me that wasnt running :p

u should GOOOOOOOO !! mn glb go see it.
im sure ull love it, its just magical! like a dream.
ull be writing endless poems after seeing it :) trsut me!
im glad my post made u happy :* inshallah dom.

NiQa said...

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL!! oh how i love those people! i'm more into the "resident productions" though. i've already been to "O" abd "Zumanity". hopefulllly KA is gonna be my next one!!
it seemed like you had a blast!!
and u lucky thing ..A PICTURE TOO!

Delicately Realistic said...

Wanaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaa i loved this post!!! O ya7laila dooda wallah y3arif ishayish! Hahahah!
Anyway im depressed....shasawi... trying hard not to be....sawait kil shay mako fayda...i still want to hide in bed!

Kitty said...

that's nice :)

eshda3wa said...

7ade 7ade i wanna catch one of their shows! ur so lucky walla!

Zalabya said...

do0da shrayek ta36eena majal ennaishen? ;Z

men kether masolaftay 3an olga 7abbait`ha ;D

Atinzad said...

It sounds really cooool. I wanna go sometime.

Good to know you had fun :)

btw it was a long but really fun read :)

do0da said...

Zalabya: LOLL never :r its miiiiiine miiiiiine miiiiiine :r

Zalabya said...

do0da e3teber el 7arb mo3lana between us

do0da said...

zalabya laish 7arb i thought u liked me :( o these shotguns make me happy? dont you wana see me be happy :(

Anonymous said...

I guess this was the first good thing that Dooda ever did!!...:P

No3iK said...

omg!! i want to see O they say its the best!
ooh yeh but the pic didnt come easy :p
my legs hurt! after all the running

laish laish 3ad!
shooo feee ???
i sometimes do this.
play loud music and just dance it out ;) fun and works.

thanks :*

well i dont get it!! they came all the way to dubai! stayed there for like a month .. why didnt everyone go :((

akeeed 7abait,teeha wela hathy makeeeda :p no3ich t`3aren minhaa mo :p goli al 9odog?

aawww thanks ,, u should go see it .. deffinatelo :)

i wouldnt be that sure if i were u :p

ya entay ya qaweya :p

ur puppy faces wont work with her trust me!! im the only sucker her lol but maybe u shud give it a try ;p

ooh man .. thats the meanest thing u ever said since ive known u!!
are u this sweet??

Ghasheema said...

glad to see u had fun

u should have posted about the show be4 u went so that ppl can know its there and actually go

I took my kids to the circus last summer and they got to ride the elephant =D

they still talk about how great it was til this day lol

Zalabya said...

do0da bema enna i liked u when we chatted in the other day
fa khalas no 7arb only peace..
7alalek kel el showazin wel qanabel

Dr.Lost said...

i am soo not impressed by this stupid show..

and seriously who the hell reads a post this long? have you gone outta ur mind loser? ;p

ok enough said.. bye ;p

um-miT3ib said...

3alaich ib alf 3afya.. el fal 7ag il sora ma3a superman;p

um-MiD3aaB said...

"bZzzzzzzz "soot thebana mu soot dabcha ;p

ReD Lady™ said...

wnaaasaaa .. ;)

No3iK said...

like i said i wanted to
but i couldnt been cought up with things!

anyways inshalha next time ;)

9ig anich 3asal :*

should i even comment!

*um mit3ib:
thanks sweety :*

*um mid3ib:
bzzzzzzzzzz could be manyy things :p
soo tell me shno 9ot al dabcha ? :p

*red lady:
thanks sweets .. and welcome to me blog :*

um-miT3ib said...

dabcha is ppl running in a hurry

No3iK said...

um mit3ib 7ubi entay :p
i wanted the sound of it
not the definition ;p
hehehehe that was sooo cute! :*

Marzouq said...

Inshalla you enjoy every trip like that! If you like shows, then one day you should go to Las Vegas you will love it there too! Its fantastic with so many shows, and lots of Cirque de Soliel.

And its great the British Guy was so nice! And you got to take a picture with her! :)

..G.. said...

AWwwwwww thats so sweet!! wala shay 7ilw ina you guys attend world class events together.. lol ya7laila do0oda 6ila3 ra3y fanatik!!

glad you enjoyed it 7abeebty.. inshala ya rab doom 3al 2anasaaa :D

No3iK said...

aaaawwww ur sweet!
thanks well i wish the same to u.
u doo travel alot! for work mainly.
but i hope u get to enjoy all :)
with ur rides ofcourse.
and yes taking pics is super fun!

heeeeey 7bebty thanks
and yes it was amazing meeting and going out like that.
inshallah one day with u ;)