Sunday, March 25, 2007


* i have watched it FOUR times so far! twice today @@ and i still want more!
digma and bella thank you :* for a gr8 time, digma thnx 3l 3izoma babes .. and my gr8 dad and sisters for another one! i have watched it so far in cinema marina, fanar and muhalab, i advise you to go and see it in al fanar ;) *

this is the only thing i kept thinking and im still thinking it after i have watched 300 TWICE! in two days.
and ill watch it again an again ... coz its simply KALB! that i cannot not want to see it again.
striking!!!! how beautiful every shot is to the eye!
how their faces are just not human like! they look like something very interesting, u just want to look at them some more!
their bodies!! LOL don't get me started on their bodies! abz!! legs arms, necks! shoulders!!
KILSHAY! even their toes LOL
SERIOUSLY this movie is KALB bimi3na al kalima.
oh there is one word to describe them: MEN!!! they're simply MEN.

i see guys with their JAWS down! so what do u expect us to do!
i love the colors of the movie! the music ... the cloth they used! THE REDNESS
how it moves and performs on its own! with every movement they do!

with ever slow motion shot ... the music again! the chills it would give everyone who's watching it! the soundtrack, the directing, the acting, the lighting ... the movie! is a master piece.
my favorite quote is: "my queen ... my wife ... my love"
"we shall dine in hell"
"give them nothing, but take them everything"

- takes a deep breath -

i have a word in mind here but i don't think i can use it ... i don't think, i just know i cant use it ...
anyways .....
shasawi b3mre ... i WANT TO SEE IT again ... so yalah ...
i thoguht maybe if i post this, ill maybe get over it! so we`ll just wait and see :p if this works.

btw i miss u allllllllllllllllllll :*

*ps: check out my friends blog, its a good read ;) Nostalgia, enjoy!


do0da said...


Bella Color said...


do0da said...

bella bella bella give up already :P

Bella Color said...

Doooda: min wain 6el3at ;p Im supposed 2 be first :P

no3ik: im going to watch the movie kela minch ;p bas ma geltay which is a7la hatha ilmovie wela superman? ;)

Bella Color said...

LOOOOL im never going to give up doooda.. u hear me NEVER ;p

ZiZoTiMe said...

Kalb!! etghal6en 3ala film el sena! o jedamy!! bada3taaaaaaaay!!

Anyways so typical from u enech etrakzen 3al bodies o hal shaghlat o tensain el film nafsa :P

Ma agol ela kelma wa7da: 3adlay ur blog o ba3dian ketbay 3n el film :P

No3iK said...

LOL u guys calm down!!!

doda shoht gun 2:30
bela 2:31

so that was pretty close! :p
u better watch out 7ason !!


and bella I CANNOT COMPARE superman :** my real true love to 300 HOT MEN!
heheheh its impossible.
superman has a speacial place in my heart ,, where this 300 thing will have a special place in my memory :*
get it! and yes i want to see it with u.

ya gilel al 7aya basik shimata! and 7ason bason dooda ... fixed my blog :p
@@ 3aaaaaaaaaain o ma9alat 3l nibi!!
KALB! is when something is tooo goood ur out of words! u go KALB! mo 6abeeee3i

shafahim feek ,,!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Z..... Tonight... We Dine In HeLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akhaaaaih.. Yabela yenshaf original not only again ;)

Do0da el masken shageta shag el rayal mo 3aref ejabel his blog or urs :P

Marzouq said...

Damn! I plan on watching it after this 32 hour work period of insanity! I will probably watch it a couple of times this week as well. :)

Happy you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Ya i know its hell of a shotgun!!!
this movie was alot of hard work.Anyway nice blog you got there this is my first visit someone told me about it and i just cant stop reading. way to go ;)

Yazeed said...

i didnt think u'd be the type to like it :P
bes yeh the art in the movie was simply amazing.

wintay kil ma troo7een film, troo7eenla twice?!

Reem said...

was waiting on fire to read ur post! bs i didn't :(
hehehehe im going to the movie on tue. inshallah.. so a'7af i read n spoil it and then i'll have to hunt u down n kill ya ;D just kiddin ;p

love ya :** mwah!

Delicately Realistic said...

Must go ;/ but im booked full this only free tonight....aaah mali kholg a6laaaaaaaa3 bs i wanna c it b4 yshelooona!

Carlsb3rg said...

hate to say it, but told ya ;p

oh yeah and ur friends blog is pretty cool, especially since shes into gaming!


wow LihaLdaraja !

People, i realy think i need to go see that movie if i still want to be accepted in this socity ;Pp

Swair. said...

7aaarrraaaaaaa.. i'm going this week.. 7arrraaaa *pokes her tongue out*

*ducks when u throw ur shoe her way*

Atinzad said...

This movie is WOW.
I was impressed with the visuals and the story line. I am also impressed with the overall idoelagy of defending yourland and country aganist opressors.


My best part was when king of the 300 spartan worriors, King Leonidas, at the very end of the battle stood infront of the persian King Xerxes, where the persian King has promised him everything; Glory, riches beyond words for the spartans and their king, lands, rule... you name it he was promised. All Xerxes wanted was recognition from the spartan king (bow to Xerxes). But all the king could offer Xerxes was the action of "Hayhaat minaa elthelaa". That part got to me, it was as if he was saying i am free to bow to whomever i choose and no riches of the world can buy that.

The message is universal, no matter what opressors give you to opress others or let go of what you believe in... you should always resist... it is a message that transcends through time and space.

to me, in current events... unlike soo many Amaricans who saw it as "those Persian/iranian monsters with xerxes as the iraninan president" and noting the release of the movie was on the persian new year (Nourooz). I saw it as the other way round: Xerxes is the American gov with pres. Bush as the lead. Where the US is using most of the developed world (basiclally slaves to the US whom can not stand up to the US) to go to war with the few (i.e. 300) but brave Iranians with their democratically elected gov. "War" in this case does not necessarly mean in the traditional sense, but psycological/ UN resolutions/ sanctions/ media war and so on.
Once ppl see through the East-vs-West where brave spartans are the west and the persian monsters are east, they will see that their actions are the other way round.

my Views, sorry for taking a lot of space :)

Ghasheema said...

are the body figures REAL wala computerized!!!!

they are so perfectly moulded!!

its amazing...wallah I didnt focus on what they are saying....WOW is all i can say....and it must be all fake =D

7asoon said...

ollllaaa 7a6a ni9 el movie in ur blog!! you ruined it for el 3ayam out there :P lol

G.Q.™ said...

Wallain! khalasna min Superman al7een yaannah Mr. 300! ...u get so hooked to movies ..tara me too :P

I haven't seen it yet but I really want to see it. And my favorite quote which of course I only saw on the trailer ..

1: It's getting dark (or something)
2: Then we'll fight in the shade.

I love movie quotes and Im sure this movie is full of them. And what makes them fun is the way elba6al speaks ..I like it ..el7alj emba6al 7addah ..haha.

U know its a real story right?? 6ab3an el real story is only 10% of the movie.

il-sooSa said...

yal-khayna !!!!
I never go 2 any of the big movies with out askin if u wanna com !!!!


il-sooSa said...

La o b3ad ray7atla twice ya zifta!!!!

tawneee astaw3ib >=O

No3iK said...

zoooz ma 3nda mani3 basik tizili`3 wayrat :p
b3dain a7la shay kan
my queen, my wife, my love !!
magol ela MALAAAAAAT ;p

after u do plzzzzz
tell me what u think ;)

ur comment was very "uflifting"!
ehehe really thanks.
and thank that someone :p for me.
im glad ur enjoying .. hope to see more of u here :D

and i thoguht u knew me!!
movie full of HUNKA BUNKAS??
and me no like! are u outa ur lil mind :p
hehehehe ofcourse i liked it
i might see it a more couple of times ;)

sweety my post theres no spoilers :*
im just asking everyone to go and see it bl theatre!! its a MUST SEE IN A THEATRE movie! thats why :*
go watch and tell me how it goes :*

even if ur booked! try and take a break for less than two hours
the movie is not that long
hour and 40 mins bs ;)

hehehehe yeh shes a cool person her self ;)
and i didnt like how fake it looked.
but when i saw the entire movie!
i got used to it and started to appreciate the hard work theyve been to
i mean specialy the actors :p all this musles misaken must of been hell of awork out :p

yalha go see it.

im glad ur going yashagol!
and 7arra!! i might go see it for the third time 7arra :p

thank u for the time u took to write this long comment or should i say analysis!
im glad u enjoyed the movie ..
and i agree with u .. its the other way around.
not just persians .. the world kila ,, doesnt want war and should try to stop it.

mashallah tabarak al ra7man!
shay mo 6abee3i 9ig.

ent shako dash 3ar`6 man :p
goli did u like it or not ?
al zibda man?

33aaad ent ma3arftny ela ayam superman -sigh-
maa7aaad fahimny kithrik when it comes to superman ;p
bs yallah ana mt3gba mn al nas ili lail7en ma shafo al filim!
lol i know coz maybe theyve got busy lives :p bs ham shd3wa kilha sa3a o cham digega :)
u will LOVE the quotes
and i LOVED how big his eyes and mouth is! and the way he pronounces the words and letters is soooooooooooo daaaaaaaamn COOL!

b3d 3mre mo 5iyana
first time was a date! ;p so no can do.
second time, kint m3a my friends o solafna 3n al filim chan enro7la lol
o baro7la again inshalah weyach :*****
so mo 5iyana :*

Dr.Lost said...

you're so sad.. 3 f^&%^*& times ??? the movie was NOT that good.. what a loser.. you just wanted to watch the naked guys.. sad sad sad.. get porn.. lol

ZiZoTiMe said...

ok awal mara ra7 agolha ena Dr.lost is right.. It's cheaper than going to the cinema :P

Banat hal wgt.. Mo shayfeen khair :P

Bella Color said...

I had a great time ams too! bas i still cant believe that u cried hal kether during the movie... im sorry babes bas when i heard u sob, met min il '6ee7k ;p however, i still think its cute that u cry at the same scene every time u c the movie...

7addi amoot 3ala this type of movie genres bs I have to agree with Dr. Lost ena the movie wasnt that good (bs not with the porn part ;p).. i yawned thru the movie 3 X eshloon madri... il visual effects and direction is moo 6abeee3i..kan il movie fe good quotes oo excellent msgs bs it doesnt change my opinion about it.. the movie started very strong, bs awal ma cheft il freakish characters beda il movie e6ee7 min 3aini eshway...

bs 7addi en3ajbat eb king Leonidas bravery (bs i hated how he parted his wife without showing any kind of emotion) o that fa9la character who keeps laughing at inappropriate times eli egool "we r fighting in the shade" or something like that ;p

P.S. shaklich ma 7abaitay 'bloody berry' ;p

Reem said...

Well ...

After seeing the movie yesterday
n seeing all the hunks in it :P

I can deffinitly feel ya girl ..

but ..

SORRY, superman is still on the top of the list [along with Brad n wentworth ofcourse :P]

What was truly breathtaking was :
1. The choreography
2. The direction of the scenery, where each shought I can easily call puuuuuure pieces of art.

But really didnt like the ending, I felt I was fooled .. cant say any further, not to spoil it
though I seriously doubt anyone on ur blog still didnt go, after all ur campaigning :P

DiiGMaa said...

Shagool ? Sha7achy :P

akhaaiiiih !!

took my breath away..

when I get it back I'll come back with a real comment... as for now.. all I can say is

. . .

Nora-Cassandra said...

I can't wait to see it! Marzouq wrote a really good post about it too!! You guys are getting me excited!

Missy-TheOriginal said...

noobie awww...tawni astaw3ib il link hehehe... thanks hon ;) I'll watch the movie soon :**** gimme a call sometimes ... :**

do0da said...

mabrooook 3al domain sweety :*

No3iK said...

well ... hot men! ofcourse
but porn :p leave that for u.

shako al7en!
ayshaaaaaaaaaaaay. cheaper laish!

ur evil!!
hehehe how could u laugh when i was crying!!
and how could u not cry when it was the end! i dont want to spoil the movie ,, but that scene breaks my heart everytime ..

and im sooooooooooooooooo proud
happy and glad u liked the RED BULL!! now ur an official reddy ;)

and the bloody berry .. well i liked the first sip! yummy, but there is no way id be able to drink all of that .. after the second one i was FULL of suger:p THGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!

don get me wrong,,
superman will always be on the top!
topest of the top ...
i just ... i dont know
300 men! all real ,, no computers no plastic no inplants!
all REAL!
was a must .. and the story technology everything about it was simply amazing.
im glad u liked it:p

lol i liked all what u could say :p
coudlnt said it better my self :p

u should be!
go see it ,, and when u do .. tell me how it goes :)

shd3wa! hehehehe tistahlain :*

same to u :)

Financy said...

No3ik , i Finally found someone as excited as me with the movie , every one was like the movie was great , but no one like who kept screaming of how good the movie is .

im like u .. i appreciated every single detail in the movie .. loved the music.

my question is , WILL YOU MARRY ME ? :-D

zabo0o6a said...

yaw girls take me with u next time 9arley garn a7en abey a7ad yro07 weyay o when i decided to go myself syartey e5tarbat :S

No3iK said...

question is are u spartanian :p ??

hehehehehe but thank u im so glad and happy and feel bit normal after seeing someone as excited bout it as iam :D !! i totally get u ;)

lat3wren glbi ..
5ala9 if u want aro7la a 5th time :p
shasawi b3d :p

Financy said...

No3ik , chaykay hal post.. 3ashanich

Anonymous said...

I've seen it twice...they say the hitcher is good too...

No3iK said...

LOL Thanks!! i totally loved it ;)

ok ill check that to :p

piers smith said...

such naivete... that movie reeks of right-wing neo-con racist values--it is also transparent gay porn (for gym-bunnies). open your eyes. slick graphics and clever editing cannot substitute for ideological truth and its slow burns... dear oh dear..

No3iK said...

y cant u let a girl have some fun :p

im giving u a call to discuss this.
ur being soo mean!!

Anonymous said...

I have seldomly seen such a cute girl, No3ik...I just had to kiss your picture on my screen.

An italian guy -

No3iK said...

anonymous lol is this for real!

hehehehe an italian! haaa ...
ok ;p i choose to belive u.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it´s true! Even if I know this is NOT your picture, but the picture of alexis bledel, the girl from the american serie "Gilmore girls". One of the cutest girl, really. ;D