Wednesday, March 28, 2007


is the lowest of low,
any can ever go.
gutter, below the gutter
stinks, and revolts
disrespectful, is the smallest
a human being can ever be.
people with wasted brains,
tongues that best be swallowed.
words that better be un-learnt
no aim, but to humiliate...
i just wish that someday,
u will open your eyes,
and actually see.

disrespect is ugly.
just like u.


do0da said...


do0da said...


do0da said...

like i said dont let it get you down =( but you did laish this isnt the way to celebrate a new domain :r

ZiZoTiMe said...

Law 7a6a jeder o may wayed abrak! Chan fahamna! Hal kalam ehwaya 9a3ab 3alaina 3ainy :P

ZiZoTiMe said...

Btw u can reply to us to increase the no. of comments :P


No3iK said...


ziz i will reply everyone but u :p

and u know why


G I L E E E E E E L 7 A Y A A A !!!

BLaSha said...


DiiGMaa said...

Dark dark dark !!!

Reem said...
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Atinzad said...
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Missy-TheOriginal said...

I like your poem noobie! It's true, sometimes I wish i could open people's brains and pour a pint of dettol solution. I used to think that as long as there's a drop of goodness in people then there's hope if you're good to them they'll return that in favor, but I was mistaken. It's as if some were born with an innate tendency to abuse and disrespect.

But, as my fav. saying goes: They may jolly go to blazes for all we care! mmmuwahahaha... ;)

I miss dalool's martini glasses and weird virgin fruit punches! You know what? Let's do that! I'll find a recipe soon and let you know but without RED BULL!!!!! hehe :P

Atinzad said...

Congrats on the new domain looks really cool :)

G.Q.™ said...

madri min wain tyebeen hal cool pics :P

phoenix said...

Disrespect isn't only ugly but also revolting. It's something we all should try to avoid.
But No3ik, people only see in people what they see in themselves. So whatever this rude person says or does, Its a reflection on themselves!

(missed you_)

ZHP said...

That is a good piece, my friend!! A great pic too...



Swair. said...

beautiful poem :)

ya36eech el 3afya :D

mystique said...

Beautifully said..

Marzouq said...

hmmmm Well.. I'm not sure whats affecting you but you shouldn't let it affect you so much! Enjoy life, there is too much to do!

I'm passing out at the keyboard right now.. I will probably sleep and pass out in the next 45 seconds!

Enjoy this weekend and take a break!

sweetd said...

yep.. brainwashing is a commen thing nowadays... poeple use ur brains

Reem said...

i just just just dont know how to say wht im feeling right now..
hmmm..disrespectful! why do ppl even bother saying words, the actual activity of openning their freakin mouths to utter fu**** up words! u ppl shut the hell up!! u ppl "open ur eyes" and see how "ugly" u really r! with no "respect" i tell such ppl: GO TO HELL!

i love u nuba :* u r amazing!

•Houliee• said...

LoVeD iT ;**

Dr.Lost said...

entay il ugly

Dr.Lost said...

ok not tooooo ugly ;p lool

Dr.Lost said...

ok ok ok ... you're not ugly ;p like i know what you look like a9lan ;p

loco said...

yabeela walla ;)

Anonymous said...



Sharm said...

nice blog

AmoOora said...

i wrote something bss madrii if it went through..
so ill say it again ;p

this is a tough one !

thats all i can say about it, tough tough tough !

( i like the pic tho ;p )

No3iK said...

lol laish 3ad!

yes .. very.

u know exactly what im talking about then.

thanks .. it feels gr8 to have it ;)

sir :p

i missed u too :*

thanks sweeety ... ;) uve got good taste.

e3afech sweety thanks

thanks :** means alot. coming from u.

lol thats cute!!
hehehe nom al 3affya.

very common and is happening in the most unexpected places!!

enty ili amazing .. thanks :***
loved ur words.

thanks babes and welcome to me blog.

ugly is , ugly does :p hehehehehe

ur nickname suites u :p

thanks u very much for saying that..
now plzz who are u :D ??

thanks and welcome to my blog.

u reminded me of digmas reaction.. dark, dark, dark ..
so yes .. it is all of that to.
its spreading in out society .. and its just hard to deal with.

No3iK said...
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