Sunday, March 11, 2007

Men like him should be shot!

this will be quick ... like taking off a bandage! quick but painful ...
a girl just got married, to this really young, from a good family, good rep guy! theyre out on their maybe third date .. u know MILCHA time.
she notices he almost doesn't include her in their his conversations.. she most of the time was "a listener" ...
bad sign!
so she tries and give in some input, say her opinion from time to time ..
she notices he doesn't like it!
then ... he keeps talking bout he wants this in his life, wants that in hers, and how he wants the kids and the house to be ... blah blah blah.
he had everything planned for already! before he even met her!!!
so she goes:

her: were talking bout kids already..! we just got married?
him: yes .. I want them as soon as possible. They'll be like this, and like that ...! my kids will go to this and do that ....
her: you keep saying my this and my that!! they're OUR kids and its OUR life ?? the kids are OURS .. mine too, you know?
him: -smiling-
her: what??
him: now tell me .. if you go to a vending machine, a Pepsi machine, and you insert a coin, then the Pepsi comes out ... who's Pepsi is it .. the machine's, or the person's?
her: Ha!
him: i think u get it now.

*Note: i have quoted their exact words

I'm very sad to see that, such mentalities EXIST!!!
the two of course split after this incident. smart girl, I salute her! knew when to kick this mans a*s out ... i mean this is JUST TOO MUCH!
hes educated!! young .. and has a vending machine of a mother himself!! why would he think like this??? so women are vending machines ... and men because they have coins!!! they own us!! they own what we have, what we produce and give!!!


girls ... never be afraid to stop a man, if he was being a jerk, u say so! MEN are not better than us, they do not deserve respect or anything better, just because they're simply MALE! .. this idea! they try to put and feed it to generations, of both males and females. its wrong, so WRONG. if we do not do this .. it will spread, we need to remind our selves but most importantly *THEM! that we deserve equal good things in life. including respect!
*"them" not all men,,, but the JERKS out there.

u not only leave, u shut him up, then u DUMP! ;)


do0da said...


do0da said...

Minik ilmal o minha li3yal Has a totally messed up meaning under his philosophy :P

Zalabya said...

do0da tara ana elli khalaitik etshoozin min kaaaaaify ;p
and No3ik.. i so agree with u
3ad hal naw3eya zayda hal yoomain el jerks i mean..
i know that u know what i mean .. u know what am sayin right?

Reem said...

Halleluiah!! You go ma sista!!
First of all, genocide for all such men!

My hat goes up for the brave girl!! God bless

I talk about this all the time, how many highly educated, supposedly brilliant men have such f***** up mentalities! Mothers r partly blamed, I’ve seen it many times, don’t ya worry, I speak up and never let any shitty ideologies pass by me without trashing it to the wall!
Seriously! More than sick!

I tell every such man: don’t let the door hit u on the a*s!

Great great post! God bless u babe girl! *hugs*
:** mwah mwah

um-miT3ib said...

6rag esheeeeela w ya7thifa bain eeedaine atwala shighla ibn elatheena

Marzouq said...

You know its really sad when I hear guys like that, I ask them if they think their mothers are just objects to them.

There should be a balanced relationship of responsibilities.

What I find sad is all these guys who are supposed to be "young men" but still have the mentallity of children with zero maturity.

7amdilla she got out of it early. The idea of maturity should apply both to guys and girls. I have seen some really immature girls and immature guys.

This seems to be the case across the middle east, not just Kuwait, and the problem is these guys are supposed to be educated. I just don't understand how they reach that point. Sad really.

Good for your friend, glad she got out of it.

AmoOora said...

i salute YOU for writing about this !
it really pisses me off how some people still think this way..
my mom complains cuz when i hear something i dont like i talk baq and she thinks i should just shut up and not say anything..

we should really stand up and make ppl realise that we are ALL equal bSs its not that easy..
people are ignorant

and that was very brave of her to do that..

No3iK said...

hehehehhe so thats all u have to say bout that :p
im thinking u maybe agree with him.

eeee 9a7 9a7 she was gona shoot, chan tgoli laaaa doda yistahil :p
so doda u should give her one of ur shot guns next time :)
LOL i know
3ayazna wi7na ENATIF b hl siyayel ;p hhehehehe

hehehehe LOVED ur spirit! ;p
i know wasnt she just brave!! mashallah and shes also young.
i know u do!!!
thank u dear we need more ppl like u.
thanks spread the love honey.

*um mit3ib:
I LOVED the ibn latheena part! :*
hehehe baradty chabd chabdy.

i know what u mean
i come across some of them,
but most of the time, its my relatives and friends who actually have to deal with them!! so its kind of personal and pisses me off to see the ones i love get hurt like this.

and like u said this kind of mentality comes from the gulf mostly.
and i seee meny of it comes from TV shows, specialy kuwity shows, sops.. and some books .. but inshalah im hoping for the best.
specialy that we do have sooo many good men .. like ur self ;)
god bless.

thank u soo much
ur absolutely right
we simply should be heard.
u i and everyone .. we should be heard.
were the good guys after all :D

ZiZoTiMe said...

Heeeeey u! Don't u ever talk about men like this... The man was right... Life is all about men.. And u're part of it So one word to u and all the girls:

OBeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey :P


No3iK said...



i bet u know .. what ill say next:


EniGma said...

zaaaain etsaweeeeeeey feeeeh!!!!! that's exactly what i would do!

Hatha ely nage9!

eshda3wa said...

<--- takes out a gun

VENDING MACHINE! that @$%^&*
i have a pretty good idea where he cant stick these coins of his!

3baid said...

LOL! So that's where babies come from; vending machines! XD

DiiGMaa said...

ishyaabeeeeeee !!

it's men like that who act all macho and selfish that end up with women that rule the house with an iron fist..

Bastards :P

Allah ewafig-ha inshalah o 3afya 3alaiha she walked out early and didn't think twice !

Purgatory said...

His machine must be old and rusty to take 9 months each time he needs a pepsi.

I pefer my drinks in bottles, cans give it a bad taste.

Peony said...

VENDING MACHINE ?? so we;re vending machines now ?? how f*cked up was that guy ?!

ok,, im speechless... i got no words other than he is one f*cked up a**hole !!!

Intlxpatr said...

What courage it must have taken to get out of this marriage, and thanks be to God, she did!

phoenix said...

Not only sick but sad and unbelievable.. ITS A DAMN SHAME, thats what it is..
I very happy that she left him, and if she hadn't she'd be one crazy woman. You go lady!

Anonymous said...


Hey you... been a while since I commented here :) It is moi... D :P Talked to you on the phone the other day... ne hoo

I just wonder why she never saw that coming during il 5i6ba? They didn't have an engagement? Or maybe he never talked about what his male ego wants during the first stages.

There will always be an Arab-Male mentality, even the Americanized-Kuwaiti men who are against it, will always have that little part of them that dominates and possesses- after all they grew up with it.

Their mothers are submissive, their aunts are obeying, female relatives are mute. Unconsciously they grew up with it.

I also remind you that this mentality occurs not only in the gulf. Some of my uncle's relatives (aunt's husband) who happens to be American criticize this same behavior in some states more than others. In south-eastern Asia you have the same mentality and not to mention urban parts of european countries.

Do not feel like there's a part out there that preaches democracy and freedom and we're in this part where its backwards. Even so called modern democracy is built upon hypocracy and commercial propoganda. Other than that, I agree with everything you say.

Good for her..

um-MiD3aaB said...

shakla mu bas il rayel ily ra7 yen6ag ..
7etta zizo weyaaaH ;p
bacher bayeeeb nabba6ty watrabaslehum !!!!


Alah yam7ihom mn hal diniya all men ily think that way, how .. how.. how... (god mani lagyia kilma ) !!!

A pepsi machine, how can he compare a life of 2 poeple to a pepsi machine !! is that how educated people think like thesedays ?!

Carlsb3rg said...

This reminded me of a person i know who should have done the same thing, but didn't and accepted her life the way it is. She always seemed strong and someone who can control her own destiny, but i guess some people are just weak in front of certain persons.

Anonymous said...

Gr8 post sweetie...marriage is a compromise between both...its all about sharing and caring...well am happy she left him coz i'm sure her life would be hell later...

Missy-TheOriginal said...

Carlsb3rg, yeah it's hard when a woman loves an asshole. It's an addiction, she can't see or think right. Her vision is fogged up by her love for the 'ideal' and not 'reality', then it gets intensified with her sense of 'security' and she is stuck in her comfort zone and it's hard to let go. It's not easy finding a compromising relationship.

Swair. said...



i agree with do0da, SHOWZAN!

Swair. said...

and btw, he may be EDUCATED, but he's IMMATURE..

Jacqui said...

I guess he should also accept that his coins can also bring out Seven Up Cans and not only other Pepsi Cans? So he should just shut his trap up and accept whatever he gets right?

Either way he's an idiot and more and it's great that she did that from the beginning rather than wait it out. It shows she has a greater character and knows what she deserves and what she doesn't.

um-miT3ib said...

bs ana mabridat chabde fee ba3aD:P

fene shar ;p

No3iK said...

shes brave :)

girl u cracked me up!! heheheheh

lol yeah thats a new one ;p
u have to admit its creative!

yeah i know!!! most of the time,
allah may6ig eb3a9a ;)
they usually have other shortcomings when they act like this ;p

lol i never thought of it this way!
bottles u say! been a long time i ever tried a drink from a bottle.
they dont have red bulls in bottles :`(

u gooooo girl!! ;)
let it all out.

thank god! yes ... he gave her the courage to do so. and that was alesson she learnt the hard way. and now it is an example for the girls and guys out there. thnx sweety.

oh u have no idea what shes been throught to get rid of him!! shes a hero i swear!
al7imdellah :*

yeeeeeeeeeey ur back!
miss talking to u to.
anyways look .. unfortunately not all families are ok with long engagements! so yes i think they will change theyre mind after this.
so there was no way she couldve known
they asked about the guy, and they had nothing but praise and good things to say about him. but like they always say a guy is always different when it comes to his wife.
and i agree with u too :*

ee zizo al tibin embadi3 feena!!
enty naba6a o ana b6ol emkasara!! nitwalahum inshallah.

i know!! this tell u alot doesnt it!
i mean hes insulting his own mother by saying this.
but ppl like him do not really think nor feel. theyre so full of themself.

im so sorry for ur friend.
all u can do i guess is wish he r life will get better with time.
or maybe someday god will give her the courage to do something about it.
u never know. and its good to have u back :)

thanks man .. im glad u like it.
and i think its amazing how many men are not only against such mentality but also demanding some change in it. it makes me feel very proud!

ur sweet!
immature is the least he deserves.
u may, say hes got no brains .. or life . he really should get a life. go to a rehab and try and live normaly. coz this is not normal!

well as for the 7 different kind of drinks .. i dont think it would matter.. all that matters is that SHE has nothing to do with it, she has no say in anything shes the factory of babies .. and thats it.

the girl is super. i swear to god, i dont know her very well. shes young and most of the time shy.. so i was very surprized she had this very powerful strong character thats growing and maturing. i just adore her.

b6ol emkasara o naba6a ... shino tben akthar?? :p not to mention he got dumped
although he left with lots of money!!! but hes been dumped.

ReD Lady™ said...

if you learn how to share oo 9breek ykoon 6weeel you will win ;Pp

do0da said...

i said totally messed up meaning didnt i? so i how can i agree with something thats messed up :P ?

ne ways this was more of a girl power post so i figured id let u guys enjoy the limelight :P

Carlsb3rg said...

I wish that from the bottom of my heart :)

Dandoon said...

wtf?! aham shay ilvending machine example! zain itsawi ina she got out of it now before it's too late!

um-miT3ib said...

hidony 3ala sayarta :D

il-sooSa said...

U GO girl 4 bringing this up ..
But I wanted to add to the story its even worse part

The thing is, that after this incident, and numerable stuuupid others, the girl talked 2 her family and they were all supportive and understanding of her decision [so there is still some good in this life :) ]

However, when the husbands family was notified, at first they were saying how the girl .. "7adha ma 3indaha salfa o 3agilha isgheeer"

But, the really fu**d up part to me, was when they were totally shocked that girl's parents were sticking up with their daughters madness. They thought that " akeed ahalha bicha3moonha, n all will go well, n then we'll teach her how real life should go around here"

and this is another point, many girls are fooled by whats around them thinking there's no way out, nothing more for them, and this is what they should do n beleive in. Even though what Marzoug said was right [immaturity is from both sides i mean] but there is a HUUUUUUUUUGE difference:
1. %99 of all societies don’t give a damn about boys immaturity>> my old time favorite [li9bay shayil 3aibah]
2. Males have the higher power given by society or by twisted/false implementations under the title of Islam, just cause they’re, guess what .. Males, not for wisdom, experience or achievements.

Its soooo Sad, and true, but by no means invincible. Many women, AND men, have done soo much and have gone a long way to help in this matter ... and so can we

Sorry for the long n serious post .. but we all need a reality check every now and then

Anonymous said...

elsharha 3aleeha ely ma3refat etred 3aleeh wetsakta... !!!

elmafroth etgola ina el machine 9a7 takheth el 100 fils o et6ale3 pepsi o ekoon 7aga ! makhtalafna !! bs elmafroth oho efaker ba3ad !! coz el machine ham takheth 50 50 !! ely ohwa khamsenteen !! o mo shar6 min nafs el shakh9 !! bsssssss et6ale3 el pepsi ely oho be9eer 7aga bil nehayaa !!! ;P !! o 6ab3an e7na bil kuwait khardatna wayeddddddddd !! fe 50 50 !! o 25 o 25 o 25 o 25 !! ya3ne 4 eyeboon wa7ed o ekon 7aga ohwa bssssssssssssssssssssss !! :P !! o ethkayalaw law el machine takheth 5 flosssss she9eeeeeeeeer !! 7azar fazar :P !!!..

bs tara bil nehaya ham 7aga el pepsi !!!! :P

o salamatkom o e3eshon el 7athreen !!

No3iK said...

*red lady:
al 9abir is a good thing, but some cases .. u have to just leave.

still .. not good enough ;p


here here .. :)

*um mit3ib:
5ala9 ayeeeblich raqam nimrat al sayara :p

*il soosa:
eeee u completed the story.
the untold part of it.
which part of is was good ,, and the other was well, just as dissapointing!
hope ppl will learn.. wallah shay ya7rig al galb!


i beg to know whos the genuis behind this comment.
i sweat i fell in love with u and i dont know u ..
girl plzzzz comment again or email meee
MINO ENTAY! hehehehehe
thanks for making me laugh sweety :*


U GOOO GIRL.. walah 5oosh rad, chan "af7ima" lool

Missy said...

typically a khaleeji guy! O.o

zain sawaat feeeh enshallah e3anes (or whatever they call it when a guy doesnt get married..if such a word exist!).... oo walla wa7da ter6'a feeh!

o b3den let him be his OWN VENDING MACHINE! x_XX

*evil laugh* ;)

No3iK said...

i know! isnt she the best!! ;)

shay enarfiz i swear!!
bs shinsawi ...
allah karem all i can say
i hope we in the future can raise a better generation than this one!
allah karem :*

Chica Bonita Q8 said...

if a guy dares to talk to me like this I'd slap him with divorce papers!

Intlxpatr said...

No3ik, you have done a fantastic thing, blogging this subject. You brought it to the attention of young women, young men, AND THEIR FAMILIES! It's better to talk it over before anything happens, so the young women will know that their families will back them when they find themselves in an impossible marriage.

Again, what courage, for the young woman, for her family, what courage, to stand firm on their values, and to not "cast their pearl" before a total swine.

No3iK said...

*chica bonita:

im soooo encouraged by ur words.
ur a warm person
and u see everythung differently.
thank u .. and hopefuly this post will do what u said to some of its readers :*

Anonymous said...

i have to say that ur vending machine comment made me laugh out loud. the guys opinion is truly messed up, but i knew a guy who uses (and believes in) that same quote over and over again. these r two separate men because the one i know got married, so i guess this is a thing shared by many of the males. its funny, and sad, all at the same time.

No3iK said...


i dont know if this example is spreading ..
but if it is .. i feel sorry for those who use it !
they have the brain size of an ant.
and i do wish that u talked some sense into ue friend.

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

he's got a point

Anonymous said...

He's got a point you people

No3iK said...


if u really think so, then i feel sorry for both of u.

ZuZu said...

ahaaaam shay .. y3nii a3aniii 9 months oo a5er shay y9eeroon malotaaah :|