Thursday, March 15, 2007

so Let go ...

life is a matter of choices.
but do we really know how? or what does that really mean?
most people don't know that they can choose. they dela with misery and depression, because they do have choices, but they don't get to choose.
one of the choices we have, in our every day life, is the choice to let go.


you let go of all whats bothering you in life, of all the pain, the disappointments and heart ache. you let go and you move on. you get to have a new start, feel light again. you would be able to let go of all of that, if you knew that you had a choice, which you do! letting go, even of the things that cause us pain and hurt can be very hard and difficult, cause we humans tend to get attached to our surroundings. here you get to have a nother choice, choosing your own surroundings, that includes people, and objects. your ideas and thoughts are choices that you make. what if we simply get to choose that we want to let go of, all the negativity that's living in/with us. To be immune with our own will. we do have this choice, its right under our noses! fear of the unknown is what stops us from going on. we think that we want to be like everyone else, because it seems much easier when things in life are already decided and sorted out! to be common just like everyone else! were so afraid to find out on our own, how things might turn out. how it would feel like, to live your own life.


some people would let go, in a very negative way. some would want to choose to let go of life it self! want to end it, so they get to choose when and how and where to end it all. to let it all go away. fact is, its not letting it go, its throwing it all away, in the faces of all the ones who care for u. its throwing away all the choices u will ever have in life. throwing away every chance of falling in love, of all the kisses, hugs, future, laughter, family and friends. of what could be your future dreams and achievments, of you making a difference in someones life, helping others. to throw away life it self with all its shades, shapes and colors. is the worst choice anyone could make.


writing this post was a choice of mine, clicking each button on this keyboard is a choice of mine. our life is like this keyboard. you get to choose when to click and what to click. when ever there is a mistake or an error, you can always backspace, delete, refresh or even restart. there is no need to shut down and definitely there is no need to simply copy paste! live your own life, the way you want.

i dedicate this amazing song .. to all of you .. it simply sets me free. enjoy!


do0da said...


Bella Color said...


Zalabya said...


do0da said...

like i say :P

you call me weird like its a bad thing :P

then i get ur not weird ur just different :P

i like weird i choose to be weird :q


bella: she makes me post it o you want me to pass the shotgun :P 7aram qadray the pain she put me thru :P

No3iK said...


awal mara ashof post fe three shot guns!!


Zalabya said...

im speechless.. u know why
:* *hugs*

Bella Color said...

dooda: warak warak o il zeman 6aweeel ;p there will b this one day when u'll slip & i'll b 1st.. just wait and c ;p

7abebtiiiiii this is of the best post u have ever written.. i applaud u :**

u know, if some1 just walks with the '6af attitude' that nothing matters and 2morrow there will always be sun, then ppl would make better choices/changes..

i hate dilemmas :P

u said everything that needs to b said ;*


miss u wayid :***

and i cant stop listening to the song thanx to u ;p

Reem said...

my God! see u see, i told u, u inspire me.. ur writings are amazing! mashallah.. what u say and write make a huge difference..
hmmmm.. ummmhhmmm
i choose to let go of my negativity.. i choose to embrace life and the "gifts" it has to offer.. i choose to love my future, present, and past.. i choose to read ur amazing writings!!

loved it loved it loved it!!
*big huge hugs* mwah mwah :**

Delicately Realistic said...

I loved ur last paragraph. Its so true.

I try to make the best choices i can. For myself and others it may affect.
I just hate ppls choices that they seem to force upon me. That end up hurting me in the process.


Oh well....grin and bare it.
Not my choice to take right?
The only choice i have is to
Let Go
Just like u said.


Amz said...

Good to hear positive stuff from you :>

Swair. said...

excellent post :D

ya36eech el 3afya :D

Yazeed said...

aham shay inna they are playing football in the clip :P
will read later, gtg

Carlsb3rg said...

When you believe in destiny, freedom of choice is just an illusion.

When you believe in the freedom of choice, destiny is just an illusion.

ZiZoTiMe said...

Kalaaaam ekbeeeeeeeeer men wa7da ekbeeeeeeeeeeera :)

Mawahbech 6ol 3omerha madfoona yal z o atwaqa3 hal mokan ohwa le3betech.. Akh bs law e9er eshaghlonech feh bedal el ba6alah ely 3aysha feha ;)

el song law kanat teshteghl 3al Fm mathalan o ana asog ashkara a7thef el musajel men el car :P Oh i mean nice song ;)

AmoOora said...

wow lovely post.. loved it !!

ummm i choose to love life in all it has to offer, bad and good, cuz both will shape my life somehow..

when something bad happens, ppl think they made the wrong choices bss its just something that had to happen for your life to be how its supposed to me..

good post sweetie ;*

No3iK said...

i did say u were .. many things!
but u left out GAY ;p
heheheheeh ur not!
but i also said .. ur just special
and not typical, those were my exact words :)
and u have every right to be so and very proud :D

i know :*

LOL i know the song is soooo addictive!
some ppl doing get it i guess.
but its very relaxing and simply sets ur mind free.
anyways 7bebty im so glad u liked the post.
i know many ppl know what i said, but they need to be reminded .. my self included.
love u loads .:*

aaaawwwww!! ur the sweetest!
kalaamich kila honey b honey!
b3d 3mre thanks it means ALOT wallah
ur poems do the same wallah.
i just think the english dep. ROCKS!lets leave it to that ;)
and good for u ...
u keep doing that inshalah and all will be just fine :*
wish u the best.

yeaah so true,
and its not just people, its the entire societ! community.
if u try and be who you are.
they even accuse you of being crazy.
or they just alienate u!
which is sooo depressingly wrong.
i thiknk the only thing that can be done here is .. face this situation and resist till someday inshalah .. ppl will learn to accept who we are.

be fair here! ive been postivie for a long time now :p

allah e3afech :*
o tislam edich.

:@ ur such a guy!!!
all u got from the post is the football bit! im killing u.

thats sums things up doesnt it.
makes perfect sense. so againn u choose which one u want to live with i guess.

eeeeeeeeeeeh daa kollo ya ziiiiz!!
shfeeek ra`6i 3ani alyom kalam 7ilo wallah o jameeel specialy coming from u :P U FEMALE HATER!!
anyways sweety thanks wallah.
i hope u learned something :p ireally do :)

thanks ssweety, i can see that u only choose wisely.
ur a wise person mashallah for ur age.
hope things never chnage :)

Atinzad said...

we can not let go of our burdens all the time.

Life comes with burdens...what would life be if it is all easy and 6enasha as bella says ?

somtimes bitter sometimes spicey and sometimes sweeet....ce la vie!

ZHP said...

Hey, my friend! Thanks for your lovely message. Have an excellent weekend!! :)

No3iK said...

i agree with u .. ur trying to be more realistic ..
thats not what i was talking about.
no one can let go of their burdens in life.
but im talking in general here in life.
madre .. hope u know what i mean.

thank u and ur more than welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Maze hugs u!!....:P