Sunday, March 18, 2007

cuz iam what iam ...

You cut me this deep
and ask me not to bleed.

You hurt every existing cell in me,
and ask me not to feel,

im human, and unfortunately,
we do feel.
so tell me ...
what are you again ?


do0da said...


eshda3wa said...

im gna have nitemares

Zalabya said...

that pic
no comments

7asoon said...

shal 9owar el khalee3a ! girl put a warning up front of your blog or something :D

salamat ma tshofeen shar yuba

Intlxpatr said...

Sweetie, that is a seriously troubling image. I know you must have a good reason for posting it. Please, dear one, edit or delete this comment if it offends you, but please, talk to someone who can help you through whatever it is that has caused you so much pain. You don't have to deal with this by yourself. You have so many people who love you.

Honey™ said...

loved the poem ,, but the pic "dont think so"

TAT said...

I'm the crimson running through your viens?

Reem said...

Amazing pic!
Ppl say or do to others whatever they want, they tell us not to get hurt or feel bad!! Shloon y3ni?!! There’s a button that says “off pain” that we can just click to feel better!!??
All we do is feel feel and feel.. as u said “human”.. and that’s who we are.
Absolutely beautiful! :*** hugs

do0da said...

il quote my fav bowling for soup song

all you need is ice cream and a hug

No3iK said...

u go!

inshalah not :*

well we will talk about it inshalah.

lol mu5ik ili 5ale3 :p

sweeety! ofcourse it doesnt offend me!
ur being honest and i love ur honesty. and the fact ur concerned.
ive got all the help trsut me, theyre all here and always around, i just need this sometimes.i cant explain it ..
but thank u . ur comment touched me :*

thanks 7abebty. i love the pic.

nice! and you are?

thank u for appreciating the pic!
know one gets these things but u wallah
so thank u for that :*

thats sweet!

Dr.Lost said...

gay poem... lol as usual ;p looool

ZiZoTiMe said...

Ok look... Lama etkhalen koleyat el 3lom el edareya ely bel eshwaikh 3ala yemenech.. Kamlay seedaa.. El dowar el awal seeda... El thany hm seeda.. El thaleth hm seeda... El rabe3 ra7 etlefen el dowar yesar and u'll find urself in the right place... Mustashfa el 6eb el nfsy

ooooooooooooHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! :P

No3iK said...

ill only go there if both of u join me :p

so how was lost la 5awana??? x/

AmoOora said...

umm that was a deep poem..

we all go through these times sometimes.. inshalla ull find your way out of it ;*


ouch ! he's an Alien ;P

i VOTE for the pic to be replaced with something less disturbing ;/

Zizo "rude" as usual ;p
Ya 5ifat DaMiiK ;p

Missy-TheOriginal said...

And it is also human to forgive one's self for not fulfilling others as we should be.

C'mon noobie- let go- get back to your happy posts. They made everyone smile :)

G.Q.™ said...

3an yoomah :P

Anonymous said...

Zizo and Dr.Lost stop bugging No3ik...ok?

The pic is really expressing ur feelings....take it many times i've told u that....:)

Raw reem said...

hey no3ik,
haven't been to ur blog for a while,and when i read the latest i was just "wow-ed" by them.

Luv the pic btw,it told tales about how i was feelin as well so thanks,i really felt like there was sumone else who cud just get it and feel that icky feelin as well.

Hope ur doin well,
tc babe

D. said...

The 'disturbing' picture they're all talking about has caused me a sudden craving for chocolate :-|
Love the poem :-)

No3iK said...

thanks babes ..
i wish the same to all ..

alien :p i think aliens have feelings to ..
and zizo could pass for an alien ;p
ppl dont see what i see in the pic.

hehehehehe inshallah ill let go :*
will make ppl smile again ;)

ent mn wain 6ala3t?

that is so adorable!!
thanks sweety .. soooo sweet of u
oh and mind them not, theyre just idiots!

*raw reem:
so u do read my blog!
that is a gr8 honour sweety.
thanks .. and im very flattered u like my previuos posts.
hoping ull like the future ones to :*
and deffinately wishing to see more of u around here ..
thank u :*

now thats just weird, could be scary even :p
but ill stick to weird ;p
bon apetite!

Anonymous said...

Loved Ur poem
It is So true

But, the picture is deffinitly inappropriate

Were Muslims + shes Naked = inappropriate [period]

There are alot "hurt people" pics out there, u could use, that are more decent.

Please, dont be offended, I wish u'd change it only for that reason.

Marzouq said...

Inshalla it is something that can be solved, because honestly after the hell I have just been through and back I think that you can go through anything and you can solve anything no matter how deep the cut.

I think that the shell around you will get a little harder, especially when somebody close to you hurts you. Well thats the case for me. But you move on and live your life!

O inshalla alah esa3dich o yafrijlich el 6areej ely fee kil el sa3aadah!

I go riding to smile like an idiot! hehehe

Anonymous said...

amazing poem .. but the picture itkhari3 :(

No3iK said...

thanks for ur opinion and kind advice.
but i see it as art.
not sexual or naked.
all i see is legs and arms ,, she could be wearing a bikini or a two piece and she doesnt even look real she seems made of wax .. i respect ur opinion ofcourse .. but i know what i see in it, and im not thinking of it in the same way some ppl may have. it is a beautiful full of meaning artistic picture. thats all i have to say.and thats all i see in it.

im so sorry to hear this!
i really am ,, i dont know what to say
but i know ull goo through with this.
i mean uve got ur mom and ur work, and ur friends !! not to mention ur bike! ;) al7imdellah 3la kil7al
ive been throug much much worst! u know hell .. as u put it .. and i survived them ... well half of me did .. but bottom line is .. we go through with it .. thanks for ur kind wishes .. i wish u the same :)

thanks :*
and ill make it up to u inshalah.

Anonymous said...

thanks for ur opinion and kind advice.
but i see it as art.
not sexual or naked. she could be wearing a bikini"

The picture is definitely artistic, I even admired the strength of its expression.

Even if she was wearing a bikini, they obviously wanna imply otherwise

And I never said its "sexual".
I said its "in-appropriate" , Do u believe its ok to post a model wearing a string bikini on ur blog !!!
Come on!! there should be boundaries to art, and 2 being cool n all ..

I loved the pic, its unique, n would love to share it with my female friends [just like other thingies that r only cool between us girls] ;)

il-sooSa said...

Ya shagoool sh-halsoooora !!!

Ay shay "all i see is legs n arms"
U can see all the to her inner thighs !!!! even the edge of her @$$
her thingies r barely cvered @@

But great poem though

3asa il-poem moo 3ani bas :P
if it was me, akeed m3ay 7ag :P
But if its not, tell me who , 3ashan akafkha 7agich ;o)

No3iK said...

sweety i again appreciate ur concern.
i really dont know how to put what i see and think in words.
but when i saw the pic i related.
and i felt it, a pic can say a thousand words. and this one had milllions in it.
i do not see it as in appropriate.
when someone is suicidal, they feel lonely and naked. they feel out of this world, they feel blank.
so again, i saw the combination of pain, blood and flesh. that, this person want to be out of his/her own flesh. it holds great deal of power. i see it as very painfuly shockingly realistic. i never saw any pic that conveyed such meaning more than this one.
im so sorry if some find it inappropriate, but i see beyond the surface. and if some people do not like it, they can simply scroll up! thats what i do in many sites.
thank you :*

read anonymous comment,
thats how i feel about it, and im so sorry but i do not agree.
thats just me.
and now u didnt hurt me :p even if u do i always make sure i tell u.
and it wasnt directed to someone in particualr
it was more general .. maybe to life it self.
:* thanks 3l faz3a .

Nora-Cassandra said...

I loved the picture and poem! It seems like you are really hurting deep inside! I do hope it’ll pass and you get strong! You’re too young to spend your days sad and grieving on what ever it is that is making you feel that low!! :)

No3iK said...

thank you for a very sweet but very much needed wish and prayer.
it means alot.
and i do try my best.
thank u :*