Sunday, April 01, 2007

Aprils Crazyness.

so we all know what this is about :p
i have started my day in being fooled by a friend! she woke me up just to laugh at me x/ so then i started my own chain since i couldn't go back to sleep!
i have fooled many today :D ha ha ha ...!
ummmmmmmmmmm i seriously lost track of how many they were!!! but MANY!
out of all of them only three were smart enough to figure it was Aprils fools :p
gives the crown to zalabyaaa :*** u were the smartest of course :p
all the others hard luck ;p u know who u are :p hehehehehehehe wallah i cant stop laughing.
i had many many unexpected reactions and ALOT OF SAB!!! April fools is all about the sab u will get afterwards :p sab = swearing and cursing :p

so i would like to thank all the ppl who made this day possible heheheheheh u fools :p

so now .. who is willing to share what happened to them and what they did to others on this day .. or in any previous Aprils .. im very curious to know .. and i will post the interesting ones here :D

some ppl cried to day! some were yelling! and some were shocked!! @@ what was nice about all what happened to day was: i get to know a part of each one that i didn't know before .. from each reaction .. i learnt something different from each person. which was simply amazing.
now i know many love me more than i ever knew .. now i know some ppl really worry, some would kill me if i ever cut my hair! and ofcourse some were complere As*es :P hardest part was holding my laugh!

so yeah it was interesting .. again tell me some liessssssssssssssss ;)


do0da said...


do0da said...

its not hard to fool a person when hes half asleep :P you coulda told me we're at war and id believe you :P

No3iK said...

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

nothing will change the fact u were fooled :p

HA HA HA ! xr

Anonymous said...

last april my mom had just bought a HUGE jan6at siffar!! so i asked my sister to see if she could fit in it!! she went in.. i closed the bag.. and started rolling her all over the house :P

hehehehe :P i told the maid tifta7laha 3ala ma ana an7ash (a)

Carlsb3rg said...

Just one person fooled me. It was actually a nice thing, and it made me smile.

Si7LeYa said...

L2nch em3fna 3ady w 7dch mjrema w shrera w mara7 ansa hl7rka mnch

effffff mnch effffff


BLaSha said...

you poor thing!

Missy said...

I havent fooled anyone 2day.. what were ur lies?

last year, I fooled ppl and knew how much they loved me.. awww.. haha <33 :P

Reem said...

looooool hehehehe :**
today was sooo freakin normal! m7d fooled me o i didnt fool any!! hmmmm how boring mo? ;p
u r sooo crazy!! me love!! :** mwah and hugzzzzzzz!

No3iK said...

LOL now thats not a joke, that pure evil :p
how old was ur sister?

now thats just sweet! :)

lol sha5bari entay bs badda3tay feeeni yashagol :p

yeah i know :`(

aaawww cute isnt it! :)

u rule girl! what r u talking bout :p

ZiZoTiMe said...

Ur blog is amazing

*Did i fool u? :P Say the truth*

..G.. said...

Oh you naughty naughty thing!!!! loool Happy april fools...

I used to be pranked by my class mates back in school cos they were mostly brits.. but ever since i left i hadn't had any taste of april's fool (most arabs say its 7araaaam :p)..

Lool you really brought up a few great memories with ur post, glad someone is making the best of it still hahaha ;)

take care hun'

Delicately Realistic said...

Nobody april fooled me
I didnt april fool anyone

im boring

as of 5.35am i have been hit with a serious episode of depression

feed 'em to the dogs i say


No3iK said...

still sakka :p

lol u call that naughty :p
not really ;p
but 7aram! :s now thats a first!

ur not boring!
ur going through what all must go through ..
:** and if any hurt u,
they deffinately should be fead to the dog ;)

Zalabya said...

fools!!! te3alemaw menni! ;P

No3iK said...


ur the master of disaster :p

Anonymous said...

i was 15 o she was 18 :$ shes tiny! :P

Swair. said...

looooooooool nobody pranked me, el 7amdilla :p

what did u do? just did an "i cut my hair" prank?

No3iK said...

no no ... i had different pranks for each group of ppl ..
divide friends .. some other friends .. family and somone :p

one of them was .. i had a new hair cut! BOOY!!! ;)

the other was .. something had to do with my ex-boss

and the last one i cant tell :p

Zalabya said...

im sorry .. what was the last one?