Friday, June 18, 2010

Celebrating Fathers Day

David Beckham with his son Romeo. voted one of the best fathers of the year

so many of you may say .. fathers day celebrated? why?
some people wont even celebrate mothers day because its (haram) or (bidaa). well personally the way i see it, nothing came in the Quraan that says do not celebrate (harmless) occasions in life if they werent from islam .. nothing says that. on the contrary Islam always encouraged us to express love, give gifts and to celebrate happy occasions in life(as long as) its in a proper way and manner that doesnt include anything haram. thats how i find these occasions, nothing but (human) they have nothing to do with any religion, or harm any traditions what so ever .. they are purely "a harmless reminder" .. to make someone you truly love feel appreciated and loved on a certain day of the year.

many would argue: we show them love every single day not just this day..
I would repeat: being reminded to love someone and show appreciation to them in one day in the year, doesnt mean u cant love them every day!! its just a simple reminder to those who get busy in life.. and who doesnt? so having an internationally marked day on a calender that reminds you to pick up the phone or go out buy a card-gift flowers to your mother, dad or wife is completely harmless.. if not important. specially when our life styles keep getting more and more hectic and busy.

Fathers .. in every house hold .. this day is not only to remind ur kids to love you, but also remind you why you love them too .. if your busy with work make the time to sit with your kids even if it was just for 15 minutes .. share a book, a hug, or just small talk, experience that bonding of (child and father) many kids im sure miss and will love to have more often :)

ps. im writing this as my husband is spending a special (fathers day) event with Abdullah at day care. things like this really does warm the heart up.
pps. girls .. u can thank me later for the pic :p

Happy Fathers Day to all our great dads


Atinzad said...

I think these occasions are important and give us a break in life to reflect on why we do what we do and why we go to all this trouble.. if we don't enjoy moments with the ones we love then all this choas in our lives and busy schedule is for no reason.

Thanks for putting things in perspective.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank you now for the pic.

Sweety it's not haraam when you say it "fathers day" ... the arabic translation though is haraam
"عيد الأب"
because Profit mohammed (pbuh) said there's only two eids.
So saying fathers day and showing love to fathers at such days is not haraam. What our "Professional" translators did is what made it haraam. Fathers day = عيد الأب

Thanks for the post :)

SHoSho said...

IU annoys me when they do the haram/halal thing 3ala kaifhom :/

I so agree with you.. it's good to have a special one day.. yes everyday we show love but there's no harm in celebrating more on a day..

O I loved what abood did it's soooo cute!

P.S: Beckham is cute :P

No3iK said...

yes its a break we all need, ur most welcome :)

lol ur welcome :p

oooh i never knew it was about the translation?! thats a good thing to know. so if were going to translate it literally it wont be (eid al ab) it will be (yom al ab) which means its good to go ;)
thnx for the info love

aawww yeh i loved what he did ..
will try and force to do something similar to me too :p
and like u said we all need that one special day :)

TaZmaNiA said...

How adorable :)

No3iK said...

thnx tazmania

a la Mocha said...

Madri how come mother's day (or family day 3ala golat-hom here) is popular, yet father's day.. not so much. Poor father's don't hav their special day appreciated here. We shud celebrate it wala.

No3iK said...

yeeeh i know
we always celebrated fathers day with my dad :)
it actually comes close to his birthday so that helps to remember it :p
but u should always start celebrating dads never too late .. they do deserve it :)

a la Mocha said...

That's true. :)