Tuesday, June 08, 2010

l e t t e r s

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take."-- Cardinal Mermillod

some quotes smolder you with truth and sense.. some very simple quotes
make you choack on your own tears.. the power of words.. each letter that forms them, that creates a thought in your head, a thought
has the power to skim through your memories, grasping a few in particular. leaving you with emotions you sometimes think are gone. tangles you with your own soul, where you either end up struggling wanting to leave, or the opposite, wanting to live in that thought for as long as possible.

i find it fascinating.. the power of it all, how it somehow controls us, then again it makes perfect sense. when something with that much power exists.. its only normal that it is the first thing Allah asked us to do in his book.. "read" the power of those words .. the power of a human being thinking of something and being committed. it brings us to passion, it leads us to having a goal in life, it is where everything starts and it is simply what drives us. "sub7an Allah"

i just wanted to share this thought..
hoping everyone is well today :)


swera said...

Yuppp! No one can place ur mother's place :(

Delicately Realistic said...

Ur so right :)

Ur pen can be ur weapon or saviour.

No3iK said...

swera 7bebty .. i know :(

dr.. true .. its a blessing that we can read and write al7mdelah

:::ShoSho::: said...

Very well said..

..::Amu::.. said...

Your post reminded me I argued with my mother on a stupid thing last night..I need to call her and apologize..

oleana said...

I love this quote! :) Everything you find in a mother is replaceable. Alah ekhalehom lena o ekhalena le3yalna :)

No3iK said...

amu.. u just made my day :)

shosho.. thnx babes

oleana.. ameeeeen 7bebty
thanks :*

a la Mocha said...

So true, sb7an Allah. :)

No3iK said...

a la mocha thanks for passing by :)

No3iK said...

a la mocha thanks for passing by :)

a la Mocha said...

It's my pleasure! :)