Thursday, June 24, 2010

i need to post

im having one of those endless days ..
i think ive been to 10 different places today, in and out of different cars ..
its been hectic and tiring .. all i can think of right now is my bed. but thats not an option. so i figured whats the next most relaxing thing to (my bed .. me sleeping .. me doing nothing..)
the answer was (to write on my blog) .. thats how much i love this thing :)

so whats up with everyones life? other than dealing with unbearable summer heat, FIFA 2010, planning summer trips, tanning i guess .. and preparing for Ramadan :)
im always pleased to see all the facebook groups and emails about kuwaiti girls/women promoting their work for Ramadan like desinging quftans and home catering (deserts and so) mashallah. that always cheers me up to see that people are doing something theyre passionate about! kudos to them wallah and all the luck!

i just started making our own ice summer smoothies! and im in love! its a lot of fun! u get creative with each drink you make and its super easy plus healthy ;) would highly recommend it. this is a great website if you feel like you need fun recipes.
btw since summer TV is soo bad and most good shows are not on anymore .. i might recommend a few new interesting shows that i think you might find entertaining :)
if your into reality shows: "Say Yes to the Dress" "Bridezillas" "Work of Art" "The Real L Word" "Last Comic Standing" and finally "i didnt know i was pregnant" is just hilarious!!
im also watching "the Gates" "Nurse Jackie"

Ill keep you updated if i ever find other good tv shows :)
take care all .. and have a nice weekend.


swera said...

Watch True Blood, it's back with a 3rd season ;)

my mission is to finish reading the books that are piling on the table :S

Sumaiah said...

I'm actually doing nothing this summer and I'm loving it:)
No traveling plans, no tanning, no leaving the house except when I feel like it, and most important of all no summer semester!:D

As for the shows, I have plenty to catch up with so that's something to look forward to:)
I'm really happy today madry laish bs el7emdellah:)

Coconut said...

I've been trying to paint but I'm lacking inspiration, so I just got a canvas and started adding color here and there, see where that takes me :P

a la Mocha said...

Funny u mentioned tv shows. i was just about to post something tv show-related. :) Bs i don't watch any of the ones u mentioned, maybe i shud checkem out. Thanks!

Allah 7adi in the mood 4 a good smoothie; bariiiid oo yummy oo refreshing. Em, em, em!

Am not planning any summer trip. Not tanning. Not having an exhibition, altho i do agree with u mashala those ladies r active oo 3afya 3alaihom wala. I wana hav my own exhibit, bs madri sha3rith fee. :P

U planning anything for this summer?

No3iK said...

swera ..
i tried watching true blood didnt like it :/
and i salute you for your mission!! ;)

good for u! yay for no summer semester!!! ;)
inshallah doom happy :)

what your doing is great! paint here and there is always great ;)
share pics after ur done..

oh u have to check them out atleast on youtube before deciding to download them :p

sweet of u to ask .. im so far very busy planning Abdullahs second Bday!! ;) booked park tables, will be a bbq inshallah ... Elmo theme ;) so im pretty busy with sending invites now and fiding a cake and booking entertainment for the kids .. after that i think ill be totally free ;)

a la Mocha said...

Aww, i love elmo! That's sweet, il3omor kila inshala! :)