Thursday, June 10, 2010


do you floss?

today was Abdullahs second check up at the dentist .. so in each checkup his doctor checks his teeth, gums, his skills in brushing teeth, if hes ready for tooth paste yet or not (because some kids swallow it) and thats dangerous. Al7imdellah Abdullah been doing fine in all of that until his doctor asked me today : "does he floss?" !!
at first i thought he was kidding .. but his face didnt give me any "joke" vibe .. so i answered with a stunned face "floss!? hes not even two yet..? can he floss??"
he replied "as long as his teeth are all out his teeth should be flossed.. and its better to get him develop flossing habit from an early age, if he cant floss for now you have to floss for him"

i wanted to be honest and just say honestly that neither i or his father floss.. we brush and use mouth wash but thats it.. i couldnt.. part of me was afraid of being judged :/ lol sort of the case specially when the doctor is kind of hot ! :p

so anyways .. he insisted i start teaching him to floss .. he said people who do not floss.. are just like people who do not brush their teeth because all the food remains there to rot for days!!! its the cause of teeth decay, roots infections, bad breath! some gum infections and sensitivity! :/ i was grossed out of the thought .. but remembered that i was never advised by any of my dentists in kuwait to floss?! inshallah teaching him wont be difficult i was happy to find special flossing kit for toddlers in his goody bag! so now im actually excited to see how it will work out.

thanks to Abdullah now were all going to start flossing :D
back to my question.. do you guys floss?? lol


swera said...

flossing is not good all the time! i had gum problems coz of flossing! there's this new machine that replaces flossing with threads! try to search for it in pharmacies! it's expensive but safer coz when flossing u tend to press sm of the food deep down ur gum instead of getting it out ;)

and i still swallow the toothpaste :D

No3iK said...

swera.. thnx thats some gr8 piece of advice!
shino esm al machine?
i personally am not a fan of flossing
my gums tend to bleed and its simply painful :/
but u gotta do what u gotta do :)

No3iK said...

LOL @ u still swallow it??? laaaaish 3ad? tra al fluoride is toxic!

yozaaaay 3ad :p

No3iK said...

LOL @ u still swallow it??? laaaaish 3ad? tra al fluoride is toxic!

yozaaaay 3ad :p

ShoSho said...

La wallah I don't floss.. my gums always bleed.. they tell me with time gum becomes stronger but honestly mali kholg el flossing..

and hmm here I don't remember my kids were told to floss.. yet

Anonymous said...

Yep I do, 1-2 times a day. It really does make a difference.

Zabo0o6a said...

I floss like once a week or so, nothing more :/

No3iK said...

shosho .. same here wallah!
bs ill keep trying .. my friend told me americans are obsessed with dental care and flossing in general

anon.. good for u ;)

zabo6a .. lol a7san mn wala shay :p

a la Mocha said...

Hehe, cute. :) Wala ana i started becuz my dentist advised me to, then i got addicted to it and always had the urge to floss blail, then shway shway it faded.

I actually heard (or read) somewhere that flossing prevents some kind of marath (Allah ykafina ilshar) which has no obvious connection to teeth.

Hang on, leme google. :P

a la Mocha said...

Heart disease! Flossing prevents heart disease, that's it. Shlon o madri shino, madri exactly. But i guess some studies reached that conclusion.

Well, i wudn't be surprised. Everything is linked somehow.

But yes, we shud all start flossing. Thanks to Abdullah, even i will be flossing 2nite. ;)

No3iK said...

ala mocha!!
lol waaa5ty 3l zoqa!
u made my day :)

and heart disease!!! wow! sub7an allah
human body is amazing..
flossed last night.. my gums bled but im not giving in that easily.. inshalah hoping with time theyll get used to it

thnx for the info!