Sunday, June 13, 2010

I miss bloggers that "write"

I miss the old blogging days .. the none commercial ones. when bloggers gave their posts thought and wrote real life issues, theirs or others. they wrote their hearts out .. they poured creativity .. engaged, made us cry and laugh. we all knew each other very well.. became more like a family. doesnt mean we had to know eachothers identities, but knew who we really were. everything has changed .. sub7an Allah everything always does. i would like to send a hello, to some of my old fellow writers/friends .. the blogsphere is really not the same with out u guys. i wouldnt be the person im if it werent for all of you :)

Zizo Time - Dr.Lost - Battlefield - Do0da - Papillona - Scarlo - Fedo - GQ - 7asoon - Yazeez
and more of you that my memory fail to remember at the moment...

love u guysss .. soooo much, hope your all doing well in life :)

i do enjoy present day blogging, and each time comes with a different style i guess.. i maybe too old for this and need to get used to it. but i swear i sometimes cant help the need to just "READ" what other bloggers have to say.. so i can interact with someone .. im finding it difficult to "find" that. i end up feeling bloated because of all the food review posts! restaurants, coffee shops, private food businesses .. a lot of (food foood foooood!) lol and then comes the other reviews.. either of tv shows, movies .. new places in kuwait or new phones, new machines, new businesses... so its simply not the same .. not personal but more materialistic.

no offense to anyone .. we do need you guys .. and your doing a great job at it mashallah. all im trying to say is, just as much as we need you, we also need the old ways too .. we need post writers. if you guys are out there give me a shout out .. ill be more than happy to read :)

hope everyone is well inshallah :)


badlydrawnwoman said...

i agree... there used to be a political edge that i absolutely miss!! i guess all the smart ppl have been sucked out because of all the censorship or whatever... it's sad... but yeah, if you find anything interesting, let me know!!

Atinzad said...

Totally agree. I like reading your posts and other blogers'. I guess people shifted to the new medium (facebook to be more exact), but there are a few hardcore bloggers that would stick around to the blog format that you and others like you enjoy and cherish.

Keep it going :)

Anonymous said...

I Must agree with you on that. Well as shown, i'm new to the blogging society but i have been reading blogs since forever. To be honest i'm fed up with "reviews" posts. Few bloggers make me Laugh
these days, and some have really good discussion topics. These are the one's i prefer.

Like i prefered yours.
Nice Blog No3ik

Delicately Realistic said...

Waaaaaaaay yibteeeeeha
Sarli a week back o a7is theres something wrong something different ... but i couldnt place it ... and now i realise what it is

once upon a time ....


a la Mocha said...

And hey, we still hav u!

a la Mocha said...

I know wat u mean. I miss those days too. Also add to that the stories trend. Part 1, 2, 3, etc.

I never was a story fan. Only recently did i become a fan of the reviews, just to get updated with things going on.

But ya the blogosphere back in the day was so cozy and every1 was close and knew each other. It was like a neighborhood. :)

Noura said...

nice post! I know what you mean about the blog world. I try my best to make every post have a personal note to it, so that my readers can identify with me.

No3iK said...

badly drawn woman ..
u know i still dont know how the censorship works in kuwait .. bs im hoping its not that sivere ..
one of the top political bloggers is still on the field "kila ma6goog" so thats a good thing ;) and ill keep u updated inshallah

atinzad ..
thanks ur one of my very very faithful readers.. and i was one of those people who shifted to facebooking and tweeting so i totally have to agree with you on that. but when i started writing again its nothing like those things! im so glad im back :)

princess sara..
7bebty 7ayach to my blog! inshallah ill be reading urs too .. and its heart warming to have someone who was around in the blog "golden day"
please do share the blogs u like to read as well. thanks sweety.

delicately realistic..
lol ana weyach o some others are 9amidoon!! lol i loveeeee u love having to read ur nick name.. it really does make me feel more at home :) o ur blog rocks girl!! ;*
thank God for still having u wallah.

a la mocha..
aaawwwwww zoqa! thanks sweety..
im glad we have writers like u to.. with ur random posts they make me laugh.. and i feel like im starting to know you.. thats the personel touch im missing .. soo keeep it up! ;)
i also enjoy all sort of blogs to be honest, like i said we just need more variety.

No3iK said...
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No3iK said...

hala 7abeeebty i always feel like i miss u ! cheers me up to read ur name
and if ur blog isnt personal i dont know what is! :p its alll you, informative, important and beautiful to read.. thanks for all your amazing hard work dear :*

Sumaiah said...

Don't we all! I started reading blogs 5 years ago, blog hopping was my favorite hobby! Now going to botamba frustrates me, were u get one decent post hidden between pages of reviews!!
Megablogs suck!!:(

Anonymous said...

I might come back.. When the time is right.. Appreciate it ur post :)



Dr.Lost said...

i need to know how to post/blog via Blackberry.. i asked DR.. unless she gets back to me on that then its ur mission to figure it out for me..

or via ipad.. or both?

Yazeed said...

:) brought a smile to my face

the good old days, kan fe action :P
lol fun times

thanks for bringing back memories

oh and i intend to pick up where i left off,

DR and Dr. Lost,
tara theres a wordpress app for blackberry
(and iphone)
just saying......

ShoSho said...

I know exactly what you mean.. I am someone who likes to write, and i like to read personal blogs.. feelings, experiences.. things like that.. you feel connected.. I feel a couple of years ago we were like this "group of bloggers", you know.. now it's gone :((

I guess that's why am not blogging like I used to.. if i have something to say I say it, if I don't, then i don't post.. I don't like to just review something or post pictures of food .. etc.. there are some blogs for that, and I appreciate them but it seems like everyone wants to advertise these days?!!

I want to give something, you know..

No3iK said...

aaawwww .. hugs all ..
this is becoming more like a mini reunion :)

sumaia ...
lol yeh 5 yrs thats when i started blogging :) i know exactly how u feel.
bs inshallah more writers will resurface ;)

(ghbaaaar) much! good to see ur name seriuosly it doesnt feel real last time u posted something was in 2007! so this is isnane ... bs i know ur like super duper busy so its ok :p

zoooz ..
uve always been there for us! the ultimate blogger caretaker i guess :p
thanks for that .. and i do miss ur blogs .. m3ana most of them footy related :p but still it was ur special touch.

i cudnt have said it any better..
when i have a writers block i simply dissapear or u see me just comments on others blogs. bs al7mdellah for some reason ive been ignited again and feeling like writing every other day :p i blame the hormones!

do0da said...

i don't have it in me to come back, its just too different. I blame the good family feel we had, i cant just up and get a new "family" so id rather just sit n sulk about how good my old one was :p

No3iK said...

i know what u mean
bs ent bl that moshkiltk ghair..
u lost all sorts of communication.
its really sad.

eshda3wa said...

i was just telling nq ams how the blogging scene change so much since i first started reading in 04.

fee bloggers that write

their just not main stream anymore

Yazeed said...

footy related, wella advertisers related ;)

No3iK said...

eshda3wa .. ee ur soo righ..
please goleli which blogs that still write cause i want to have a good list to check out on a daily basis.
thnxxx :*

zooz.. laaa 5lik 3l foooty 5la9 :p

Yazeed said...

just went around reading from the "popular" blogs around,
oo 9ara7a, its disappionting

seems like half their posts are about either food or electronics,
filled with ads ib shakil ghair 6abee3y (ask me to send you a link of of this blog with outrageous amouts of ad space, most are still available btw)

jad el ziman teghayar

Coconut said...

Omg, yes! I know exactly what you're talking about. Was talking about it with a friend of mine the other day, how right now it's mostly just commercial. Miss all the old bloggers, used to be a silent reader before I decided to start a blog of my own, and now all the bloggers that I used to enjoy reading about their day to day life issues and feelings and relate to them are now all gone :(
Seems as though the blogosphere has died.

To be honest I personally blame facebook and twitter :P

No3iK said...

make sure u share that piece of info later on :p

im sorry ur disappointed, but this only means that we need more writers like ur self .. since uve been around the good old days youll know how important it is to keep on writing these great posts!
soo keeep it up dear and best of luck on ur blog ;)

Dandoon said...

i *seriously* miss those days!:(

Anonymous said...

This is the 5th time im commenting from DXB i couldn't comment just on your blog...

I miss our old blogger who I used to be around reading their blogs. I guess with time they have more responsibilities....

Marzouq said...

I can understand what you mean! We all have our personal moments! And food is a good thing! hehehe! But I still have Jacqui, Ananyah, No3ik (Yours :P), Bloggylife, Miss Good Egg, and a couple more!

No3iK said...

yeh i know :(

whatd dxb?
they all got busy wuth life..
just like what happened with me.. but i found the time where i can atleast post something from time to time.. its worth it :)

yeeh these are one of the really old great bloggers.. oh and thank u im very flattered! but ur lucky most of ur list still do blog :) give me names of the rest im interested tocheck them out :)