Sunday, June 27, 2010

the war of smart phones

i phoners, blackberries, droids...
this is going to be a very on the surface general review "more like an opinion"

im gonna start by saying its not going to be fair since im a blackberry user.
and no it wasnt a "phase-habba" i got mine in 2008 after it was highly recommended by the at&t guy .. i was going to buy an iphone and then he opened a drawer full of USED iphones and said "these are all returns and they switched to blackberry" i was shocked.. and said ill listen to his advice. and im SO glad i did .. not only was it cheaper but ever since 2008 and now its 2010 my phone is good as new! this never ever happened to me before i usually buy new phones with in months or a year max! never this long .. so its definitely heavy duty and is doing great :)

another thing i would admit since im a macbook person .. apple is "perfection" when it comes to computers .. ipods, ipads, or what every they may come up with later on in life, they do it like no one can.. theyre very good when it comes to computers in general but phones .. not so much!
the touch screen is a complete torture when it comes to "txting" when i dial-type i like to do it freely with no tension or concentration, that i might "touch" the wrong space on the screen.. because touch screens are highly sensitive .. they do not go well with phones (where you have to deal with very limited space) .. im used to dialing with out even looking at the dial pad, or screen.. that is impossible with a touch screen .. on another note.. how would blind people use an iphone.. simple "they cant" the other day i was thinking about that and it made me realize how not user friendly it is.

.. apple computers, blackberry phones. thats how i see it work perfectly

now droid is coming to the equation and is winning on soo many levels! when it comes to phones. they have both buttons and touch .. great screen and cam! vast memory, great antenna that doesnt limit u to holding ur phone "right handed only" which is the latest joke im not going to go through that even .. if i ever need to switch to anything it will definitely be droid..
not just because they have a great phones, but also of their amazing customer service. theyre not snobs! which is starting to really get on every ones nerves. the users and specially the medias.

let me know what u think.
oh and if ur gonna argue; u cant live with out the apps .. id suggest ipod.. can do all what u want to do but making the calls .. which i believe is how it sohuldve been from the start.

im going to leave you with this hilariuos video! lol havent laughed this loud in a long time


Atinzad said...

YEah I agree too Blackberry has been good to me, although i am jealous of iPhone users for the vast amount of apps they have.

Nice tech review.. you should do more of this stuff (consumer reviews) :)

No3iK said...

Hey atinzad..
Like I said u can always get ur self an ipod ;) and enjoy the apps u want.
And thnx for liking my review its something new to me but I'm trying to be more diverse :p

TaZmaNiA said...

the war is always for the end-user benefit ;p let the battle begin

Yazeed said...

HIGH FIVE my apple hater mrs!

blackberries are only good because of bbm and the way they handle emails, anything else just is far behind google and apple.

oh and btw, droid is brand for verizon and their take on androids which are phones that run android which is made by google.

i use a blackberry myself but ive been holding out for a killer android phone to come out.

best iphone quote i heard:
beauty comes at a price, plus $29


7asoon said...

I'm an iPhone guy and always will be... Nothing against the blackberry, but I'm a mac boy.
Hope all is well with you friend :)

doona said...

i love the iphone but i just cant function with a touch screen

etha ynazloon mena eb keypad though, i'd definetly go for it ;)

viva blackberrry! ;)

a la Mocha said...

I too am a blackberry and macbook. I like my bb. :) I admit i'd luv to get the white iphone 4 as my next phone, cuz i want to giv it a chance. Bs i dont know much about the droid and i've very intrigued.

Don't u just love how technology always has something new for u 2 want? It's exciting! ;D

No3iK said...

thats true ;p

zooz ..
i agree droid seems very promising would love to give it a try!
and loving ur quote! ;)

my old blogger friend!! good to see ur back!
and like i expected most apple users are hardcore fans :p

wallah i couldnt agree more! i wish theyd give people more options i would totally go for a buttons iphone. but since theyre very proud i dont think theyll ever do that! :p

many ppl are switching to droid, they say its a combination of apple and blackberry! im looking forward to it, u should check it out ;)

eshda3wa said...

im in LOVE wth my iphone!

and the touch screen just needs getting used to

its applications blow BBs out of this world

iphone , i heart u

ammaro said...

lol yes... iPhones are pretty crappy phones. theyre amazing mini computers though. but thats about it... that being said their app store is amazing... but still any phone without any actual keys isnt really a phone...

No3iK said...

most iphoners are very loyal users..
they dont even notice the flaws! :p

u said it better than i ever could.
"a phone with no keys is not a phone"!
thank u!