Friday, June 11, 2010

been crowned

crowned by the very beautiful and lovely shosho, its been more than 2 years since my last tag! so this is cute :p

Question 1: Six secrets no one would come to know about me on our first meeting.

1- i say (aaawwwwwwwww) when im happy about something and say (yoo yoo yoo yooooo) in a very fast tone when im shocked or upset!!

2- im very social, love meeting new people but like to keep my close circle of friends limited.

3- it bothers me when people look at anything other than my eyes/face when talking to me.

4- i can never gain weight .. which brings me to how much i hate it when people keep asking me "omg did u lose some weight?!!"

5- i have a very bad ..(repeat) BAD memory .. always tend to forget names, appointments, events, and some very precious memories :( the only good thing about this is, it makes it easier for me to forgive and forget.

6- one of my best qualities (or at least thats what i believe) is my "calmness" blkwaity "barda".. i have full control of my temper, feelings, what i say and reactions. never lose my cool no matter what the situation is (except for the time my mom passed away) but other than that im very collected and calm. it annoys some people .. but i know it always works out for every ones best.

i pass the crown to our brand new and very interesting blogger a la Mocha :)

have a nice weekend all :*


swera said...

loooooool thakartini eb yaditi! when she's shocked she always says "yooo yoooo yooooh" in an Iraqi tone haha

No3iK said...

i know mostly old woman say it, i say it in a more (7asawi) tone ..
lol i dont know where i picked it from but it comes out so naturally! :p

a la Mocha said...

Awwww, thaaanks! :D

Wala ilborood is very good, mashala. It's good 4 u personally, cuz wala if ur not barda wayid ashya2 can make u tick easily which is annoying oo most things ma tiswa. Keep it up!

I need to work a bit harder on controlling my emotions. ;P

I started the list bs i only came up with 1 thing so far lol. Gotta squeeze my mind a bit more. :P

No3iK said...

ee al7mdella :)
burood is ni3ma i totally agree

o i started with only 1 then after writing the rest .. i went up and changed the first one lol 7asait it was stupid :p something about shrimp!!

Marzouq said...

Its always good to be calm and able to take things with a steady look! I tend to remember everything and even if people did something I can still forgive and forcefully forget! lol

shoSho said...

Awww thanks! :*

I share with you 5 and 6 lol.. being barda pisses some people off.. a7san :P

No3iK said...

lol marzouq i liked the forcefully part
good for u man ;)

shayom .. wanasa! always good to share something with someone u llove :)