Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sandiegoo .... HERE SHE COMES! :(

UR LEAVING !!! THATS IT !!! X````(

dalol 7bebat albi !!!! 7ashashat yoooofi ,,, 9adeqat darbi .. qalbiiii wafo2adi :*
ur leaving me! ur leaving us ur friends ........ no more Allaalllooo !! no more redbulls .. no more sleep overs no more spin the bottle ;p

7bebty, ur the best best friend anyone could ever find! im sooooooooooooo lucky :*
that is why its killing me.
wallah i dont know how many times i have cried so far just thinkinh ur going! this SATURDAY :S

almuhim ,, bs knt bagolich , i know its real , ive seen u pack! ive seen u get rid of stuff u dont need! so its all happening ,,

ur going as our Alllaalllo ,, bs inshalah in afew years coming back as Dr.Dalal :* mashalah mashalah
were all so proud of you, wish u all the best
willl missssssssssss you (infinity)

allah weyach 7bebty......... ya aqwa o a7la FEMINIST bl kuwait ;)


Anonymous said...

She's so lucky to have you as her best friend. She knows she will come back & still have you waiting for her with open arms. :)

etro7een oo terje3een besalama ya dalal oo allah yewafgech inshallah..

Dr. Dalal = sounds perfect ;)

No3iK said...

aaaaaawwwww mini !!
ur so sweet ? :)
a`7eeeeeh wallah 9ig kalamik 3awar galbi!

thanks :)

im sure gonna be waiting for her!
and sure dr.dalal wouldnt fit better on anyone else as it does on her!

Reema said...

i love u dalal, mokanech ra7 yser kbeeeeeeeeer o khaly! u have a special place in my heart, chethy eb galbi ako dalal sqera tnaqes o trqes :P
we'll miss u a lot, i will never forget how much fun i had with u and how great u are dalol. :( al7een ma3ndy a7ad ysawely ele abeh! i used to tell u "i feel like tanning" o u take me! agolech abee fanar u take me ! agolech abee shameya u take me :( o u pick me up o drop me off !! bas u know something? 3ala kether ma ana za3lana enech bet'hdena 3ala kether ma am happy FOR U. alah ywafgech yarab o ysahel 3alich everything o yfta7lech kel baba masdod :*
again, we love u dalal, and starting from saturday enshla the countdown will start :) love ya tons :*
oh and dalol ! waseny 3ala no3ik o waseha 3alay :( ok? akhaf et6gny when u leave !! :(
al7een ween alga friend lama etshof dog eb beat my grandma teth7ak o tgol wadoh el6abeb? etkhaf 3alena? :(
No3ik :( shensawe? enro7 nel7ag'ha?
and yeah man she'll be the best dr enshala o la ba3ad the TOUGHEST :P kefy kefy kefy :(

reema said...

no3ik :( ta3alay let me hug u

Papillona ® said...

awww :(

baqsima6ah said...

allah ewafegha o ya7fith'ha..
Don't worry Dalal's friends, true that she's not with u in person, but u could always keep in touch..I know it's not as good as real bas shinsawe. Thinking that she's gonna return to us bessalamah with a PhD is a cool thought to keep :D
And we'll be always here waiting.
just a sisterly word of advice for Dalool: be always proud of who u r and remember where u came from.
Love u lots


Carlsb3rg said...

Good luck to your friend :)

Honey™ said...

that is so sweet of you dear ,,
tr007 o terja3 belsalama ,, o teb2a dktora ad il donya ;P

ZiZoTiMe said...

ya aqwa o a7la FEMINIST bl kuwait:

Show us her pic ;p

Etro7 o terja3 bel salamah ;) And don't worry I'm here 4 u :)

مبتدئ said...

She'll do great, Im sure :)

No3iK said...

* reema:
ana fe shay em7ayirni fech !!!
why is it when i read what u write i always can hear ur voice in my head saying each and every word !!!!
it is sooooo cute i want to .. ( EAT YOU ) lol ana o dalol discussed this before!! we really dont know how u do it!! all the cuteness!! from where u get it?? :p heheheheheh tyanineeeeeeeen :******
o BIG hug for u to 7ayaty entay thanks :*

:* 7bebty ... ill always have u thoug ;)

the warmest heart in all blogs:*
thanks for the adv and everything u said was just sweet.

thanks babes ;)

kalamich honey ;* thanks 7ubeez

loooooooooooooooooooool aham shay !!
la la kfaya 3laina ur pic ;p
o aham shay i have u haaa ;) eee inshalah ... lol thanks any ways.

bro thanks, appreciated ;)
and welcome to my blog.

Extinct Dodo said...

dalool as in kuwaiti-femme?

badly.drawn.woman said...

i'm speechless...
your post made me cry... :"""""(
for the past three days i've been trying so hard to keep the lump in my throat in place...
try hard not to cry... in the car, at the hairdresser's, bil jam3iyya, etc…
try hard not to miss anyone... – it only gets worse if u reciprocate… :'''(
try hard not to forget anything... – why do my brain cells fail me now?
try hard to absorb as much of this life so it won't fade...
and then comes this!

i am dalal's watershed …

a part of me is kicking me in the ass and saying go! u've always wanted this... but then i think about my comfort zone... my friends… my other family... ppl who are under my skin so deep their heartbeats are in rhythm with mine... our stomachs speak the same language… (i wonder, will that translate over msn?)… i couldn't think of a worse time to leave… but then again, when is it ever?

my dearest,

my dearest,

my dearest,

my dearest,

my dearest,

what can i say? i'm truly blessed to be your friend… it's not that often that you find someone who is as caring, kind, strong, smart, 6ayba (bkil ma3ana il kalima), thoughtful, fiery, appreciative, striving, giving, perceptive to any change, open(-minded, -hearted, -to anything), as you are... how do you do it? i'm amazed and in awe…

my dearest,
ur my role model…

my dearest,
i truly admire you…. god only knows what you've been through and you've dealt with it with a wisdom i feel confident enough will serve you well in other times (don’t you forget it!!!)…

my dearest,
it really warms my heart that i could tell you any crazy thing, take your advice, listen to you calming me when i'm being hysterical, seeing an sms from you, laughing away carelessly, listening to music in silence…

my dearest,
i always tell my mother that i'm blessed to have my friends… each unique and perfect… each understanding and wise… each trying to live through a whirlwind of chaos… each loving in their own ways…
your terms are unconditional…

what now?
now i'm going to see you…
we're going to grab a bite to eat…
we'll drive around aimlessly…
we'll make plans to see each other saturday morning…
we'll promise to keep in touch…
we'll tell each other we'll still be friends when we're old (allah la yfarrig shamlna)
we'll try hard not to cry…

(but i miss you already…)

to the people who left wonderful, heartwarming, supportive comments… reading your comments has made me feel so much better… it's a relief to see so many caring about no3ik… i know she's in good hands… :^)

mini я.,
thank you so much o allah ysalmik min il shar inshalla…
you said it right… i am so lucky… i need a new word for lucky…

my twin nephews still think you're my sister… even though they've never seen you before that one time in shamiya! lol… i'll never forget those times…
every time you type or sms something, i can *hear* you through it!!! you're such an uplifting and caring person i feel like such a b***h when i'm around you… inshalla you'll have the best summer in spain ;) and inshalla you'll come over to sd… nsee3 shway ;-p
reema o no3ik… mawaseekum 3ad… halla halla iba3ath… maby 6ag o khnag… o khallaw bella til3ab wiyyakum… mo tahawishoon!! 3afya 3ashi66ar 7abayby…
(btw, no3ik will never hit you… she loves you so ;-)

papillona ®,
ee adry walla adry… mat3awwir il galb hal bnayya… killa shayla hmoom il nas o killa tfakkir feehum…

thank you so much… i need to remember that… i need reminding… constantly… thank you… :^)

carlsb3rg & honey™,
thank you so much for your kind words…

lol!! feminist ad iddunya kaman!!
mashkoor allah ysalmik…

a pic objectifies me… :p

مبتدئ ,
thannnnnnnnnnnxxxxxxxx cuz… it's wonderful to have the support of so many friends and family… salam to all… and see you in 3 days inshalla…

thank you all for your wishes and supportive prayers… allah ywafigkum o ysammi7 droobkum ajma3een inshalla…

lol i just realized that by the time i commented, no3ik has already replied... boy it took me so long!!

and reema, SEE!!! IT'S NOT JUST ME!!! you have a gift... lol... so cute...

No3iK said...

i will comment after i stop crying!

Zalabya said...
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NuNu™ said...

Aaaawwwww!! =(

I know being apart is very hard, specially for a relation/friendship that lasted for years!

I hope your best friend won't get too busy and will still keep in touch with you as if she was really here!
Winshallah troo7 o terja3 bissalama wet9eer Dr.Dalal =)

Bella Color said...

Moooookanich ra7 yebayeeeeeeen :~(~~ Mino laman arooooo7la ra7 ya36eeeeni chocolate il7eeeeeeen?!?! ;p

Dalooooooooooooooooooooooola...!!! We luv u & u will always be in our hearts... u might be about in miles away but not away from our hearts... U will always b in our hearts... 7abebti u r making me freak out u!!!!!! Tawani beeeedat astaweeee3b the reality!!! OMG is it real?? IS this finally going to happen!!! What will happen out there?!?!

I feeel that a dooor of hope and possibilities will open to u!!! Go there with hope... Keep ur head high... Do all ur best!!! I KNOW U CAN DO IT!!!!

i am soooo proud of u ya a7la Dr. Dalooooooola!!!! Cant wait till u come bac to q8 wiya ilshahada il kebeeeeeeeeeeera!!!

Gooood luck luv and wish me luck 2 ;)

No3ik 7abebti dont be sad.... i know it hard bas be strong.... its hard for her to leave so try not to make it harder... Put a smile on ur face and loook at the bright side, she will go to fulfill her dream... Dont worry,,,, we r always here for u :********

Extinct Dodo said...

stop crying and do my tag :|


el ayam ra7 run so fast o she will be best dr ever in whole world ^___~

most of all you both best friends for ever and keep in touch always :""( i hate always goodbyes

stop crying i'm gonna cry with you :p

FilmGirl said...

Trou7 wTrid Besalamah Enshallah.

Si7LeYa said...

tr007 o terja3 belsalama Enshallah


ZiZoTiMe said...

9akaitaw 3ala Devdaz!!!!! :P

Euphoria said...

Troo7 o terja3 belsalama ya Rabb :)

Sedna said...

Ah, I hate good-byes... good luck dalal oo she'll be back soon No3ik don't you worry :*

FilmGirl said...

Zizotime : Its intresting innek u know about Devdas :p

Papillona ® said...

allah ysame7kom, bachaitooni

Good luck dalal

Common_Sense said...

Guys 9alooo 3ala elneby oo te3awethaaw men elshai6aan men9egkoom @@

you should be happy traa feeh Chrisms vications, summer and Ester for those in Ireland.

There are msn, Skype and all kind of comunication @@

Just think of being Dr. dalal oo you will be always together and close in all vications and by the web. baskoom dala3 ;p

Dr.Lost said...

awwwwwwwwwww.... :( its ok.. u'll make new friends ;p

R7eeq said...

tro7 otrd bel salama yarab .. o allah y3enha hala il 3`rba .. :*

No3iK said...


just got back from the airport!!!!
dalol ya7maaraaa !!!!! x$
i cant!! no more dalol x((((((((((((
a`7eeeeeeh galbi entay
u looked tiered today ,, i know u will read this after u settle inshalah in ur new apartment! u really should get some sleep :***

i tried not to cry yidamich i didnt want to be selfish!!! bs a7ibich yabnaya shasawe ????

almuhim 7bebty! inshalah to9len bl salama .. o alllah ya7f`6ich wiwafgich yaaaa rub :*

ok 7abeeeeeeebty hope u liked the thing we got u! ;p heheheheh ;P

commenters :

la 7bebty shes not q8i eve..
o been busy with stuff in life, al7en ill check ur blog inshalah :*

thanks 7bebt akeeeed :* tyanineeeeen ;) mashkora 3l kalam al 6ayib .

:************************* 7bebty
i know wallah i know its her dream i couldnt be happier wallah ;)
bs ur my friends my second family! its hard ,, painful ,, missing and worrying and all .....
i dont need to tell u whos leaving to :(
allah kareeeem thanks 7bebty o allah ewafig alkil inshalah :* love u sis.

*silver rain :
7bebty welcome to my blog :***
thanks dear well keep intouch inshalah, im sure u have close friends so im sure u understabd :(
dont cry :* im sorry!

alah esalmich 7bebty thanks.

alah esalmich 3mre :*** yislamo.

olololol shino yi6la3 davedas ??!

thanks allah esalmich :*
and welcome to my blog.

:* esmila 3laich ,,, tislamli hl dmai3aaaat :***

thanks 7bebty, i hate goodbyes to!!
painful shit.
any ways welcome to my blog dear.

*comon sense:
lol enta bada3t heheheheehhe !!
7aaaddddik GUY!! so i wouldnt need to explain but thanks for trying and making it easier :p
hehehe u made me laugh so thats for that to bro ;)
any ways alah eslamik........ ;p crying is human dude!

widi agolik shay bs magdr agola ehne !
bs yeaaaaaaaah thats something u would totally do ;p

7bebty alah esalmich mashkora 7bebty
o allah e3en al kil inshalah ;*

Marzouq said...

Itroo7 witrid bil salamah! its a big step in life.. and a good one! she will come back an amazing person! Its always a good experience!

what type of doctor? curious! :)

Extinct Dodo said...

babes.. we're all your bro's and sister's here, just want you to always remember that :*

Aurora said...

Allah ywfagich ya Dalal! Dr. Dalal sound gr8!

no3ik: You sound like a really really good friend o Allah y5aleekum 7ag ba3ath!!!

Bella Color said...

No3ik honey dont make it any harder... i know friends r family & we cant live without friends... bas i guess this situations tests how strong the friendship bond is....

LaiaLy_q8 said...

Allah ewafeghaa inshalla :)

Your Battlefield said...

sweets i understand how you must feel like cuz i went threw it last year with my sister, who i truly call my best friend...tears were shed, i didnt want to acknowledge that distance will separate us bas in the end i believe we should look optimistic...we will at times be deprived of loved ones and just have to pass through life with a steel heart that is prone to tears, and always misses those we cherish...cheer up inshallah this will just bring you guys closer...just realize you didnt lose her at all she's somewhere out there showing the world thats she can do great all i guess it was just her time to spread her wings and fly and you 7yati your such a dear friend...there not many friends like you and allah la yefargkoom (excuse my bad arabic english ;P)...just know that us bloggers will always be there with you...thick and thin...n you and your friend shall not only grow to love each other more bas as well you'll find that this experience will bring you closer together...sorry bout my long comment...darling i hope those tears you cried are of joy and happiness inshallah she'll do great out there and you as well :***best of luck to the both of you and know that your such a great friend to care this much your one of a kind dear and inshallah you'll get through this :)

ZiZoTiMe said...

Devdaz not davedaz!! :)

An amazing Indian movie... Ba3ad ely shefta ehny i think you'll like it a lot :P

7tenths said...

When's the sequel? :P

No3iK said...


thanks for the support , and what u said is all true ;)

so thank you.

and illl let her answer ur question inshalah as soon as she gets online ;p


hoooooooow nice of you to say that!

7bebty :* thanks.


sweets! thanks alot, im just a person! who have gr8 friends ,,, madre! how to explain it but thanks 7bebty :*


:* ur right, the bond will be stron, stronger than i even expect it to be inshalah.


wiwafgich ya 3mre thanks :p


what a beautiful beautiful comment dear :* u made my day.

i have just received a msg from dalal telling me she just arrived in newyork! and then i read ur comment! and it keeps getting better and better. ur right what u said was soooooo real, i felt it.

so thank you for sharing ur experiance. ur a gr8 person :*

o i love u waaaaaaaayid.

lol 7bebty ur arabic english is just fine dont worry ;*

* zizo:

no3ik !!!! tshof aflam hndeya! chini 5ala9 mabakalmik b3d ....

ummmm afakir bl maw`6oo3 ;p

jiji said...

i agree with mini ... dr.dalal sound sophisticated :)

and sweeetiiiieeeee dont cry babes!!!!!!! tara elayaam e6eer eb gahmthat 3een.. kilha la7that ow telgenha back in Q8 :)

and dr.dalal... GOOD LUCK sweeeets :**

ZiZoTiMe said...


Ana roman6eeeeeeeeeqy eb 6b3y :P


Ma tben etkaleeeny!! a9lan el msn mo shaghal hal ayam so 3ady :P

Rimyoleta said...

allah ye5aleekom le ba3a'9:)
and she is lucky to have you as a Friend:)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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