Monday, July 31, 2006



awal shay i must dedicate this day to my dear dear sister RAYOOM :* alwa7eeeda ili kanat 7asa bmu3anaty ... after all the waiting and begging that ive been through!! she finally repllied my prayers and took me to have both ( donuts) and (superman) !!!! combined together!!
youll need more details on this so ...

u must crave DONUTS for atleast 5 days ... crave and crave and crave untill you lose it ...

you go and look at them ... right infront of you smell them ...touch them ... buy them ... but dont bite yet!my delly welly ( Mocha ) donuts.

you go buy tickets to superman .. for the second time!!
amazingly the second time was even BETTER than the first :*


- not to mention occasional hiting on thighs and face lol in other words (la6im) -
we came up with: HAMSTER LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL which is our secret word ,, it means something everytime it was there wed go
totally cracked me up !!!!

UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ................................. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM............
YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM .....................
etc etc etc ......... !
people .... i know 7adna yanaina ... but bare in mind we were ALMOST alone bl cinema al7imdellah bunch of kids here and there, plus its dark so!! who cares lol ;p
so thats why 7adna `7athaina ra7atnaaaa -SIGH-

all of this was going on as i was taking pics from the screen .... yes i know !!

bs wallah coz i have googled already and they dont have stills of my fav shots from movie .. so i had to do something about it ;)
i was having fun peo
ple dont judge me!!!

AND FINAL STEP:. me watching SUPERMAN and BITING; eating and tasting my preciuos preciuos DONUT ;D !!!!!!

No3ik`s SECRET RECP!!!!

girls im telling u ..... it EQUALS = HEAVEN !!!!!
i was seeing little birdies and all, bells and wings ... !!!
it was all there.

shit!! but then it was all over. sooooo the day had to come to an end :```(
im all satisfied, im happy got all i wanted ;)

and got something for ZIZO to ;p heheheheheheheheheh

night night all ;)
hope all ur days as super as mine ;)
ok now where can i get my t-shirt again ??? anyone ?


il-sooSa said...

Hi 7abeeeebty

When I read ur blog, I was both touched n LOOOOOOOOOOL
mit thi7ik
specially the part about the hamster [my latest invention] I only wish I could have a peice
One BIG HUUUUUUUUUUUGE Mistake in ur receipe is that u said it was hevean
to me, ok!! I cant rememeber the last time I had this much fun wikhbaaaaaaaaaaaaalll

but it was puuuuuuuuuure torture as well
as I told u
IT WONT Be enough until anna an****7 3l**h or il3aks :P


No3iK said...


reeeeem yl maynona !!! bada3tay ;p

hheheheheh ... ok
ana mabi al 3aks now i want

:*** 7ubeeeeeeeeeeez i love u
big huge hug to u sis ..:**
love ya.

reema said...

loooooooool i loved the "7maaaaaaar" part! 7ata entay tgolen 7maaar? lol i thought bas ana lama ashof someone pretty !!! am glad u had donuts bel3afya :*!! tawa gabel shway i was talking to dalol o kanat ga3da t7awel etdaleny betkom lol
ABEEEEE DONUTS :( ok today is my first day ya3ny i have to wait 4 days more?

reema said...

oh i have a comment for il-soosa i tried to post it on ur blog but it doesnt allow non-bloggers :P
so here is my comment:

i love ur sister therefore i love u :D

anyway reem i have one comment, what if we know what we want but we can't get it? what if this thing was the ONLY thing we want? and yet we can't get it!

reema said...

ok now that i know about the ....... , i keep reading the post :S alah ysam7ech!!!! looool o i used to tell u that i hate superman bas i after knowing about the........ i will soooooo go and watch it lol
weeeh shda3wa 3alay 3 comments wara ba3ath :P kelhatha 3shan el......? lol

Marzouq said...

hahahaha! Itmawtoon min el thu7ik! U lost it at the doughnuts!! hahaha

did u get your coffee doughnut?!?!? hehehe

i just saw superman the other day too! I LOVED IT! i will be writing a review about it! hehehe!

7amdilla kayaftaw! Bes mit 3alaaaiiikkkuumm min el thu7ik! Head over heels for superman! huh! hehehe!

Diabz said...

hehe. 7amar when u c sum1 pretty :p me and my sisters do that same (with fat hoe and bitch added ;)

Delicately Realistic said...

Glad u had fun hun!
Thats the spirit!

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch superman yet. Don't ruin it for me woman!

LaiaLy_q8 said...


No3iK said...


BADA3TAY !! 3 comments in arow! :p
walllah wilooomooni fech :***
tbardeen al chabd entay.

almuhim: sim3eeni .. i think all girls go "7maaaaar" for hot guys but they always think its a secret ;p heehhe
so yeah its official now! we go "7maaaaaaaaaar" for only the real real deal hotties!
lol yeh and after i have told u bout the lil secret ;p ur so gonna see it now ... u nit wit ;p
im telling u if u go see it with out me im KILLING U !!! :*

loooooool bro , glad u laughed inshalah dom dom dom dom ;D
i love how understanding you are :)
wallah i love that mashalah mashalah ;)
what i love most is that ur a GUY and u LOVED the movie! non of that guyish gay comments ili ashkara mi7tareeeen ;p LOSERS!

heey babe welcome here ...
lol see itold you, it goes around everywhere ... specialy with sisters ;) cool ha?

*delicately realsitic:
thanks 7bebty :***

*minir :
i didnt ruin a thina MAN !!
yallah go see it what are u waiting for!!
the stills are only close ups of his face !! lol didnt ruin a thing..

entay yin6ibiq 3laich
" 5ayr al kalam ma qal wadal"
some times i want to strangle you ;p
lol right back at ya 7bebty :*

Fuzzy said...

killer recipe


Bella Color said...

U got ur donuts!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! How were they? were they as gooooood as u thought they would be?? YummmmmmmmmmY...

The conversation that we just had & what u wrote made me hyper! Im still shocked u know about u know what! I will call it the 'SHOCK AND AWE' experience..!!!

LoooooooooooooooooooooooL i still cant believe that u actually tooook snapshots of the movie!! bada3tay!!!! bas they were incredible snapshots ;p

Si7LeYa said...

حدج مينونه

اشوه اني ماييت معاكم وهونت على آخر لحظه

جان خربتي كل شي علي بينونج


يالمجرمه ياللي ماخشيتيلي دووونتس


i_live_in_Q8 said...

chan zain ana superman

ZiZoTiMe said...

Hehehe enty 7dech fa9la hal cham yom?! Maybe because of the medications !! :P

ana 7as eb sho3orech... bs 6b3an instead of donuts i'll choose sweet corn and instead of the stupid Superman I'll watch Lost or Friends ;)

Thanx for the last pic... 7dech faja2teeny looool ;)

Tben ashoflech etha Superman is single or not? :P

Anonymous said...

lol! are u censoring some words into animals?

15/09 said...

oh maan!!! now when I go see the movie all am gonna think off is "what did those girls mean by ………" ;p

jiji said...

superman *sigh*

akheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh min galb!!!!!

3aleeech bil3afya eldoughnuts :* shakla bet eldoughnut fe jam3eyat elQadseya ;p

inzeeeen inzeeeen tell me tell meeeee..... *madree tell u wut*

ee ham ana aby superman top! atwaqa3 ako fe zara aw lime light aw madree.. pull n bear? cuz hathy sowalif`hom... maybe miss sixty? how abt we go shoppin????????? YALLA!! laiaaaly yalla yumma! ta3alaay!

Your Battlefield said...

you just made me crave donuts...
superman is worth watching in the cinema if you exclude the audience those around i want ot watch it in a big theatre without a single distrubance around me...just to soak up every scene and enjoy supppperrman ;P

i want to watch mr.bean, i loved watching him as i was growing up and now i miss shouldnt have ended...his show was like a portal to just sit back and tag along with him in everything he does ;)however normal it is...he just makes you continue watching something so stupid :P

moral of my story;
must eat donuts
must watch superman
must marry mr.bean ;P

ScarlO said...

LMFAO @ Your Battlefield:

moral of my story;
must eat donuts
must watch superman
must marry mr.bean ;P


Okay, now back to superman. First off, where the bloody hell is Zizo? Oh .. right, here he is. Ermm .. yeah, superman's ... wait, I don't belong here ..
Ahem .. you really have a nice blog there, my dear friend ... :-p

Common_Sense said...

LooL el7imdeeela welsheekeer :D bs good thing elfa9laa tra. I totally feel you girl, I am hiiigh all the time these days oo I bet these donuts have something inside them ba3ad ;)

Anonymous said...

ya jema3a..ams i saw superman & i felt an odd sense of shesma...familiarity to him..

shakla 3eemi.

maybe that's why he seemed so familiar.. :P

No3iK said...

;) thanks ....

lol sweety i know ur shocked 3adi 3adi .. u better get used to this :p
any ways i love my snapshots
one of them is my phones wallpaper ;)

madre akid 3laich wana madre ;p
enty ili mako e7sas 3ndich sayara wala r7ty gltay 7bebty `7a6irha donuts :p
yallah zain .. :* sama7tich
almuhim, al filim 3ageb go see it yl hablaaaa what are u waiting for?

*i live in q8:
badda3t u really made me laugh
well im sure ur someones superman!

im still on medications
but its not them ;p its him.
any ways ...
lost and friends!!! total AAWWWW !!
7adik cute ? :)
lol u made me feel guilty! are u even supposed to be reading my post lol
zizo, ee ana when i saw them all alined like this looking at me and freaking me out!!!
i was like NOOOO ZIZO is everywhere :p
any ways i already checked
hes taken man :```(

huh! haa ! what ;p
hehehehehehhe no im not :)
why do i feel like i know u ;p

*the 1509:
well go see it and tell me if u ever figure it out ;p

e wallah akheeeeed ..
alah e3afech 7bebty.
siktay siktay
enty o lialy ma mnkum fayda :p
ga9en 3lay .

u have to see him bl cinema.
only the size of a huge cinema screen is worthy of showing him the way ur supposed to see him !
i dont think any other screen can handle him ;p
mr.bean : no comment, ill let zizo get back to you on that one.
moral of the story:
must eat superman
must watch superman
must marry superman ;p
lol i dont even know the actors name btw heheheh !

lol scarlo
7ilo 7ilo .. why are u caushing :p
i think u need some medications to ;p

*common sense:
ashkor ashkor ta3awnik weyana ;)
wallah it means alot.
thank u again
al donuts fehum 3awar galb bro ...
alfa9la mil7 al 7aya. yalah 7ib al 7ayaa lol fair and lovely ;p

*mini r:
3eeeemi !!!!
3ayam are hot i know
but hes not just a 3eemi !!
come on!!!
hes the hottest bloddiest 3emi alive if hes a 3emi lol
shit! hes 190 cm!!!

Fuzzy said...

Nabi Krispy Kreme o Dunkin Donuts

No3iK said...

eeeeeeeee i know fuzzy !!

7adddi abi dunkin donuts!!
theres nothing like them :``(

madre meta bifit7oona ???

G.Q.™ said...

Bsara7a I've never seen anyone LIKED someone hal kether!! ..Allah ye3eenich tara in reality he is not superman :P ...he had been a loser actor for years until he got that part :P

But I did love him in that role ..but the question is ..would you still have liked him this much if he hadn't done Superman and maybe some cheap teenagers movie?

Yeah one more thing ..WHAT OR WHO IS THE HAMSTER?!!!

G.Q.™ said...

il-soosa: I think I figured out what (an****7 3l**h) is!

If I was a woman ..I would want to (an****7 3l**h) too lol

No3iK said...


welcome to my bloggi

akeeeeeeeeed i wouldnt have liked him!!

i dont actually like him i dont even know his name wallah !!

i liked his character in superman
and ofcourse i liked his body and all ..
his hair !! his voice! are u kidding me ;p

any ways, im just being honest here.

urrrmmmmmmmmmm ..
my sis codes are confidential ;p
i dont know what ur thinking but .. nice try ;)

G.Q.™ said...

His name is Brandon Routh ..and he gained 25 Ibs of muscle for the superman role :P

O ba3dain I didnt know elkuwaiti girls ye7eboon hal style min el men! ..usually t7oboon style rejooli like Goerge Clooney and Pierce Brosnan ...not Ricki martin style :/

And I think I got the code right bs mani gayel shino. :P

No3iK said...


well guess im not a typical kuwaiti girl.


a7san latgol ;p 5alha mastooora bro


um-miT3ib said...

i recently saw superman... thank god i saw it in a foreign country... tadreen sheno ya3ne ana w bint 3amity istakhafaiina ?!? if it is even possible more than u guys ! minooo333 tilawat chiny far w kil ma 6ala3 garast'ha.. el rayal KHAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLL !!! 60ol w 3arth w jamal w kamal! allah ehanee morta:P... a7aiih ! elrayal jameel :P it took me 3 days to stop talking about him w now intay dagaiteeeny silf again !

No3iK said...


um mit3ib

its official ,, i officially love u!!

thanks la2anich emqadra hl ensan o thanks la2anich aaazarteny o 7asaity feeni ..

entay A7EEEEEH !
o ana A`7EEEEH !

o kil ewadi ya albi ..

almuhim al nas kaloni ,, wrfa3aw `6a`36y egolon 3ana GAY b3d @@

a3ooooozooooooo billah mn al 3ozal :p

any ways 7ubeeeez welcome to my blog :*