Sunday, July 30, 2006

I Hang Up.

we hang up.
i think.
u stop thinking.
but we both hang up.

u watch more tv.
whats on the news.
eating junk.
in ur underwear.

i think.
my stomach hurt.
i think.
i feel queasy.
i want to cry.

i look at the screen.
switched off.
i see my reflection.
i burst.

i drag my self to the kitchen.
i drink water.
i drink some more.
i stop drinking.

ur done with ur coke.
u open another, u burp some more.
ur hairy feet on the coffee table.
u curse whats on tv.

im alone.
i cry.
i feel pain.
i fall asleep.
i smile.
my reflection is always there.

u sleep on the couch.
u dream.
u take a shower then leave.
full of your self.

i sleep with my dear tears on my pillow.
i hug my self.
i listen to my breathing.
i look into the darkness and ur not there.
i close my eyes.
its as dark as if they were open.

u call me again.
i dont answer.
u sms me.
i dont read.
i love my sheets.
u just want to have more fun.
and i love my sheets.

ive got news for you.
its no fun!
so goodbye.
this time.
I hang up.
my sheets love me.
im tangled in.
I stop thinking

*sorry :
can anyone tell me where can i get a Superman
t-shirt? ;p


A Daydreamer said...

yaaay. awal mara im the first to comment :)

bss sara7a. what you wrote was very painful and very real. yaama we hear of girls that are "with someone" yet feel so alone. so sad. ughhh! i hate men that are insensitive!

i_live_in_Q8 said...

intresting :/

jiji said...

ur writings influenced by su3ad elsuba7... wayed.. bs in english ;p

NuNu™ said...

I hate painful endings

15/09 said...

well at least ur sheets love u right, anywho look on the bright side of things, u can stop "thinking" and just start, well whatever it is thats gonna make u happy ;)

ScarlO said...

whoever your muse is, i hate his guts. i hate how bloody indifferent he is.
and your writing's great, btw. you dont need *me* telling you this though...

Delicately Realistic said...

That left a lump in my throat.

Fedo said...

There's absolutely no way I would burp in front of a girl, let alone my spouse/significant other. It's just wrong!

Yazeed said...

wow thats really beautiful and touching, i hope this didnt happen yesterday, if it did, then u deserve better.

superman t-shirt?
didnt u hear of my super exgirlfriend :P
imdb that movie, it just came out in the states 2 weekends ago, u need to be inspired by that now not by superman :P

No3iK said...

* daydreamer:
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :* ur no.1 wanasa
hehehehe ;)
yeh sory for all the pain these two days. i think ga3d a6ali3 7arity fekum ;p
so bare with me. and yes insensitive guys are all over the place.
whats worst than being lonely, is being with someone and feeling lonely.

*i live in q8:
we missed u here?
im glad u think its interesting ;)

e7m e7m ... with all do respect girl
i dont read her! for her to have an influence.

7ubeeez its not painful
if u have noticed all the lines ended with a fullstop but the last one. which means an open ending in her case its a happyone coz shes free of him. so smile 7bebty :)

*the 1509:
welcome to my blog :)
yeh i know my sheets :***
i love the crispy feeling i get when i lay on them. my sheets make me happy ;p

heheheheh my muse ;p lets just say its all fictional hun!
oooh and im beyond flattered!!
coming from u!! hell yeah i do :*

*delicately realistic:
i love how girls connect!
were amazing :* i love us
i love u 7abebty :**

and that my dear is called:
being a gentleman :)
ur a total GENT ;)

:) good to have u ... been missed.
any ways
u think i do :) thank you thats sweet of u.
lol bro ok ill imdb it ;p
laish ex 3ad :(

Marzouq said...

very nice.. but hopefully your ok now?
I think you need to meet up with some of the soccer players from Italy and spice things up a bit! hehehe! Relax.. let them pamper you and stuff!

NuNu™ said...

Is she really happy?! Or claiming to be one?

No3iK said...

* marzouq:
looooooool i loved ur comment !!
best comment i have ever had
first of all, this is all fiction bro so dont worry about me ;)
second, i would love to do what u asked me to do in all cases ;p
just tell me where to go and ill go ;p

7bebty :)
shes very very happy now :* trust me.

Marzouq said...

7amdilla! khara3teeny! 7isbaaly this is all real! OK ... now thats aside.. tickets and meetings with these players can be arranged for a price..

willing to sell your soul? its not that expensive really! hehehehe!

No3iK said...

marzou one word:


ScarlO said...

hmmm .. superman t-shirt ..

whatever happened to skanky betty boop? :-p

ask Zizo .. he's good friends with superman and all of them hunks around the globe

Fuzzy said...

hehehe reminded me of the famous T.V series " married with Children"

Superman T-shirt Sold at Krypton :P

Anonymous said...


Pepto Bismol does the trick for upset tummies..

I love what you write, can I have your autograph please? With a knife.

Missed your blog :D

Marzouq said...


Bella Color said...

Yooooo whats up with u? Where is the cheerful moood that im used to?

what u wrote is 3ajeeeeeeeeeb; it sounded as if it was really happening to u, although it inst ;)

About the superman t-shirt, try ordering 1 online :p

reema said...

you are amazing :* i love u

ZiZoTiMe said...

U want my t-shirt... 5Kd ok? :P

No3iK said...

hehehehe yeah hes our super zizo ;p gotta have gotta have ;p~~~

god!!! i hate that tv show !!
maleeeeeeeeeeeeeeq and wayid teaches bad manners!!!
any whoooooooooooooo
lol good one :p

*mini r:
aaaaaaaww !! my blog missed u to ..
ok with a knife! sorry but i didnt get it ;p u suicidal by anychance ?

lol ! 3asa dom inshalah ;)

baby baby im always cheerful ;)
dont worry , it only sounded real coz im a good writer ;p ( noo3i)
any ways kidding wallah ...
t-shirt mabi online i want something quick something in kuwait dear!!

enty ili amazing girl :*
love u more .. and more ...

bro look,
if its ur t-shirt,
and u want me to wear it ..
u get to pay me ;p not the other way around :p
3ayaaaa shooon 3ayaal ;p

Your Battlefield said...

wonderful way to get back into the blog world after my long absence...reading your beautiful fulled with emotions literary work...breathtaking emotionful yet at the same time there is soo much to think and read about between the lines and words if you get what i mean....i want more!!!

LaiaLy_q8 said...

1. nice job on what ever that was what you wrote i liked it

2. i have seen superman underwear. so cute ^_^ bss fee US

MSB said...

i love the not answering the call and not reading the sms... "u just want to have more fun".. so real! *two thumbs up* ;)

No3iK said...

girl!! i missed u.
and i swear to god! no body
and i mean no body gets me but you :*

1. what i wrote reflects on the readers experiance what ever it is.. u will see it. identify with it ;)
2.underwear !! haaa haaaa interting
no no .... i aim higher ;p

uve been really really missed :*
hope ur well ...
im glad u liked it hon thanks :*

Bloo said...

ur projection of a dim future.... i know alot of people would think this is sad.. thats true, but there is something therapeotic about knowing ur real emotions and spelling them out correctly.

u know what no3ik.. sometimes u crave for someone who would watch more tv.. and let u alone, its needed.

No3iK said...

that was sooo sad ...
the sadest comment i ever read.
so im foreshadowing something u think !
i really hope not.
i dont ever want to need to be left out like this
writing about it alone kills me.
i never wanna live it.

i hope nobody does

Bloo said...

i hurt u didn't i :( ouch... i'm sorry!!

u just wrote of one probability, doesn't mean its the dominant one.

No3iK said...

ooh no dont get me wrong
i agree with what u said
u didnt hurt me!
the thought of it did.
the thought of such life, not just for me but for anyone else hurts!

so sweety dont be sorry :*
just write what ever u feel like writing ;)

Bloo said...

:) ... r u in town ?

No3iK said...

e 7bebty iam :)