Sunday, July 23, 2006

post 7ilo mithly ;p

i dont know what to write?
zizo asked me to write anew post "7anna" ;p
my head is full of stuff!!! i dont know where to start ...?!
ummmmmmmmmmm ....

malait all blogs are about the war!!! tv, newspapers, people !! im so sorry......
bs 9ig!! its depressing .. and im sick of it. im si ck of war.

almuhim other than that .. shlonkum ?

wallah mn 9igi ... shlonkum ?


Jacqui said...

LOL U can read me Im not about war ;P

No3iK said...

lol ill check it out!
enzain u didnt tell me...!

how are u ?

ZiZoTiMe said...

Noooooooooo!!! Cheap connection in CBTL!!! now i'm 3rd :(!!!

Tinkerbell u got it now? :P

No3ik!!! Is this your new idea? :) Ana agol eshlon egdarat etkhale9 ebser3a hal bent!!

Yalla take a break but we need a new great post soon...

Yeah enough with the war thing and i'm fine... Thanx 4 asking!! :P

No3iK said...


ana lail7en mo gadra at3awad 3la ur pic!

7adha FREAKY!

Misho said...

egolich waze3aw 200 dinar, khalfallah 3ala deeratna .. oh u said no politics right? ;p

Dandoon said...

I'm not discussing the war or politics in my blog:P

Ana zaina:) 9arli akthar min sboo3 a7in 3ala obooy ya7jizli 7ag London cham youm oo he booked my flight/hotel res. a few minutes ago so I'm all bouncey now:P Hehehe. Intay shlonich?

Papillona ® said...

ana mu zaina kellish
and you know why

ps. You could start changing that mood by changing your display picture on MSN

luv you

7tenths said...

(Busts into 'American Idol' mode..)








A Daydreamer said...

ib5air. inty shloonich? wa shloon alahal? ;)

looool @ 7tenths... he reminded me of the movie Rush Hour! lool

7asoon said...

ana tamaam.. missing kuwait already

i'm redecorating my apt

and ready for school

... i guess

Anonymous said...

Zizo...bassek 7anna oo stop terrorizing the poor women with that pic of yours :P

ta3al can i do the same hairdo you did in that pic? ;)

no3ik ana a7la men postech.

No3iK said...

* misho:
lol 7ayaaak 5ayo 3ndy ..
la la 3adi 200 kd is not politics its GOSSIP ;p yallah i think 7adna maga9a !! dont u ?

7beebty mabrok ! thats good news.
shlon everything having fun! having actionat here and there ! ;p
salmeeely 3la ur daddy.

7beebty e i know why :* esmila 3laich dont worry .. all will be fine inshalah :****

ay pic u mean! entay ashray bs wana 7a`6ra :**

loooooooooooooooool bro

farrra7t galbi! i feel likei want to listen to the song now! 7adik shayashtny ... abeeeeha :`(

so goli whats up? any news ? ur pegnant yet ;p?

7ubeeez im fine!
actually i dont want u to just say fine!
i want actualy news .. gossip anything .. fa again enty shlonich ?? :*

7imdela 3l salama .. :) thats gr8 to hear. redecorating 7adda wanasa! if u need any help tell me ;p
ive got good taste.

kuwait misses u to ;)

ok * my news*
i saw my sisters triplets for the first time lastnight!!!
i was even wearing blue scrubs! lol it was soooo coool!
they were tinier than the pics @@ can u imagine ...
they were feading them milk through tubes :`( it was sad bs al7imdelllah they are still grwing they still need alot of time.

dalol 7bebty is in boston, now shes staying there with family :* i miss her 7aaaaail and she knows that :*

i was driving on the !! somewhere .. almuhim knt daysa i guess .. then mishait 3l u know white circle thingys bl street!! that seporate the street !! i dont know what theyre called?
almuhim ,, bancharat al sayara flat tire .. o i broke the ring mal al car :s 7adi screwed... any ways a hero came and rescued me did the tire masken :* so thank you my hero ;)

thats it for me! yalah me want more of you ppl :*

Anonymous said...

at your news is...

....hmm i cant think of anything new that! i remembered!

i watched batman returns ams..was a nice movie :)

Marzouq said...

Ya7laail el babies! inshalla they will grow to be healthy o yakloon michaabeeessss!!! hehehehehe!

About the tire thing.. avoid the big white cups! that is what caused your bencher! LOL

and I know what you mean.. everything is about war.. but you can read my blog.. im pretty much writing about what I usually write! hehehe!

Marzouq said...

7asoon love your Avatar! hehehehe! Onizuka kicks assss!!!

Honey™ said...

wallah thanx for asking ;> ,, im fine dear ;> ..
a5eeran u saw the babies ??
next time boseehom le :>

No3iK said...

*mini r:
akeeeed enta a7la ;p
coz ana si7t :`/

*mini r again:
nice batman ! might go to superman today allah yastr 3ad .. lol shakla ma yahalo 7ada .. bs hm baro7.

alah esalmik marzouq .. ent wayid 6ayib!
any ways the whity thingys ,, dont they have an official name?
oooh i really miss u blog ;)

*marzouq again:
i know its a comment for 7asoon!
but still i want to know what do u mean ma fahamt wala kilma ,, ela the last two words ;p

inshalah ill abos,hum .. when im allowed to touch them!
girl!! no news for me ?

ok latest news
almost fell asleep on my keyboard (note: im still at work)
-listening to: 9abo7a `7a6abha ni9eeb-
my car bl wikala , ill be careless for like a week :`( worst feeling on earth. poor car mareza.

Reema said...

ana good entay shlonich? and yaaaay am glad u saw the babies !! yala enshala yarab soon u'll be able to carry them. no3ik :( golay 7ag zizotime yqayer his freaky picture! ga3d ykhare3ni :(

Common_Sense said...

I am high, high, highhhhhhhhhhhhh

p.s badly el spare, maly '7elg kel yom a3adelech el car ;p

Common_Sense said...

BTW, tgooolen politics :S wainech 3an my blog, all I post stupid games. bs tra ma 3ndy salfa thats why ;p

Extinct Dodo said...

no3ik, itha intay zainah ana zainah :">

Chai-7aleeb said...


ZiZoTiMe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ZiZoTiMe said...


O ba3dain ma3aaach entay!! I'm ugly and that's me when i was kid!! Tben etshofen 9orty o ana ekbeeeeeer? :P HAHahahaha

U won't sleeeeeeeeep tonight ;)

Mini Я.:

LoooooooL it's really hard cause that's me and there is only one person like me in earth... thank your god for that :P

Wanna learn how to scare no3ik? ;)

Carlsb3rg said...

like yourself, I didnt have the time to keep up with my blog either. Got a job and started working on sunday.. other things have gotten me occupied as well during the last few days.

Anyways, happy for you and your sister, o matshof shar sayartech ;P

jiji said...

my news.. i started work :)

and... emmm... im buyin some new shoes kil ma a6la3 min dawam.. damn closness to shopping malls ;p

and am gettin amazing silver 3ala multi-colored nikes!

and by the way, when THE hell are we goin out? how abt dinner and a movie? aw coffee? yallllaa!! u and loli!

*ok jiji this is not msn...*

Tinkerbell said...

i'm ok 7abeeeeebty ! u shlooonech? shloon il triplets? and screw war!

zizo: i hate u :P

ZiZoTiMe said...


dinner, movie and a coffee place.... take me with u!!!!!!!!!!!


I know :P

No3iK said...

* reema:
7bebty thanks wayid:* lol are u sure ur good!
did u return the dvd yet ! ? or not?
;p inshalah i will carry them, and u will come carry them with me!
and ZIZOOO @@ thiba7ny madre shasawe feeee 3AHAAAA!!!!

*common sense:
looooooooooooooool aham shay razat al face :p my hero was a hotti!! kan shay 3ageeeeb ;p mashalah 3laih.

any ways, ent blogik kila al3ab 9a3ba!! o i get depressed because i lose all the time! so not working for me that well.

@@ la la la !!! magdar 3ala kalam kibeeer chithe ya albi :****
yislamli lsanich al7ilo 7bebty ;)
bs im still interested in knowing ur news , anything !

*chai 7aleeeb:
shfeeeek fa9il 3alay?
loool inshalah dom lol ! o b3dain .. kamil kalamik 5o ! shwaraaak?

i know u! so i dont get to sleep either ways! its too late .
any ways shoof even reema is asking u to change ur pic@@

o kilshay wala reeeem 3ad@@ fa yalah go get ur self a nice zizo pic ;p as nice as u r ;)

oooooooooowwwwwwwwwww !!

mabrook for the new job ;) wanasaaa
best of luck ,, yalah 3ad maboga ela enshof al 3arooosa ;p hehehehehe
kidding bs chithe ba5ar3ik but thats what they say after u get a job lol
almuhim shar mayeeeeek .. my car is fine inshalah i just miss her thats all :(

oh oh oh entay b3d new job
mashalah mabroook 7bebty :p
o yalah shidi 7ailich bay`6y al wayh 3aaaad ... almuhim
the msn part ... ok well go out ... bs meta ... ana malait o ma3indy sayara al7eeen dabro 7alkum .

screw war big time.
i love u :*
and i hate zizos pic.

- went out with the girls no dalol :(
almuhim, bought bag and two beautiful knee length skirts! 7adhum cute :*
almuuhim what else .....
- oh yes saw a mit7agba girl bl raya wearing a see through top!! it was yellow and her bra was black!! lol CHEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!
- then went to pirates of the caribien 2 ( note: havent seen 1 yet)
but still it was cute!!! my jhonny was 7adddddda cute i love him :*
+ my tummy hurts :(

Anonymous said...

shrayech we both go to superman & talk about beauty? :P

it's not only skin deep with you im sure ;)

Common_Sense said...

ok I'll not say I am hotti or anything. bs enty Mamaty, ana sha6la3 3ayal ;p

Marzouq said...

I think they are called Pucks! LOOL! But thats the English word, Kuwaiti would be "KUWAR BEETH" hehehehe!

Mit7ajibah and see through top! LOOOL!!!! Now thats funny! I really want to see Pirates of the Carribean 2!!!

Fuzzy said...


no one is happy about the war, kelna Sick

LiLaCs said...

Used to war..

Stop whinnning

Why are you writing at work?!!?!

You should learn to change a tire yourself..No need for the damsel in distress episode..Lame :P

Mithjabat are now classed in different sects..The ones that cover and the ones that show more then they cover..

Triplets huh? Mashallaa..Cute cute cute(says this cause shes not the one changing diapers) Names?

Knee length skirts cant help being cute..

My news..
School....Schoool...More schoool...Oh look what else? Right school :D..People kill me Im having soo much fun its gotta be illegal..

Bella Color said...

Halla wallah.... intay eshloooonich??

Glad to hear that u saw the babies :)

Why does the worst things in the world always happening to ur car!! Every month something bad happens to it!! Maskeeeeena ur car ;) Bas il sara7a mako 3ala ur broken window!! LoooooooooooooooooL :D

Anyways, 7abebti ur TAGGED by MOI!!!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Bada3taw with my picture!!! hjom shneeee3 o 3neeeej methel ely ga3ed e9er fe lebanon!!!!

Jiji......... Some help!!

jiji said...

ebarek feech hun :*

khalas inshalla soon we set a date :)

and zizo.. ma3aleeeek minhom! 3yal hal ayaam mako THOUQ! soortik mako ajmaL minha!

jiji said...

-zizo: wanna come? ween nroo7? ooh 3ad dr.lost ow 7 ezi3loon! ow maybe no3ik will kill u ;p how abt just u n me? anferid feek le wa7dy ... and ;)

*evil laugh*


ill leave the rest for the newspapers ;p

A Daydreamer said...

ok. lets try this again... hmmmm. news???

I just signed a one year contract for my new apartment at my new university. soooooooooooooooooo excited because this will be the first time i'm actually alone!! wela before i was always with my sisters or brothers!!! can wait.... acutally i will posting about it very soon ;)

ok was that better? hehe

No3iK said...

*mini r :
aaaw !!!! why do u always mamke me *blush* lol
thanks ;p

*common :
ya waaaaaily !! lol
madre shti6la3 etha ana mamatik !
moshkila :/

marzouq, 3abdallah told me they are called bl kuwaity :
" ga7fiyaat" loooool they actually do look like a ga7feya ! ;p heheheeh
marzoouq gooo seee it , it was really fun, like watching a disney cartoon ;)

yeh ur right, but i know some dont want this war to be over. any ways welcamooooz :)

lol loved ur comment :*** ummwah ummwah
what else, yeh schooool good luck 7beeebty :*** ummwah ummmwah .
ok, now im done with u ;p

7beeebty !!! maskeeena ana mo my car ;p
walllah ashwa ma i died or something it was horrifying!! to top it all my pooor poooor window :``(
almuhim my baby car bl hospital now they will take good care of her inshalah :***
awal ma ti6la3 ba6al3ich feha to celebrate the new window ;) heheheheh

*jiji & zizo:
lol entaw bada3taw !!!

jiji ana birriya minich damich u still like his UGLY FUGLY FREAKY pic - gives me the shivers !! -
lol enfarday feee ya mama enfarday fee hehehehe lol habla ;p

thats more like it :* thanks dear
wow!! living alone 7adddda exciting.
wish i could do kinda am but not really ;)
ooowwww good luck sweets i bet its gonna be gr8 :*


wokeup 8:30 realised i dont have anymore esti2thanat for dawam, so i went back to bed ;D best feeling in the world.
wokeup at 12:30 feeling cold and hungry again lol

amazingly i have no news for today coz i wasted an entire day doing nothing, well watched a movie with daddy :* 7beeby. thats it. yaaalh
been great ppl fanx :*****

Si7LeYa said...

loool mynona ana tmam wnty :p ؟

No3iK said...

entay ro7ay namay a7san ;p

were closed hon!

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