Friday, July 07, 2006

Look at me.

i barely touch u, but i can feel u-
im standing right here, right in front of you.
can u even see me? am i invisible?
ur breathing the air, the -AIR- ur able to feel, want and even see!
i breathe for both of us. ur dead iside, im alive, for both of us.

look at me, when im not talking to you.
listen when im not talking to you.
shut me up when i do.
i just want u to feel me, just know that im alive.

-STANDING- for me equals surviving, but u cant see it, can you?
ur eyes are so not deep, theyre almost flat.
i can step right inside when ever i want to.
but u keep pushing me, u dont really push
u just stop existing.

i know when i touch something, i give it color
u, u only kill my colors, im black and white.
rip me apart, shed me all u want
as long as u get to touch me, im willing to give it a try.

u think i want this, u think im some kind of a sadist miserable "thing"
one of your toys!
no im not, i dont even -love- u
i loath u, i love hating u.
i just want you to be alive, so that i can touch u

and when u do feel that touch, -i know u will someday-
i will -kiss- you.
ull know how it feels to be dead when u still have a beating heart.
ull feel skinless, soulless, and worthless

that is when ill smile, with tears in my eyes,
but it will all be fine,
i promise you, everything will be just fine.
just look at me for now, and when u do see me
it will be our little secret.

im stronger than u,
im stronger than pain,
i can look u both in the eye.
and cry.
im human! i never try to hide it.
and that is not a secret.
"pain" is just fine, isnt it?

*latest news:
i love my new shekshy shoes ;p
life is much better with them :****


Carlsb3rg said...

interesting piece :)

NuNu™ said...

I'm stronger than you,
I'm stronger than pain,
I can look you both in the eye.
and cry.
I'm human! I never try to hide it.
and that is not a secret.
"pain" is just fine, isn't it?

Very touching!

P.S; You gotta get me shekshy shoes too ;P

Bella Color said...

Lo0o0o0oL.... Sorry babes bas when reached the ending of the post, i couldnt stop laughing. Tadrin laish? Lana u started with a serious tone that was overflowing with emotions & powerful feelings oo ba3adian ur write about shoes! Il7eeen shakooo il shoes fi il maw`6oooo3!!

I guess this is ur unique style :)

Bas keeep up the goood work, sisoooo :)

ZiZoTiMe said...

Hot guys or shoes?!

Now... U choose one only:P

Your Battlefield said...

no3ik no3ik no3ik MY GOD I LOVE IT...I AM SPEECHLESS it was beautifully written, your honesty and true self is incorportated in anything you write...mashallah...i am waiting for more and this piece has intrigued me to the core....i cant wait for more...with your words, you do something to be that just makes me want more and more never wanting the piece to end...i love the last stanzas...your ending was magnificent.:)

Anonymous said...

I love the shekshy shoes tooo, espicially when one of your hunky football players wears it....

Pain is such a pain in the ***.

i luved your piece and i think you are amazing in every way possible... your a unique person and i luv u :* us the sheos ;p

jiji said...

-zizo: u should know that girls would go for shoes over guuys anytime! so save me a tear would ya ;p

and no3ik babes.. me wuvs ya shes! theyr amazing.. and coooooool and SEEEXXXAAAAAAY!!

No3iK said...

u really think ?
;p thanks .

hehehe thanks 7bebty,
mayi`3lon 3laich 3mre entay :** a7ibishhhhhhhh

looooool 7bebty adre 7adi kisart fekum :p
i did it on purpose, to break the tension , u know ma7ib lidrama !
thanks 7bebty :*

i dont get to choose,
i get to have what ever i want to ;p
so i choose both ;)

a`7eeeeeeh girl ! i love u shasawe fech lol, i love ur comments ! u so get me mashalh 3laich.
kila mn thoooqich thanks sweets
wallah every word u write, the fact that its coming from u, means the world! so thanks u. i want more to mo bs entay ;)

its u again :p
so now u have a crush on me lol
good, when the wedding?
oh and btw, i dont want babies lol
hehehehe aham shay ani kalaitik
kidding -mot9adig 3ad-!!
thank u im glad u liked it, ur words are very sweet, so thank u :)

7beebty thanks
adre mat7ben hl sowalif so i appreciate anich u read it and commented! did u read it 3ad? really lol
almuhim, my shoes are for u
just call o ohma 3ndich afa 3laich
chm jiji 3ndna :*

Fedo said...

"i know when i touch something, i give it color
u, u only kill my colors, im black and white.
rip me apart, shed me all u want
as long as u get to touch me, im willing to give it a try."


jiji said...

7beebteeeee walla... ill make the time to read it inshalla.. wa3ad... :>

and yeah.. there is only ONE jiji :) ana :>

Tinkerbell said...

i lubooo ;)

baqsima6ah said...

Hey ! I've been waiting 4 a new post cause I couldn't contribute to anything related to football :p sry
well.. what can I say, very heartfelt piece of art. Mashalla, I have a question, how do u get to write something like this ? do u keep a 'thoughts' book or something or it just pours out on the keyboard ? :) u know I felt somehow it sounds very special u. forgive me.

lots of :*'s

LaiaLy_q8 said...

must see shoeeeeeeeeeees :D

Si7LeYa said...

dear no3ik, mashalah u keep impressing me more and more, mashalah 3laich very very moving. and yes ur shoes are the hottest (ssssssssssst);P

NewMe said...


Wow... breath taking amazing ANGRY work :)
Loved it with all the mixed feelings I got from it :)
Love shoes as well
Especially hi healed SHIKSHI ones :)
Have a good one...

No3iK said...

*fedo a.k.a cuffy:
:`) u feel me i know u do.

thnx 7bebty :*** miss u. ur not on msn its very quiete lol

lubooooooooo toooo sweets :* umwah

u honestly think my prev posts were about football!!! lol
come on girl ... theres no girl that cant contribute with hotty footy players lol ;p

bout ur question, i dont think nor do i plan! it just flows straigh from the top of my head. to the keyboard.. most of the time i dont like editing it, i only type it then publish, takes 3-5 mins.

forgive u! laish 3la shino ??
:* 7bebty i love u.

loooooooooooooooooove u ;p heheheh
ok ok , ill email a pic. prepare to fall inlove again ;)

7beeeeboooooza entay shlonich
thanks wayid! flattered wallah
loved the (sssssst) malomich u saw them in real life ;p

uve been missed here 7bebty.
thanks, yes mixed feelings confusing but playful piece!
glad u felt it...

my shoooezeeez are one of the most dangerous heels u can imagine.
i literaly kissed them!
so did my friend when i showed them to her! u stop thinking , ur just amazed .. and u kiss them lol

jiji said...

oooh sweeetieeee... weeeh missitich el3afya hun :)
am online now... bs no @@ u..

yalla wanna chaaaaat :P

Reem :P said...

WOW :* i liked ur post :P and i love ur blog :P and i adore u :PPPPPPPPP

NuNu™ said...

a7ibttssssss more 7abeebti entay ;*

Common_Sense said...

Lo0oL the comments have more drama than the poem or what ever you call it :p
woow I love you and love your new shoes its so Zoooqa :S ---->girls..girls ;p

"i loath u, i love hating u.
i just want you to be alive, so that i can touch u"

ouuuch mala da3y 3awar galb, my babe msafra :(, I really love hating to love you :p

Chai-7aleeb said...


Bloo said...

interesting from the heart piece... to be honest.. at one point i thought u were describing a sex scene.. another i thought u were breaking up and getting back just immeditely...

"i love hating u." // good post really

No3iK said...

* jiji:
e shfeeech at`3ala :p

a`7eeeeh 3laich! tw manawar alpost wallah, u know how much amoooooot 3laich girl ;*

hehehehe a7ibishhhhhhh - a7ibitssssss
(sssssssssssst) entay walah ;)

lol ===> girls girls!! 7adna enyanin mo? ,, 9ig al dnya mn `3erna ma tiswa ;p
weeeee salamat ur heart, inshalah tridlik ur babe bl salama ;)

*chait 7alee:
welcome to my blog dear
:) great is a good word, thanks ;p

i really like how far u got with the piece.
most of my pieces are intentially meant to be confusing and playful. to let ur imagination lead u to what ever ur feeling ;) in ur case
u were feeling pretty good ;p
any way im glad u liked it,
im happy ur in my blog, so welcome :)

Marzouq said...

Great work! Very deep and serious about dealing with someone! Sometimes dealing with people is hell!

LiLaCs said...

Nooo3ik I want to see shoes tooooo!!!!!!!!
And um yea whats up with all the drama drama drama..Its the kind of piece I read say I dont like(cause its serious and all gotta rep to keep ;P) but then deep down inside(if I have a deep down inside) I like it ;)

No3iK said...

thanks broooo yeh its hell, ill say :)
im glad u liked it.

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey ur such a meanni :p
to have a rep u must be a monster !
heheheheh thats total crap!
aniiiiiiiiii waaaaaaaaaaays
what eveeeeeeeeer ;p i know u have a deep deep inside :* and i love u.

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