Wednesday, July 26, 2006


"Even the best fall down sometime"

when someone tells you, theyre : "scary and damaged"
what does that mean...?
are they telling you be prepared for a wild ride, freaky one,( expect anything)
are they telling you please dont try and find out any more.
or are they asking u to take their hand and just help them mend.please dont let go?

well iam .... scary and damaged ... iknow scary and damaged people.
we, act like any one else, were usually the happy always laughing ones.
scary and damaged people can always spot eachother, even in public places, even if they didnt know eachother.
are we pretending, lying and hiding??
no were not , we learn to act this way, with time, you cant do anything about it but act.
coz if people saw how we really feel, they might get hurt to. we act this way because we love them people, we care not to hurt them.

yes, iam scary and damaged .
i hide it all the time, with a huge smile on my face.
because i love u :)


Extinct Dodo said...

im scary and damaged.. i could win "most beautiful smile", or "most contagious laugh" any day

please hold my hand :(

Misho said...

i had a second hand experience with what u just said, its 100% true ...

The Stallion said...

May I be sworn into the "Scart and Damaged" society! I know what you are talking about!

LaiaLy_q8 said...


NuNu™ said...

I am scary and damaged as well

Anonymous said...

I got hit by the milk truck while crossing the street.

Oh're talking about something else..

We all have been damaged before. Some choose to stay damaged because they're too stubborn to move an inch. While others choose to move on.

Wear your scars proudly, as a reminder to others not to mess with you. Just like how I do it.

Now smile :)

No3iK said...

- holds ur hand -
7bebty :* i wont let go ;)

i know its 100% true i dont know what came into me i had to open up.

*the stallion:
wow, were a society then ha! weve been a secret society for so long dont u think ? good to be out in the open from time to time.
ur in stal ;)


even u !!!!
7bebty :* u hide it very well.

lol kdd truck haa :p

esmi;a 3laik latfawil 3la 3mrik!
any ways ....
ur a proud scary damaged person
wow, have to give it to you, i dont know how u do it!
but welcome to the club. ur still one of us.


ZiZoTiMe said...

So trueeeeeeeeee!! Me like it

Even if we scared ana damaged... We should laugh and pretend that there is nothing actually happened!

El denya ma teswa no3y so kel ma e9er shy ekader doseeeeeeh o emshay... This is how u should treat life

O bel nehayah ma agol ela

Daaaaaaaaamnnnn 3al pic :P

Sheftay eshlon el 9ora mo kel shy o ako jamal dakhely feny o fe my pic ;)

ScarlO said...

I spot them in the street. I want approach them and talk to them, say anything just to let them know that I know exactly what they feel. But I always decide not to. I always think, let's let them live under the impression that they hide it well. Just like I like to live under the impression that I hide it well (heck, I wouldn't like to be approached in a public place by a fellow S&D)

Uh, smile is all we do, I suppose. I read once in a book that I won't pretend to remember: "Truth is fierce and unrelenting. You cannot change it, yet you can change the way you live with it."
So yeah, smiling is living with it, somehow. And you know what I really really hate? People who tell you to "get over it", as if it's just a little button that you press and forget and forgive and get over stuff. They have no idea at all that these damages actually form you -or me, speaking about myself. And that without these, I might be something else, perhaps damaging others and making their lives miserable. I like me the way I am. I like scary me. I like damaged me. I'm used to it, I'm living with it. I might bitch and moan every once in a while, but that's healthy.

(*re-reads* thats one long bloody comment..)

jamaal dakhely? :-p~

baqsima6ah said...

I admit my damaged side ..but scary ? I'm workin on it

the11thmuse said...

awww! how sweet..

I guess smiling beats being bitter anytime anywhere.. you never know how many people you touch on a human level.. Stay the same and spread the joy :D.. then one day you'll realize you're not acting anymore and that you are in fact a jolly person..

Fedo said...

Damaged, maybe. Scary, not at all.

Zalabya said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zalabya said...

في مقوله وايد أحبها تقول
"العظيم من يبتسم و في عينيه الدموع"

very touchy

alah yab3ed 3anech el ham o 3an kel el naas :)
hach :***

Dr.Lost said...

.... i guess everyone gets a bit damaged at some point of their lives.. thats life.. having someone 2 help u go thru it is all u really need... :(

now stop ! happy thoughts.. happy happy... write sumethin happy-like :)

BaSSeM said...

I know and I understand.
I wish I didn't know and I wish I didn't understand.

Marzouq said...

Many people have problems.. that they keep on the inside because they dont know what else to do about it..
I can totally understand what you mean, and I dont think there is person who isnt scared and damaged to a certain degree but its what you do about it thats different to every person!

The way I see is "what doesnt kill you will only make you stronger" and thats why Im one tough cookie..or the way I think about it is Coconut (hard on the outside and soft & sweet on the inside! hehehehe :) )

Bes thats life you take the bumps.. you fall down.. you get back up and keep doin wat you doin!

No3iK said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
No3iK said...

aham shay aldinya ma tiswa no3ik :p
lol sorry bs ent 7adik dash 3ar`6
ur one of the people we smile for ;)
mashalah 3laik 3asa doooom dayis 3l dinya zeeeez ;)
ur pic is one of the reasons of my damage and misery lol
just thought let u know!!!
good for you :D

- sighs -
ummmmmmmm .... i dont think i can add anything to that!
thank you.* i love looong comment ;)
i loved what u wrote.
and welcome to my blog dear.

were all working on it ;)

thanks dear that was very nice of you to say.
i would like to be lieve that one day it will happen.
welcome to my blog hon.

u still dont know me :) that well!
iam scary - booooooo - ;p

7beeebty maqoltich 9aaa7
such people i look at them as heroes! ur absolutely right. thanks for the prayer*

ur right we all need that someone.
ok ok ,, ur the doc, happy thoughts then, wala ehimik ;D
thanks .

what u said was painful.
welcome to my blog.

ya cookie, madre coccunut ! ;p
both i like, but i want to be a donut someday
not hard not soft...a donut! is just perfect.
u know "what doesnt kill u makes u stronger" ... saying ... makes me sick sometimes!! coz u cant say it just to anyone. there are levels of damage degrees of scared...
its like one someone is burned, there are degrees of burn, repairable and un-repairable. but all act the same all try to move and stand and walk.
they all smile. the pain and the damage inside is different.

some times what doesnt kill you, makes u want to die.


Marzouq said...

No matter how badly a person is burned.. the wound heals.. even if it leaves a bad scare.. the person gets used to it and lives on! Dont let past things ruin future happiness! Its that simple! Im not saying everything should happy and dandy, but things could always be worse! So inshlla you feel like you or anyone else can get out of this!

ZiZoTiMe said...


Hatha mo kalamy!! legaitah bel jreda o ketabta :P

Ed7ad ed7ak ew3a etkarkar ew3a etkarkar :P


Eshrayech bs bel eslob? ma anafsech? :P

Zalabya said...

*whispers* no3ik khal ne6la3 on sat. shrayech?

Aurora said...

Oh..don't! Please! This is so sad, I wish nobody feels that way but I know that's impossible. -gives no3ik a huge hug-
I think I have been damaged but I believe I repaired myself, and just like Mini R said, I wear my scars for everyone to see...proud to have been through them on the winning side :)

No3iK said...

*marzouq i hear you ;)
thank you, ur right.
im feeling up these days thank u.
i only need a donut and ill feel much better. ;p

lol zizo bada3t .. sharha 3lay ili ga3d amid7ik yidam al nas razitik ;p
hehehe inshalah enkarkar ....

saturday ........... ummmmmmmmmm
sure :**** enty tamreeeen

thanks for the hug hon :*
im very proud that ur healing ...
inshalah dooom :***
i wish all the best honestly.
u inspire all of us :)

Marzouq said...

How bout krispy kream? Will that do! ehehehe!

No3iK said...

aaawww !! marzouq how sweet ..
yeah all kinds will do.
my fav is the coffee flav one ;p
yummmmy ... - drooling -

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