Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My phone book ;p

this is my best best friend ;) never tooo busy, never late never not in the mood
knows how to deal with all my mooodedat uppies and downiies :***
me wubby wubby a lotty :**

i wouldve married u , but .... i have papi ;*

soooooooooo whos ur best fwend ?? best thing friend ???

ooooooooooooooooh ok ,, back to the title: phone book
coolest names i have b my phone book are :

1- AllaAlloOo (dalol)
2- ShoZeeZ Queen (lialy)
3-Red lipstick (jiji)
4- habla (some hbala friend of mine)
5- dana chathaba (dano rfegty wayid etchathib 3lay)
6- bootty (loooooool no need to explain)
7- cave man (long story)

ok ok ,, bs mala da3i al bagi ,, showed u mine now u show me urs ;p

yaaallalh baro7 at`3ada ... byez ;)


ZiZoTiMe said...

n3amah (3bdelra7man)
Panda (3la2)
QooooooQ (3bdelqader)
Virus (3zoz)
Abatah (my father)
Mameta (my mother)
Kazozy (my brother)
Ba6reqko (ma63am el b6req)
Cockroach (a famous blogger) :P
flower boy (another one)

The list won't end so I shared some of it with u ;)

Me 1st me 1st :)

No3iK said...

looooooooooooool zizo !!

ur very creative !!

ok ok me want more me want more ,,
my fav so far is (abatah)
heheheheheheh 7addda cool :* u know i love ur daddy ;)

almuhim ,, endless list haaaa!! ;)
-naghty naughty-

Carlsb3rg said...

i like to keep my phonebook formal and boring.

though i have a 'Aziz shanab' entry ;p

Eng.fahad said...

bo kna (('7ale))
elq9a9 ((m9ale7 :P
shopa sho ((100% online))
god father (my dad))
zqirte (('7ale))
'7fore ((wa7d '7roof))
chakalka ((bint '7alte))
elsheba ((my bro))
bss '7laaa9 :P

Extinct Dodo said...

i keep my phonebook formal too.. and i keep it in plain english.. ma 3ndy sowalif 3 oo 7 oo madry shino... very rigid and uptight :P

ya3ny if i was to have you in my phone book, you'd be No'aik :p

malat 3alay. i need to chill LOL

i_live_in_Q8 said...

Wont Mention names---

em7ashesh (heh his eyes always sleepy)

the rest are normal names....

Papillona ® said...

I would have said : Chocolate, but chocolate is my 'lover' not 'friend'
My best friend is THIS.
so, coolest names, huh?
let's see

Ignore <--- I aways pick up so I changed it into this:
DO NOT PICK UP <-- but I never listen

and the rest are 'real' names. Damn, I too serious (the word is: boring) I don't have cool names on my phone book.

jiji said...

waay no3ik 7abeeebty thaaanx.. ana om 7omra 7amraa WOOOWW

-zizo... i know who flower boy is :P

SpiKeY said...

Airport info :P
blacky (sum friend)
Bri'Sh (a british friend :P)
Clock (113 :P)
SecReT Gurl (i still dont know who she is )
Shaggy (3ayla in kuwait actaully )
To7Fa ( egyption to7fa )
Twins (yes they use the same number)

LaiaLy_q8 said...


and you are caffeioiloo ma adris sheno in my phone babe hehehe

Bella Color said...

LoooooooooooL... Can never 4get the story of AllaAlloOo...!


When it comes it my phone boook, its kinda formal too bas the only difference is that ana emdal3athom...

No3iK said...

* calrs:
!! it is soo u, very calm cute and neat ;p
sooooo ... no cool or hot nickis ?
when ever u do have one, my post is always open ;)

god father (my dad)) !!!!
wow guys u really do have cool daddy names !!
mine is just plain ( daddy) !!! :s 9ig boring ..
;) cool list bro.


@@ i must say i was shocked !! u boring ! u of all ppl thought ud have this huge list lol
i loved how id id be b ur list
No`aik ==== madre !! i just like it.
girl ,, yeah do chill plz 7ada layig 3laich to chill :*

*i live in q8:
loooooooooool sorry enta ensan dayi5 hehehe i said the cool nicks un usual??? mama baba are soo unusual ! lol
bro 1 bro 2 lol heheheheeh
ok ok ,, maybe they are ! batagi3lik bro ;p
my fav was "em7ashesh"
i have a thing for em7ashishen lol

oooowww :(( dont say that :*
ur cool no matter what ;)
u r the "p a p i" girl ;p

golay golay mino flower boy
looooooool i think i know to ;p

lol clock!! thats wise ;p very creative !
soooo u have a secret girl :p
hoooooow impressive ;p
welcome to my blog :)

oooowww ! 7adich cute ;)
very sexy name - ma ma miya -

ooow thats cute !! 7eta ana emdal3atny ;) - blushing-


Honey™ said...

1.7ayzaboona (7i9a)
2.awso (awras)
3.mameeto (mother)
4.mido ;> (brother)
5.XL britney (cousin) ,, she looks loke britney but fat ;>
6.papaya (dad)
7.rogie (grand mother)
8.zou'3a (sara)
9. to0ot (sara) hathy wa7da thanya

fe waied b3ad bs mali 5elg adwer ;P

Carlsb3rg said...

lool.. I had someone named 'Don't pick up' too!

I also delete people I haven't spoken to for a very long time ;p

carlsb3rg said...

no3ik, hahahaha! nah no nicks for me :)

Marzouq said...

Haha some of these are pretty funny! I will go through my phone and post the funny ones! hehehe!

Reem :P said...

my best friend is .... :( madry too many things!!

and DAMMIT! my phone book is tooo formal! wait let me see
oh ok i have those two: ************ and ********* :P

btw, sheno emsayvatny? :P

Jacqui said...

I don't have many funny ones hehehe I keep mine simple and formal at times, simply because I would rather keep it that way hehehe but the funny ones are:

Satan (my Jack)

and that's it LOL!

The rest are first name and last name except for my parents

Baba (My dad)
Mom (Mom)
Grandma (You guessed it!)

and basically that's it :P

i_live_in_Q8 said...

be66ag3eeli? ... esh hal 7achy? :P

badly.drawn.woman said...

i'm flattered i'm on ur list!! *blushes*

i'm afraid i belong to the group of ppl who boringly save 'full names'... bs i do sometimes have the occasional mysterious one saved under "shahad niqab" or "sana2 commonwealth"... and i also have "abrar aesop's tales"...

i don't remember who they are or why they have aesop's tale in the name... hmmm...

ALLAALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *snatches phone and runs like the wind*

Delicately Realistic said...

Lool i thought the same think paps said! Im too serious! My names are all real as well hehehe

Dr.Lost said...



i dont have any cool names.. ;p too lame , i know.. :(

actually i have zizotime saved as '7odada (its an iraaaani name, and a really long stooory...)

Tinkerbell said...

dar el weratha (mama)
el dakheleya (home)
fish face (emarati friend)
frog killer (saudi friend)
fuck face (don't ask)
ghetto fab (long story)
ay papi (cape verdian friend)
kanoo (bahraini friend)
love nest (sis + hubby's home)
shazizo nooosha (best friend)
reject (can't remember :P)
sister stealer (sis's hubby)
the godfather (baba)
y = mx + b (math wiz friend)
zzzz thubana (bro)

7tenths said...

This is where flowerboy shines! I almost never use real names :P

Babanintendo (a twist on my Nigerian friend Babatunde's name)
Chubs (you gain a little weight, you suffer!)
Cotton (ga66an)
Harrrny (a distant cousin, who obviously ain't gettin' any!)
Mooly (Zizo's 'Cockroach')
Sand Nigga (self explanatory)
Shorty (my uncle.. he obviously loves me!)
Slim (actually, not so slim.. at all!)
The Devil (this one's insane! One of friends back in pre-med found out her mom was calling all her friends and checking up on her & gave us a heads up! I hold onto the name for sentimental value :P)
The Other Guy (someone not worthy of an original nickname)
Wheeeeeeel (before oooLLLooo there was..)
Yigooloooooon (my sister used to haunt me about one of my uncles by constantly saying 'yigooloooon yishbahek!')
Zippo (Marlboro owes this guy alot!)

Really smart idea!

Honey™ said...

kidding hehe i saved my uncle as thubana 2 ,, hehe cuz waied 7ANAN ;p bs il home 7bait il da5lya ,, i saved mine as (my kingdom) & its not =/

No3iK said...

* honey:
sweeeeeeeeeets, ur names are all 7ilweeeen ;)

my fav was: "5.XL britney (cousin) ,, she looks loke britney but fat ;>"
lololololol 7araaaam maskeena ;p
when ever ufeel free, just te;; us some more.....

hahahahaha .... how boring ;[ its ur loss ;p

- me still waiting - ;)

looooooooool those two: *** & *** !!!
lol what girl are u swearing !! lol
ooooooooooooooooh !!!!!
thakarteny ana shlon nisait a7i6 esmich ......
- reeem (6)eya = sexya ;)
u goooo girl !

welcome to my blog sweets
looooooool i loved Satan!!!
im thinking bout using it! but who???? ........

* i live in q8:
shkirhik !! ent mat6awifly shay ?
b3dain ana glt (batagi3lik)
pressed the (t) instead of the (r) u know coz bl keyboard they are like neighbors ;p heheheheh
i saw it tara mn zuman bs glt mali `7lg a3adilhaaaa !! lol wayhik bro.

looooooooool i will never forget this day!! remember ?
we were just starting to be freins and ALALO happened!! lol it was sooo funny!
GUESS WHAT? yesterday Alalo had his first baby daughter ;) yeh i know its adorable :*

BOUT UR NICKS! LOL u need to chill ur obsessed with literature !!

hey sweets welcome to my bloggi,
lol i wouldve guessed ur names were all real and formal, since ur a reaslitic person ;)
wouldnt hurt to give ur closest closest friends nicks! at least ;)
try it ..... :*

boohooo lame! ur sooooo NOT cool.

- gives tinks a BIG hug-

ur the real deal !! ur nicks are alllll .. whats the word (eshawgoooooooooon) :*
loved them all wallah, lol u made me laugh:
"sister stealer (sis's hubby) looooooooool and fuck face"!!! wow! i dont have that on my list,, i want want though ;p

lol bro !! ur smart but u know that already. why cant u teach ur lame freind dr.lost some tricks?? u know to be half as cool as u are ;)
"The Devil (this one's insane! One of friends back in pre-med found out her mom was calling all her friends and checking up on her & gave us a heads up! I hold onto the name for sentimental value :P)"
loooooool i really enjoyed the story ;p

* honey:
i loved al da5eleya tooo !!!
mine is ( home sweet home)
i know boring ;p

No3iK said...

* dalol:
!! ok did i say alalo had his first daughter lol !! hes like 5 yrs @@ lol
wallaaaaaah mo hayin 6ala3 .
any ways lol obviuosly i meant baby SISTER ;)

Anonymous said...

wow..mine is way too formal..except for two names in there..

Ahmedov Weirdo (my cousin)

Chicken Legs (a skinny friend)

oh and hi & nice blog & all the usual polite stuff. :)

I *think* it's my 1st time here?

Bloo said...

my best thing friend is my usb.

some names on my phone book:

1. mgazrat_ha: my niece, that's her common word.
2. 7elwat eliban: mom
3. commander data: the love of my life, so intelligent, and star trek fan.

4. TitTit: my favorite brother, his common word too :)

and i put on my phone book a name that never calls me: alanise morrissette... just incase one day she does hehe.

Marzouq said...

7aamith (he stays on the phone til you want to break it)
Bass (because he drinks water like he lives in water)
raaye7 3arth(conversations always going on tangents)
7ayawaan (hehehe)
El Aswad (my cousin is the color of charcoal)
3al Leash (married friend)
La Yeshlikh (exagerate)
Suwareekh (exagerates a lot)
Bu Bo6aa6a (he likes food, more then people... dont get between him and his french fries.. you may die)
Lord Mother (she is the ruler of my kingdon)


ZiZoTiMe said...

Meno ba3ad ma 7a6lech comment? Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal :P

La testahlain cause el fekra 3ajeeeba wallah ya no3ik o ako wayed nas gamat etqaldech hal ayam :P

eeeeee el arqam wayda o la ero7 mokhech eb3eeeeed

U know his son loved u too :P

LoooooooooL at 7tenths's comment ;)

Anonymous said...

a7mad hummer(owns a hummer;p)
idiwali(some # that keeps calling)
ilabla(dont know her name:P)
princess(she saved that)

NuNu™ said...

I dont have any cool names =/
And how come I don't have a cool name as your friends? >=/

Chai-7aleeb said...

Don't drink while driving,7abibti.

R7eeq said...


om kesha ( my sis)

il qa63a ( my best friend)

m6awa3a ( my big sis)

s7ela (nfola)

il sheba ( baba)

3qlat il e9b3 ( entaaaay ) ;p

kefe lol :*

Zalabya said...

911 : Home
6a6a Bo6a6a : my sister
Seray Tekana : my aunt
mo ella : a noisy friend
Latredden 1 : people i hate
Latredden 2 : same
Latredden 3 : Same
and it goes on till Latredden 7

I missed commenting on blogs hehe

No3iK said...

.. oooooooooook

more of my list:

- za3zo3 : lol
- 7mar : !!!! lol i have no idea ??
- 3ziiizi: abdulaziz
- zoba aloba : my coz
- Yooni : haya
- ? : again unknown
- raqam : ???? what !!
- Nono na3oma : cute ;)
- maryom zhaiweya : :x eeeew that was her irc nick name like 6 yrs ago!
- MadooGI: khadega
- Mideedi : a7mad

- jiiji sawait copy paste 3shan 3yonich o bara6mich ;p manridich :*

Carlsb3rg said...

I know this guy that has his dad saved as 'Alwa7sh' ;p

barrak said...

زورونا بالخيمتنا

NuNu™ said...

LOL!!! Poor Zalabya girl.. She has so many annoying people =/

Common_Sense said...

-Zalabya mashalah wayed people you hate, allah la yzedhom.

I'll post bacher, I may have some nick names bas 4:30 am ZZZzzzZZzzZZZz

Anonymous said...

Zalabeya: LOL..I have the same bas samaita "Morons & Co." those people I don't reply to and the list keeps growing!

no3ik: baih i got a bunch of irc nicknames on my fonebook myself bas last week 3adalt'hum..i'm starting to forget who's who lol

No3iK said...

*mni r:

7ayaaaak allah thankssat the blog is all like sunny and shiney and lights everywhere ... u know
welcoming u and all that b-sh*t stuff they say ;p

any ways
Chicken Legs (a skinny friend)
lol one of my friends in her phone book im ( baskoota) she says im very easy to break!! as in nitfa lol


aaaaaaw !! 7ilwat al liban!
a`7eeeeh sweetest sweetest mommy name! :** allah e`7aleha 7agich 7bebty.


ur a busy man ! two days just to check ur phone book ;p
any ways me likey:
7aiwan : looool masken
lord mother: that was just soo sweet :)
thanks bro. cool gang.


a3oooooooooootho billllah !!!! gol mashalah ya shagol :p
ili yisma3 egol blogik mafe a7ad !!! mogrim. kidding
la la adre ani astahil :p
ana NO3i dude wl ajr 3la allah ;)
his son haaaa ! ur saying uhave a brother ;)lol


entay my : NuNu Redhead :* ur beyond cool babe ... ur a "RED HEAD"!!!
:*** get some cool names, then write them, maybe its time for a change , its never too late.

*chai 7aleeb:

i loved ur comment!!
maybe u should be saying dont take silly pics while driving! u really should see me driving lol i scare myself sometimes.


aaaaaw , u have a princess :) so that makes u anony-prince ;)


gilelat al 7aya!!
ana al7en 3qlat al e9bi3 :((
bs la2anich 6weela lazim al tifilsif mo !!
i hate tall ppl, there i said it, its official now ;p
bs hm a7ibich :*


lol 7ayaty !!
wainich walahna 3laich ?? enty mino emza3lich??? bs golay.
i not only miss ur comments i miss ur blog? :***

almuhim ur list is hilariuos lol
seri tikana !! lol i get that alot from my sisters.... so 3adi :p
bout ur NO NO 7 list !!
ma alooooooooomhum ;)


allah esalmik tam inshalah ;)
bs abi red bull bl `7aimatkom.

*common sense:

nom al 3afya bro :)


irc :s eeew ..
shagolik , u start to forget! lol
alkobir shain !! ;p

jiji said...

why is there a + next to my name!!


jiji said...

looool no333ik.. ahaam shy 3ashan baraaa6my ;p thanx sweeetie :**

Dandoon said...

*grabs phone*

not including the baba/mama phones etc..

1)pieface - close friend
2)dickhead - close friend. it's a term of endearmeant y'see
3)moecatraz - bro
4)ignore this bitch - wa7da ma9la7chiya, always calls me to ask for a favour
5)bashybum - close friend
6)7annah - girl with me in college
7)glueboy - wa7id lazga hehe

i found a "7mara" but i have no idea who it is! so i deleted it:P

No3iK said...

* jiji:

7ubi lol the names with + means i have then on msn ;)
exept for papi 7a6a laha * coz shes my sweet heart :*

* jiji:
lol no3ich two comments... eee
aham shay bara6mich mo entay al lips model ;)


ur nicks are fa9laaa!!!! mawateny mn al `6i7ik kl al nas u have are eaither bitches or lazga or 7ana o ma9la7cheya!! lol allah e3enich

strange coz i found a 7mar! on my list to, and didnt know who it was!!lol
maybe my 7mar and ur 7mara know eachother ;p

Dandoon said...

3ayal yimkin okhooha:P

No3iK said...

lol dandoon !!!

i dont think so,
u know 7maar & 7maaara ,,
seem like a perfect match more of a couple ;p

heheheheh so theyre probably
mr.& mrs.7ameer lol

shit!!! wayid sabait :p
:s sorry ya 3alam.

Papillona ® said...

I didn't like the number 49 comments so I thought I'd better make them 50 comments with that:


No3iK said...

are u trying to stop my heart !!!

god! i love u :*

Common_Sense said...

ok, al7een I can open my eyes at least :) wallah cool idea, I never though I had this many nick names in my mobile @@

3ayedha (wa7ed 3ad mada oo ma swaat 3laih) :)
3lochaa (el3elch ma ye6la3 men 7alja)
6areq shesha (24 hours shesha ewwwww)
9dam (lool esma 7sain ;p)
ana (my # in US mo 7aftha ;p~~)
chicago (ga6 badleya, ham ma swat 3liah ;p)
duccati (el'7al 3nda ducati)
dldl (dlaly)
Hitler (nafss shanab Hitler :D)
hosny (he looks egyption ;p)
hussian moda(yeshte'3el fe Vela moda)
Karate (he has the black belt in karate :S)
khdood (big khdoood) :)
Malaga (bent khalty :S)
Ruby 69 (lool)

and lots more bs chthy kafee 6awalt 3laich, me sorry :)

No3iK said...

* common:

lol 9aaa7 al nom o nom al 3afya ;)
yl tanbaaal !

almuhim, i loved ur nicks kilhum 5afefen wishawgoon !!

lol really laughed 3la 3ayidha :p
o 9adam lol heheheheh badda3t!
o karate !!! lai7ooooshik ;p

almuhim ,, if u have more plz dont be gi39 o post them!!

tara al comments are free of charge ;p kidding yalah thanks bro

Common_Sense said...

alaah y3afeech sis. oo ana mo tanbal bs tanbool 9'3ayer (shasawe Kuwaiti mahma 7awalt in my blood) ;p

glad you liked the list, I guess I have more bs maybe not as funny as this. Since no one post twice I demand you post a 3rd list then I'll post mine ;p

yalah take care for now, gg sawetha chat ma3laih

Fedo said...

1. Baby Blue
2. Balls (Lmao!)
3. Dot (The one and only.)
4. Hash (Ain't got no cash. :P)
5. Maritza (That's her actual name.)
6. Nuba
7. Psycho
8. Rod
9. Dr. Helper
10. Wedding Boy

No3iK said...

* common :

hey bro fanx... for the second one ;p
so u want me to post a third list!!
lol mn wain ?? i already did it twice!
unless u want me to makethem up ;p
any ways, when i ever i meet new ppl and save them on my phone book with lame nicks like themselve ;p
ill post a third list...
and u do the same ;D

ow ow ow goody!
congrats u won the prize of the (neatest) list b No3ik`s blog!! ;D
shino hatha fedo!! enta wayid emratab ??? @@ lol mo layig 3laik 3ad.

any ways like ur list 7addi shawagny - Hash aint got no Cash!! ;p
- wedding boy!! :s lol how many times did he get married???!

No3iK said...


latest names:

- Papi My Wife*: no need to explain ;)
- Candy: someone very sweet.
- Om Tripos: my sis ;p

yalah bye ya`all.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, yaaay me! Oh, wedding boy just got married once, bs thallina bil wedding ceremony. Lol. Sena oo hu ygol "batzawwaj" oo "batzawwaj." '3athina.

No3iK said...

why are u anonymous :p lol
any ways mabrok to ur wed boy ;)
o 3o2baaal manshoofik 3ares ;)

Anonymous said...

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ZuZu said...

LoooL wanasaaaa ...

aMooN RoLa (tshabeh rola elli eb star academy ;p )
esRa2 Me8DaD (lo kanat 9bay kanaw ra7 ysamoonha me8dad loool )
Fa6ooM PoKeMoN (long story)
Far5 eLNeSeR (long story ;p)
fatafeet elsokar ( my cousin )
LuLu bethbeth (feeha lad'3a bel S ;p )
MaMaTii (y3nii omii ;p )
eL7eKooMa (eL Bait)
NooNiya (my friend)
TaiTa (el5aya6a ;p esemh-ha chethii lol)
GoBGoB (bo ya3ga ;p)