Monday, July 17, 2006

3aib, 3aib, 3aib ... La2 mo 3aib !!!!

ok, im sooo into a "nasty" mood today so ill just start "bitching" already:

our society is soooo twisted!!
why is it that Arab society- specifically- kuwait's, is repressing their people-specially when it comes to females-
ok ok, so ull get what i mean..... in a sec....

why is it we cannot act like we want to? why cant we do the simple things in life, things we simply feel like doing? from head to toe, everything about us is ( 3AIB) im so sick of this word!
it should be scrapped off our heads .
ok so since our country is a Muslim country, since I'm a Muslim, i have come up with this:
"Allah" our creator, didn't say the word "3aib" we only have (halal) & (haram)
and that is all we need to abide with, because we all know, God knows better than any of us!
even if u didn't obey/do what he asked u to, deep down u know hes right and ur wrong..!!
any ways, your not the case here, the point is ... WHO THE HELL SOME POEPLE THINK THEY ARE .... ???!!! when they say (3aib) about things that Allah said are (Halal) !!!
they are actually saying that : THEY KNOW BETTER!!!!


from now on, I'm sticking with Allah, not some people who are still doing things according to thousands of stupid years ago!!

from now on, what ever is halal, i will do, and i will pray that Allah will keep me from (haram) i will do my best.
but what ever is 3aib !!!!! and is halal !!!! all i can say ( f*ck it)
you have noooooooooooooooooooooooo idea how open minded is Islam!
im still shocked that most of the things our society prevents us from doing are halal!!!!
our society, is a hypocritical closed minded idiotic society, keeping us locked in a traditional shell! with out us knowing that we really dont have to, its just becasue they think we should!!!

i believe this kind of thinking should stop, we need to know the truth, we need to change whats been inherited from generation to the other, just because people are afraid to take the first step and actually change......doesnt mean this will continue forever!
right here right now, I'm taking my first step ;D not for me, but for the generations to come ;)
lol hopefully they will thank me someday................

NOTE- im not ashamed of being an arab, if you research our history, you will find out that a lot of our traditoins come from the time before islam ( algaheliya) ! so were actually going backwards. we need to compare anything were told to do with what our prophet Mohammed (pbuh) had taught us, if it doesnt match, then DITCH it.

and yes im asking you to REBEL

-oooooooofffffffffffffffffff- now is all out! i feeel alot better, thanks ppl :*

i swear to God, im not pmsing.


Anonymous said...

Woah..*sprays cold water on you* cool down woman :P

oh and...3aib! *hides*

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm tired of it myself too. I'm a guy & I hear it a lot too believe it or not.

Hal shay bainna oo bain rabna, bas rabna ely ye7asebna.

I rebelled a long time ago & actually learned a lot on my own rather then depended on others' advice. But of course, it all depends on which course you will take..the right one or the wrong one?

Life is full of trial and errors, you have to be shrewd enough to learn to minimize your errors. Also to learn from the errors you've already been through. :)

Just be yourself hon and don't let anyone choose for you and dictate how you should live your life. I'm sure you're intelligent enough to know the difference of good/bad and right/wrong.

Allah yewafgech inshallah :)

NuNu™ said...

عيب كلمة تشمل
لا يجوز
غير مستحب

NuNu™ said...

Well, I too am sticking with Allah!
I hate to believe "THEY KNOW BETTER!!!!" kinda people! They're so NOT my friends

baqsima6ah said...
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baqsima6ah said...

Hey sweetie !
I know it's cruel and unfair, even funnily twisted.. e.g.
20 urs ago, if u walk into soug wajif and find a woman in birgi3 nursing a baby of hers *FLASH right out there* u'd be surprised that no1 thinks it's 3aib (back then)..but how about now ? betgom elqiamah.
I seriously can't point what is not 3aib and what is, it all became mazaj or 'habba'.
I agree with mini, live ur life '& always let your conscience be your guide' - Jimini Cricket

SpiKeY said...

Yeah ..thats completly right...its not about islam nymore..its about traditions...

ive stopped listening to people and what they say is 3aib or not...

i know whats right and whats wrong..and thats enough

oh well...

Judy Abbott said...

don't be soo attached to the word haram and halal either..

in my family they never used the word 3aib but they managed well to go through the "haram" word specially there are many rules that are open and you can take it any way you want.

between you and i .. :) who cares :P

7asoon said...

I was gonna say u r pmsing... bs now that you said ur not.. well ok

emm.. I feel kinda lost :) would you please elaborate on the point you mentioned about things that are "7alaal" yet "3aib" to do?

much appreciation :)

The Extreme Moderate said...

Good for you! Kuwait is going through a period of Jahilliyah right now, and one can see instances of this everywhere. I'm glad you're actually thinking about this. I just hope more people start to do the same. Take care.

No3iK said...

* minir:
i need more than just water ;p

ok like this comment better!
thank you very mush ;)
any ways ............ i think u know better .. so ill listen to you.
thanks again. good luck to you to .

the terms u used! they always twist and turn and bend according to their need. so u cant really rely on them!

i hate them ppl to! but they are everywhere nowadasy. :(

*comment deleted:
baby where did u go!
i hate it when u delete ur comments lemme see !! i want to see :`(

lol i laughed when read ur eg! lol
everything is habba!!
i also call it tifilsif!!!!
thats a nasty scene any way!
but ur right.

heeey there welcome to my bloggi!
i agree with u, its a good thing ur doing, stay on the right track inshalah o allah ewafgik bro ;)

*judy abott:
ooooooh thank you for pointing that out!! yes they do that to!!
i hate them x[
we should care! coz other ppl are suffering with out knowing they really shouldnt be! they have the choice but they dont know it!!!
its 7adddda 7aram :( misaken.

awal shay welcome to my blog bro ;)

thany shay....
ummmmmmmmmm shagolik! there are many things ...
eg1. al7gab : allah gal almara tit7agab covers her body and hair allowed to show both her ( hands- kaf) and ( face)
what they do here, and specialy in saudi arabia ,,, is 3aaaaaaaaaaib !! to not cover ur face!!! some even went to the extent of saying its haram?
eg2. marrige: when a guy wants to get married 100 opsticle!! Mohammed (pbuh) said al ragol bidena wa5oloqa. !! that simple that easy! now we have( she3i - suni - kwaity - mo kuwaiti - 7`6ri - bdwi - a9el - mo a9el ..... `7arabeeeeee6 mat`7ali9)
+ he said its ok to know the person before u agree to marryh him! but with conditions ofcourse!! now its 3aaaaib to even want to! u must marry a totalt stranger and keep ur fingers crossed!!

- sorry 6awalt 3laik -
u asked for it ;p

Chai-7aleeb said...


Carlsb3rg said...

live ur life '& always let your conscience be your guide' - Jimini Cricket

couldn't have said it better.

Marzouq said...

Sara7a I completely understand how you feel, and our society is hypocritical (excuse my crappy spelling). But the other side of it is that if you go against things of society even though it is 7alaal then your reputation is tarnish.

O kilshay ebayin 3ind allah, bes at the same time people will affect your life.

Some people can make your life miserable if they think something is 3aid or of that nature. From your mother, father, friends, or family. Anyone can have an affect if they think something is 3aid.

But the other side of it is that you should use your own judgement when doing things. Because a lot of people tell me something is 3aib or just not done, but i still do it because I really dont care. And I know pisses them off, but that really has no affect on me.

Bes I completely understand how you feel! Somethings should just be let go!

A Daydreamer said...

thats what i struggle with here in the US when Americans ask me about Islam, i say this is haram and this is halal, but then they go ask other ppl and they get alot of things that are "3aib" and are told that they are haram, when really they are not!! or vic versa! Like the other day this girl in classed asked me about the hajab and i told her about ISLAM said, not what our socity says. So she comes back a few days later and tells me that falaan (wa7d min alrabi3 hehe) told her that girls that dont cover thier faces are doing HARAM!!! i was shocked that he could give her such information! so some ppl base haram and halal on how they were raised and what they hear as "3aib".

Minnie said...

u know wat im sick n tired of those ppl 2!! what the hell r u thinking? kaifey! i do wat ever i want! its my freakin life!! gr8 post :D

LaiaLy_q8 said...

people never change

"3aib" will always be there it's like "was6a"

7asoon said...

you're right, no3ik :) i couldn't agree more

but let me comment on eg2 3ala goltich:

ayaam el rasool (pbuh) kanat simple.. there for aham shay bil rayaal deenah o0 akhlaaqah... nowdays 3al aqal parents have to assure a good life for their daughter... ya3ni aside being khalooq o0 3ala deen o0 kelshay, a guy has to be all geared up to provide to his family o0 el bnayya.. i mean job wise o0 chethi.. other than that i agree with you ^_^

o0 ham sorry 3al 6wala ;P

Bella Color said...

Oooooh i hate to c u upset!! Dont be hon!!

Loook, if u truly believe that what u r doing is not 3aib or 7aram, then y should u care what other ppl think!?!?!?!

A wise man always tells me (i luv u daddy!! :***) that if u do something and u fear if some1 finds out, then dont do it in the 1st place :) This is 1 of my mottos in life :o)

P.S. being a rebel might effect ur reputation... be careful!!

No3iK said...

* the extreme moderate:
welcome and thank you for the support :)
i hope so to .. i think its really time for a change.

*chai 7aleb :
lol i still dont think so ;p
do i get u agree with me! if were really on the same ship, that is? :p

wisely said ;)

im impressed that even guys have noticed this problem!
so ur saying people have an effect, people are the problem, they cause it, and us people should do something about it, if people stoped judging people all the time, if they stoped and read to make sure if this was really wrong or not? and if it was wrong what is the source!
problem is as i said, we inharit habits blidly with out checking! that is the key problem.
i have made it a habit to check on almost everything. the result was i keep falling more and more for islam!!! it is really open minded and understanding. our traditions are pure judgmental and suffocating!

thank you for making things clearer!
ur story has happened alot here. they actuallly have posters around telling us its haram! so they are trying to officially spread the word.
on one of them posters one saying u should cover all up! coz its haram. i wrote on the poster the "aya quraaneya" showing them the paradoz of what theyre trying to convince people of. the next day the took the poster down! lol what i wrote was really convincing ;)

thanks dear :*
u live ur life ;)

" Never say never"
things do change! theres 5 dawa2ir now ;p
believe me we change things. we need ppl like u to believe so, so that we can change :*

*7asoon :
e5ith ra7tik bro comment as much as u want to ;)
i appreciate everyword u said. and it is true, the point u have mentioned werent catagorized in the "stupid traditions section"
coz having a job and a healthy life is part of al islam to.
u know "alnafaqa" was also mentioned all for good and noble reasons.
so ur right :) and i do agree with u to.

sweety ana m3a9ba for alot of reasons.
laman a3a9ib i do something about it.
when u said "not 3aib or 7aram"
that is what i dissagre with. 3aib has no place in our lives when we have islam many things are 3aib but halal!! what does that tell u, islam is trying to make our lives easier but society isnt. bl nahaya god will ask u bout the halal and haram not the 3aib!
ppl now care more bout whats 3aib than whats halal and haram! it is called brain washing been going on for generations now that ppl cant really tell the difference!
so i will have to respect ur point of view :* coz i love u and it is ok to agree to disagree ;) thanks 7bebty for the comment.

Reema said...

girl i think i know one of the things that pisses u off :)haa fahmatny wala ba3ad? :D not yet? ok hints. the thing that says "wake up early" sometimes someone says we can't share it... like when we did the day u had warm orange juice. the thingy was there. lol got it? ppl say its 3aib coz we can't have that thingy with us. looool ooooh :(

7asoon said...

:) well ur right :)

love your blog btw

keep up the good work.. sis ;P

FilmGirl said...

I never looked at it that way.
I always confused the two .. too :P
Whenever someone would tell me "3aib Elly Tsaweenah" Id think I was gettin sins for it. I'd still not give a *!%?&! though. But when you think about it its not like that I guess.
Great post :)
Keep em comming ;p

P.S : Nodding to what Mini R is saying. Totally.

Aurora said...

Hey there...You are right...there are many of these people not only inKuwait but I believe in all Middle East countries at least. My answer is not to worry yourself with what they have to say...You can think for yourself cant you so you can make up your own mind. Just don't be hard on some of them who are just doing what they believe is right when the 'advise' you because this stuff has been passed on to them by those before them and they are doing the same...they just don't know any better...
You be the boss of you ;)

ZiZoTiMe said...

3aaaaaaaaaaib ya bent!! shal kalam!

kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaK :P

instead of using oooooffffff in your last sentence... At least u should of used oooooffffffttttt or ooollloooffftttt cause it worthed it at that time ;p

Shino emsawya ely galolech 3aib? ;)

Adry ra7 an6g bs shasawy ma agdr amsk elsany :P

Your Battlefield said...

right on sister right on...

-claps her hands-

absolutely what's wrong with people these days they should let things be and live there own lifes and not worry about things that are none of there concern...who are they to judge and say what's 3aib and what's right...if you move left and without permission 3aib..take the right turn 3aib...just walk straight forward they take and blab and tell u what ur doing is all wrong....people just get a life...judge your ownself before judging others...(i steered far from religion idea but to everything in general since with both religion and politics no one agrees and instead people beg to differ ;)

Common_Sense said...

good think your happy now after all haal tessefeeel :) eldeeenia ma teswa honey do what ever you and your parents want ;p

t3aly kel hal post and you didn't mention anything about what made you this mad, '7al nefhaam yemken 9eej 3aaaaaib ;p

Bella Color said...

I think u misunderstoood what i meant to say... The reason is my motto i get it :p Im not disagreeing with u! What im saying is why should u care what other ppl think if u know what u r doing is not 7aram... Get it??

Bas i luv u toooo sisooooooo :********

No3iK said...
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No3iK said...

* reema:
7bebty lol yes u know what i mean
and i think uve seen it with ut own eyes lol warm orange juice !! ya rabi 9ig 7adi dalo3a :s

thank u im flattered :)
7ayak, and u keep it up to ;)

1st welcome to my blog sweets.
ur not getting any sins for it! but u get to feel restricted and guilty!
that is what u should know!
so my message got to you and for that im happy.
ppl always double check dont feel guilty for no reason ;)

welcome to my blog sweets
i know what u mean! i do understand that these people dont know! we should know first so that theyd know.
we cant blame them, but if we repeat their mistakes then were the ones to blame... with time im sure with awareness things could change for the better inshalah.
repression needs to nothing but negativity (trouble) ;p

ent wainik !! yashagol
7imdela 3l salamaaaaa!!!
3ash mn shafik !! m3ana al 9ora t5ari3 bs ma3alaih enmasheha :p
any ways ,, yashagooooool !! @@
ana mo msawya shay :p heheheheh
bs chithe yayatny 7alat estinfar 6ala3t 7arity fekum ;p tmonon 3adi 3adi .. yalah taw ma `6alimat :p i mean nawarat likwait ya ollo

* batty:
- gives u abig hug-
7bebty thanks, loved ur view nonreligiuos but made lot of sense.
so society is strictly, is border lines.. u cant walk ur own line only follow the red line! if u dont ur out! ;p thats what ur saying and i like it.

ent alwa7ed ili 7asait ani emsafla!! lol
yalah ma3laih :p
almuhim ,, ana masawait shay wallah :p
o 7eta lo sawait o kan 3aib mo 7aram i couldnt CARE LESS!!!
faaaaa zats me from now :p ow alah e`7alelik ur parents inshalah.
theres a time where ull need to make ur own opinoin and desicions ;)

:***************** 7bebty siso
sorry i misunderstood u
im glad either ways im glad wallah aham shay enty mrta7a :)
well the reason i care why other ppl think ,, lets say al7imdela my family openmided understanding and all.
what about others! we have to get to them. their parents dont know! they themselves dont know. its like u have rights out there and u dont know about it.
its simply a message im trying to spread. simply people have the right to know ;)

LiLaCs said...

**slurps her smoothie** I feel ya sista..DOWN WITH THE FUCKING HIPOCRITES!!!!!! AND DOWN WITH 3AIIIIIIBBB!!!!! Society can kiss me ahem when it comes to 3aib..Cause darlins I aint no lady and I aint no slut and the world aint only black and white..;)

sobrietybreedscontempt said...

Hey thats a topic I was talkin to this american muslim convert about... He was tellin me about how so many people there are embracing Islam and the way its different from the way it is practiced here. It's always interesting to see another perspective too to get things in place sometimes I guess... As long as you know what you believe in, I say.

reema said...

but i didnt mean the orange juice. u didnt get what i meant ;) i meant something else! ugh i'll tell u later :P

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Here, here! Well-said No3ik!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Hehehehe looooooooooool bada3tay :P

BTw hal pic malat el kid ely eb family guy... 7ada 3ajeeeeeeeeeb nesait agol hal shy in my 1st comment

O el kuwait em'6alma eb ahalha!!! I mean emnawra :P

Common_Sense said...

Thanks Mamy, 7assait bel 2moma for a second when u where talking ;p

"allah y'7alelk ahalek, oo fe yoom you'll make decisions yaa wldy ;p"

No3iK said...

girlllllllllllllll !!!!
looooooooooool i love ur comments!!!
more more than straight to the point! hehehe mo3abereeen bshakil gameel :*
a7ibish ;*

1st welcome to my blog ;)
2nd yes its embaressing!
i have to explain alot of things to non-mulims.
thanks, i know what ur talking about, good luck with that to.

sorry 7bebty!! my este3ab lich 3laih hl two days! any ways do give me a call and elaborate ;p

welcome to my blog sis :)
im glad u think so ;)

olo!! yl maleq shfek ga3d tqalidy
eee al9ora a7la mn al yahil al mo5eef ili 7a6a ;p
madre meta btshela!!

*common sense:
bada3t!! fa`6yatlik ana a9er omik lol
ya7lailik wallah !
aham shay anik ma9`7artny ;p
yoba 24 mo 100 @@ ;p

Common_Sense said...

ma 3aaash men yma9'7ereech Mamy :$
*a Kiss on your forehead* ;p~~

No3iK said...

yommma minik :p
yislamo yawlaidy ;)

hehehe was kidding yobaaaaaa ;p
ili ma9`7irny doesnt see the light of the next day ;p HA HA HA HA !

Anonymous said...

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