Thursday, October 12, 2006

close ur eyes, then read me

i wake up,
or did i just fall back to sleep
the crisp
crushed cloth
my skins odor in the morning
hold my face in your hands,
let me see your eyes
let nothing in "life" just pass by
not a single thing.
i sense, i hear and talk to her
life is a "she",
and she's beautiful
don't wake me up,
i don't want to miss her again.
i only can see her
with my eyes closed
:its a shame i cant touch you.

*ps: again, birthdays post is still on ppl.. click


do0da said...

This moderation thing ARGH :@ al7een ish3arafni itha shotgun wila la2 :r !!

Me likey bes lifes an IT ! REVERSE SEXISIM ! :r

tara afta7 anti-PAG thidkum lol

do0da said...

ooob oob belated SHOTGUN =D


=P maku shu'3l adri

ZiZoTiMe said...

3n meno ga3ed tetkalemain!? many fahem shy! Y is it always hard 4 me to understand your post !? :P

phoenix said...

Seeing her is still a great thing... I mean something is still better than nothing right?
And just when I think No3ik has reached the ultimate hight in my Favorite blooger list...She rises again
Amazing peice!

Reem said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marzouq said...

hmmm... things just going through your head.. and things to do.. right now things get my brain on the fry.. lots of things.. I want things to clear up.. but this time it aint in my hands.. all I can do is get on a bike and ride! hehehe!

Riding helps a lot to clear the head! Even if you cant do anything about what your in, but at least you can feel better just by going riding! I need to go riding!

Thats the reaction I got from reading that poem! hehehe! :)

Giving it to you straight from the ZDistrict! loool!

Reem said...

it is an amazing image u drow her.
madri, bs what i got is that: she lives "life" through a dream..
"don't wake me up,
i don't want to miss her again." amazing! ee wallah dont wake me up :( dreams r our portal to a better "life", to escape our harsh, ruthless reality
i loved it soooo much :D
God bless u.
Go you and Me ;D

Soud said...

life is a "she",
and she's beautiful

lovely words

wsorah hlewaaaah ;)

15/09 said...

wake me up when ramadan ends :P

nice poem...and dammit if dreams are so good then dont wake me too:)

No3iK said...

mabrok 3laik al shot gun ..
theres no sexism :p
ent ili 9ayir chauvinist
hehehehe - thnx for the spelling btw ;) -
im glad u liked it.

because reading
requires both:
imagination & thinking .. so good luck with that ;p

hehehe kidding man ,, afa 3laik bl msn ,, ill explain it to u.
kam ziz 3idnaaa ;)

u amaze me i swear!
for someone in ur age, and mashalah mashalah
ur able to understand what im saying ..
3eeni 3laich barda ;)
- very very flattered -
ya7ilwich :***

ur comments always have this special something, u know ,, that "only marzouq would say" thing ;)
so i need to get my self a bike then ;p
i loved it. the feeling of a ride.

ur interpretation is beautiful
and was very close to mine.
i was saying, when we close our eyes we feel life just as it is, and what i see when i do , i see "her" and i love her. shes so gentle sensitive and beautiful. when i open my eyes shes back to an "it" that is only a bunch of things that are harsh and could even hurt u.
im saying sometimes we only see the truth when we close our eyes, when were a sleep were not being distracted but the crule reality as u put it :*** well done 7ubi
u go me go!

im glad u liked the image
im wondering why u liked that part ... what image did it give u?

lol id say
specialy when they have "scofield" in them ,,, or "superman" ;p

do0da said...

Im not a chauvinist, i said IT not HE :r

whats that saying ily shay 3an we give u guys a hand bes u take the whole arm, ilmuhim itha 3irafty yea your doing that :r loll

No3iK said...


etha 9a7bik 7ilo latakla kila?!


ggrrrrr !! ma ligait ela ana u ask!
:p almuhim and if i did bite ,,, tistaaahil :p

hussain said...

:-) that was moving.

Marzouq said...

A Bike helps out when you need to clear your mind, and you got some head phones on while listening to good music. Whats great is nobody can reach no matter how many times they call you, you cant really be reached and on top of that nothing but you, the bike, and the road! hehehe

hussain said...

Ok did I comment anything?

i_live_in_Q8 said...

You like life while your eyes close huh..

well guess what..

You've been tagged.

Reem said...

wooow! mashallah :)

Hopeless Poet said...

Don't let me open my eyes
I can see better when they're closed
Don't wake me up from my sleep
I have my life there to keep
Where all reality has been exposed
And all the beauty that never dies

Just an attempt! I don't know if it makes sense or relate to what you have written.
I may expand it and post it in my blog later :P

Your Battlefield said...

this piece makes me smile...

i'm still smiling...

ScarlO said...

Shotgun .. kaifi ..
I love it hons, lotsies. You didn't tell me you're posting a poem, witch :-p

oo I'm sick shwaya oo 7asoon is being an arse and he's like, so mean lately and needs a couple of kicks on the arse

phoenix said...

OK, seriously blushing with a smile from one ear to the other and cheeck as red as an apple..
And i only understand so much lana you express so so so well..
You're purely an inspiration sweetheart!! ;*

Common_Sense said...

eeeeeeeeeehhh ya bnayty, hathy eldeniaaa.. ygolech elbab elee eyee mena elreee7 sedy westereee7ay ;p~~

oo '7alech naymaa why did u wake up in the first place ;p

do0da said...

a5ir ziman nas ya7giroona o isamoon i7na meanies inzain inzain =P

um-miT3ib said...

off topic: Im under ur "No3kum"... thank u thank u :P i feel special :$

No3iK said...

welcome to my blog and thanks ;)

maybe u should write about that..
u know ,, u and the road, the bike..
the feeling .. the journy the sensation.. u could even write a poem! ;) give it a try.

u sure did.. its not u, its my stupid comment moderation system, ur comments are sent to me and i get to publish them after reading them! i know lol boring.

*i live in q8:
guess what .. ill pretend my eyes were closed when i read that i was tagged for the 100th time :s 6igny wala etagtigny x[

:** ma 3laich zood 3mre.

*hopeless poet:
amazing! did i inspire u ;)
wanasaaa :D
anyways ... its beautiful and u exactly know what i meant in my poem.
deffinetly expand - publish - then tell me ;)

waaay fara7teeny! 3asa doom doom :*

slut, u shuddup big time,
ur always busy never online :P
that doesnt mean i dont love u..
dirsay o malich sh`3l fena ana o 7ason .. :***

wasaaalom dalba al blashosha girl!
7beeeeeeeeeeeeeeebty im honored walllah :* anytime.

*common sense:
ent laish kila em`6ayi3?
la 3ndi la bab wala ree7 lol alah elawi3 chabdik :p
im sleeping all day man, if they dont wake me up b3dain matfa6ar :p

bisheeeeeeeeeeeh bisheeeeeeeeeeh ;p

*um mit3ib:
yaaaaaaaaaaa b3d sabdi walllah
u are special :* i love all my readers walllahi. ent tamreen ya albi.

Marzouq said...

Me writing a poem! I would start laughing! The Journeys! I try to write them out everytime I can, but since it became Ramadan I havent had the time to do that! Go riding for a good amount of time!

No3iK said...

y laugh!
did u ever give it a try ;p

Amoora said...

You always succeed in doing it!
You always write something special 0o et9adgeeen madrii how u do it bSs mashalla 3laich, walla shay ;Pp~


fuchsia_s said...

"life is a "she",
and she's beautiful "

She's beautiful when she wants to be.
Lately she's been quite ugly with me :/

Nonetheless...beautifully written.
Nice, and simple :D

No3iK said...

lol amooora! 7ayarteeny ??

shino ili "walla shay"

u know i hate this ;p so u better tell me whats the "Walla shay" is :*

Tinkerbell said...

awwww 7ayaty that was beautiful..go back to sleep darling :)

NuNu™ said...

I like your taste in choosing the pictures for your posts ;)

Common_Sense said...

me going off topic, ya3ny I didn't get it in a polite way ;p get it ?

No3iK said...

when shes being ugly, i call her an "it" ;)
thanks 3mre.

actually i just wokeup read this beautiful comment of urs. and im going back to sleep now ;p

7ayate!! kilich thooq :)
b3dain wainich ,, long time no blog?

heheheh smarty pant ;p
like always, ill explain to u b3dain inshalah.

Marzouq said...

I remember being forced to do it during highschool and the results were horrifying.. I think I was thrown out of english class for it!


No3iK said...

ok ok ! i understand now .. sorry for bringing those memories back ;p

Amoora said...

hehe shfeech ?

ur poems 3ajebeeen hatha qa9dy dont worry.. mithil ma gelt before kel ele taktebeena short and effective..

Ya3nii in 2 words " Walla Shay !"

No3iK said...

ok amoora :*

thanks for the explination 7boba.