Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hi, my name is no3ik and im an addict...

as i keep biting my lips
and as i ask u to quit biting yours
i think to myself...
why some acts, some stupid simple acts in life are so addictive!!

case2: my sister looks like a cannibal when she's studying, biting, eating her own flesh sometimes reach to the point where her fingers bleed what is scary is that she wouldn’t even notice!!

case3: my other friend, with out knowing shed pull out strands of her hair, what's scary is, shed go on and on, if no one stopped her ..

ummmmmmm .. guess what im referring to is bad habits .. i don't think I have known anyone who doesn't have one. but for some people, its more than just a habit, they cant function or think with out doing it, which i think, is addiction.

i want to quit biting my lips consider this a
No3iks bad habits rehab ;) lets all try to confess, then quit ..
HOW?... u tell me :)

Nexxxxxxxxxxt .....


do0da said...



:r !!

do0da said...

oo enlist me to the biting lips one =D i definitely need that

ama for other bad habits.. i always have a messed up sleeping schedule im either having too much or too little sleep =P

i cant think of ne others now bes if i do il stop by again =P

No3iK said...

lol ...
so do u know any tricks!
piece of advice ..?

u know u being useful for a change! ;p

do0da said...

lol low 3indi advice why would i enlist =P

3ala qolat sum41 Don't count on me, it's the point you're missing.

Yazeed said...

my advice
is look at this, and i am sure u would stop

ba3dain il shotgun killa 7ag dooda?
she just sits all day 3ala ur blog oo hits refresh all day

i_live_in_Q8 said...

finger nails... finger nails.....

i_live_in_Q8 said...

finger nails... finger nails....

No3iK said...

ok so u go under case1:p

lmao!! a7la shay miss piggy yaboha yaaib !! esmila 3laina ;)
ehya hathy 7alaa nadraaa.
o 3la salfat dooda, ill let "dooda" get back to u on that inshalah lol.

*i live in q8:
ur a case 2 ;) ya satttar. a7is guys al3an when they eat their nails! they look like monsters heheh.

do0da said...

LOL ana gilt al7een u'll take care of it for me 6anashtay feeni =P

ya yazeeed inta shoof ilprofile o rayi7ni =P

Yazeed said...

sorry do0da

just change all the shes to hes
promise i wont do that again :P

7asoon said...

this one is quite serious.. I tend to stare at girls .. emm.. huge round eyes when talking to them... ya3ni without even blinking

i know... eye contact is a must.. bs what i do is... well..

it's scarrryyy shway :P

Marzouq said...

oohh so the little things that I do.. I know I bite my lips a bit.. but if Im playing a video game or trying someting hard I sometimes stick my tongue out like Michael Jordan hehehe!!

And I also bite my nails but I do that conciously! hehehehe

No3iK said...

*yazeed & dooda:
lol dooda well u cant blame me, i couldnt explain cuz i was enjoying it really hehehehe
u two group hug now :) aaawwwwwwww

lol i can say ur a rare case :p
u dont need a rehab u need tilisib bl 5ayazreeeeeen 3la golat yaddi hehehe

hehehe enta bita3 kollo! mashalah 3laik ;)
the tongue thing .. i used to that in high school, specialy when im doing an exam .. but it stopped! madre laish?
bs ur a cocktails of things .. ;) interesting.

LaiaLy_q8 said...

my bad habbit

i pull and play with may hair it is so bad that if you see my hand under my hijab .. i am playing with my hair :/

the good new is i stop sucking my thumb :p

Marzouq said...

A cocktail is an understatement! Its more like a bunch of things thrown into a blender and turbo was hit!

Amoora said...

I used to stick my tongue out and i might still do with noticing.
But something i do alot is bite my lips, and then i complain laish my lips are dry !? LOL..

Etha ou found a way to stop let me know please, even if i hav gloss on ill just lick it off..

No3ik laish e6al3eeen fe'6aye7na ? hehe..

Tinkerbell said...

i'm guilty of cases 1 and 3 (case 3 when i'm nervous actually :P) aaaand i play with my hair aaaall the time it's horrible makes me look ditzy..oh oh and i ten to pout when i'm thinking or mendamja eb movie (i'm wierd i know)

um-miD3aab said...

BS BERMITHAAAN i cant stop biting my lips !!!
limatha ? la a3lam ;p

bs ghair irmuthan .. la i dunnt akhaf 3al 7umra trou7 hehe

Zalabya said...

biting lips " eating my pistick"
eating my nails "khososan when its colored" lol
washing my hands "weswaas"

tabeen more? :P

-OT- said...

I bite my nails when in a tense situation

phoenix said...

Hey, my name is Phoenix and I'm ALSO an addict!
No3ik PLEASE let me know if you find out... I have the same "bad habit".

um-miT3ib said...

biting my nails when im under pressure:P .. end it ? LAT'ATHOONY:p

Anonymous said...

Tagged! ;P

Delicately Realistic said...

I bite my lips too :/

MiYaFuSHi said...

No3 is actually a psychological illness. Forgot the name though :<

Reem said...

hey sweet little No3iku :)
case 1: i bite my lips too! and im addicted to tea and dite coke.
case2: i cant stand my hair when im studying.. madri shasawi feh!
i was addicted to coffee, bs it's no good for me :( so i had to cut that off, unfortunately.
amazing peice dear!
Go You and Me.. (and good mental health inshallah :p)
hugs and kisses :* mwah muah!

A Daydreamer said...

i used to bite my lips when im studying too, and i wanted to stop soooo bad, so my mom suggested that i put vasline on them when im studying and that way i wont bite them cause it taste nasty... and it worked! actually, i dont bite my lips anymore, but now i bite my nails when im nervous! but there is nail stuff that you would put on your nails and it taste aweful so you would not bite them agian, i guess the same concept of the vasline on your lips... but that i havent tried... good luck hon!

Princess said...

omg i have this habit too, and now my lips r suffering :( and mina i always end up eating my gloss :( i want to quit it too!!

Common_Sense said...

well, I have this very bad habbit from along time. I even don't know when I started doing it .. I don't remember the last time I used mograathaaa for my hand nails @@

Fuzzy said...

seek professional help, let someone professional bite your lips for you :P

ZiZoTiMe said...

Ok.... I think u should change the topic to:

The GRudgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 3!!! :P

reema :P said...

u have a sexy bad habbit, just like you! :P
i miss you n ur posts! aaa ana sheno my bad habbit aaaaammm yeah i torture my nails when am worried. and just like dooda! i either sleep a lot or not sleep at all! wenech dooda ta3alay i have the same problem of urs :(! and everything has to be ya black ya white mako wasa6 in every single thing in my life, it's driving me crazy! but wait this is not a habbit lol ! shasawi a7eb afathfethlech :P

reema :P said...

habbit = habit e7em

NuNu™ said...

WOW!! You really need to be less addict..

As for case1: Well, I don't bite my lips usually but I keep doing THAT more often! =/

Anonymous said...

It started as a joke... But I ended up scratching my head when I think.

No3iK said...

ok so i have to answer 21 comments!!
i should tell u all that right now
im biting eating my lips like hell!!
i wonder if this efa6ir or not
coz sometimes i do swallow the flesh

anywaysssssssssssssss ... lets start ;)

lol bada3tay even while wearing 7gab!! shlon enzain :p
o ur thumb @@ when did u stop suckig it ?

yeh that seems more like it ;)

lol its not just f`6ay7 its more of a healing process:p
b3dain use neitrogena lip palm is good! keep ur lips moisture,, helps a little ,, but wont stop the biting

ur not weird ur adorable :**
7ubi wallah hehehehe
i think it looks cute when u do it ..
madre laish 3ad ,, but well find a cure inshalah goli ameen :)

*um mid3aab:
lol `6a7akteeny
so ur saying 7umra works:
ok 7al no1. 7umra :)
thanks dear.

goli kil ili 3ndich
biting nails with polish! hathy ydeda 3lay
i like how the polish smells but not how it tastes!! :s
more give me more ...

only when tens! thats good.

babes so far ill i have is :
lipstick ... well help out eachother inshalah :``(

7altich 3awe9a! emsila 3laihc :*

afaaaa :``( laish mat7boni 3ad.

*delicately realsitic:
allah e3ena kilina :*

shino esma ? lol maybe it would help
so ur saying were all sick ;p

awwwww that was a sweet comment :*
ok, coffe not red bulll :p
madre which is worst but i know being addicted to any is bad.
mwah mwah back at ya :*

*day dreamer:
i never thought of vaseline.
ok, i might try that .. how long did it take u to quit?
and did u try dipping ur fingers in vaseline :p if it worked once it might work again ..
thanks dear:* umwah.

specialy when ur gloss tastes sweet ;p
anyways try what day dreamer said .. vaseline ;)

*common sense:
now thats scary!! ur deffinetly an addict!

loooooooooooooool naughty :p
rm`6aaaan ya fuzzzy allahuma eni 9a2ima hehehehe
are u saying thats how u got cured? :p

tara ma fahamt!
o wheres ur habit bulllah?

LMAO hehehe b3d 3mre shino hl compliments ,, why dont u comment more often trfi3en al ma3naweyat entay :*
fa`6f`6ay yuba ana ta7t amrich ya albi....
b3dain i have noticed enty kilish mako nails ...
i must see u malait tara!!!
o one more thing dooda is a guy ;)
so yeah ,... u share the same prob ..
habbit, habit rabbit :p kl ili eyi minich 7ilo ya 7ilo.

u try and seduce everyone around u?
lol thats one good habit ;)
hehehehe ok do u mean u lick more than bite?

that looks smart, maybe it helps the brain ,, u know sending waves so u can think better ;)

OUCH! that was painful! but im done now ;)

Nexxxxxxxxxxxxt ...

ZiZoTiMe said...

3ndy refej... Kel ma yerkab el car... Lazem ekhaly el bab emba6al for maybe 30 seconds o ekhaly reel wa7da bara el bab o ohwa ga3ed!! ana kel mara agola eshga3ed etsawy! ma ered 3alay... lama ekhale9 el 6qs el ghreeb malah then ered edakhel reela dakhel then e6ale3 eshwaya men jesma o rela then esaker el bab mara wa7da wela chena shy 9ar :P 7adhoooooooooom weird my friend ;)

do0da said...

LOL aham shay 3adaitay how many comments =P

ScarlO said...

Oh okay, I do tug my hair until it's pulled off but not strands 3ad..

I never ever make eye contact when talking face to face with people. I blush and look around and pretend that oh wow the sky looks different today... or i fiddle with my pocket or with anything i can get my hands on. Which is embarassing ...

Biting lips, to be sure. and I chew on the inside of my lips. Annnnnnd lets see .. I sleep with the TV on thu I don't really watch much TV, I just like it to be on. Enough chethy :-p

No3iK said...

sakinhum misakinhum ur dear friend
yabela kart a7mar ,, wa3alaya!!
dont let him drive ok heheheheh

a3id laish ma3id:
y3ny ana waray shay mathalan?

u never make eye contact!! why???
kilish mo layig 3laich !! wallah 9damteny ya biny :( aham shay al eye contact 3ad ..
enzain if u have some more ,, do share :*

Fedo said...

I'll only post my g-rated bad habits:
1. Biting my lips.
2. Biting my cuticles.
3. Chewing my tongue (more like caressing it with my back teeth).
4. Smoking.
5. Oversleeping.
6. Excessive procrastination.
7. Losing shades.
8. Cracking joints (including my neck and back).

That's all I could think of right now. The rest are for me to know, and for you to forget about. :P

Amoora said...

NuNu 3ndii the same problem. Im always licking my lips i dont know why and its embarassing if someones looking cuz they think im wierd or something..
Knt bag0olha in my last comment bS i thought it was wierd..

imagine looking at this girl whos just sitting and licking her lips. not a good site..

hehe im not the only one..

Amoora said...

Ooohh one more, i also cant stop cracking my fingers.

Seriously every joint there is to crack i crack it..

I know its not good for me but oh well thats why they call it a bad habit i gues..

Hitman1 said...


These are some seiously scary and painful habits you and your sister are doing.

But at least your're not picking your nose without knowing about it :)

phoenix said...

ok, I'm sitting in class and bitting my lips like they were candy for a baby!
I couldn't stop thinking about this post..

um-miT3ib said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ zizo's friend! :P sh'hal 6oqoos:P

Carlsb3rg said...

mmmm.. I know im gonna regret saying this later, my bad habit is smoking..

*runs and hides from no3ik behind the couch*

DeemTheWhiteRose said...

I do bite my lips too, but not when im putting lip gloss, so try it, and i dont mean those those with flavor cuz that will make it worse :P

Your Battlefield said...

hehehe people are addicted to gestures...and i am addicted to banak ;( i want banak...

to get rid of bad habits...just disregard them and refuse to acknowledge their presence or else you would grumble tirelessly trying to find a solution when in fact all you would be doing is creating another habit...

besides your habits arent when i'm nervous i pinch myself or consantly shake or whatever you call it my feet when i'm sitting..this i when i am anxious for something...your habiats are safe mine are ackward...:( but still

i want banak ;P!!!!!!!!
case closed

your habits are normal
and my habits are calling me to get some banak ;P

Prinseesa said...

put awful tasting lipgloss on ur lips. it works ;p

A Daydreamer said...

try the vasline thingyyy and tell me if it works for you... and no, i never thought about dipping my fingers in vasline... lool go

No3iK said...

hehehe u always have interesting comments dont u ..
not going to fotget about.
and quit smoking! smoking is for stupid brainless ppl.
i thought i knew u better :(

wow! 3ndich wayid bad habits girl!
u need to slow down ...
one step at a time .. :)

lol picking ur nose is not a habit,
its painful childhood shit! lol

aaawww!! touching comment :) hehehe
babes we all do.

shftay shlon!! agol ana shfe ziz wa3alayaa ba7waal hl yomain :p

like i said stupid brainless ppl!

i like ur dp pic..
anyways ,, nasty lipsgloss! is there such a thing ...
well for now i think im gonna try the vaseline thing o allah karem inshalah :)

lol banak = threat to ur teeth! i think so u be careful hon.
i never thought bout my habits before, been years now and still theyre there .. thats why when i started thinking! its seriuos.

sweets! do u mean vasiline?
if u know anything more awful plz tell me .. ;)

*day dreamer:
i will sure try o 7ad3eeeeeeeeelik :*

Amoora said...

Now this will never stop..
hehe everytime someone does something, they will come and say it..

walla fe'6aye7na e6la3aat :P

No3iK said...

amooora ..

na7no hona li5idmat al mogtama3 ;)

eee yalah inshalah do this untill it stops for good :*

NuNu™ said...

Ee ;P

Anonymous said...

finger nailsss....ooooh i love biting my nails...i can't control this bad habit...:(

No3iK said...


welcome to my blog ...
and nails i hear u should dip them in something that would taste awful ;)