Sunday, October 08, 2006

No, not to your face

God bless Dandoon :*, guess its my turn now:

these are things i wish i could say to some people i know, but i cant, or dont want to. the first letters are their initials.

r: u hurt a lot of ppl but u dont know it.

rs: hes wasting ur time dump his sorry ass, its been more than 6 years already!!

a&t: i dont like it, u becoming mothers, i really dont like.

n: u really need to grow up.

s: i like u and all, but i think ur very selfish.

na: u treat ppl like shit when ever u want to! well sometimes even shit cant stand u.

a: i love u , i really do.

d: u should get married.

dr.y: im so glad im not gonna see ur ugly face, hear ur irritating voice, ever again.

am: what u did was very childish! and immature

w: i respect ur honesty a lot. i want more of it. ur eyes are beautiful.

AUK:plz plz plz call me!!!!! x[

sm: i know u are family, but sometimes i can feel hatred blazing from ur eyes. u do look down on ppl that will never change, i just know it wont.

sb: u need to be real, u need to stand up a little and live ur own life, quit letting HIM make all ur

m: ur over sensitive, u need to be little bit tougher

sa: FUCK u big time, what u did to me in high school, ill never get over! o mom7aliltich btw. ur the only person i hate, ur the only person i will ever hate.

f: u dont know everything yet, i really want you to know everything!

bs: i havent talked to u in months, uve been my forever friend, but i see that our friendship is fading now, i dont call coz i dont have the guts to say this, but were so different now i dont think were friends anymore.

ah: i .. ummmmmmmmmm ... like u. but wait, i said that already ;p

mb: i had a dream of u the other day, u were wearing pink striped boxer shorts lol! u loooked gr8 in them.

nd:ur more than just a friend, ur a sister to me now, i hope u understand how much this means to me.

7b: if i ever have a son, i want him to be exactly like u.

Dave: i want to elope with u and never come back.

dr.p: u are truly the bestest best friend i will ever have, the thought of losing u scares the shit out of me.

ps. daamn! i know a lot of ppl!
pps. boutgh badlat al 3eed ;p
ppps. the birthdays post is still on, so plz bloggers do not stop, i will have a seporate link to it soon inshalah.


i_live_in_Q8 said...

help me here please.. I have no idea whats going on..

i assume this post is for dandon...

No3iK said...

it was dandons idea only, and im thanking her for it :)

read the update in the post.

and go post ur birthday !!! yl maleq :(

A Daydreamer said...

was it refreashing to post this!?! it sounds like it would be... i might steal your idea... ;)

Honey™ said...

OMG !!
i would really love to know if there is any thing for me ?? ;p

Marzouq said...

ola damn! there are lots of people on that list!

I recommend Anger Management with Adam Sandler! hehehe!

6al3ay ely feech wintay mirtaa7a.. its funny how there is always drama bil ikwait!

Reem :P said...

:( nothing for reem? :P maskena ana

lol no3ik i want to tell u something, they are really strong things to say bas some really cracked me up lol and waay yoma i don't wanna be sa!!! nezarteha 3adel zain tsaween feha lol

Common_Sense said...

ah or a ? ay wa7ed ana ;p ma yafreg I liked them both

Amz said...

i finally posted ;p

No3iK said...

actually VERY refreshing,
it might get me in trouble really, coz many of them read my blog..but..
it was 6am and i had no sleep heheh
so me took over myself. ;)
and its dandoons brillians idea :*

lol dont worry if there was anything i would say it to ur face coz ur adorable :*

lol dont worry i dont need anger managment... i do have a long list.
because im a very social person i met all kinds of ppl....
in real life .. well ppl describe me as: BAAARDAAAA ... so no drama for me ;p

afa bs afa!! enty al dala3 wl 7ob kila...
enty kilshay agolich so i wouldnt need to post it here ...
oh yeh, believe u sooooooooooo dont want to be sa .. :*** so beneath u.

gilel al7aya at3ab 3l thiqa ana :p
bl kwaity: estireee7 :p`7`7`7`7`7
bs 7lwa minik u made me laugh.

i can see that... good .. thats a good thing u did :)

Anonymous said...

lol Ouch!
what if the ones you hate .. shafaw ;P

Reem said...

wooow!! nice thing u got going on here.. it helps wallah telling ppl what we feel about them, bs sadly we usualy cant..
m: u peice of stinky ass.
a: u r my everlasting charm.
an: u really need to use ur brain for a change!
many things i want to say, bs enough ;)
u r very talented babe girl, God bless u, and the fuck-face u hate may burn in hell ;P
plz la t6wleen 3la ma u post smth new.. i love reading ur things :D
Go You and ME! (and damn the grl from highschool)

do0da said...

Glad u got all that out the way =)

oo to the rest of the posters:

:r 7ara i made the list mwhahaha

al7een baqu6 ilink ka annonymous 7ag dave :P

AmoOoRa said...

7bebty walla.
Damn all the people that hurt u
I dont know u personally bSs i know that u dont deserve being hurt..

Ashwaa raya7ty balech 0o 6ala3ty ele feech..

AUK il.jam3a u mean ?

No3iK said...

al7imdela i hate noone ,, but sa..
and if she ever see this ,. well ill be nothing but happy ;)

i keep falling in lovewith this girl!!
shasawe feech?? heheheheh
i swear to god etbardeeen al galb :*
thanks 3mre for every word u said it made me smile and laugh and actually feel better..
im sorry been away .. i missed ur blog to..
and btw u should have ur own list and publish it it does feel better after u do ;)

e yomma minik may6oofik shay

enzain wallah i swear if u go near dave im killing u this time
not with and imagenary knife ;p with a real one ......

thanks wallah wanasteeny ;)
shahada a3taz feha wallah
and yes the university :``(
-sniff sniff-

No3iK said...

two more things:

1-i have published two of ur comments this one,, and another one that i cant find!! lol i keep losing comments after i publish them
so be a dear and tell me which post was it?

2- where is ur birthday? im still waiting :*

AmoOoRa said...

Hehee walla madrii ay post.
Ansaa shn0o i write min kither ma akteb..

o0o im not a blogger so ma 7a6ait my birthday ;)

oOo ya 7lwah shn0o tben min AUK ana feha etha u want anything..

No3iK said...

thanks 7bebty :*

ill look for ur comment inshalah ill find it.

anyways etha chithe ,, please send me an email i want to add u, if u dont mind ;p

and bout ur birthday ... i want everyones birthdays .. u know i always include my readers in everything ... !! :p so post it please :*

AmoOoRa said...

Inshalla 7bebty ill post it now..

oOo akeed i dont mind, ill send u an email soon bSs not now lana madrii shfeeh its not letting me sign in :S athaaany !

AyKay said...

y the hatered?:|

Carlsb3rg said...


Special Anonymous said...

In reference to your PPS. Its beautiful, and I think you will look stunning in it. :) I reserve my comments on the bag :p

Dr.Lost said...

am i one of them? ;p

Reem said...

oh dear! u r the best honey :D

ZiZoTiMe said...

What's the idea of writing this post about people who don't exist in the blog world? (Smaaaaaaaaart ya rby)

Fuzzy said...

ماكو رقم اندق انشارك بهالبرنامج ؟

Sedna said...

Ohhh love the idea :P

Marzouq said...

Sara7a.. I meet a lot of people as well, but I try to keep everyone at a certain distance.. there are so few that you could trust!

phoenix said...

OK, No3ik... seriously.. I dont think there will come a day when i read a post you wrote and not like it..
And the people that hurt you... just lost something big!
Again great job!!

No3iK said...

what hatered. theres no hatered.
i only hate one person, and its out of my control.
anyways .. ;p its called venting, ppl usually dont show their dark side.

what r u smiling bout? :p
3sa dom inshalah.

*speacial anonymous:
i think i know who this is!!
heheheheh ur commment made me (fly) mn al happieness hehehehe
thanks ur all thoooq ;)

u wish ;p dr.1 is my ex-boss o dr.p is my (p) ;p


again a venting way.. a new one actually.
letting things out.
therapeutic. not to mention theres
9 .. yes Nine bloggers in the list ;p

lol la ana mo foziya drai3 :p
but u could try it.

i know ;p

hear hear, i agree and lets say i learned this the very very hard way.

7ayatee enty ili adrich big wallah
thanks 7boba :*
it means alot to me ... again u inspire me to write. and to go on .
so thank u :*

G.Q.™ said...

bal! ...shayla bgulbich ..I thought u had a white heart :P

Tinkerbell said...

oh my god i just did that as well don't u feel so much better?!

ScarlO said...

I read what you wrote for me :-p
Muhahaha :**

No3iK said...

lol i never said i was an angel :p im just human u know ...
and if u think this is bad! then u need to meet some of the ppl i mentioned hehehehhe ;p

i know!!! kinda liberating.

mishhhh u byaach
right back at ya :*

Dandoon said...

Oooh you did this too!:D *is flattered*

Aurora said...

Thats a lot of people!

its good to let stuff out...why dont you try telling it to their wouldn't all be that bad would it? But you would know better..

Marzouq said...

Everyone learns it the hard way.. i know i did.. and now im nice to everyone but close to few.. its life.. live and learn :)

No3iK said...

- big hug -
send me ur account number ;p

well what u say make perfect sense,
the ppl i know dont.
thats why :)

ummmmmmmm .. thats wise.
i do try and learn as much as i can.
sometimes the pain, make it hard for u to simply learn.

Hitman1 said...


Now that was alot of venting.

I don't know what is it, but what "sa" have done to you back in high school must have been seriously bad that you dopped an F bomb on public :)

Honey™ said...

ya 7abeebty intay wallllah *blushing cheecks*

LiLaCs said...

I load the canon mate ;)

No3iK said...

hehehehe sorry got carried away
everytime i remember what happened i get pissed all over again.. guess should have said:
"excuse my french" first, next time inshalah ;p

katkota wallah :*

i have no idea whats that?!

Marzouq said...

I know what you mean that its a bit hard to learn.. but still you do in the end.. and sometimes you think it sucks.. you come out of it a stronger better person. Thats the only way I see it.

YoupPpi said...

Emmmm .. aNa 3rfT waYed mnHom ;P Bs el Bage 3laicH T3lmeenY Mino ;PpP ..j/k

No3iK said...

ur amazing :)

heeeeeeeeeey girl welcome to my blog ;)
and yeh u know most of them ..
ull know the rest soon inshalah :*