Saturday, October 21, 2006

we have no wings

i have done a lot of wrong, so far
i know there's more to come.
what's bad? and what's good?
life is not black and white
its not shades of grey either.
its colorful,
there's no wrong or right,
there's only different,
we sin.
it doesn't just happen and its not a thing
pleasurable, indeed
"taste of life"
that is when i know
certainly, it was wrong.
call all deviation an experience!
-bleh-! weak people, senseless people
call it that.
were sane, we think, we know, and we do
"aware", is the word.
just for the sake of doing it.
its viciously human; just pure human,
that's not an excuse...

im no angel

*ps: since i have nothing going on in my life lately, tell me what do u think of my new NEOcounter ;) aint it cool i love the cute flaggies!! :*
*pps: 3eedkum embarak ;) moqadaman


Carlsb3rg said...

Despite that, someone can still be an angel in the eyes of others :)

O 3eedich embarak.. inshalla el3eed yom elethnen!

Nice counter btw, have you seen the map one? I had it in my site before.

FilmGirl said...

Really well written :)
Reminds me of something agh, cant put my finger on it ;I

& Nice Neocounter :P

AmoOora said...

"taste of life" indeed and "Im no angel".. Loved those..

Im loving it ! 7daa cool your NeoCounter. I was so surprised when i saw it, it was just so adorable 0o 3alla goltich the Flaggies are cute !! ;* hehee

0o Ayamich Sa3eeda ;**

YoupPpi said...

Hii ,, ;/
isaRa7a ilsooRa waYd mo3beRa .. ;(
.. aNa ga3da mbchr o i read what u wrote Fa madri shno sh3oori ;/
Have aNice DaY ,,
Oo aYamch s3eeda Moqdman .. enshala el3eed on SundY ;D

chikapappi said...

Me no likey the counter …

As for the part where you say “am no angel”, no one is 100% all clean, sweet n’ good and these days, mafi wejoud lel shaks(a) angels elly innocent. You sin n’ learn..

Common_Sense said...

yeessss awal mara afhamhaaa, 3ogbalek ya ZIZOO ;p

ok elee fehamtaa, mmm .. its pretty simple .. elnaass ya'3l6oon ;p oooooo alaah yahdehom enshalah

YoupPpi said...

Tra Khalas Hawnt enshaLa il3eed el Athnen ;P .. lana Twni aDree ena etha mo eL aThnain Ra7 ndawm el Arb3a ;(

No3iK said...

ur just sweet arent u!
ayaaamik sa3eda man ;)
i saw the map, i thought it was to much
i like keeping it neat and simple.

thanks sweets ;)
im still waiting for ur finger ok ..
i love the counter ...
and welcome to my blog :*

enty laish kila 7addich fahmatny :*
heheheh thanks 3mre .. kilich zaw2

enty laish momdawma?
eee alsooora kalba!! wayid 3geba i know
anyways sh3orich anich wa7da day5a lol ako a7ad ygra hl 7achy 3l reej!!
kilish mo shay :*
sunday monday tuesday next week next year 3adi e7na kilshay y6la3 mina lol

afaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :``( me counters heart broke wallah
kl hl cuteness u no likey!!
yalah al nas athwaq :*
yeh i know no one is an angel,
we sin to learn, not so sure bout that, my point was we sin, for the love of sin sometimes, because we want to taste life to the fullest

ent waain wl poem wain 7addik fahim `3ala6 5ayoo ,, 5alik ent lail7een yam zizo ga3id :p but atleast u tried ;)

allah ya`3fr thnoob al game3 inshalah
but i mean the truth behind sin, is the pleasure of it, we as weak beings want it seek it even, for no other reason but wanting it.
we make excuses such as we learn from mistakes .. but the truth is and will always be, humans love to sin, and they should atleast admit that to them selves.

Common_Sense said...

Ok now I get it .. your Evil ;p

Marzouq said...

Thats so true! No one is angel, but you try to do things as best as you can while enjoying life!

You cant always walk a straight line all the time! Nobody can, thats why were only human!

I need to do something not sure what! hehehe

Im surprised that do0na isnt shotgun! hehehe

Maze said...

Ur whole blog is nice....i really like reading ur articles....keep it on!

Yazeed said...

I like the non angel no3ik :P

w3eedich imbarak

oo i looooooooooove that couter
bas i can see that u changed its size, khaleeh mithil awal a7san
the bigger the better.....or so they say...

Vivacious said...

oh my god. this perfectly describes what im thinking and feeling. are you the author of all the poems you post? if you are... bravo.

Reem said...

ahh! wonderful! mashallah 3laich, i was thinking about the same concept for the last week...
"there's no wrong or right,
there's only different"
indeed, bcoz "right" and "wrong" are categories designed by ppl.. to exclude what's different, those same ppl in authority call it "wrong" and even bad or evil. bcoz they're affraid of change, and difference.
"im no angel" i looooove this line! i'm no angel too! ;p
"aware" is a word that should be added to the set of vocabulary of those idiot ignorants, indiffernt ppl who r completely deluded, floating in their own stupid world... u just want to scream at their little brains: BE AWARE YOU IDIOTS!
Ah! i just love the way u write girl. :D
Go You and Me ;* mwah mwah!

do0da said...

me likey alot =) hmm dunno where to start. Its good all over.

oo Besich t7ineen 3al NEOcounter :P lol but look more flags sh3alaaaaaaych =P

Anonymous said...

well done. "there's only different". this is a serious typo :) different is an adjective u have to follow it by something. change it to difference. it is annoying me.

A Daydreamer said...

no one is perfect hon... very nicely done :)

the neocounter is nice... i think i might add it to my blog too :P

and kil 3aaam wa inty ibkhearrr sweetie... 3eeedich embaaarak!

A Daydreamer said...

i gotta say... the pics you use for your posts are just WOW! me loves them :)

Fedo said...

No one is.

...Ayamich sa3eeda.

phoenix said...

Beautiful words for yet another wonderful peice from thee NO3Ik...
You always seem to turn your word into pictures so nobody reads but imagines what is said!
I love this blog so much, I sometimes regret leaving, so I keep it to the end "save the best for last" right?
As always..Amazing!!!!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Loooooooooooooooool 3ala bo7maid! Testahal :P

O entay mala da3y el teheze2 fe kel post... EShway eshway 3alaina bel kalam tara tough language hathy ;)

Btw... remove the new counter!

FilmGirl said...

*Bites Finger Off*

Dr.Lost said...

im an angel.. ;p

i like the counter

ayamich sa3eeda.. :)

Fuzzy said...

عيدكم مبارك وعساكم من عواده

No3iK said...

*common sense:
thats old news ;p
to be more accurate, im 62% evil

yeeeh, the straight line is very difficult.
heheheh and bout doda :p 7asadtoo masken! ;p

aaawwww .. thats great! im glad u like my blog, thank u and ill do my best inshalah ;)

ofcourse ull like the poem
specialy after ... the charts! ;p
anyways, 3n al esti3baa6 wl 6naza
the bigger the better go do ur counter then ;p

dear, i think most ppl get these thoughts, but they dont know it.
specialy in ramadan.
we need to sort things out, think and simply know why we act the way we do sometimes.
and the poems posts, everything on this blog is 100% no3ik ;)
except for the wonderful great work of art pictures.

u deffinetly go !!! i dont even need to comment u said everything i was gonna say ;) gr8 minds think alike ;p hehehehhe :* i love the way u write to.

loooooool ur comment no#15 !! 6agoook 3ain @@
;p anyways good all over is a nice way to escape thinking :p
oo the counter allahuma zid wabarik inshalah.

thanks alot. i appreciate the advice.
but i did that on purpose, if i use the word difference then meaning im trying to convey will be lost.
i meant theres isnt good ppl bad ppl theres only different ppl. ppl are different, so the word i need is different. my style of writing is short sentences, i give space for the reader to complete them.

u saying wow to my pics!!! is a BIG deal girl ;) specialy coming from a gr8 photographer like ur self mashalah :*
thanks wallah im really flattered.
and u should get ur self a neo ;)

that wasnt the point ;p

u got it right! i use imgs, i cant post with out an img..they complete my words and thoughts.
sometimes fidinng the right pic takes days... so they are very importance to me.
"thee NO3IK" !! kaaalaaam kbeeer ya phooph! omg!! everytime every single time u surprise with ur beautiful!! words.. mashalah 3laich :*
i really dont know what to say!
- big hug -

ya7ibik 7g al shimata!! ;p
o inshalah ... ill be easy on u ..
the counter !! adri anik mi7tar :p
hehehehe gleeeeeel al 7aya.

lmao!!! la la la mala da3i biting fingers thats a new case 3ad.
its ok ;) uve got all the time dear.

counter likes u to...
eeee wayamik sa3eeeda babes ;)

ayamik sa3eeda man mashkor ;)

phoenix said...

No need to say anything No3ik..
But I realized I left out one important point: YOU ARE AN ANGEL really!!

Reem said...

hehehe, thank you girl :D

Smartee said...

Mbareken 3eedkum..o kel 3am wente bkhair :)

NuNu™ said...

Honey, No one's an angel

Well said.

عيدكم مبارك وكل عام وأنتم بخير

Soud said...

3eedch mbark :)

PS متى راح تشيلين الكومنت مودريتر ؟

Mystique said...

Dear No3ik,
you have beautiful posts in there, I loved them..
I see many hidden feelings in there, unrealized and unfulfilled...
Keep up the good work


Bella Color said...

dont generalize cuz i have wings :P

eid mubarak :)

familiar_stranger said...

3eedich Mbarak! and lovely transparency in the poem, keep it up sis.

NuNu™ said...

Loved her hair color ;)

Extinct Dodo said...

3eedich imbarak :*

AmoOora said...

7beeeebty u put me on your blogs list..
Your so cute ;*

No3iK said...

ur an angel for thinking that! :*


thank 3mre :*

3laina o 3laich, thanks 7bebty.

3laina o 3laik ...
i dont think any time soon ..

thanks 7bebty :*
i reallly appretiate what u said ..
im flattered :* and i would love to see more of u in here ;)

*bella color:
oooohhh !! u have wings and u give others winrgs.

*familiar stranger:
thanks dear!! inshalah ill do my best :* thanks.

im sure u dooo ;p

*ex dodo:
3laina o 3laich babes :*

akeeeed ill put u on my list
ur one of my fav readers ;)

Honey™ said...

wow i really loved the pic ,, its over WOW