Thursday, October 26, 2006

Somebody wake me up!

i struggled ,,
i fought very hard ..
i stayed up for three days, on red bull, hyper on the last day.
and it finally happened ..
my sleeping hours were back to normal ... u know wakeup in the morning, sleep at night and actually see and meet with real people.
now, im back to square one ...
it lasted for one day only ... :````(
i really want my life back..i miss the sun.

*ps: i had a beautiful 3eed hectic one! but it was nice.
*pps: watched "devil wears prada" slept in the first 20 mins-the out fits! (OUCH), "snakes on a plane" was closing my eyes half the time!!! sick violent movie!
*ppps: love and miss each and everyone ;*


do0da said...


15/09 said...

moshkila el noom

Anonymous said...


Yazeed said...

mo ta3adilat al7een?

Delicately Realistic said...

I hate that!


Anonymous said...

I'm still not adjusted to waking up early....i had work today.....:(

chikapappi said...

That's what i started doind since yesterday, I slept early n' woke up early to get in gear for work on Saturday :(

We wanted to go watch either or films you named but I thought they were yukky, so we will watch Wesh Egram for a change - law mo 7elo don't tell me! PLS! Cinemas all over were fully booked during this weekend

ZiZoTiMe said...

U should of gone to The Departed!

Dr.Lost said...

hehe lool thats soooooo you no3ik !! :)

do0da said...

well in the words of me beloved hives

i hate to say i told you so

=P you do knw i was kidding when i said bit5arbeena in a day you didnt actually have to go and ruin it =P

Common_Sense said...

good thing tra, now u wake up with me. at US time ;)

Reem said...

God! sleeping hours is a problem to me too.. i can never fix my sleeping hours 3adl.. they drive me crazy...
i usually sleep for 5-6 hours if i sleep more or less than this i get soooo "mst3sera" ;p and i have to be up before 12, or else >:p hehe!
hope u can fix them inshallah, the sun misses u babe girl :D
sleep You and Me ;p

Carlsb3rg said...

awww.. well, i think fixing your sleep is easy. You just have to force yourself to wake up and resist sleeping untill its the normal(human being timing not vampire timing ;p) time to sleep. It takes a few days though.

phoenix said...

I see why the day hasn't been as bright as usual!
Inshallah you go back to sleeping normaly which we all end up doing..

take care of yourself, sweety

Bella Color said...

Go back to work 3ala shan ur sleeping patterns be normal...

Weeeeeei3 3ala ilmovie "snakes on a plane"! I couldnt even watch the trailer! ballah hatha movie!

No3iK said...

yeeeh ur back:p

tell me bout it.

LOL! that didnt work ;p

t3adlat o 6agait ro7i 3ain chan trid t5tirib

x[ hhhffffff

work!! well ur case is worst than mine! :(

oh dear!
allah e3en ... its very very tyring and difficult to do .
well, the prada movie was fun to watch good story. but the snakes one! GOD!!! grows.

kl mn e6ob fe egolon bs momathilen bs kilish mako salfa :p

whats that supposed to mean!! :p

oh yes! i have this thing that always tells me to do the opposite of everything u tell me to do :p madre laish !!

ya ba5ty ya ba5ty :p

mit3asra!! is the perfect word .. e wallah ... shasawi girl!!
alalh e3enich well school is back so ur sleeping will regulate automaticaly :p dont worry babes :*

to think of it! i really have a thing for vampires! sexy beings ;)
thanks now atleast i dont feel as bad as i did before.

this girl i would like to fold u and put u in my pocket... when ever im down a6al3ich :****
katkoooooooota hl bnaya ... shakar walah :*

thanks dear ... ;)

lol bella i miss cinemas with u !!
a5eeeeeeeeeeeeeh the good days :`(
b3d 3mre entay ... enzain shlon al7een abi aro7 weyach al cinema ..
plus ana weyach soooooo should see "the devil wears prada" well so relate to it ;)

Zalabya said...

i totally understand
and i miss u so much
el7amdela kentay asleep on the movie so we see it together

YoupPpi said...

WaY aKraH shY Lma Tn3fs eNoOMa ;P
Bs tra i can help u goLeleY mTa taben tg3deen o aNa a7n 3laich 7aNNNaaaaaaaaaa Lemaaaaaaa Tg3deen ;PpP ..
i Missed Uu more ;P ..

Marzouq said...

I have been waking up really nearly all eid because I got used to waking up early because of work!

Now waking up for work again will be hell!

AmoOora said...

I feel your pain walla..

for the past 4 months i havent been sleeping early, i sleep between 4-6 and wake up and 9 for uni. Its so tiring but iv been doing it for the past couple of years so my body is used to it. a minimum of 2 hours sleep will do good for me..

Dont get to this stage, i miss sleeping..

albandry said...

صح النوم يالدايخة
wake up sleepyhead

Girl Meets World said...

are u jet lagged? I hate when this happens to me! u'll get back to normal don't worry :)ur not missing anything btw :P

Bella Color said...

7abebti wallah i miss going to the movies with u too... i went to the movies here bas 7ada malaqa... its was soo quiet oo makoo la taleeeeqat 3ala ilmovie wallah shay ;)

The only good thing about the movies here is that we can eat ice cream in the theater! yummm yummm Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ;p

Afa 3alich awal ma areeeeed ilq8, we'll go to a movie together... yallah ma booooga shay :)

Borzaiga said...

i miss the winter :( i was baked here all summer long ! inshalah we get a bit of snow this year :(

Fuzzy said...

turning into a vampire aih ?

No3iK said...

eee b3d 3mre adre feech ;)
we sure did have a great time today.
btw nomty mat3adalt !!

arent u a dear!! :*
thanks 3mre ,, yuba call me anytime ra`6ya ana ;)

hehehhe allah e3enik man!
ull get used to it ;)

2 hours!! are u kidding me @@
girl thats sooooooooo not good!

lol i loved the translation ;)
9a7 bdinich 3mre :*

*girl meets world:
lol exactly, thats what making things easier on me ;)

ooooooohhh yallah meta 3ad :``(
me miss u :****
movies o kilshay kilshay :*

welcome to my blog,
and snow haa!! lol we here only want some breze, little rain! and u want snow ;p

u like it dont u ;p