Sunday, October 01, 2006

how do you know its going to be a bad day?

When you sleep at 9:00 am, then you get a call that wakes you up at 12:45 pm.

your still in bed, its very dark and you don't know what time it is..u just answer ur phone:

caller: alo ..
me: bleh ...
caller: alo!! zanob where are u?
me: haa .. eee .. kani
caller: ur asleep!! ok, wakeup, wakeup
me: aha .. eee ... ok ... ummm ... kani
caller: wakeup!! i need to talk to you its very important.
me: yeh, what is it? im up already.
caller: no no! i cant talk to you like this, i need you to wake up (t9a79i7en) and call me back this is urgent!!
me: - getting pissed - ok just tell me now!! what is it?
caller: i have to go now, call me, be quick dont go back to sleep ok? bye.

ok now, this you have to know, sleeping for only three hours i can take, BUT for someone to tell me they have something URGENT to say, BUT not now!!!! i cant handle. i really get frustrated when anyone does that ... they let you think, worry, go to some places all for nothing. why not just tell you straight out if it was that important? and if it wasn't the right time, why bring it up then in the first place??.. why didn't they just wait?
this is the second thing i hate most in life... KEEPING U HANGING THERE for no good reason! Actually there's never been a good reason.

i jump off bed, do the things we all do .. Then i call her.

(Sorry this number has been barred)
@@ !!!! WHAT?
so there u have it, this is the thing i hate MOST in life, the thing that tops alllll other things! BAD SURPRIZES!!! i mean if they have told me a minute ago, "were going to disconnect your line" i would've been smiling now. For them to surprise me with it, first thing after i wake up is another story! I HATE IT!! When there's no warning what so ever. i call customer services and im still sleepy and starting to get a headache.


and don't u just hate it, when the first thing you do after you wake up is PAY money, i think its ridiculous i didn't even get to have breakfast, since were all fasting of course.
so ok, what else is going to happen!! all the things i hate are happening now. it couldn't get any worst.
i ask them to send me a message before disconnecting my phone the next time!! they cant just disconnect it! how will i know i need to pay? MO MUHIM...
they said the activation will take an hour.

so i use the home line, you know the phone with wires connected to the wall, the ones no one use or remember anymore... i dial and now i know what was the emergency, im ok now.

as u can see, i wrote this thing just after that call, im still a hungry sleepy pissed angr
y person. who had no other connection to the world but through the internet, well her blog.
i will go back to sleep now... hope u never suffer like i did... specially in Ramadan!!! MO SHAY.

bone appetite ;p u know who (blogger) alf alf alf mabrook the only good thing i heard since i wokeup! u really made my day, atleast someone is getting hitched ;p


Carlsb3rg said...


I wanna tell you something important... but not now ;p

i_live_in_Q8 said...

umm?... gal3itich laish mo nayma embacher? :/

oh and btw, you hanged me now sice u let me read all the words you typed and never mentioned what was the thing that is soo urgent and whats so ever its not ?...

now am hungry (not) pissed (shako) and sleepy (just woke up normally) :/

do0da said...

Argh 7ashatni the phone thing, bes ana 3ala 6ool i woke up maku 5a6 !! And ofcourse you go thru this phase of .. O_o ? @@ ? =| ? :'O !!

o and bout the problem well atleast alls well now and u just ditched me to sleep so see no problemo =D

Anonymous said...

I wanted to laugh. I sensed that you are trying to be funny. I tried my best. only good thing I got from this post is you got good basic html skills. assuming you used html not a wysiwyg editor to post.

um-miT3ib said...

ana atnarfaz lama ANYONE ega3edny.. PERIOD.! :P

Dandoon said...

What a nice way to start the day..not! Hehe maskeena. Ana ti3awadt ina yaf9iloon mobilee bidoon laydizoon msg! One time they (MTC) sent a msg oo said ina if I (ok my dad;p) don't pay my bill in the next 48hrs ra7 yaf9iloona. It got disconnected 5 minutes after I got that msg!

I don't know who that blogger is but if he/she's reading this, mabrook!

Reem said...

Allah y3eenich sweety, waking up like that makes me "at3asar" all day long... i hope next time a charming Italian dude wakes u up with a tasty (non-fat) breakfast.
mobile phone services suck big time, malat 3leehom!
hehehe i love reading ur writings..
best of luck ;p

No3iK said...

lol ok, thats not funny!

mo nayma embacher coz gayma mt2a5ir.
hehehehe 7ilwa u hanged me :p
well it was a family matter.
nom al3afya inshalah.

yeeeh u know the phase!
hehehehe i didnt ditch u;p

been along time!
anyways hope ur feeling ok.
and sorry, but i was half a sleep with a headache, not even close to trying to be funny..i was bitching venting ..spilling..Whatever u call it. so sorry u didnt laugh next time inshalah ;)
and ur so right bout my skills, its exactly like u said.

alah e3enich... la ana 3adi agom mn al nom magol shay - sniff -

alah ebarik fech 3mre.. its a he ;)
o the msg lol!! wayid t3ibaw ro7hum.
well im wa6aniya they usually send me a msg 3 days before .. this was the first time they do this!
thats why i got really pissed!!

aaawwww !! arent u the best!
omg.. an italian waking me up -blushing-
arent u the best!
i liked the word u used (mit3asra) would be a perfect way to describe my day.
anyways sweets
im glad u like them. :* i miss ur writing so write something soon ok.
this timeno: me go you go :( ?

Amola said...

tell me about bad days! actully i feel this whole week sucks .. ams my boss was angrey cus i didnt do well and elyoum my other boss was angrey too .. what am i supposed to do!?

Reem said...

afa 3laich honey...

Fedo said...

You're fuckin' retard; a fucktard!

MSB said...

booo that's one of my pet peeves too.. 'i want to tell u something, but not now'.. @@ either say it, or wait till ur ready to say it. i dont need a prologue! la o Ramadan + lack of sleep ba3ad? Allah Esa3dech!

No3iK said...

welcome to my blog 7bebty!
my heart is aching sweets!
remebering the old days, having a boss days :(
not good at all. well i wont be of any help, coz what i did was simply quit my job.
and i only had one boss.. and u have two :s so allah e3enich :*

fidaitich :**

lol! manners manners feeds.

LiLaCs said...

Issues..Not you love..But some other people**coughanonycough** 9ig mako shigal:P

Fallen Angel said...

off topic: You've been tagged ^_^

Marzouq said...

Damn! That is annoying as hell! And I know for a fact your talking about MTC! Its annoying as hell that they keep doing that! They just disconnect for no reason! If your bill has reached it billing cycle then notify me god damn it! And if its nothing they still disconnect! Its annoying as hell!

7amdilla at least it was good news!

If somebody does that to me, and tells me they cant talk about it, I would tell them not to call me then! hehehe

Common_Sense said...

hehehe m3ana 3alaagteenaa oo this is something I hate too bs ma 3alah enshalah kan '7air :) oo 9a7 elnoom no3haa f6ees :p~

Princess said...

awww that absolutly sux, especially the disconnecting phone thing!! walla i used to suffer that way too!! 3asa bass u had a blissful sleep after all that hun

Amoora said...

7bebty walla allah y3eenich !
7adaa eww lema y9eer shay chithy ESP. brme'6aan !!

bSs KeeeeP SMILING !! ;*

Aurora said...

Uff! Me too! I hate it when someone says they gotta tell you something and its urgent but not now..WHEN THEN???

Tinkerbell said...

alla e3eeeeeenech..that's why my phone is always on silent when i'm asleep..hope u feel better when u wake up and u need to fix ur sleep! miss u :*

No3iK said...

heheheh i liked ur attitude ;)
allah e3en al game3 ya 3mre.

lmao!!! badda3tay mama ;p
hehehehe -coughloveucough-

*fallen angel:
i dont do tags!
but ill check it out ;)

heheheh yeh u had a post bout this the other day
im very sad to tell u that its alwa6aniya not mtc.
it was the first time for them not to notify me! which sux ofcourse.
the funny thing is i called them directly paid by my visa. it was 1:00 pm when i did that, that is when they told me itll need an hour to roactivate it. guess what ... it was rextivated this morning !! @@ 9:30 am lol and they say its a red carpet service ;p

*commen sense:
9a7 badanaak ;) ma 3alagtkum y3ny even if i told u ! mala mi3na kilish it has nothing to do with me even :p
but it was something good al7imdellah
lets just say someone is getting married o i wish her best of luck inshalah.

i had the best sleep thanks,
althought it took them exactly 20 hours for them to reactivate my phone!! i have no idea whats wrong them! maybe its the fasting i guess.

:D im smiling thank u
where have u been? missed u :*

exactly my point!!! when then?
wasting energy and time for nothing.
coz u know when u think about it, theyre just wasting ur energy ;p

babes i do that to, but these days im keeping it on, incase my work calls back coz im still signing papers and all .... anyways i miss u A LOT !! :*

ZiZoTiMe said...

Loooooooool shal mawqef el khayes! ana law mokanech chan ya ante7r or aro7laha el mokan ely ehya feh o athba7ha (which i perefer :P)

Thanx god eny a7e6a silent o ana nayem ;)

Marzouq said...

hatha moo red carpet! gasaw 3alaich! Hatha sijaad iraany! hehehe! I think they needed some shouting to get things moving! hehehe

Fuzzy said...

thats why i turn my mobile off when im sleeping

Zalabya said...

ga3id eseerli nafs el shay taqreeban everyday o ma at3alam .. zain laish ma a7e6a silent MADRI!

No3iK said...

hehehe aham shay 7ilolik al silmiya ;p
may9er athba7 5alty 3aib!! hehehehe

wallah la shouting waalaahum ya7zanon! i simply slept ;p hehehehe
me wants red carpet :`(

turn it off mara wa7da!
good thinking i guess..

lol shakli klyom badig 3laich al 9ib7 dam chithe ;p

beejay™ said...

loooool :P i loved this was cute :D
and i DO hate when ppl think they're being real COOL and creating suspense o kalam fadi..THEY'RE NOT..just being plain dumb and annoying!

No3iK said...

hehehehe thank u , thank u from the bottom of my heart :*

AmoOoRa said...

7bebty kanii bSs tawni rada il.Q8 after 6 yrs 0o im trying to settle in :S 7daa mo easy..