Tuesday, October 17, 2006

cuff me

pin me against the wall,
punch me once or twice
slice my flesh
cut my veins
bite off my ears
let me bleed, its your ink,
carve what you want on my skin
needles in my eyes
staple my lips
press a heated iron against my face
crack my ribcage
pull my heart out of my chest
then with all the grace...
break it
just break it,

you fool, i wont feel athing.

*!!!sh*t , where the hell did this come from??!!!


Fedo said...

SHOTGUN! -the good, the bad and the ugly's soundtrack plays-

Loved every word of it. And I mean it. A side I never knew you had before.

Yazeed said...

thanks for the wonderful picture

LaiaLy_q8 said...


wa6 is this

el picture ekhweeeeeeeef

No3iK said...

- blushing - really!
hehehe well i never knew i had this before to... so i know how u feel i guess :p

art..yazeed its art :p
and ur welcome ..
u to, thanks for the beautiful pic -caughnudecaugh- bottle of water :p

7beeeeeebty sowwi :**
its from an art gallery. isnt it divine!

Yazeed said...

lol 3ala il aqal malty tinshaf :P
tra3y sho3oor il akhreen

No3iK said...

lol esmila 3la sho3orik...
what about sho3or al 9a2imeeen ;p

9ig wainik enta?

Common_Sense said...

That’s just disturbing, not a good thing before I go to sleep :S

Carlsb3rg said...

Very expressive although graphic for the feint hearted (Yazeed :P)

Anyways, I liked it, as Im looking at the poem from a different angle, and I see a strong person who can pass the burdens and pains of life.. but also sense some carelessness.

DiiGMaa said...
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DiiGMaa said...

The bad thing is: I couldn't look at the pic (although I have no fear of needles or blood and am quite alright with graffic sights)

The really bad thing is:
I relate to the words..
now that's scary !

DiiGMaa said...
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Anonymous said...


Yazeed said...

me in charlotte, nc (hatha il location)
3agly waina?

5oofik hathy sowalfik
how many piercings did u say u have?

AyKay said...

U must be going through some serious sh*t my friend... !!

But I must say... the pic is cool !! :)

do0da said...

ee wallah where did all this come from =P ithahir ga3da ma3a nadoy wayid loll

ScarlO said...

Noni, dahling..?
What the fuck? What have you been watching lately? What have you been reading?

LiLaCs said...

No3ik..Baby..Im catching the next plane to save you from yourself..We will go to starbucks in chapters and you can tell me whats on your mind :P

Amoora said...

Truly art, mo bSs il.pic bss 7ta ur poem..

Waid e3jebatny, I feel like that at times.
Just like carls said, you read this poem bS ba3dain you see this stronge person who wrote it..


albandry said...


elsora et3awer 7adha

o el7achy ham gawey 7ada

carlsb3rg said...

counting the ones i removed? :P

reema :P said...

aaaa :) amazing

i agree with carls, i say the speaker has this kind of hatred. and this "carelessness" is the result of years of hiding it. you know when u get bored and tired? you reach a point where nothing matters anymore. but also it seems like what "she" is saying here is also what she wishes to do to that person.

!baby!! yea where did this come from? :)

Delicately Realistic said...



7aram 3alaich!!!

3l pic o 3l kalam!!!!

Kilshay gam y3wrny!

Aslan where did u find this pic?!?!?


7asoon said...

mashroo3 bacha.. allah yhadaach t7ebeen jazzaar wana madri? yalla salamaat

Reem said...

dear lord!!
ouch! man!!
if all this didnt hurt, the poem hurt me like hell sweety.. one has to be strongly dead not feel all of this. my favorite line is: "then with all the grace...
break it..."
a7la shay: with all the grace.. eeeh denya...
great peace babe grl :D
Go You and Me! ;p

MuLaN said...

nice picture, nicer words =P

Carlsb3rg said...

somebody should check what no3ik has been having for f6or/s7or, and hopefully tell us that it's not la7am bashar :P

Extinct Dodo said...

i loved it... i loved the violence, i loved how it borders on eroticism... wonderfully disturbing blend

A Daydreamer said...

where did you get that pic from!?!? its sooo scary!! bss your words are amazing! love it!

phoenix said...

Allah ya5ith ilee yifakir he or she harms you..
Bes to the picture, I say: OUCH!!

ZiZoTiMe said...
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ZiZoTiMe said...

A7eb el ejram wel wa7sheya ely fech... So u don't have to bite ur lips in the future

AmoOora said...

Weee Carls, la t5awefnaa

NewMe said...

this must hurt..
this soooo describe my lack of feeling at this given moment..

“break it
just break it,

you fool, i wont feel a thing.”

brilliant like always..
successful choice of photos..


Vivacious said...

intense poem

Hitman1 said...

One word: OUCH!

No3iK said...

*common sense:
thanks for the help ;)
and sweet dreams.

oh wow! so now.. u know how to read potry and analyse it!! mashalah mashalah
things do change ;) i should never lose hope then, inshalah one day ull quit to .. smoking i mean .. gol ameeeeen :)

babes! u related to it!! afaaaa bs afaaa
laish 3ad :``(
-bigggggest hug-
ill cheer u up baby ;)


no silly i meant on msn :p

im glad u like the pic, and no! lol it have nothing to do with me :p

:```( "eh2 eh2 eh2" kila minik!!

watching: "alfirya, gmrat `3a`6a, weeds, greys anatomy s.3"
so no! lol it has nothing to do with tv .. and im not reading anything..
so it gotta be me :p

7ubi wallah! enty ta3alay magol la2 ill write a 100 poems just like this one,, just come baby :*

b3d 3mre wallah .. :*
bs shraycih b carls! mo 7ada 5a6eeer lol
yeh ur right, most my poems are feminist :p i like to give and show power to every female in all her "shapes of life" that she goes through.

esmila wallah :*

are u still counting?!

aywaaaaaaaa aywaaaaaa
3ashat al english lit :*
exactly, just like u said it..
u go girl :* miss u .

*delicately realistic:
esmila 3laich 3mre .. sometimes we need all kinds of feelings and emotions to be felt, even those .. the very painful ones ;)
anyways the site i got from carls, ill ask him again and give it to u inshalah.

alah esalmik yl b6ainy! shyab al bacha al7en :s t7is 9ayim lol

ooooh ... the grace! the grace ,, 7adich fahmatny rayom ..
u go me go! always ;)

kilich thooooq :* thnx babes.

yeh its the first time i ever write something like this, and i knew u were going to like it btw ;) dont ask why :p

ur answer would be! eating almost nothing, im mainly just dirnking water and sleeping + redbull. ;)

kilich thoooq albi :*
the pic, got it from carls, ill make sure to get the site for u dear. and thanks again :****

no matter what kind of post im having ! u always manage to have a sweet comment! how do u do it? hehehe tyanineeeen wallah :*

- bites -
nyayayahahahha .. ee eyi mini ha!

we smila 3laich :*

7bebty! ur comment was even more painful!
well, i would say define happy .. but i dont think theres a definition .. i can say im ok :* thanks babes
im really glad u liked it.

welcome to my blog!
hehehehe so should i say im glad u like it ... :* hoping u did .

two words: i know ;p

No3iK said...

*to everyone:

"Pain is there for a reason"

Marzouq said...

U know whats funny, a friend of mine used to say Pain is Pleasure, and then he would go to the gym.. whenever any of us would have an accident while playing sports we would reluctantly go the doctor..

But the kind of pain your talking about is more in the heart then the flesh! So I can understand how you feel...

Sometimes you just have to look at the bright side of things.. if there is nothing else

AmoOora said...

Hehee No3ik about carls...

Ee walla 5a6eeeeeer kel yoom ygool shay a56ar min il.thany..

-OT- said...

and I thought it was gonna about hand cuffs and other hot things that go on behind closed doors, darn :P

DeemTheWhiteRose said...

It's scary,, but i like the end "you fool, i wont feel athing" ;)

NuNu™ said...

Aaaa777777!!!! Abbaih!! No3ikkk!!!
Shakli 7asadtich when I said:
"I like your taste in choosing the pictures for your posts"
I don't anymore!!!! =/

Papillona ® said...

Now I see what you're talking about

ps. you're insane

phoenix said...

Ok, I know this is gonna seem weird... visiting twice and commenting 2 times... but i couldn't resist!

DeemTheWhiteRose said...

Its scary!! but i like the end "you fool, i wont feel athing" ;)

Ya kbeeeeeeeeeera ya entaaaaay :P

15/09 said...

i sense too much anger in this one


Prinseesa said...

omg! i got goosebumps reading this. o its scary if i told u i know how that feels

Fuzzy said...

is that a call for a Cannibal :P

Papillona ® said...

"cuff me"??
(Kaf) you!

carlsb3rg said...

eeeeeeh elredbull.... ;p

No3iK said...

eeee .. 9a7 kalamik,
and u saw the point behind this post.
when ur hurt, alot ... u just go numb and lose the ability of feeling pain, i guess when nothing motters anymore.
marzouq im not talking about me wallah, poems come from anywhere.. u have no idea :p

:* 3ashat!

lol badda3t! no no ,, and im not sorry for dissapointing u ;p

heheheheh b3d 3mre :p
la lat5afen in next posts ra7 y3gibich sh`3li.
b3dain lazim ar`6y game3 al athwaq :p guys seem to dig it.
its very artistic, "look" out of the box.

Emily Dickinson (1830–86). Complete Poems. 1924.

Part One: Life


MUCH madness is divinest sense
To a discerning eye;
Much sense the starkest madness.
’T is the majority
In this, as all, prevails. 5
Assent, and you are sane;
Demur,—you ’re straightway dangerous,
And handled with a chain.

-im just using my privilege of being free ;)

afa 3laich!! cham phanphona 3ndi!
7ayaaach 7alalich al blog :***

oh wow!
makbeeeer ela rabina ya albi :***

i was feeling power :)

not at all! not scary at all.
like i said u must read it look at it from anothr angle, u saw what some couldnt see ;)

lol ent daymn em`6ayi3 heheheh bs yalah art gives us the choice to see what we want in it ;)

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee red bull
now i want donuts 3ad.

ZiZoTiMe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dr.Lost said...

damn woman.. you read my mind, thats how i felt yesterday and the day before..

Marzouq said...

You know when you write this its hard to envision that this isnt personally attach to you since its very passionate and lively! hehehe!

Some many different forms of pain and pleasure!

No3iK said...

esmila 3laik!!
inshalah no more no more...

thats because im a lively, and passionate person ;p
if u believe its me, then ill take it as a compliment coz thats what a good write should make his readers believe, so thanks... :)
- btw always wanted to ask u this, is there a shorter version of ur name?
if there is, can i use it? ;)