Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Conversation with Man

the shortest convo in history

Never give out your password or credit card number
in an instant message conversation.

man says:
No3ik says:
man says:
man says:
شاب ولا شابة
No3ik says:
mino ma3ay
man says:
man says:
المع*** (pvt)
man says:
No3ik says:
ana ahmad
man says:
man says:
No3ik says:

loooooooooool it doesnt get any simpler than this! does it :p
magol ela MAAALAAAT !

*note: i didnt touch the chat, i copy pasted it just like it was, except his family name ofcourse. best part, his nick name was actually "man"!! lol the irony!

i still cant stop laughing!!lm*o
scarlo .... hhehehe nothing ;p


LaiaLy_q8 said...


i bet you didn't sound like an ahmad

No3iK said...

lol laialy

shfech mama ;p

says who im not ahmad ;)

Common_Sense said...

hehehehehe gaweeeya, bs hathy feha tazweeer oo en7aal sha'79eeya ya mara :P~~

LaiaLy_q8 said...

sorry tarra 7addi kint dy5aa :/

Anonymous said...


Fallen Angel said...

Umm...there's something fishy about this conversation. The "Never give your password" message is usually used in MSN messenger and we all know that with MSN, you don't usually get to chat with people you don't know since the other person has to know what your e-mail address is.

UNLESS, the guy typed your e-mail "randomly" and you accepted his request.

BTW, this is your beloved friend Fallen Angel speaking...I had to choose "other" since you still haven't upgraded to beta ^_^

Princess said...

loool nice

ScarlO said...


Transparently II said...

lol! Yep, funny :P

jiji said...

who says im a girl :)

Si7LeYa said...




No3iK said...

eeeeeeee 3ad al7eeeen al copy rights 3ndi ;p

adre 7bebty :* 3adi 3adi tmonen ;p

*fallen angel:
well let me try and explain this
before u all go judgy wudgy on me ;p
this is my blog email,its public everyone has access to it, i dont use it, i almost never check it! so last night i was so bored i did go there to check on my freak list ;p
and voila thats what i got ;)

and i dont want beta!! i dont wanna change why do we have to move now :(

im glad it made u laugh out loud ;p

yeh i know :* i lurf ya to

yep so u agree! lol

who said anything about u! lol
and u are a girl ;p

yeh better word would be:
mas5areera! ;p

BaSSeM said...


do0da said...

LOLL so the infamous email for freaks :P o well cant really say im suprised =P

15/09 said...

looool, well he does seem to know what he wants ;p

Carlsb3rg said...


chan gelteela, ana ahmad al(his family name) o ya weelik men baba o mama ;p

jiji said...

how sure are you?

albandry said...

nice prank
rnt they all these men
so naeive they r chtting for friendship but in real life the r looking for something else

albandry said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Òrange Juice™ said...

lol!that was quick
and em..Is jiji a girl

ZiZoTiMe said...

Eshlon en'6af 3endech bel msn!?!?!

Bs 3ala el 3omom el 7ewar kan 9ej mumte3 ;)

Fallen Angel said...

*face turns red*
Oh...so that's how it was.....
*throw myself out the window*

NuNu™ said...

LOL!!! 3ajeeba =D

AmoOoRa said...

LOOOOL that proves what he really wants !!
I think i should do that when something like that happens to me.. Good Idea !

heheee ;Pp~

Ya7laaaty said...

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk , ops
9j malt 3leeh

Dr.Lost said...

lol... hope u're doin well.. :)

No3iK said...

good to have u ;) inshalah dom lol!

well, u should be ;p
ur not on of those freaks now, are you ;)

lol he was rude! and i think
degrading to both genders ;p

hatha mayinfa3 ma3a baba o mama!
shakla bu ...... 5alni sakta
heheheheh magoool ela NO3A!! ;p

sure enoug

something else!! ill say lol

lol very quick
he even blocked me as soon as he said bye :p
i dont know ask her.

yl maleq, ekra radi 7g fallen angel
wela tdre shlon,
hatha msn al blog, y3ny i dont use it bs shakil i did it for the blog, so everyone adds me i check it once every few months, fa asawe accept 7g al ako wl mako :p get it now?

*fallen angel:
angel! trust me hes not worth it
come back here ;)
b3dain angels dont die! who ur trying to fool ;p and ur already fallen!! so wheres the point lol

enty a3gab :*

yeeeh offensive sh*t!!!
what ever! yeh try it works like magic ;p

liiked ur kkkkkkk`s ;)

yeh, same to u.

Honey™ said...

y5reb bait il salfa !!

ya kerh illy chthe !!
7ada mako salfa

Soulwater said...

hey!, may is steal the spotlight?

Shortest conversation challenger!!!

She : Hi!! Asl!!???
Me : Muahahhahahahahahhahahaha!!!
She : *user does not exists*

;p and the Heavy weight champion of the WOoooooooooorld -> AMZ!! ;p

Spontaneousnessity said...

ashkara 3ad!

chikapappi said...

Hehee... 3adi, yama n3eesh o enshoof :)

3AJEL said...

ما يبي أحمد


A Daydreamer said...

loool @ his nick.

No3iK said...

yeeeeh 7adda mako salfa!
i liked ur reaction lol

never ever try and take the spotligh from me :p
and btw: talkin to a bot doesnt really count as a conv! :p she reminde me of Spleak! hehehehehe

eee nas bag7a!

actually i was blocked right after the "bye" so yeh !! i agree.

mayabi a7mad .... yabi ayshay fe ta2 al ta2neeth!! pathetic!

hehehehe exactly ;)

Fuchsia Spunk said...

You said it "Maaaaaaaalat!"
Bs 3l agal 9ree7.
Ma yl3ab hatha!

chikapappi said...

Sick SOB! Hahaha, he blocked you! He's an @$$, what do you expect?! Imagine how'd he feel if he comes across the post o figured out that yer a girl! HEhehehe...

Common_Sense said...

ooola post maleeq oo u got 35 commens ;p way to go girl .. don't post this ,, its just for u ;)

yalla next post please!

No3iK said...

lol he only yil3ab with feeeeemales ;p

so no ,, hes an ass .

lol i know ... i was thinking the same thing the other day
lol i would love to read his comment ;p
maybe i should email it to him ;)

ur kidding me!
not post it ! lol i love it.
and u got me up to 37 ofcourse im gonna post it ;p
my next post is tomorro inshalah :)